What’s God and What’s Not

This story is dedicated to all the blind fools who follow everything that other people say without doing a research or without any advice. Like what people say plunging into death blindly, this is how this people does things and also influence others the same way. This story is based on what I’ve studied in religious books and stories being retold by people who had dedicated their life talking about the very existence of God. Do not agree blindly on whatever I’ve said here, because I’m, as the others, a normal human being. I’m no saint or Prophet, but listen to my story with an open mind. I’ve also written it M1 style, so ignore the fucks. And make sure you read this full, or you won’t be able to grasp the meaning.

A very long time ago, few centuries earlier, there was this small village in India. The village is a nice mixture of bad and good people thus making the village somewhat balanced. However, due to the escalating greed of the bad people, crimes began to increase.

The bad guy’s starts fucking around every virgin chick they can see in the village. While the others are resorting to free-killing and robbery had also become much rampant. The village head, who couldn’t take these things much longer, brain stormed with few of the top level villagers and started thinking of an idea to stop all this unnecessary crimes.

No one dared to come forward. No one dared to help. Everybody was too scared. Even the daughter of the village head had been fucked. So, it really infuriated the village head. Weeks went by, and solution still could not be found, until one day, one man called MV sprang into action.

Everyone in the village forgot about this ultimate warrior at the time they need him the most. He was suggested by one of the villagers during a meeting and immediately the village head summoned him .During the meeting, they ordered MV the ultimate warrior to take care of the village and restore peace.

MV is a reputed brave and no nonsense warrior. He was very strong and was feared by all the villagers due to his unbelievable braveness. So, every night, MV started patrolling the village. Since the crime happens only after the day light is out, MV only patrols the village every night. This fearless warrior captured and killed so many robbers. Rapist and sadist do not dare to roam around with their hanging dick fearing MV.

Ultimately, crime reduced to zero and the village head was very happy. Everyone in the village started living normally again and nobody dares to resort to crime since MV is around to kill the bad guys. Years went by, and peace was still in order. One fine day, MV died due to old age. It was sad news for the villagers, due to nobody is going to protect their village anymore.

Their amount of respect towards MV is extraordinary and once he had died, they start making him as an idol to be brave and fearless. The village head on the other hand had summoned the blacksmith to carve a statue resembling MV out of respect towards the warrior who had protected the village for so long.

The statue was ultimately placed in the corner of the village where MV used to patrol at night. Days went by; some villagers had claimed that they saw a guy riding a horse resembling MV. Everyone was happy once again, thinking that MV’s soul is back protecting the village. All of them, in return of the protection given, started bringing foods and flowers to MV’s statue. Incense and other prayer material were also presented as a sign of being grateful. Years went by, and people started believing that ultimately, MV is god; because he showed all the signs he was one. Even after his death, he is still protecting them.

And so, MV was regarded as God in years to come and people start coming to pray to him for good luck, bravery and to be fearless. They started having rituals and ceremonies. Words spread by about this ultimate warrior cum God and nearby villagers started adopting the same concept and asked the blacksmith in their village to carve MV statue. It was placed in their village so that their village would be protected from evil deeds too. Things spread fast, and now we have MV statue and worshippers even in Malaysia.

His name was Madurai Veeran.

The above story is a true story. This was how Madurai Veeran emerged and was regarded as God nowadays when he was supposedly normal human being centuries earlier. The same goes for Muniandy, Sanggali Karupan or any other warrior God (Kavel Deivenggel) who had vowed to protect their village or border many centuries ago. All of them was given a statue and due to wrong stories being told to the upcoming generations, people start regarding them as God.

Ok, now I’ve even challenged the very existence of God. No, that’s not the point. See, look at it from this angle, this warrior Gods is all fine with me, as I regard them more than a normal human being anyway. They’re of course, people who had not feared death and lived by rules of God. But the problem is, people had misinterpreted them wrongly without knowing the very actual story of their existence.


Now it will get interesting.

See, I tell you now, again and again, we’re normal human beings. We’re full of sins. We have come to this world to live a good life, and ultimately, when death comes, you will meet Him to review your scorecard while you were on earth.

There is no such thing as you can summon God into your body. Our body is such a dirty thing, that God simply can’t enter. Clear cut. You tell me, there are this saints and Mahan’s all over the world, who had dedicated all their life meditating to God. Why isn’t God entering the Mahan’s body?

Why the fuck does people think God will enter your body after a mere 48 days of being vegetarian? God is that cheap eh?

I tell you again, listen nice and clear, there is no such thing as being possessed by God. God do not, I repeat, do not and would not enter the body of human beings. If he does, you simply won’t be alive. I would talk about this in detail another day.

The Machans will be drinking and smoking, not forgetting fucking around with all the Indian sluts they can find. Then, one month before Thaipusam, all of them will start being vegetarian, and then during Thaipusam , will ‘download’ God into their body.

What the fuck macha? The thing that enters inside your body is not God, but it’s the normal spirits that hangs around after death. Their souls, still having unaccomplished wishes or perhaps lust, will enter into the persons body imitating God. In return, they can smoke and dance or do whatever they wish.

