Muar Kali- Redefined

This topic was hot in Makkez blog the other day and I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it because it is obvious that stupid followers exist everywhere. Even if I get in trance tomorrow and claim that I’m actually Lord Buddha, then I would have at least 10 stupid fucks following my back thinking I’m Lord Buddha. That’s how naive some people can be. They can’t even differentiate between reality and spiritualism.

Whatever I’m going to convey over here is based on my own understanding about this topic and do not relate to any others opinion. It is purely on what I believe is divine.

Let me start:

See, the topic as most of you would have read; is about a girl getting possessed in a Muar Kali temple. She is called Muar Kali. I don’t know who really started this shit but it’s been circulating via email.

So Makkez wrote about it:

You can read it further HERE

I couldn’t agree more, and I was happy to see all the other commentators gladly agreed, at least I thought we’re one on this issue at least. Then I saw another comment today, probably from someone who had been worshiping that Kali girl.

And this was my reply:


Your comment is ready for a bash up.

Let me start then. While you may say your understanding about God Kaliamman is quite in depth, let me enlighten you with my knowledge about this topic. I’m devoted to God Kaliamman and to talk about versions of her means talking about all 99 avatars that she has. She do not, I repeat, do no play different roles, but rather move on from the mildest to the most severe version. This is what Hinduism believes.

Chandi – as you say – is not about drinking blood. In fact, show me one picture of Kaliamman drinking blood from her victims. None. From where did you get the ideology that she drinks blood then, she kills the asuras and evils, but in return she do not suck up their blood. There is no denying of fact that there are some scriptures telling that Kali had sucked the evils blood, even so, it was the evils. From when goats and other animals become evils, you stupid fool?

It is because believers like you who blindly follow every thing that some stupid people practice which encourages the girl like above end up claiming she is God Kaliamman. It is because naive people like you who goes and bow down to the young woman above that this type of ridiculous religion practice is being performed. Hinduism is being deviated because of acts like this.

Let me tell you something about trance then. We’re normal human beings. We’re all full of sins and no human is perfect. As being so, how do you explain, God, with all his/her pure form, can enter into a normal human being? What difference there is between a human and God then? Being in trance maybe accurate, but the ‘thing’ that enters inside your dirty body is not God, it’s the spirits. Even you have admitted yourself it’s the spirits that enters the body.

The spirits that couldn’t satisfy themselves while they were living in this world would possess the normal people and get whatever they want. And stupid fucks like you would offer her everything she wants. I would like to see if one day she wants to blowjob your fucking cock, would you give her as a sign of devotion?

And to answer your question, did God Mariamman ask you to walk on fire? Indeed she did not. Then why the hell everyone is practicing that? Because hundreds of years ago, there were stupid people like you who practiced and deviated our belief from what it really is. You guys spread out something like this believing that walking on fire is a sign of devotion, and blind followers followed thinking that it is a sign of devotion.

Hundreds years on, of course there would be another bunch of stupid followers, worshiping a normal human being as being God, and let her drink blood and this would become a larger event in years to come. The next 100 years would see Kali, Chandi, Kateri and every version of her mushrooming in Selangor, Penang and wherever it is. And your son or daughter will call them, Penang Kali or Selangor Katteri. There goes the cycle again.

I challenge you, let me see this stupid bitch in action, and I would slap her so hard and wants to see what she can do. Damn you, you infuriated me that bad, that I would write up a post about this.

Of course , you can come up with all kind of follow up bashing thinking that everyone is entitled to believe what they ‘believe’ ; is true. But then again, we’re talking about one particular topic here, which is Hinduism. I’ve seen hundreds of ways it’s being practiced, and I know how ugly it can get. Well,  I might not be that knowledgeable in this topic, but I sure know getting a girl in trance and letting her suck up blood and claiming she is Kaliamman is utter bullshit.

See guys, I’ve never said whatever I say is right while whatever the rest might say is wrong. But every rational thinking person would have common sense. And if you apply even the most basic common sense, you would know the below is ridiculous.

You see this pictures and tell me yourself, is this how it should be? Is this what it is all about? Getting a young girl in trance and let her suck up blood and then worship her? If this is what you really think Hinduism is, then, hear this too, I’m Lord Buddha !

*I will write in detail about this soon (trance and what it is really about)

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    this is stupid, i agree the coment if god enter our dirty & sinful body than what a different between human and god.but fire walking/kavadi is not same as muar kali thing,fire walking/kavadi is the way we say 10Q to god for the blessing( what i mean by kavadi is u bring a pot of milk to abiyegam the god but not wearing a ‘thalapa&sathai’ smoking a curut and act like u r god and walk with empty hang with uout pot of milk in thaipusam).muar kali thing is people disgraces god.

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    yo homies !!

    why do you people WANT OTHERS to believe what u want to believe ? anyone can choose to believe what they want to believe and they are entitled to their opinion .

    and i as an indian for once know that its best to leave an indian and his opinion alone .

    i am not religious and im a devotee of none . i go to temple that everyone else is going to and pray like everyone else . im rich , happy and having a fucking good life and an iphone on top of that .

    religion is an complicated and deep issues and im just a mere simple mortal . i have no enough knowledge or virtue to comment on religious belief and i dont wish to look like an idiot talking about things that i have no understanding of .

    so people , chill la .

    every can CHOOSE to belief what they want you know . they DONT HAVE to belief or acknowledge your opinion …

    so who thinks namitha have the biggest boobs ? i do ….


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    so who thinks namitha have the biggest boobs ? i do ….
    i do
    soory durai for off topic

  • Tcelvan melacca

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    they doing something for nothing.nobody can stop them? for myself i don’t care like this kind of stupid things.i realy sympathy for the goat coz it is the one which always become a victim…. muar kali hhhhhhmmmmmmm go to hell…. they r canibal…….. fuck………..

  • Renu

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  • Arjunan

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    As i was born and raised as an Hindhu,
    i was tought to belief all things “god posseses”,supersitious,
    doing prayer for us to have better life(worst part we have to pay for the prayers)

    as i grew older,i was going more towards science,
    n when i think rationally,why are we doing all this…
    now,i only believe in One GOD…
    religions are created by humans,n it has updated versions like
    from hindhu upgraded to buddha
    n from christianity upgraded to islam…

    i believe GOD is the one who created us,
    for wat purpose???
    is act to do good deeds in the world…
    if ure x able to help,at least dun spoil n be a waste
    y do we have to pray,did he asked to??
    praying is ok…i also pray at times…
    the prayin i mentioned was the drastic ones like doing all kind of pooja’s,walking on fire,poke here n there…
    what r they act try to do…they want to show their are the true hindhu??
    kadavulle thanggeringgeda…AVAR kettara?
    i knew one famous iyer in my area was run down by a lorry
    so wat happen to all his devotion to the god??
    they shud be the one having the best life as they are the so called “middle man” between us n the god…
    can i ask u guys…when u pray,do u need an iyer to tranfer all u wanted to share with the god…
    n u must put money some more for the iyer’s “workmanship”…
    sometimes i c,mothers take paal kodum,n i dunno wat u call that..they’ll be lying n spinning arnd the temple just bcoz they want their kids to score in public examinations….
    n i know those kids,n they’re just useless…
    u hard work n good deeds will what determine ur future!!