Uncle Muthu would have died years earlier, and he might be a hardcore smoker and drinker. While still lingering in planet earth waiting for his judgment day, one stupid fucking asshole on Thaipusam day will call upon God to enter his body accompanied by Urumee Melam. Uncle Muthu, seizes this opportunity and enters this assholes body and start demanding for cigarette and beer. Brainless people around will give him what he wants. That is how most of the ‘Hindu gods’ starts smoking and drinking, what a shame. (There is another side to this story as well, which I would also talk in detail another day)

These things are getting more and more ridiculous daily. And then we also have some stupid Indians rubbing money into wild boars nose and ass thinking it would bring good luck. Work for your money; do not go around fingering some pig’s ass to get good luck and money. There are many other much simpler ways to increase your luck anyway.

Remember, God is ultimate, he is the one and only.

Oh yes, I forgot Kali. There are also thousands of Kaliamma coming down in Thaipusam all at the same time, how on earth can that happen? Do not believe for a second this bunch of psycho idiots who dress up like Amman and claiming that they’re God. With tongues hanging around, some of these girls look more like a porn star to me rather than the great Kalima herself. Machans are more or less the same.

Kalima, is not in the loop of Kavel Deivengel. She is of course, not a normal human being unlike Madurai Veeran. Kalima can be said one of the many avatars Goddess Durga had taken to get rid of evils. Kalima do not come to planet earth to posses any stupid bitch anymore (in fact she had never been), at least that’s what the religious books are telling us. Come on people, Kalima is such a version, that can your body contain her power without destructing yourself? A perfect example of how stupid some people can get is below. Sucking up goat’s blood and claiming its Kalima requesting for all this. Even African tribes had become more civilized not sacrificing animals for their own ritual. And here we have a bunch of ‘Pattai Thanni Kaingge’ sacrificing goats and chickens and letting a stupid Kambethe Mohana to suck up all the blood.

How many of you get scared when you see this entire fucking psychopath in Thaipusam? I believe most of you would have been, especially the girls. You’re supposed to respect God and feel want to be closer with him, why the fuck are we fearing them? Because this stupid fucks are normal human beings possessed by spirits and ultimately trying to scare you as well. How many of you had seen people dancing in front of our so-called Gods in Thaipusam? I believe most of you would have seen it. If God is that powerful, how come you ridicule him with such a thing, isn’t it a shame? And you tell me that it’s God? Poda punde.

What I’ve written above is pure logic, think about it . Ultimately, as long as there fools, there would be people fooling around. Are you a fool?

*There are many other things that I haven’t talked about yet. I will continue writing about it later.It would get too long if I continue writing, if you have a question, the comment section is below. I would answer, God willing.

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  • gowri sangkari

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    The beauty of hinduism is in itself.We believe in one supreme god..The gos & goddess are its different form..It gives us the freedom of performing our prayers in the way we like..It does nt control us to just follow one way…you can pray with a full heart & be comfortable with it..It gives you the pleasure of making your own choices & living up to it..but but its when some ppl become to ignorant, that they choose to believe all those that should not be practiced..

  • gowri sangkari

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    err..sorry sorry..its gods, not gos..

  • kannan

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    Excellent piece bro..this was exactly what a Guruji told me wen i questioned him regarding this topic some time back. He told in a very nice way of course..hehe..bt i totally agree to ur post bro. Our human body is simply too dirty. We r here to actually cleanse our past life’s karma, to become some-what ‘neutral’ and to finally reunite with God. That is wat called ‘Moksha’ or ‘Mukthi’. Its impossible if such great power of the creator of the whole universe could enter our body. Our athma is just too weak for that. Couldn’t agree with u more bro wen u mentioned that, ‘The Machans will be drinking and smoking, not forgetting fucking around with all the Indian sluts they can find. Then, one month before Thaipusam, all of them will start being vegetarian, and then during Thaipusam , will ‘download’ God into their body.’ Its way too ridiculous la bro. Because of some blind Indians, the whole Hinduism is being a laughing stock. First of all, Hinduism is not a simple religion. Its a universal way of life, not many even know that. It teaches us to communicate, feel and realise God through spiritual and mental awakening. Not through some pusari or mediator.

    ..enna sollrethe nu theriyile bro…yemathrevengga irukere varikum, sile makkal maareve maathangga..’EPL’ kavadi dis year..’World Cup’ kavadi next year ah?? urupetherum samudayam..haizz….
    ..anbe sivam..

  • inba

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    but ppl just wont accept wat u sed due to years of conditioning to such believes
    neways, rather than blamin’em, any suggestion to tirutterannin them?
    too bad we dont hav pendidikan Hindu @ school….wtf..

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    Nice post. I guess this post will win the award for having the most “fucks” in the history of RagedIndian.com. Haha…neway, good post.

    “What I’ve written above is pure logic, think about it . Ultimately, as long as there fools, there would be people fooling around.”

    Absolutely true!! =D What you have written is not only logic but it is the truth. I have heard it from some wise old people when I was in India.

    Too much lar this killing goatla, drinking goats blood lah…thats not a GOD thats a vampire…soooo scary…Hinduism manetheye vangeranengela….thirunthugeda dei….

  • Arjunan

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    Sometimes our Malaysian Indian’s are bringing rituals into another level…
    just to proof we are great…
    i also know a bunch guys,they will act like their possessed by “GOD”…
    n the friends around them will get freaked out…
    that guy smokes,drinks,fools around with gals n he’s only 17…
    n he’ll mention he’ll be possessed by anjeneya since he is a anjeneya bakthan…
    thats freaking rubbish…
    he’ll be saying all kind of stories he was being possessed just to show his frens how great he is..
    its a trend now…
    last time…smoking makes them look cool…
    now so called being possessed by GOD also makes them look cool…

  • Tamil Celvan

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    wat a nice post durai. its true wat u wrote here, there is still so many people claim that they r the god and the god can enter their stupid body. fucking people like this must giv a lesson. “manithanaga pirantha ovvoruvarum etho oru kanakkai thirpatharkku pirakkirom. antha kanakku thiertha piragu meendum selgirom. pirantha pirappirkkum kulathirkkum nallathai serthu selluvomada….. durai i hope u will understand y i make a commend in d last post.i’ve been hurt coz of this stupid and fucking people la bro. i believe in god and that’s nothing without him.