    Whenever u have difficulties,
    just believe the GOD is giving u the ryte amount of burden for u to carry…
    n u’ll get the reward if u’re able to withstand that burden…that makes u a better person…
    no point prayin n doing nothing while waiting for the god to do everything for…
    AVAR yenne maman ah machan ah…

    Anbe Sivam n 305 Kadavul is the best movie portraying what is GOD act..

    i dunno wether watever i wrote is rite,
    but thats what i believe…
    i would like to c ur komens on this Mr.Durai n others too…
    reli love ur blog…

    Thx n GOD Bless

  • Ltte For Life

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    kamalbai69= savage by name , savage by nature……Thumbs up for rationalism durai…..

  • Dhurga

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    This is exactly what happens when people deviate from the very core of what Hinduism is. Would that poor animal be a rooster? And it almost looks like the wankers are forcing her to drink it. Another problem with our indian society is the tendency to bargain with God. ‘If you give me this, I’ll do this for you’. An enlightening post.

  • dRaJ

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    HMM…..Ena kodumai durai ithu…??? hmmm…..vampire uh??

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    Ok. I dunno whether to laugh or to bang my head on the wall, but since banging my head on the wall is somewhat rather painful so I have choosen to laugh instead. kekeke!! Durai, whatever you say is not going to make a difference to people like as per mention in your post ;) He is not even thinking about what you said, he is too busy defending his beleif whether they make sense or not…ithulle vere avengelle poi interview panunoma….enna kodumei sir ithu…don’t waste your strength to try and advise these type of people lar…not worth it…but your rebuttal to that guy was a good one.Neway, I am looking forward to your post on trance….coming soon…in the near you. Kekekeke!!!

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    to protect a life, a life must be sacrificed…wat happens if we dont…???

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    haiya so long didnt comment in ur blog la bro…

    As to my understanding, Kali doesn’t actually “drink” blood. There was an demon/asura/villain that had a boon that stated that if one drop of his blood were to touch the ground, then another 100 clones wud spring up forth. So Kali covered the ground with her tongue and killed every single baddie there.

    People often confuse religion and culture. And different people from different ethnicity practice different styles of worship.

    Here’s a logical argument:

    Culture A states their method of worship is right, and Culture B assumes theirs is right. So does Culture C and D and so forth. In each culture’s eyes, the other cultures are wrong. So, we can logically assume everyone’s practice is wrong, and we are all going to hell for it.

    Funny, yet true. So Kamalbai69’s argument that we should all “study” our religion or ask the temple priest is bullshit. There is no one to say exactly what is right, and what is wrong. It all comes down to common sense and logic. Hinduism teaches you to do that, to think for yourself, not follow what morons who can hardly be called priests say every week to a congregation of 50.

    And about the firewalking, pppppfffftttttt… Firewalking is no big deal. I went to a firewalking camp before that teaches you how to firewalk without burning your feet. Simple laws of physics are applied and you’ll never get burned!!! Running on the hot coal applies pressure to your soles leaving them to be burned, whereas steady walking with measured steps makes sure that ur sole doesn’t touch the coal for more than half a second each time, thus leaving no time for skin to get burned. You can get Mythbusters doing the experiment in Youtube.

    Instead of being proud that Indians applied physics into their rituals 4200 years ago, we have outdated thinkers pushing us back with the thinking that “GOD” told us to do so and so.

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    I really wish those temple committee members or even the chairman himself could come and give a proper explanation about his belief in god Kali ‘sucking blood’ and how it would benefit the devotees.

    Ennathan nadekuthe nu parpom bro.

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    I like your reply on Makkez blog and commented as well. But one thing lah kai, Im abit upset on the part you said “I would like to see if one day she wants to blowjob your fucking cock, would you give her as a sign of devotion?”. I do understand your angered and so on, but this is like putting you down,brother.

    Hope you understand, yenatha irunthalum namme eppothum ragedindian kaki thaa!

    Celek panni, kai!


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    Late-ar vanthalum latest-ar varen!

    To all those who want to defend god, let me ask you a question.

    Do we need to defend God? Are you greater than God to defend God?

    Hinduism has already went to different phases till to the extent that nobody seems to know the originality. Some may say Kali exist. Some say Kali does not exist.

    And if you are not willing to accept constructive debate and arguments, what is the best way to point out our views? Just blindly accept the universal truth from you committee/priest/whoever think religion is their cup of tea?

    Go back and earn some good money and then share it with the poors la. God will reside in your heart in that way.

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    I do not have much time as I’m typing this from a cybercafe. I’m out of internet access for a few days.

    I believe people had misunderstood this part:
    “I would like to see if one day she wants to blowjob your fucking cock, would you give her as a sign of devotion?”.

    This actually refers to the girl bro. See, what I’ve explained there is ; something unexplainable or a spirit had entered into her body and demanding blood. So, assuming it is a spirit, which I can argue strongly , I said if there is a dead slut spirit hanging around and suddenly entered the girls body, maybe she might demand for a blowjob instead. That’s sarcasm. I mean , if the spirit claims that it is so and so God, this blind people would just follow and give whatever it wants.

    I never meant the real Kalima, and I would never dare to bro.

    Maybe I should have explained in detail, forgive me guys, but I’m still standing by my words. Forgive me for not explaining earlier. I’ll be back.

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    Damn. My bad bro. Thanks for the explaining and sorry to misjudging.

    Kai, nee celek panneve ille :(

  • Ltte For Life

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    This post was an eye opener fr the animisme practitioners out there…Keep on posting and the support will flow on frm myself and the others

  • muarian

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    being a muarian in a such small town..i feel disgusting and seething to watch such an annoying a bad impression to muar indian people. this fucking people who dun know how to value the beauty of Hinduism…such a foolish belief which they practiced for years!!! im so damn words to say..will chop this dam fucking un educated bitch!!!! they’re offending our religion…Hinduism such beautiful and magnificent religion….fuck them off!!!!

  • Malini

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    This left me speechless.

    Just my thoughts.

    1) When we dont question another’s believe even when it feels like its wrong, will that be a right thing to do. What if one day this moves on to be “Lets kill a human under the banner of religion” will we then smack our heads for not speaking up earlier. I truly understand tolerance in society. But where is the threshold. When is it accpetable to speak up and not be labeled as not being tolerant. When is it ok to stop “chilling”

    2) I think the whole concept of sacrification is misunderstood. In this issue..what was the sacrification…just a goat…come on….is God that petty…i’m sure he has higher standards when it comes to the definition of a sacrifice…how about something that actually means more.

    3) I would dare comment on this from a religious perspective as i dont think i am no where near qualified or religiously sound to do so..but even a simple minded person like me feels this is not right… Then how much more would a higher power feel.

    4) This just makes me sad. I dont think God needs defending…but with all the perception of indians flying around..i think we do… so how about we just defend ourselves..take ourselves seriously..we have so much to offer..our wealth of culture and knowledge…lets change how we are defined…

  • sara_dragon

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    Boys and Girls…For me…hmmmm…why these stupid fucks applying these kinda prayers…nimmathi venum…and hinduisme will give that to us if we pray to the god in a very soft way…flowers….garlands…ghee…milk….athe vitutu… ratthem kudikrthu… na tha sami nu sollurthu…haiyo haiyo… there is some gurus like nithyananda…sai baba,,,rama krishna to decrease the distance between us and god… so let us choose the suitable guru for us and move in a perfect way as a hindu… maatha…pitha…guru…theivam…

  • sara_dragon

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    alaamaak…innoru vishiyam…il b waitng for the new post from our new “buddha”…hehehehe…ellam pugalum iraivanukkeh……….

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    p/s: wey y again and again the same picture la.. i rasa nak pengsan and muntah seeing so much blood. wuakk!!
    durai, intha ulagathei tirutha INI PERIYAR LAAM VANTHU PUNIYAM ILLE. vaange kelambuvom…!

  • MoGaN

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    almost puked dude…
    wondering which god ask humans to do such things..
    as far as We know – NONE –
    when this stupidity will end?

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    I was indeed speechless when i saw the same pics a few weeks back. Thinking to myself; “Is this what God wants”?? Well, i cant say much as its up to each individual on how they accept such scary beliefs. To add, i have seen the same scenario in one of the Kali Temple located in Batang Berjuntai – drinking goat’s blood. Yenatha nadekum, nadekethumehhhhhhh~~~

  • kamal bai 69

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    ahthe kariyanthal sapethe vantheringella, anna athe vethi rathethai kudital mathem unggeleke tapthe. anthe athe mathem ungelleka rusiyaeruke.
    kovilil athe kari endral yan kuthem vanthe sayentherethe.
    sambar endral yarum tak nak datanglah beb.
    besok ada potong kambing kt tempat saya nak dtg mkn tak? fresh tahu kambing kampung tau . sedap hingga menjilat jari.

  • S. L:ee Veles

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    Tiz fucker above is still alive??

  • kavietha.s

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    that is really cruel act….
    I can only see ignorance in them….
    There is always two ways in everything..
    One is Good and one is Bad…
    One is white and One is black…
    These are the black path…
    I have never heard any saints who reach God by this way…
    Its spirits la…not God..
    Only spirits will love blood
    and it will give what u want but…
    its very hard to let go once u go into this world of sacrifice
    coz the spirits will haunt u forever….
    too bad…
    the plp believe that it is Kali…
    Gosh…Pity KALI…
    these plp are hard to change coz their belief is too much…
    but one day they will get disturbed by the spirits if they stop giving blood….
    They will die in accidents and suffer a lot during their last breath..
    this is true….

    Most saints are goin in the white path….
    wher they turn God’s attention tru personal pooja, Keertans, seva, tharma…and so on…

    I tell you something….plp sacrifice goat / chicken….
    to fulfill their own desires.
    Yes, will make the spirits happy …
    But they dunno that its a sin to sacrifice another life for their own desires…
    Will they ever sacrifice their own baby ??//….
    just bcoz the goat coulnt fight back…
    they are using it….
    Damn…ATHU kodi PAAVAM ..
    U plp dt get influenced by all this…
    read more a bout gurus/ saints/…..
    they know more….
    this is a a good topic to discuss….
    kali yuga is ending….he..he…..

    God Seeker.

  • kavietha.s

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    hie again…
    im a bit interested to answer ms.renu…
    she ask how the plp who got trans in temple when it is spirits which enter the body?..
    well,.first of all,..
    there are 2 types of spirits ..
    1 is tuya aavi and one is teeya aavi…
    this tuya aavi are good spirits wher they can come near God..
    as spirits are oso under God ’s commandments..
    they choose to come into temples tru getting into plp’s body and gain public attention..
    well…u know what??
    they will choose the plp they wanna turun..
    first of all,.they plp who get trans are commonly dirty plp,.not pure by heart,
    have so much negative energy either by doing, saying or thinking ill..
    they are the ones who get trans.
    they will act like nobodys biz and do whatever they wan…
    once they get,,,than they always get..
    now u know y plp get trans…??


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    @rujjcoomarh : Roger brother..:)

    @Ltte For Life : Thanks brother..:)

    @muarian :Well, of course, but look at what’s being practiced in the name of Kali in your hometown.

    @Malini : Malini, well said. I’ve got no further comments on your beautifully constructed sentences.

    @sara_dragon : It’s already posted bro.:D

    @viji : Hahaha…Sedap hingga menjilat jari ..hahaha

    @MoGaN : This stupidity will end once some Satan worshippers in Muar stop doing this kind of act bro.

    @Nithz : Aha, so it’s not only in Muar, we have another branch in BB. Crazy shit, it’s spreading.

    @kamal bai 69 : Dei kattele porenthe atte payeleh.

    Have you not seen a goat in your life? Why are you so interested in fucking a goat? Yanda atte rathetheyeh potte nakereh?

    @S. Lee Veles : Thats a nice one bro..hahaaa..

    @kavietha.s : I do not really know about who is your guru, but I would go for any guru who do not support an act of sacrificing other living things in the name of God. That being sad, I accept your opinion on this issue although I have no knowledge about tuya and teeya avi. I would anyway talk about my version soon.


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    after all these debate (comments) kamal bai 69 doesn’t really explain to us why the ritual is done or he also don’t know.

  • AMY K

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    I am very much interested to see this event in perosn and I cordialy invite the person who wanted to slap this trance girl. You openly invitedthe challenge. Are you game enough to do it? I can give you a ride to that temple on the day of the event and be your witness when you slap this girl and see the outcome. R u ready, my friend? No point talking n talking when there is no end to this. No matter how much yo people talk about this matter, the people in that temple don’t bother about anything and will go on doing what they had been doing for the past 30years, i suppose so. Anyway, when I went to that temple, there isn’t anything magical except for a cow and a calf following you everywhere you go. Its a big temple with a about 12feet high Kalima statue. They could have done the tongue abit longer as it don’t look so fierce. The deity that had been in the temple for the past 30years (oh my GOD!!! don’t loo divine…. I am sorry ppl) I was utterly shocked and disappointed with the trip to the temple as I expected to see a Kalima like the Malacca temple – Durian Tunga. Dat’s a sight. There is a temple in Kedah, the Kalima has a real human head resting on her lap. Its a very aged temple and you need to arrange with the local there to take you to the temple. I am a KALIAMMA freak. I go to whichever unique and old or most talk about temples andplaces to explore whenever I can. You ppl r most invited if you wana join my expedition. Its better to experience than just word about things you see in the internet. I go to a Kalima temple in Permas Jaya frequently. I saw what I had to see there and shown the images I got in my Handphone camera to those who were present there at that time. After that, some people tried to capture what was in my hp but unfortunately, t wa meant for me only, I guess. anyone wishes to see the pic of the Muar Kali, do drop me a line.

    Cheers n don’t waste time unnecessarily. Time can be invested fruitfully and the gain is unlimited if wisely spent. Anyone wana joinmy expenditure, do drop a lin.

  • J K

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    How can i reach u , AMY K ?

  • realist

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    i remember reading in a book tat very long ago, in North India (near Nepal), there was a tradition where the devotees will offer themselves to be slaughtered to exhibit their ultimate love for Kalimma. Perhaps the devotees in this Muar temple should offer their heads instead of the poor goats’…in tat way we cud kill two birds wt one stone…superstitious belief and the people who promote it…gud idea rite?

  • nobody

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    AMY K- its durian tunggal btw :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    @AMY K : Thank you very much for your invitation. But then, I would like to stress that exotic-temple-hunting and things that you’re doing as a matter of interest, is exactly the same like what I do. If you don’t believe it, I’ve even proved it when I opened up my blog called Exotic Temples years back. But since I can’t regularly update the blog, I decided to combine it together in this blog.

    Seeing a statue of 12 feet or 1200 feet is not a scale meter to judge how much other person would have seen than you. I know you can name few temples out there, but how sure you’re that others haven’t done the same. What I can comprehend from you’re writing, you seem to be boasting.