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    You have nicely said about the Kavel Theivangel. Many of us still practising the hinduism in the wrongful manner, partly to be blamed is the lack of study of the vedaz and instead we depend on the money making priests and verbal lessons. You do not have to believe in God to realize that these barbaric acts are non-godly. It is simply explainable by logic and rationality. I am not good in religions. But, I know when it is an act of religion and when it is a bullshit.

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    Superb post dude!!

    I like this part the most :
    “The Machans will be drinking and smoking, not forgetting fucking around with all the Indian sluts they can find. Then, one month before Thaipusam, all of them will start being vegetarian, and then during Thaipusam , will ‘download’ God into their body.”

    Haha, its like a reset button on ur PC… they “reset” their soul by fasting for 2 months! HAHAHA

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    Yo Indians !!

    you see , the problem with you indian people is that you all think that you think that you are too clever , you think that you know everything . you think you are right and other people are wrong .

    have you people ever stoped and wonder if you might be wrong ? that you might not know everything ?

    no ! you people dont do that . you people think you are right and you people start talking n talk non-stop . and you insult other indians that have different belief from you .

    you people talk about god , ghost , spirit , possesion and hindu belief like you know it . you people are too young to talk about thousand year old religion .

    I am not saying that you are wrong . I am also not saying that they are right .

    im just saying that let people belief in what they choose to believe . just because another indian have a different believe from you , thats doesnt mean they are wrong …

    indians ….

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    Another good post..
    i like the way u explained about MV. It is true. Even i heard my dad said, MV is kaval theivam and will be outside of the temple. NOT INSIDE. it means there is someone higher than kaval theivam. That is our lord. Which is we beleive something exist and we cant see.

    OOh well, about the ‘saamy dance’ OMG.. that is something i really cant take it until today. i went for mum’s kampung ‘kovil thiruvila’ when we gave the ‘pooja thattu’ and waiting for the arcanai, suddenly a women start shouting and dancing. OMG!!! i was *dead* for a sec. she look so ‘ganas’. a hold my dad’s hand. he was angry. so he said, put a ‘soodam’ in her mouth. if real attha turun means it wont affect her. then after the iyer put ‘vibuthi’ for her. she okey edy. what is this la!!!

    i was video shoot the ‘thee methi’ thing. i saw a group of urumi melam with i dunno which ‘kaval theivam’ he is. Earlier, He drunken (few bottles of carlsberg) and smoke (suruthu)in the small temple(sorry really dunno what temple is that). Then in front the thee methi thing, dancing and showing of. i was eagerly waiting to see him walk on the fire. he was dancing dancing and dancing with kavadi. Then gave the kavadi to someone else and walk tepi.. wasted my time ny.
    i asked my dad, ‘ intha m* side le nadanthu poga thaa ivalo neram show kanbicana? ‘
    So after drunk and with urumi music he got ‘shakti’ from god and danced is it. Not a all. he just entertain his self in the thiruvila. (oc beer na vendam na solvanga… )

    Lastly, touching the pig. My personal opinion is damn stupid thing in this world. U believe in urself and work hard, u can earned more rather than touching pigs and picking the pigs shit..

    p/s: uncle muthu kathei SUPERB.. :D

  • Renu

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    Such a nice topic Durai . Im going to ask you few questions? I want to know more about MV family. Does he have 7 siblings? And I heard that they serve as kaval theivam as well. Is that true? As u mentioned above, bad evils the one entered the human bodies when they get possessed. How the bad evil can get into the temple? U said that bad evils will fulfill their wish when they get into human bodies. I have seen some whom took kavadies, they do get possessed. But they were calm, never ask for anything and were very peaceful. In that case the bad evils the one entered their body or that is the god’s blessing? Next some people scream and dance when they get possessed , and people around puts the ‘vibuthy’ on their forehead and will press hardly. How the bad evil can go off by doing so?

    Thanks Durai… :)

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    cool down bangge…relax… makkez and here nw got competition ready…
    who is the black sheep make this issue to become a hyper hot topic?

  • Arasi

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    Getting into trance has been a norm in a number of religions in the world. I remember reading scriptures about spritual people feeling the serene beauty of God’s presence within them hence the feeling was mentioned as getting into trance. What we see at Thaipusam & some temples are a far cry from this phenomenon. We Hindus go overboard and have tarnished the beauty of trance. I’d say Indians are craving for some form of recognition and dignity. When they can’t achieve it academically/financially, they use religion to get the much needed attention i.e. by becoming `instant Gods’. As for the people who seek the help of these `instant Gods’are also weak souls who are impatient in getting results in their undertakings. In Bhagavad Gita, God has promised that `he(human) who perceives HIM (God) everywhere & beholds everything in HIM never loses sight of HIM, nor will HE(God) ever lose sight of him (human)’. A strong faith in God will deter us from getting into the wrong path. Let’s work together to preserve the image of our wonderful religion. Foreign tourists are flooding Thaipusam to witness this `Little African’ rituals…country rakes revenue in tourism at the expense of our beautiful religion…

  • Mga

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    I truly feel that every religion, not only Hinduism, promotes the idea of spirituality that highlights peace and harmony. Religion, by right, should instill inner peace in every one, most importantly. So when there is rituals and ceremonies that goes against this, the concept and purpose of the existence of religion and God takes somewhat a twisted direction. God should be idolized out of pure respect and not out of fear. And just because of the existence of people who believe and condone this acts, that does not make them better Hindus than the others that don’t. Harsh words aside, i truly agree with you, Durai, that this acts should not be taken as an important part of the religion, rather a forgettable ideology. Saying that this is a good article would be an understatement…good job :)

  • S. L:ee Veles

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    Well said…
    I do hope all the temple committee members get a chance to read this..