    Anyway, giving you the benefit of the doubt that you’re actually explaining things that you’ve done, my friend, I move on to this ‘slapping’ thing. Of course, the challenge was thrown by me, but was it answered by the temple committee? Please don’t be clouded by everything that I wrote word by word my friend, because it is not like what you think. I have no qualms about slapping the girl, but that is because I was challenged in the first place that she is god Kaliamman. If I was to be challenged again to slap her , and see what happens, or see what she can do towards me, then I would do that as well.

    How people wants to spend time is a matter of their interest my friend, and you can’t say writing or reading is ‘wasting time unnecessarily’. FYI, my friend, you never know how much I have traveled or the rest of the readers have traveled. I rest my case.Happy traveling.

  • AMY K

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    No Offense here please. I just shared my experience n view here. Looks like its actually wrong. No probs, I will continue to read but will not voice out anymore…. tanx for your feedback n wishes.. take cre all n cheers guys.

  • harddevil

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    dei kavilan!!!!

    if you ma fucking dare lets meet up next month i’ll prepare for you the fire walking ceremony for ya ok…let see how da fuck you walk…its a psyhic ha… fuck ya….all the prayers expenses is mine…ok for you….i’ll make sure you go down 16 feet into the ground…

    And about the firewalking, pppppfffftttttt… Firewalking is no big deal. I went to a firewalking camp before that teaches you how to firewalk without burning your feet. Simple laws of physics are applied and you’ll never get burned!!! Running on the hot coal applies pressure to your soles leaving them to be burned, whereas steady walking with measured steps makes sure that ur sole doesn’t touch the coal for more than half a second each time, thus leaving no time for skin to get burned. You can get Mythbusters doing the experiment in Youtube.

    Instead of being proud that Indians applied physics into their rituals 4200 years ago, we have outdated thinkers pushing us back with the thinking that “GOD” told us to do so and so.

  • arasi

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    just curious …do they dig 16 ft before putting the charcoal..?! or was it a figure of speech..?

  • Havendran

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    Namaste fellow bloggers.

    I am a Hindu living in South Africa and there are many Hindus who practice sacrificial worship to Kali. Although I personally do not approve or practice this sort of worship, I have recently been researching the subject for my own personal reasons.

    From what I have researched, there are many different ways to offer worship to Kaliamman and other village deities. However the underlying theme of folk religion is unquestionable faith, respect and diligent worship. The expression of this devotion often takes the form of fire walking, piercing or lashing one’s body, carrying fire pots or garagams; just to mention a few. All these expressions of devotion is said to increase ones faith, as the devotee completely surrenders themselves to the mercy of God. Therefore, as one walks across the fire for example; ones spirituality and devotion increases to the extent that they do not get burnt by the smoldering coals. Some may claim that there is logical physics behind devotees not experiencing pain etc, but ask yourself, are the people performing this kind of worship physicists? No. So quit trying to rationalize religion. Keep science in the labs and keep religion in our hearts.

    There has been a long-standing debate regarding vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings to the various village representations of the divine mother. To understand this one needs to assess other Hindu ritualistic practices. Looking at Kavady, it originated where Iduman carried the first kavady which comprised of the two mountains representing Lord Shiva and Aathiparasakthi and headed through the forest, getting his body pierced by thorns etc. Today, devotees carry kavadies and pierce their bodies which is a representation of their faith and devotion. Similarly, we stay vigil and observe a 24 hour prayer on Shivarathri as performed by the hunter who unknowingly offered vilva leaves to the Shivalingum in an effort to stay awake in the forest. Many other prayer festivals including kaarthigai theepam, vinayagar chathurthi, navarathri and deepavali; comprise re-enactments or symbolic representations of divine events that lead to the initiation of those particular prayers.

    Likewise in terms of animal sacrifices, its a re-enactment of the slaying of the various demons by the various forms of Aathiparasakthi. To elaborate on one example, The Divine Mother took on the fearsome form of Maha Kali to vanquish a very powerful demon called Rakthabeeja. However, as she battled him, the demon multiplied because he had received a boon that for every drop of his blood that touched the ground another replicate of himself would arise. It is said that in an effort to bring the great battle to an end, Mother Kali rolled out her tongue and beheaded the demon on her tongue so that no more blood would touch the Earth. Hence the Mother is pictured with her tongue protruding, and a head in her one hand whilst she collects the blood in a bowl, to prevent it from spilling on the Earth. Hence in terms of animal sacrifices that are made, only male animals representing the demons, are sacrificed and great care is taken not to spill the blood on the earth.

    However, there were many rituals and practices associated with making a proper animal sacrifice and these have been lost and Hinduism has evolved to promote non-sacrifice, as has been prescribed by our saints and sages. Animal sacrifice remains an integral part of village religion and has lead to a lot of debating amongst Hindus. It is important to realize that God does not consume the food offerings we make. God is omnipotent and does not depend on our offerings for sustenance. Relating the case at hand to our own practices in South Africa, when animal sacrifices are done, it is not carried out on the premises of our consecrated temples. The animals are sacrificed at abattoirs and cooked to feed the devotees or impoverished. However, sacrifices like the one pictured above, do take place at personal home temples. Some Kali / Angaalamman trances do drink blood but not in the fashion that is portrayed here as no blood touches the ground. Other trances do not drink the blood but it is collected and used to bless the devotees gathered at the prayer. Some trances that are conventionally associated with sacrifice, do not demand blood offerings and I have been to many Kali prayers where people do “sutha poosai” which refers to a prayer where no animal sacrifices are made.

    In conclusion, its the responsibility of each individual to seek out the facts of their religion and make their own educated decisions. Many Hindus are failing their religion because they are blindly following the practices of their family elders without understanding the reasons behind them. Hence they fail to explain and defend their religious practices. I am in no ways saying turn a blind eye to what you may deem unjust, but every individual has their own unique way of relating to the Higher Power. Take time to understand and research phenomenon before throwing around obscenities at each, after all, Hinduism does teach us peace, tolerance and respect to each other. There is a spirit in each one of us, that spirit originates from God and by disrespecting each other, we are ultimately failing to uphold the very essence of what religious blogs like this should be propagating. It is sad to see that in an effort to grasp the youth and creating a platform for people to express their opinions on religion etc, we have compromised the very thing we are trying to promote by adopting this “enraged” attitude to everything. Om shanti.

  • mr kandasamy

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    watkind outie. why you tintaaring on this blog la? dont over koosa. you just might get bumped! im from the same district as you, so dont carry on like a tinfish!!! P.S. i know what you did last summer! P.P.S. i still know what you did last summer! Aiyoo… ya its waar. Weh ma mer! your amma know you on this blog la?! i am gonna kombaa you! dont kak around bout things you dont know… todays poosa thursday, you sure you didnt hit couple and then write that long fucken story! you can kiss my 325 hiass. keep it tyt… keep it clean… keeping wet is optional.

  • 1biyaach-zn

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    hi la! i do not know what you are saying la! is that a new language la? N.B. i totally vaanthied when i checked the pics la! bye la.