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    Great post bro. An eye-opening post for all those just-follow-what-people-say minded makkals.

    As Lee Veles had pointed out, those temple committee members should definitely drop by in this post and ponder about whatever that have been said above and if they still insist of calling us to Muar or interview or whatever shit, then I have nothing else to say lar bro.

  • kavietha.s

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    that is really cruel act….
    I can only see ignorance in them….
    There is always two ways in everything..
    One is Good and one is Bad…
    One is white and One is black…
    These are the black path…
    I have never heard any saints who reach God by this way…
    Its spirits la…not God..
    Only spirits will love blood
    and it will give what u want but…
    its very hard to let go once u go into this world of sacrifice
    coz the spirits will haunt u forever….
    too bad…
    the plp believe that it is Kali…
    Gosh…Pity KALI…
    these plp are hard to change coz their belief is too much…
    but one day they will get disturbed by the spirits if they stop giving blood….
    They will die in accidents and suffer a lot during their last breath..
    this is true….

    Most saints are goin in the white path….
    wher they turn God’s attention tru personal pooja, Keertans, seva, tharma…and so on…

    I tell you something….plp sacrifice goat / chicken….
    to fulfill their own desires.
    Yes,..it will make the spirits happy …
    But they dunno that its a sin to sacrifice another life for their own desires…
    Will they ever sacrifice their own baby ??//….
    just bcoz the goat coulnt fight back…
    they are using it….
    Damn…ATHU kodi PAAVAM ..
    U plp dt get influenced by all this…
    read more a bout gurus/ saints/…..
    they know more….
    this is a a good topic to discuss….
    kali yuga is ending….he..he…..

    God Seeker.

  • kavietha.s

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    hie again…
    im a bit interested to answer ms.renu…
    she ask how the plp who got trans in temple when it is spirits which enter the body?..
    well,.first of all,..
    there are 2 types of spirits ..
    1 is tuya aavi and one is teeya aavi…
    this tuya aavi are good spirits wher they can come near God..
    as spirits are oso under God ‘s commandments..
    they choose to come into temples tru getting into plp’s body and gain public attention..
    well…u know what??
    they will choose the plp they wanna turun..
    first of all,.they plp who get trans are commonly dirty plp,.not pure by heart,
    have so much negative energy either by doing, saying or thinking ill..
    they are the ones who get trans.
    they will act like nobodys biz and do whatever they wan…
    once they get,,,than they always get..
    now u know y plp get trans…??


  • kavietha.s

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  • Renu

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    Thanks miss. kavietha…Happy to hear that ur having sumone to guide about all This..But i still blure with your explanations? Y do the souls needs attention? one of ma best fren.. she will get trans whnever she hears bakti songs in temple? y so… as i know she is not the same as u mentioned above. Can i know more about ur guruji? Lets say if i wanna meet him… whr i can meet him?….:)

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    @gowri sangkari : Agreed. Your whole point of one supreme God is what I practise as well. Cheers gowri

    @kannan : Adethe varesem superman/batman kavadi bro..:D

    @inba : Suggestions to thirutheran, remove this temple kamnatis and put them in jail for violence towards animals.

    @-coolvaneegurl- : Yea ke, I did not realize also I used too many of them. Sorry vanee. Just a bit too emotion when I wrote the post I guess.

    @Arjunan: “last time…smoking makes them look cool…
    now so called being possessed by GOD also makes them look cool…”

    Hahaha..well said bro…very well said…

    @Tamil Celvan : Cheers brother..

    @Vivek : That’s what I’m pressing on bro .We do not even have to believe in God to say what’s being practiced above is bullshit.

    @viji : Long good comment about a long post I’ve written. Next time put burning charcoal into her mouth la bro.

    @Renu : Your questions demands extremely long explanation thus I would dedicate a post to write about this dear. So, it’s coming soon.Please be patient.:D

    @Theeyes05 : Because of one temple kamnati la bro..

    @Arasi : Agreed Arasi. Well constructed points.

    @Mga: Aha, nandri menaga nandri…unggel athereveke nandri..heheh

    @S. Lee Veles : They’re reading but making like dont know expect for one kamnati bro..

    @Makkez : thanks bro. If they calling for interview still, lets go bro, I’m all ready for it.

    @kavietha.s : I’ve answered you in another post.

  • apple

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    I’ve witnessed the above mentioned ritual which is drinking goats blood with own eyes. i was very young that time. It was a traumatic experience for me while the adults were fascinated with the lady’s so called supernatural power.
    my point here is…is a creator (god) of the living things will ask for such crappy sacrifice????
    when do ppl will realize this matter?

    ps: that lady drank about 12 goats blood..worst then blood sucking vampires.

  • varsha

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    yes….God never ask them to do all these…
    I rmmbr my grandma used to bring me to sum small temples when I was in Msia n they will have this ‘sami parkeran session’….not one place bt many places…n I was a kid n they confused me wif so many things like I am going to elope, etc…
    My god..I was reli frustrated…coz I know about myself very very well…but ya now I don’t have to go anywhere..
    Since that time I got fed up wif al these things…
    I just trust God will protect us in sum way but not 24hours…

  • mr.black

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    good post bro keep up the good work for sake of our community.i think u should write about nambikai and modanambikai.the MV story is almost the same what i heard the only diff is in my version he was village chief who take care village so good and bravely until people thought he was send by god to answer their prayer.i got a story about cutting goat in temple told to me by my granpa,if u ask a rich man to cut goat to feed the poor he wont do,but if u tell the guy to cut the goat in the name of god(so he will be blessed and become more richer)he will,in the end poor people will get the food.

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    p/s: WTH BROTHER???? *Raasathi Merajuk*

  • matheson

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    gud topic but wont find solution one…Lord Sivan come down and tell also,this kind of ppl wont think or change….anyway…..the MV story totally true,i heard b4….the most unaccepteable thing is kalima will enter human bodies ah??? NO…simple reason,why sivan is under Her??? Bcoz she is god who believed to have high energy and hot…if she touch the ground,it will bring bad things to us,tats wat the meaning of Sivan under Her,SO HOW THE HACK SHE WILL ENTER A NORMAL HUMAN BEING BODY????????i cant find the answer la….some culture in our ind life is created in middle oni, just for sake of to be great…..
    jo…do finish up the post la bro….feel like wanna read more….ur post hanging..hehehe…tc.

  • Jasmine

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    You are Rite!lord is so powerful & will never ask all this …

  • Asshole

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    looks like some pariah lady high on drugs.

  • proudly hindu

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    Hey fellow seekers.

    I am a Hindu living in South Africa and there is extreme similarity between what’s going on in your end of the world. Our understanding of Madhuraiveeran is slightly different and goes as follows:

    Madhurai veeran is the Guardian (kaaval dheivam) of Maariamman and he was actually the son of King Kaasirajan who apparently lived in the seventeenth century. The King ardently prayed to Lord Shiva to bless him with a son to inherit the throne and it is believed that Lord Shiva formed an expansion and was born as the King’s son. However, the Brahmans deceived the King into believing that according to the child’s horoscope, should he live, then the entire kingdom would fall to ruins. The reason for the Brahmans doing this was because according to Madhuraiveeran’s horoscope, he would have ended the rein of the Brahmans and put an end to their influence over the King. The King reluctantly ordered his son to be abandoned in the forest where a cobbler family found the prince and adopted him.

    The prince grew up to be a very strong and brave warrior and after many tribulations and courageous deeds; was employed as a gatekeeper by King Chokalingam who later ordered him to go to Madhurai to vanquish a group of bandits. After he vanquished the bandits, the Prince became known as Madhurai veeran which means “Hero of Madhurai”. A huge feast was held in honor of Madhurai veeran and he fell in love with Velliyamaal, who was one of the dancing maidens. Disguised as a bandit, Madhurai veeran tried kidnapping Velliamaal and was ambushed and killed by the Kings army.

    When the King realized that it was Madhurai veeran he regretted his actions and takes him to the Meenachi temple and asks the Goddess to restore Madhurai veeran. The Divine Mother granted his wish and restored Madhurai veeran. However, Madhurai veeran was of the opinion that if it was his fate to die then he should not have been revived. He beheaded himself outside the Goddess’s temple. She was moved by the devotion and will power of Madhurai veeran and bestowed immortality and divinity to him by pronouncing him as the guardian to her temple.

    There has been a long-standing debate regarding vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings to Madhurai veeran. You would recall that I mentioned that Madhuraiveeran was born as a prince but was later adopted into a cobbler family. As a prince, he would have followed a Vedic lifestyle and not indulged in non vegetarian meals. However, when he was adopted into the cobbler family, he would have followed their lifestyle and indulged in non-vegetarian meals. Therefore one may offer vegetarian or non vegetarian offerings to him as both consist of types of food that would have sustained him during his life.

    In general, the blog is extremely interesting but I have to disagree with the attitudes adopted by some of the bloggers. I echo the sentiments passed by obi wan kenobi in that people need to show more respect to other’s beliefs. I have been researching various aspects of the traditional hindu graama dheivangal and it’s indeed a very complex and confounding task. Bear in mind, that Hinduism is thousands of years old. The mindset of people centuries back is quite different to what it is now and hinduism has evolved through time due to the various “Avatars and saints/sages”.

    With regards to the “trance” issue, I have personal experience with this. Kavietha’s explanation about spirits taking control of your body is partly true. However, the tuya aavi is in contact with the higher beings, allowing you to relate to God through one of the deities (Kali, Muruga, etc). It does not mean that Kali in all Her greatness has entered the body of the person. Furthermore, the whole reason for fasting etc is to cleanse the body and mind to facilitate this. Furthermore, there are different levels of a trance, which basically allows oneself to move to varying degrees of plane of higher consciousness. I have had experiences with trances that were life changing for me. They were genuine trances that were powerful and able to tell me things about my life that nobody else knew. However, I also had experiences with trances that were fake, were humans try and satisfy their need for attention and respect and claim to be in a trance when they are not. The devotees who get really get trance frown upon this and the real trances will often show that the others are faking it. I have also had experiences with people who get possessed by the theeya aavi. These are truly evil people who take pleasure in ruining other peoples lives. Its like black magic. A guy in my area has a temple and claims to get possessed by Dee Baba. However, he is one who has powers of Maiyee (Not Mayi as in Magamayi – Amman) but as in he does weird vudu stuff. Currently there is a spiritual battle raging in my area where this guy is causing evil and the genuine trance lady I spoke about earlier is trying to eradicate it. Its really sick that people abuse powers and are trying to be the 21st century Rakthabeeja / Mahishasura / Hiranikasippu!!!