  • havendran

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    Hi fellow bloggers

    Last night as I pondered over this issue, I realized that the reason for a lack of concrete information on this topic is due to the fact that this forms part of graama dheivam worship and this information has not been documented but rather has passed down verbally from one generation to the next. Furthermore, practices, rituals and legends differ from village to village as each village had unique characteristics to their practices. However, the Maariamman Thaalaattu does contain descriptions of the various forms of the mother. For those of you that may not be aware, the singing of the “Maariamman Thaalattu” (Lullaby to Maariamman), is said to be yet another form of propitiation. The song is written in a folk music style and does not obey any rules of Lullabies except that it is aimed at soothing Goddess Mariamman rather than a baby. It is usually read to induce a trance state (that’s a a topic for a whole new blog) and also when people have been afflicted with pox. Anyway, I do have a copy of it and browsed through it last night. Here are some extracts from the Maariamman Thaalaattu that makes reference to sacrifice:

    Oothukattu amarndavale udhira bali kondavale,
    Padavettu amarndavale parasuramanai pethavale,

    Oh Goddess who sat in Oothukadu, Oh goddess who accepted blood as sacrifice,
    Oh Goddess who sat in Padavettu, Oh goddess who is the mother of Parasuraman

    Pada veettu amarnthavale pazhi gari mari muthe,
    Oothu kaadu amarndavale , udira bali kondavale,

    Hey mother who sits in Padaveettu, Hey gem Mari who is an avenger,
    Hey mother who sits in OOthukaadu, Hey mother who accepts blood sacrifice

    Emanida vasalile erumai kida kavu kondai,
    Erumaikida kavu kondai ekkala deviyare,

    You got as sacrifice the buffalo in front of god of death,
    Oh goddess who are for all time, You are the power that ruled all over,

    Shakthiyayai nee amarndhayi , thanikutti kavu kondai,
    Ellayile nee amarnthai, erumai kida kavu kondai,

    You sat as Shakthi and took as offering a sheep,
    You sat in the border and took as offering a buffalo calf

    Oh, and Excuse me, Mr Kandasamy! :-) I will not be provoked to resort to immature slander. People should adopt spiritual attitudes when seeking religious truths. Do not slander each other and make other religious sects ridicule us Hindus. I am not saying that animal sacrifices are right or wrong, just shedding some light on the matter and making an appeal for people to treat each other with respect when it comes to matters of spirituality.

  • Michael Arumugam

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    Dear bloggers,

    I have only recently came across this muar kali prayers. I tried reading many of the comments from all the fellow bloggers here, some very informative but some still mockery.

    Believe or faith is a conscience, having that is a religion or culture is very individual. Non of us should be commenting on who is right and who is wrong, by urging about our religion over the internet and yet using vulgarities to express thier anger in the same site where we are discussing the facts or possibilities of our religion, simply shows immaturity.

    We, as hindus.. are still followings many versions of cultures and worships all around the world. sacrifices like shaving heads have some significants in it, fire walking, kavadis ( with piercing on bodies ) thee satti, breaking coconuts on body and many more are forms or showing appreciation towards god. All of these are individual opinions, one is not superior to another. Individually we have different strength so individually we push ourselves to the extreme of what we may not withstand and do such prayers upon successfully achieving it gives us the satisfaction that GOD has accepted the prayer. It could be superficial/ stupidity/ madness or mere faith, all of such is for mere individual satisfaction to believe that GOD has answered our prayers. Just like we all have to believe our parents are our real parents, whats important is as long as they take care of us. How many would want to DNA test to find the truth, if so, these are the ppl who don’t even trust thier shadows. Just like this, everyone has thier way to worship too.

    But worshipping and prayers should be left as individual, that means, shaving your head ( individual ), firewalking, kavadi ( individual ), I hope u guys, understand. whatever we do as a worship invoking ourselves is individual and maybe accepted, but the moment its done to invoke others or even animals then its very very wrong. The muar kali prayer, if she had cut herself, walk on fire, pierce herself then the world wld see it in different light but now they have killed another innocent life to appease thier believe is something to be excluded from our hinduism. Please friends let’s get togather and pass the message around that this is not related to hinduism as hinduism had never preached about sacrificing OTHERS for your satisfaction.

    Therefore, this maybe a topic about whether the muar kali ritual should be accepted as a hindu culture or not, that’s all.. let’s not bring this topic to depth and start making our sacred hindu religion a mockery in public.

    Our worship to GOD thru our mind/ soul/ body let’s accept it all but only self sacrifice and it should be done to recieve peace in worldly life. DON’T SACRIFICE ANY LIVING THING AS A FORM OF WORSHIP. If mere human like us can’t accept this, Do you think the creator would be happy you killed his creation.

    If you can’t embrace hinduism, at least don’t embarress it, please..

  • kiruba

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    why do you people WANT OTHERS to believe what u want to believe ? anyone can choose to believe what they want to believe and they are entitled to their opinion.

    So..durai n makkez mayirandingala..vaayaiyum athaiyum pothikkite velaiye paarunggada.

    Blady foolzzzzzzzz.

  • TrueGemini

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    agreed kiruba!!but in a more subtle and polite version..
    I do think its inhumane to go arnd slaughtering animals..
    heck..they are living creatures too..
    bt thn again, v are all entitled to our own believes. the choice , whthr u choose to believe onot is a very personal thing. Dont let the clash of opinions in hinduism rituals itself be another reason to divide us all.

  • Malini

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    Ok as much as i know by saying this i am open to the flood of insults that will follow, but i have to.

    Just my opinion, we are human because of an extra sense…and thats what makes us differentiate right from wrong… civic duty is not only in charitable work..but in dispersing wrong doings and creating awareness… in looking at the welfare of those that are unable to do so… yes ..animals included….

    Anyone can choose to believe anything..yes….doesnt mean they can act on the believe. And if i believed that everyone i disliked deserves to die..and went on a killing spree..i must be understood? tolerated? and if not it will cause a divide in our community? seriously…. wow.. i thought that makes me sick in the head.oh…maybe because i will be killing humans…and this is after all goats right…so yeah lets all wait till there comes a time we kill humans for religious reasons…then we all shall create awareness..till then let us all stay under our coconut shells..because we are tolerant

    There is a difference between tolerance…and sheer minding my own business because this issue doesnt affect my well being.. how can i not say something…when it is my business..and i am hindu…and this defines me to alot of people ….

    Our community will not be divided if we took it upon ourselves to prove our worth… to make people take notice of us for the right reasons… that should be our battle call..

    Sorry durai…i know i can go on and on…

  • Ram

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    What right as us as humans got to take another life in the name of religion and god? if blood sacrifice is so important in the rituals and practices to please a god, why not sacrifice a friend, a family member or your own life for the matter if the rituals plays such an important part.

    Dear friends,
    Hinduism is a name given to our religion by the westerners, the actual name of our religion is ‘Sanathana Dharma’ which means the way of life. During the days of our forefathers and their forefathers the practices and rituals were barbaric, with human/animal sacrifices but as time passes so many sages,seers and saints has walked on this earth preached and practiced this religion of ours injecting it with more logical and non violent ways to please and unite with the god head. Why stuck with one ritual which was practiced hundreds of years ago without proper knowledge on why its been done. The same Kalika devi that was told a blood thirsty goddess is depicted completely different by Adhi Sankarachariar and Shri RamaKrsna Paramahamsa who have been blessed with vision’s of Amba herself whom are both vegetarians.

    So yeah, this is my opinion.

    Durai, my gratitude for highlighting this issue.


  • god son

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    this want is not god actually this a spirit that posses human body for their needs. for those are think that is god i feel sorry for them and they should go for religion class.