    One may ask how I have come to the conclusion that the lady I speak about has truly divine powers… 1) She does not put a fee to helping people afflicted with evil 2) She does not demand blood sacrifice even though she gets sudakaadu kali trance 3) Yes it gets a bit intense when she screams and dances with the veerajaati and soolam etc but you feel a peaceful, divine presence nonetheless

    I am not proclaiming that all trances are real but I do believe in all that I have said as my understanding of it makes logic and sense to me. I aint forcing it upon anyone else but I hope that with meditation and prayer that I one day will be able to get into a fully powered trance to see if it is real or not for myself.

    • The Lost Culture

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      I salute your comment proudly hindu…

      Bro Durai’s concept of MV living in ppl’s heart for his bravery is true… How he still lives in ppl’s heart although his existance was uncounted years back, n how he can be known throughout the whole world now is from the same way u mentioned bro Durai… I won’t deny tat.. But the story of Him contradicts…

      I dunno how the story i heard was similar to the story explained by our brother from South Africa here(i’m not related in any way)… but true enuff all our sources are different… For it to be true or not is when u believe in it or don’t…

      Being honest, you can’t debate about trance and come up with a conclusion… But opinions, yes u can have plenty… I once dun believe when ppl get trance, I tot it was a severe state of excitement that makes ur mind to act like the 1 u adore the most… I tot no way God is gonna come into ur body coz we carry so much of sins that we can neva wash away… But when i experienced it in the least expected scenario, its not like wat i tot… n trust me, its not ‘sum’ spirit tat gets in ur body in all the trance… (i wont deny there are a lot of fakes for attention out there)

      Thinking bout it, if we can explain everything that is happening around us, we can already be God… There are sum things tat can neva b explained, that is y we have God…

      I do have sumthin tat i cud share, but its quite lengthy for me to post here. I dun mind being ambushed by ur fans bro Durai =P….

      Anyway, opinions r like as*hol*s, everybody has 1… This was mine, n i respect urs bro Durai…


  • kishan

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    Hi, Goodday

    I Think i would definately agree with this writter. All above are basicly true facts on what is happening to our most beloved and respected hindhuism. Hindhuism is first religion in the world .and never ever in my quest for my spiritual knowledge that i came by a info that god would be in trance on a Human Body.God is a supreme being which can be only attain by high devotional consetration, meditation, peace ,love and respect.Not by becaming vege’s!!..If U ask me all the bastards whom are commiting this kind of acts should be showered in boiling oils.. And First of all there is only 1 thing have always bothered me , lets that i wooved to carry kavadi or milk pots for lot murugan , Why the HELL I M CALLING UPON AYYA OR AMMA TO CARRY THE KAVADI ..Hindhus Wake uP!!!

  • balan

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    indians should aware of this……

  • Nirosha

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    hi….ok can u explain clearly actually wat is the prupose of getting trance?? mainly in our indian cultures, they get into trance and starting to counselling the others…..wat do u think bout this?

  • Masthan

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    This page more like “ajaran sesat”…;)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    OMG SOOOOOOOOOOO TRUEEEE!!!!! i knew these long time ago.Our ppl r so damn ignorant wit freakin STUPID believes…im sick whn thy totally changes the beauty of hinduism in a total diffrnt way wich sumtimes makes me wonder..n sum ppl reallly do believe tat human get possessed by God..i dont know whether to laugh or feel sorry for them… wateva uve said is 100% true!

  • savin

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    who is god?have anyone see god? does god hve forms?if there is god,where and wat the god is doing?,,i hope someone can give a very logic answer and not saying god is can b achieved by meditation or doing good,being good or etc,i believe in god,,,but i m confuse whether is there really god is really exist or god created by human beings,,,,need a valid answer to clear most of people outside here,,,,,,,thank u

  • thanasegaran

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    thats is really a nice one….of course god is pure and wont enter other people’s body..infect god has no roobam….. but “souls” are immortal and they can enter the body……. all the statues we are looking and praying is angels NOT god…… our life time is not enough to guess what is happening in the world……its all on what we believe …. .so this is how i feel ! and i feel u never tel the full story of madurai veeran fully !

  • Indian Classic

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    Dear blogger… can you proof all ur facts… not by speculations or article’s from books.. as books doesnt come from the almighty himself it might have come from a writer just like you who think he have discovered and understood hinduism.. can you proof it with hard evedience’s wateva u say could be or could not be true.. its how u believe it… it really good that you believe all this rituals are full of shit… but its wrong that you want all to believe that what you believe is true.. it every individuals choice… if i dont like it i prefer staying away from all this nonsence i wont be forcing this info into other who might believe all this and condemn them… we got no right to condemn other’s believe…

  • Baba

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    Indians will always be Indians. Yes many of these trances are utter bullshits but even science is beginning to proof that many others could be genuine (an Indian in Malaysia would definitely not read these findings).