  • Tanesh

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    I am an indian..i believe in hindu culture….but this thing is juzt fcuking shitt…..its not true…..kali is a form of parvathi…..but more furious…but she only attacks bad arakans(devils and stuff)………………..a goat is innocent…..dat damn mutha fucker is juz acting……………..poor goat……i’ll bet one day goats will drink her blood………bcoz of this idiots hinduidm is being insulted…..fuck dis bitches

  • Sai Baba

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    this is the prove that show stupid people exist everywhere in this world…
    if Kali posess the girl , Kali would not do this all…
    i think she has posses by evil/spirit…
    waste indian…

  • Chaya

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    Naaa this is not hinduism..this woman is under trance or some sort of hypnotism. And drinking blood has never been any form of worship in any religion n certainly not hinduism!!

  • Michael Arumugam

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    godson, tanesh, sai baba and chaya.. ppl, im not saying this coz im supportting this act but.. ask yourself how true hindus are you. You dont trust others acts of devotion, tats OK.. but wat right do you have to swear at others. They don have the right to kill other live beings, same you don have rights to swear or judge other either..

    Btw ask ourselves, how many of us cook chicken and mutton during deepavali.. isnt this like that??

    I believe this blog should enlighten our society not decriminate ourselves.. such embaressment ppl..


  • kumar

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    hello bro . intha buttiketta manusanunga sami pera soli oora emathurathu kodumaiyo kodumai . antha kaliamna nera vanthu aadu ratham kudikiralo ilayo muthala ivanunga rathaitha straw pothu ice ktipothu urinjanum . muttal pasangga .tamilan pera naradikave kelambiduranungaya!

  • Coolie

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    Its just an extreme form of worship. WHo are we to say what is wrong or right?
    We just have the right to choose not to go the these kind of events in that temple.
    ANyway nobody cheats or gets cheated monetarily.

  • RT

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    Hi Guys/Girls

    Does this temple still exits?
    Can I have the directions please?

    Advance thanks

  • coolie

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    WHy RT? You wanna taste raw goat blood?

    • kaliammantunai98

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      coolie jokekaanna aappu la.haha.. y RT i myself got go tat place during the gurl drinking the raw blood.let me share my experience.first the gurl wil b praying to kaliamman while sum wil be looking at her.she looks really pretty naturally.then she goes to change into tis clothz which is also the costume for bharathanatyam..then getz trance n dancez wif a whip in her hand/neck.There wil be sum dance performance going on near karuppar statue..suddenly they start bringing one goat after another.they cut he head then give the goat body to e guy near her n she starts drinking it.after everyhing finish,the gurl will be back to normal. Next day fire walking..the gurl ties every1 who fire walks.she will be damn pretty la..hope i go tis year as there will be a weird thing happening as ppl pour boiling at themselves n dances in joy.its quite fun to see ”them” doing it as it lookz lyke small children playing in the rain.this things lyke drinking raw blood n dancing wif boiling oil all over them happens in malaysia n fire walking is in singapore too.not making fun of malaysia or any country,religion or anything but telling u how looks lyke there…OM SRI VAKKRAKALI TUNAI!!

  • Vana

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    Ethics differs with cultures and generation. In the past papua new guineans didn’t bury or cremate their dead instead they consume them; so that the dead loved one will live through them.

    Ethics evolves, I am a vegetarian and I avoid killing as much as possible. But who am I to judge others? And as far as I know, every religion around the globe has some kind of animal sacrifice in them and Hinduism is no exception. Also, ‘Hinduism’ was a term coined by the British and the Persians, it was never a institutionalist religion but it was always one with an array of beliefs some conforming to the Vedas while others not.

    A piece of wisdom from the late Mother Teresa “How can we love God whom we can’t see, when we can’t love those we can see…”


  • RT

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    hi coolie, y must u think in such a way.
    its still GOD minus the the sacrifice.
    we absorb good things and let go things which makes us feel negative.
    lets look at positive aspects of things perceptively rather than being
    stereo type.

    • 2 b Ash oNe DaY

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      i agree with you. .this temple is in Muar.. just go to the town area and ask around .. the next thiruvila is on 7th – 8th Aug 2010.

  • amy k

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    Hei guys… looks like tis dn end yet. U guys hear of de new Kalima temple in Johor? Wow! she is so huge n extremely beau guys.. anyone wana view the fotos, do drop me a line. lets have a change of temple here.. Cheers.

  • bambi

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    these manifestations ask for the type of puja/offering that they want…….some leave it up to you. Think it has something to do with the type of problem that needs to be fixed. So then, how did the sacrifice of animals start?

  • bambi

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    In this life, everything is tradition. at work, u file documents in a particular order………tradition. Brushing your teeth …..tradition. Putting lights on a tree in the last month of the year…….tradition. going to school……….tradition. Increasing the population………tradition. Surfing the net………tradition. Im not crazy, but think about it………life is a tradition. Some more traditional than others. When some choose to end a tradition, a NEW tradition begins, so where’s the right or wrong? The world is too old for us young ones to understand the “why”. A lot has gotten lost in just accepting traditionally. But really, we shouldn’t have a nasty attitude towards that which we don’t understand. Some things are more easily understood than others. But for argument’s sake…………

  • k.n

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    i have been started to listening to some speeches on hinduism. he is a hindu preecher krubanantha vaariyaar swamigal. acordingly it is a sin to do this type of things. now tell me about it. why not sacrifice a few hundred humans to the god ? we could reduce the burden on the earth…

  • tamilan

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    i mean super topic bro-tamilan

  • DarkTannedSuperman04

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    God is perfect in every bit of the word. when He made Trees, Oceans, Animals, Man, Woman and everything animate in this world. If it is true that we sin because we eat other animals, why Does Kali drink blood? I’m not condemning Kali.. i believe we are all God’s children. Therefore, Kali is our Mother.

    There is no such shit that we must be pure vegetarian. cos, Plants are considered living things too since they perform biological activities like humans (breathing and mating).. so why the fuck we eat vege and say eating chicken is a sin?
    u see the paradox here? we are just siding for what we believe without seeing what the real picture is!!

    its simple. God gave this world to us. He said ENJOY, KIDS. NO FIGHTING. BE SAFE.. AND KEEP THE PLACE CLEAN.

    We got rights to this planet and all of Gods creation. If a lion kills a deer? does it go to hell too? no! then why must only humans go to hell? dont give the the WE HAVE THE SENSE TO THINK shit.. if the lion kills a deer, u think it didnt think ah? it doesnt know is it that it can eat meat only? thats called thinking too.

    and about humans getting transed, its a fucked up story. why would the Very Perfection of God, want to enter sum fuckin human? for fun ah?
    in the older days, religious rules were made so that people wont go wild and do shit work. the Dinking blood and transed shit is all a vetti pechu (tokok tambah) for the Kenai koomuttai people.

    i am a devotee of Sivan. When i pray to him especially in meditation, i can see the world clearly.. and to me, we are all not worthy to even embrace God.. let alone getting transed by God..

    if u tend to understand, God is up there smiling at us.. those who kill under God’s name.. i hope to see you fuckaz in hell..

    to the smart dude who posted this topic. THanks a lot fren. Great topic.. ^^

  • kuma

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    so sad….

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    haiyo haiyo, thirenthateh jenmem…!!

  • shubashini

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    all this……NONSENSE !!!. Kaliamman is God a , not a satan who drinks blood neither kill innocent lifes.What is all this la !!!! If at all i meet this lady i’ll give one nicely on her face.

  • Kat

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    I recently went to a Kali prayer and must admit that I was horrified at what I saw. There were about 4 -7 people that were in a state of trance that drank the blood of goats and chicken that were sacrified. I was literally sick in my stomach. The first prayer was from Saturday morning till about 18h00 on Saturday evening, this was were all the sacrificing took place. There was a break and another prayer at 24h00 (midnight). I dont know what happened there cos I didnt attend. On Sunday morning was another prayer were the sacrified animals was offered to Kali. Then another prayer where people (public) brought boiled liver, trotters, boiled sheep head etc. this was representative of medical problems that the devotee had with the relevant body part. The trance then threw these offering to the people. I found it very strange and bizarre, something from Ripley’s Beleive It or Not. There was BLOOD EVERYWHERE!!!!

    I am a devout hindu that fasts during Purtassi, Shivarathri, Saraswathi & Mariamma paryers, but seeing the sacrifice during the Kali prayer made me raise questions about whether we follow our religious leaders blindly…

  • Jai Maa Kali

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    Kaliamman is one of the powerful goddess in hinduism…. as far as i know kaliamman is one of the lovable goddess who will destroy the evil from this world to protect her children….. but she only fought with the evil, only fights with the evil…. but not with INNOCENT LIVING BEINGS… would “KALIAMMAN” accept these kind of rituals? I’m not a hindu, forgive me Kali Maa if i’am wrong…. KALIAMMAN IS A GODDESS WHO WILL PROTECT THE INNOCENCE, SHE WON’T DO ANYTHING LIKE THIS…. please explain me guys if i’m wrong because i’m not a hindu….. could anyone tell me why they are doing these kind of rituals to prey for Kaliamman?

  • Jakkama

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    I have been a devotee of KALIAMMAN for the past 9 years. I had the believe in her whn i started to pray to her and she had answered to all my prayers. This made my believe and faith in her to become stronger and all this years i neva gave her any BLOOD or GOATS HEAD as a repay. She is the most powerful god which i have known and believ me that whatever it is dont ever test her patience. She gives us hard time and at the same time she knows wats the best for us. KALIAMMAN is a mother to me and as a strong devotee of her i can feel her love and protectiveness. Not only me but most of the people who pray to her tells me the same too. My house is just opposite a KALIAMMAN temple and believe me or not during “Aadi Masam” i could hear her Sallangai sound walking pass by my room window. Not only me heard that but many of the other residence too. There was an incident once where a Murugan temple was having their Thiruvilla and the ratham took place at night. Before the KALIAMMAN temple was found, all the years the Murugan ratham will make a u-turn at the junction. The KALIAMMAN temple was found at the year 2000, and for the very first time without her (KALIAMMAN) permission the Murugan Ratham was about to make its U-turn without the priest of the Murugan temple asking for her (KALIAMMAN) permission. Normally a simple pooja will be done as a permission seeking to make a turn at her (KALIAMMAN) area. Despite the pooja for permission, when the Ratham was in front of her (KALIAMMAN) temple, believe me or not the lights of the Ratham went off. It was a black out for the Murugan Ratham. All the residence there were is shock as she was not there before this n no such thing happened. Soon they realised her (KALIAMMAN) power and right after that year, every year before the Murugan Ratham comes into KALIAMMAN compound, the priest will make a pooja for KALIAMMAN first asking for her permisson. Since that day you will not believe the amount of devotees who will come to participate for KALIAMMAN thiruvilla. Since the past 2 years without fail i will participate in thiruvilla for KALIAMMAN where i will be at the temple for 3 days helping out in the cooking and other wotk. this is how i thank her for all her love and answers which she had given me. Believe me, KALIAMMAN will be an Evil to those who are evil to her and her children. And for the Muar Kali girl, your bad time has start lady and i will meet you soon.

    • Jai Maa Kali

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      you are absolutely correct…. In my experience… i had so many problems in my life, but every time when i asked her help, i don’t know how it happened …… i could solve all my problems very fast…. I feel like kali maa gave me da strength to face all my problems and i felt i still feel that she’s with me….. some people may see this as a crazy thing but for me the kaliamman is real…. she helps us… she is one of the lovable and kind goddess (as far as i know)….

  • nithiya

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    hi….. that gal is not get a trans of god!!!!! its something else yar…. she is mad… she is the bitch who claim she is kaliamma…. no way… she is stupid.. n the temple people is also a very stupid then her…… sorry for saying this but i dont know why some indians so stupid……

  • Don

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    “She gives us hard time and at the same time she knows wats the best for us. KALIAMMAN is a mother to me and as a strong devotee of her i can feel her love and protectiveness.”

    Jakkama or whatever amma is a delusional freak!! When something bad happens, people blame government, police or friends and any other idiot they can think off. The never blame their stupid god for not protecting/helping them.

    “Not only me but most of the people who pray to her tells me the same too. My house is just opposite a KALIAMMAN temple and believe me or not during “Aadi Masam” i could hear her Sallangai sound walking pass by my room window. Not only me heard that but many of the other residence too. There was an incident once where a
    Murugan temple was having their Thiruvilla and the ratham took place at night. Before the KALIAMMAN temple was found, all the years the Murugan ratham will make a u-turn at the junction. The KALIAMMAN temple was found at the year 2000, and for the very first time without her (KALIAMMAN) permission the Murugan Ratham was about to make its U-turn without the priest of the Murugan temple asking for her (KALIAMMAN) permission. Normally a simple pooja will be done as a permission seeking to make a turn at her (KALIAMMAN) area. Despite the pooja for permission, when the Ratham was in front of her (KALIAMMAN) temple, believe me or not the lights of the Ratham went off. It was a black out for the Murugan Ratham. All the residence there were is shock as she was not there before this n no such thing happened. Soon they realised her (KALIAMMAN) power”

    Above is another example of Indians stupid believe. Kaliamman get pist off with muruga, ha, ha, maybe kindergarden kids will believe this shit!!! And can hear sallangai and all, if the majlis perbandaran fellow come to demolish it, I’m sure kalima will take off he sallanggai, carry her pavadai and runaway. I wonder why the bulldozer’s engine never stop and majlis guys realize her power. !LOL What a fool!!

    • an_atheist

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      @ Don : i think you don’t have a proper religious background…… u may say that u r an atheist so u don’t believe in gods or what ever. If u have a proper religious background or if u r a real atheist u will never ever try to act like this….. u r trying to show that ur ideas r so perfect and no one will be able to argue with u or something like that right? please understand this, nobody wants to argue with crazy idiots because it’s worthless…. religions r nt to be argued they….

  • Jakkama

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Well DOG..oppsss i mean DON, if u dun have the trust in God then u shud not criticise the one’s who does. Well too bad lah if ur Parents neva tought u to have faith in God. By the way from the way u have written ur comments, i can clearly see that u just dun u’stand even a tiny bit what i have written. By the way DON or DOG, it shows that ur either mentally retarded or ur just trying to act SMART which i think ur definately an IDIOT. A kindergarden kid will believe anitin even if im gona tell them that ur an IDIOT they will definately agree with me…Meowww…

    • MachanBro

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      Nice reply from you and just wanna add something..We all been come across this kinda people whom been keep insulting on our GOD and we also keep seeing what is the ending for their arrogants…

      and…DON’s comment shows the KEY of his stupidity..Illaya DON KEY sarr ? ;)

      Again to stress here, above act by Muar mairayee is a disgusting for all the Amma believers.Kaliamma is Mother with full of Love..Tbis known well by her devotees..

  • shrivastava

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    God is merciful & peace promoting.. this is beyond comprehension..

  • Swami Lund

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    I wish there was an mass orgy at the ending. All that blood made me horny.