    Indians in Malaysia are more into alcohol, drugs, girls and others thats why they don’t have sufficient time allocated to read science’s findings on trance rituals. Many cultures have trances and science is beginning to shed some light on this.

    The writer is just aiming to be the next MV, he wants attention to his words just like how politicians want people to listen to them.

    Research first before even typing; I don’t entirely believe in this but I feel there is some truth in trance.

    So, Mr. Durai, don’t show others your real PARIYAH self, instead do some Internet research and pen down something useful even though it might not be your fucking beliefs.

  • Baba

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    It is good if Indians maintain to be this way i.e. ignorant

    Otherwise, how will other races be able to acheive better success in life? Since Indians are more interested in fighting with each other, then it is always an oppurtunity for other races to come up and leave the Indians behind.

    Follow the old saying : Put 2 Indians together and they will definitely fight

  • gobugovin

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  • gobugovin

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  • Sean Rai

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    Well said bro! There is one way of proving his claim. There is a Temple and devotee that lives in Calgary, Ab CANADA. Overseas in Fiji Island in his younger years he was a great pujari. But coming to Canada in the mid 70’s when getting married, and having 2 kids. Everyone respected him. But lust and greed- * Read Durga Chalisa * got to this man. He lusted for his wife’s sister. he slept with her and still fuckking that whore and having a kid about 18 years ago. Now This man, when i was a kid drank Alcohol and beat all the young kids. Being drank he would say he was MV! yes MV! being a young child and having respect for leaders, demigods and gods and goddess, and NEVER experiences such violence for years.from age 10 to age 19 years old is what i had experienced. Slapping, kicking, spitting, riping my clothes. Mental abuse, emotional abuse, etc etc. and this man said he is MV. – and this was not done is secert, he used to do this in front of my whole family in front of his temple in front of theses murtis that i used to pray to. Cousins, uncles, aunts, etc.
    More cousins are abused, but not only me My aunt my Kaki got molested by him. NOW! you say that this is not prove. I have a list of things i could share. I hope if there is a true Mother like Kali amma that she will hear my prays! God bless you bro for posting this blog and showing the truth about this selfish practices! JAI KALI MA

  • the truth

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    wht ever guys no one ever can find it out our religion and also hinduism history….but the truth is out there…pls wake up ppl wake up frm ur imagination….let ppl in this univers to know the true of our hiduism …..take care bye be honest and good mankind…om shivaye namahe…

  • khanchie

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    so true!!its good tht u decided 2 write abt it..even alot of youngsters r fascinated n are getting carried away with these rituals in fact..they think its cool as theyre ‘obtaining superpowers’ frm god n stuff..i even hv a few friends of mine who actually practice all this n its really scary…n im nt able to give a concrete answer whn other non-hindu friends of mine question me about this issue..tarnishes our hinduism..hopefully thgs change in future..

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    ‘tabik spring’ to bro durai and all the ppl who have commented on this issue…it is indeed a mind provoking matter with different people giving different opinion. ask an atheist about god and he’ll go all scientific and logic. ask a normal god-fearing man, he’ll say god is about spiritualism and would go on elaborating based on his belief. it is all about our perception of what god is and how we choose to portray it. speaking of the ‘trance’, i remember watching nat geo and another programme(which i can’t remember the name) bringing up the issue. they went on explaining the state of being possessed by supernatural being scientifically and they concluded that our brain and not unseen entities is the cause of such state. (those nat geo, naked science etc freaks would have probably watched it) more like subconscious memory powerrr…. uh? ennathe…sammiyar thadi le fire ah?? (lame joke :D
    even criminal behaviours could be explained scientifically (don’t want to start on this as people might say; here comes another smart ass)but do try google (monoamine oxidase a) perhaps @ dr. menaga could verify this :)
    again bro, this article is an eye opener…and i’m a hindu btw
    keep writing!

  • Kasvini

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    Well.. I suppose everyone has his own beliefs. Funny thing is, someone I know that had been vegetarian for over 20 years simply could not get into any kinda of trance during the festival. It’s the mind I think. The Lord has created different paths in life for our different kinds of minds to form.

  • TR

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    Your ignorance can be seen when you said god is good and all about the yang but dear five year old, God is both good and bad. He destroys, creates and preseves the creations and who are you to judge god can do this and not that, If you believe them than go for it, God being a supreme power can stop those fellas if he thinks we are going too much.

  • Priya

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    awesome I’m actually looking forward to read on this article on trance. Please do it when you can =D

  • alan

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    bravo..good information..

  • kumar raju

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    B4 we try writing about what GOD which GOD or even about MV where u only mentioned a very small part of MV but with alot of ????? unanswered. Let us just forget about MV. Lets talk about Hinduism.
    First and foremost Hinduism is not a religion , it is only a dharma ., an eternal way to be performed on regular basis ,
    nowhere in bhagavatgita (or any holy lit) Hinduism was mentioned as a religion

    Sanathana dharma
    Sanatana means that which cannot be destroyed by fire, water, air, weapons and is present in all living and non living being. The nearest apt English word for Sanatana is ‘Eternal.’ And dharma is duty, responsibility of an individual or code of life or law. so, Sanathana Dharma means the ‘Eternal Law.