  • prathap

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    i agreed. according to hinduism, we shouldnt kill any liing beings for our sake. god didnt ask us to sacrify animal. im devotee of durga maa n pray to kalima also. kalima oso been came into my dream b4. she never ask to sacrify animal for her also. our indians practice this in such way. i never been sacrify any animal for our prayers, but my god always care of me. som what is the problem.

  • Eswaran

    Thumb up Thumb down +1

    please lar ppl out there who commented about hinduism. HINDU is an river name and ppl who live near by that river are called Hindu People. this is the actual history. and What ever good deeds that they practice over there is become a way of live and called Hinduism or whatever called. and i don’t think the human being that live at that location would have planned them self to do this kind of bloody sacrifice among them and kill each others… ALL STUPID FOLLOWERS who in time changed all the rules and believes. IF EACH ONE CAN REALISE THEM SELF and BE THEM-SELF, i think everyone can think to be GO’O’D in this world and to others…. and be that GO’O’D…

  • raj apache

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    i am a muarian…nothing much to comment on wat happened at the temple..but i strongly feel that..organization such as HINDU Sangam…MIa..MIc and all other indian related organization should sit down and find a proper clarification on this whole issue…wats the point if all of us just bash each other and the end product is back to zero…other races are arguing about education,economy and social wellness…kadavul engeyum irupar..

  • Velan

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    this one is papama kot:P

  • Suren

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    Anbe Sivam…God Is everywhere…Its all in that u worship god and that lady is showing the wrong way….thats bullshit…

  • Sue

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    My fren just recently asked me if I want to go Segamat Temple with her. It seems same practice. I got so worked up hearing that she going once at least every yr. For what I asked myself? To support the group that kills poor animals? What the writer said is true. Kali kills evil doers and drink their blood.You know why? Because she do not want the evil blood to drop onto the ground.I wonder why people don’t get it. Its bad karma to try to make god evil by sacrificing and worshiping her in the wrong way.What makes you think that she will be happy about this. And true enough its the spirits in the woman’s body not aman. They also posses powers and can ‘give vaaku’.I hope our community will wake up soon.

  • some1

    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    hahax.. people who dun noe the truth wil talk noncence.. people who belivez only will noe..

  • some1

    Thumb up Thumb down -2

    n u fuckerz.. u didnt kill a single animal aso ar?? u wanna complain of temple killing a goat?? hahax.. c ur self fist la

    • SunTannedSuperman04

      Thumb up Thumb down +4

      good question brother.. but i gotta let you know the truth.. we are all mere mortals.. we look up to God as our role model.. the topic here isnt about killing animals brother (as far as I’ve read).. Its about Questioning the existance of god in humans.. can you accept the fact that the Motherly God, the All- Loving Goddess Kali would slay n slaughter her own children (animals and humans alike)??? we are here to not condemn God.. but to comment on the ill-use and mlapractices conducted under His name..

  • BaNu

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    i’m a JOhorean, and through my observation, its the Singaporeans who trust these kinda superstitious beliefs a lot. i have been to some of these “powerful temples” around Johor and one in KuChing ,just to observe because i do not have faith in rituals n i would say that 90% of the prayers are sponsored by them. As u all noe, these temples are popular because,they say that certain entities(that’s being worshiped) is capable of giving some kind of luck, mostly 4D numbers. So the reason, i assume people ‘worship’ the entity is because of the said luck it May bring n not for any spiritual reason. Why Singaporeans, its a true blue nature of a Singaporean to b $$$ minded.(still remember their 5 Cs ??)

    • 2 b Ash oNe DaY

      Thumb up Thumb down +1

      i think u got it all wrong … its not only singaporeans… its malaysians too.. yesterday i went to Segamat Batu Anam Kali Temple.. fyi.. all the pooja and sacrifice of the goat was done and helped by malaysian… Singaporeans do sponsor but do not make all singaporeans look so bad.. if singaporeans are money minded../. hw abt malaysian..there are quite a number of malaysian and johoreans who travel up & down the causeway to make money in singapore..arent they money minded.. its not luck i would say.. more to good gesture of sponsorship..

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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  • VarmaNova

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    I reli reli pist offfff because of dis kind of ppl….hate dem….


    Thumb up Thumb down 0


  • ravin

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    where is the loacation of this temple?

  • facade84

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    ill be going there today if you motherfuckers can say so much pls i invite yall to come tonight and give ur piece of mind to tat so called pocessed girl…if i don see any of you dickless idiots who can speak so much and post it in tha net…..pls shut ur fuckin hole and respect any religion anyone believes thank you….. i yet to see the drama……if any one can lay a finger to tat girl or tat somebody else inside her tat very MOMENT!

    • SELVAM

      Thumb up Thumb down +1

      Hi facade84,i support u becoz tis guys will talk very big nw but wen they r there n infront of mother they hve no balls to open the mouth, if they dn’t like they shld shut their mouth nobdy ask 4 their stupid comments.

    • lovehindu

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      facede84 and SELVAM i think like u both of said this guyz have no balls to come and face to face with her or any other ppl who is in trance… seriously if those ppl dont like on this issue keep it to your self dont go publish it like this… ass hole ….if u wanna stop it go and tell to her to stop then you could be next in the line behide the goat….

  • Derushen Moodley

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    AUM HRIM SHRIM KRIM PARAMESHWARI KALIKE YE NAMAHA, firstly i am a staunch, let me say dat again a STAUNCH devotee of Sri Ma Kali ! This Mother exists in many forms, each of which requiring a special poosai, some more than others, personally im frm South Africa and i am damn fascinated by Muar Kali and would fall to Her feet the moment i see Her… I believe in Her powers, a few of u arseholes talk big nw but url a an insecure minority! Plz keep ur opinions to ur self, dnt judge or condem bcoz url r no one!

  • Sathyam

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +7

    Hi everyone.. I would like to share with you some facts rather than opinions. Hinduism strictly follows the vedas and upanishads. God has told us in vedas to sacrifice our animal qualities rather than animals. Many people did not realise this false interpretation. They interpreted wrongly that we should sacrifice the animals. It is not animals but our animal-qualities. Having learnt some of the vedas such as rudram , i have truly understood this fact. In vedas, it is said that bramha and devas (the gods) are the only supreme beings who have the rights to decide on the birth(jananam) and death(maranam) of his creation. Then what rights as human beings do we have or possess to kill these innocent living beings.

    Please think brothers and sisters.. Love all and serve all..

  • Anu

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    i think that this is really real i belive in god …

  • Gregory

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    If the lady is not Kaliamman in the photo, then who is manifesting itself? How does it have the right to enter the temple? is not the temple ground sacred and holy, especially in front of the statues and worship materials? Even if this entity which entered this lady was by invitation, does it have the authority to bypass the might and strength of holiness and sacred divinity that resides in the temple?

  • Sivayogarajah

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    Don’t judge these people. Don’t even judge this practice. The beauty of Hindu philosophy is that we accept all for who they are and where they are on their path to mukthi. In this particular birth, the people in this story are animal sacrificers who worship Rajakaliamman. Perhaps, too, in previous births we ourselves performed these same rituals, seeking the blessings of Amman. It’s important to remember that these people are trying to win Her grace, though we may find it repulsive, futile, cruel, etc. I don’t kill animals, I’m vegetarian, but I don’t condemn those who do. Hinduism does not allow it’s practitioners to condemn others. That’s a Western concept. Jai Maa.

  • a devotee of Kali Ma

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