    Sanathana dharma is based on four fold goal

    Dharma following dharma, the natural law ,
    Artha., money earned in a right way
    Kaama desire in the right way /approved way
    Moksha unperturbed joy and peace

    The concept and practice of social justices is very much important part of Sanatana Dharma

    Sanatana Dharma is by its very essence a term that is devoid of sectarian leanings or ideological divisions. This is evident by the very term itself. The two words, “Sanatana Dharma”, come from the ancient Sanskrit language. “Sanatana” is a Sanskrit word that denotes that which which is Anadi (beginningless), Anantha (endless) and does not cease to be, that which is eternal and everlasting. With its rich connotations, Dharma is not translatable to any other language. Dharma is from dhri, meaning to hold together, to sustain. Its approximate meaning is “Natural Law,” or those principles of reality which are inherent in the very nature and design of the universe. Thus the term Sanatana Dharma can be roughly translated to mean “the natural, ancient and eternal way.”

    The Sanatana Dharma through its Veda and Vedic literature empower us to aspire, seek and achieve the highest level of knowledge. It provides not only the vision and mission but also the structured approach through its various paths.
    So where r u going wrong don’t u think u have to educate the people by showing the right way from the beginning.Hinduism as it is called in fact has no founder n very importantly is not a religion but a way of life.
    The is no one to b blamed but yourself for being blind n leading the others as your story regarding MV please do a little more research u will get the right answer and u will know the truth.

    good job but needs more work and every time u type the f… word u life is shortened by milliseconds don’t u think u have wasted ur precious time……!!!!!
    keep u the good work

  • kumar raju

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    sorry just to add the real name of the so called “Hinduism” as we all know is
    called Santhana Dharma.
    thanks regards


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    y only drinking blood, smoke n drink stout make them god? since they r god..they should know some ppl doubting them wat..y dont they try different way to convince us…cut their limbs n connect it back / cut off their tongue and speak thooye tamil / or simply whack themself wif saatai til flesh thorn n por the stout on the wounds…????

  • denver

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    The fag that wrote this, is honestly no god worshiper, he is trying to brain wash u guys that think he makes sense, he knws shit all, he is the devil !

    And all I can say is ! He can try but cannot winn

    Jai Bhadra Kali !
    Jai Bhadra Kali !
    Jai Bhadra Kali !

  • pravin

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    one good writing bro….i have always think bout these logics as how some machans who drinks smoke and gangsters can be possesed by God…and only this people are able to get that and not other who are really serve d God….well ur writing has enlightened me and answered my queries….and as u told i will b waiting for ur next wrting on this topic coz i have this interest to know more bout the REAL HINDUISM and probably will do some research to find n know how was its existence and origin…if u have some details on it pls do share as i feel many of our people dun really know bout our religion well…and i guess for this era of IT..this is d best platform to sent some message n educate our ppl…God Bless…

  • madam

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    everyone is entitled to have own opinion but you don”t have to degrade people who go on trance.there are certain elements in hinduism that believes in trance.Using vulgarity to highlight improper practice in Hinduism will only lead to more damage. True Hindu has respect for everyone.

  • vikneshwary

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    Waiting for the sequel..

  • Sarojeni..

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    i just want to high ligh Hinduism is great and also a first Region ,then only came all others ,the problem we be cheated by this people call Brahmin,their put us into Idol worship,and thats where we lost ,and go into so many idol worship,like kali and other idol’s God is within us not doing idol worship we cant reach God ,only we can reach certain level of space not God u can see ,this idol also got power their also light form but our Hindus make into idol from’s believing their are Gods ,their has power of evil that leads us to wrong part ,everything in this call world has its own power and also got its own ways to to lead us to Karma also ,.we dont the true in these light,s of form when we also has the light within us that got power to see God ,so i am only Infoming all there has lost their ways to come into the light ,i now now the true of God,LIGHTS IN ourself ..Pls read about SAINT RAMALIGAM,HIS BOOK you WILL know the true part to God ,he give a lot of inform of God and how to reach God within your self , OR TYPE AGAVAL ,IN VALLALAR,RAMLINGAM BOOK OF LIGHT ,EVEN AGAVAL WE HAS MANY ,LIKE VINGAYAR,ONLY SEE [ ARUTPERUMJOTHI [ AGAVAL.]. DONT WASTE TIME ANY MORE LOOK INTO IT THEN YOU WILL KNOW the really true … THANKS…


    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I GOT ONLY 1 WORD……….RESPECT!!!!!!!!!

  • thinakaran

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    haha speechless im a hardcore devotee to mv..i have his statue in my house also..yes i agree some ppl do fake stuff on thaipusam all..evry year i take kavedi piercing 108 hook behind me n i dont feel any pain..i dare u guys do those things and talk cock guys…seriosly..x talk bad about other pplz believes..maybe its not true o maybe it is..but just follow what your parents teaches u from small..i do believe in him n always i can feel his presence beside me..im sorry for my bad words..#ayyan thunnai..!!

  • dave

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    Oruthan yethavathu sollitaal yellorum jaldra adipengge…. yivvalavu naala neengge yellaam soru saapidamal yethai thinneengge ? Yippo thaan soru saapiduringgala… asinggam da ungge buththi.. sonthama ysichi yirunthaal paarati yiruppen… jaldra thaane

  • dave

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    Ha ha…..last month dat idiot went to thevalogham n had a table talk with hindu gods…

  • dave

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    Tamilan thaan da thamilanai mattam thattuvaan…

  • dave

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    Try to eat rice frm today….. arivu varutha nu paapom

  • Vijay antony

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    Power bro

  • Jas

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    I cannot believe how many tamil hindus are supporting this article. The author is speaking bad about our Gods, and you think it is okay??


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