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Trance. The first thing that usually comes to your mind when I said the previous word might be Thaipusam. We’ve seen thousands of people getting in trance and dancing their way to show their love for Lord Muruga. Or some of them were doing so to attract some Meenachis that comes to temple just for the reason of showing off.

I’ve talked in great length about this topic previously but of course, it will never be enough. There a lot more question remaining to be answered and my disclaimer, as usual, is simple. I’m talking this from my point of view and I can’t help it if it contradicts with yours. Have your own understanding regarding this issue.

I’ve explained to you, that only spirits possess a person in this world. That might sound logic if you’re person who believes supernatural thing. I do.

There are few types of people who come for an exceptional festival like Thaipusam. There are people who come there to cheat, there are some who are possessed by spirit but say they’re God, while they rest do it in the pure love for God and good faith.

There are however few things that needs some extra explanation.

Now, let’s go the question.

1. When someone gets in trance, how come another person (which might be a priest or a normal person) ward it off by simply putting vibuthi(holy ash) in their forehead?

Wrong concept. It is because we’re only in Thaipusam that we see that holy ash is being put to calm them down or to ward off the spirit (God). This proves that the person who is in trance is possessed by spirits, not God. How can a normal person overcome the power of ‘God’ and ask Him to ‘chiow’? Can ah like that?

Vibuthi (holy ash) is used to ward off evil (one of its usefulness). Being that, if a person who is possessed by ‘God’ gets pressed with vibuthi(holy ash) in his forehead, and the person gets normal after that, no more in trance, that means it was indeed evil in his body, sounds logic? If not, read the previous sentence over and over till you get the point.

Anything that shows a greater power than that ‘being’ will simply get chased off. Which can translate to be that anything that we show to this spirits in the name of God, or if the person who is doing the exorcism has a greater faith in God, he might succeed in the exorcism.

Which can also be concluded as a person who has more ‘power’ will overcome the weaker ‘powered’ person. More ‘power’ can be concluded as faith in God, and less powered might be ‘spirits’.

That is why I can put forward another argument that God is one. That’s what I believe. We might have different version in different religion, but ultimately, exorcism or getting the evil spirits out is done and succeeds in all the religion. The Father of the churches can conduct exorcism, the Ayers from the temple can do it, and Tok Bomoh can also do it. How come different religion but same outcome? Ponder upon it. God is one. We the humans are creating a version for each of us to suit our needs.

2. How come the evil spirits enter the holy temple like Batu Caves?

Spirits, like most of us are normal too.

Human can be seen, while spirit can’t be seen. Normal human being can only see human, while spirits can see both.

How come evil spirits enter the holy temple? Why not?

Do you really think every other person that comes to Batu Caves or temples are saints? I can bet you most of them have a evil heart too. They might be far worst than the spirits. They might be a rapist, a murderer or even a child molester. Yet he might be coming to temple. If even they can come to temple, why not the spirits?

Temple is home for everyone and anyone. So are mosques and churches or any other places of worship. Let it be the dead, or let it be the alive one, a place of where God resides is a place where everyone is allowed in, good or evil.

And the spirits do not get in to any persons body, some of this fools are inviting them inside their body. Whose fault?

3. They’re also people who are in trance who are calm. What about them?

My grandfather was a calm man too. He smokes and drinks. He died few years back. If he were to possess you in Thaipusam, how would you be? Did I answer the question?

See, I’m not knowledgeable enough on this topic yet I’m able to elaborate about this. Why? All you need is a brain that can think rationally. If you have any opinion of yours regarding this, feel free to talk.

An excellent related topic by Brother Kavilan : A  Simple Insight on Hinduism

I was looking at my page hits and I noticed how many hits(page views) for the topic What’s God and What’s Not? . And then I checked out the hits for My Last Moments. And the latter scored double the hits than the previous topic. Clearly shows that people are more interested to see a topic which shows that I’m dead rather than talking about God. *Grin

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    its all bout tha hook up!

  • Renu

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    Pa.. u have answered my questions…:) Nice and logic explanations.So evil can enter our houses even if we prayed hard… So there god wont protect us..Is that true? U make me worried sumore la..:( Yeah..The Topic ‘My last moments’ sure will attaract people more. hehehehhe

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    I might be wrong but trance-like state is actually a higher conscious state of the mind. When you’re doing something, lets say driving or watching TV especially, your mind is at a sub-consciousness level – meaning you’re not aware of what you’re doing. In other words, you don’t go “Ok now I have reached a red light, now I have to stop, so I have to hit the brakes, then the handbrake”. etc etc

    A higher conscious mind means you’re totally aware of your actions and surroundings. This could only be reached through meditation, or in other words intense focus on a single thought.

    During Thaipusam, devotees get trance-like state because they focus intensely on something – be it God, mantra etc.

    As for the whole vibuthi thing, vibuthi is applied at the spot on the forehead usually called the Third Eye or Sivan’s Eye. There is a name for it in Tamil but I can’t remember. I am not exactly sure why vibuthi is applied at that spot, I guess there must be some relation to it.

    From Wiki:
    “In Hinduism and Buddhism, the third eye is a symbol of enlightenment (see moksha and nirvana).

    Many Hindus wear a tilak between the eyebrows to represent the third eye.”

    So yea not sure where the spirit part kicks in though! :p

    P/S: I do believe in spirits, just not in this context.

  • Tic Tac

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    I agree with bro durai that god is one. Yet i find it shallow when other religion say that there is only their God in the universe and condems any other faith and religion. Lets say you are in Kuala Lumpur and your destination is to Kuala Kangsar. there are many routes from K.L to Kuala Kangsar you can travel in whichever route you feel comfortable driving because in the end you will reach Kuala Kangsar one way or another. Same goes to us and religion.Our destination is to reach God and it really doesnt matter which route(religion) we take because in the end we will reach the same destination one way or another…

  • ecko

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    Nice post. but i do miss ur old style of posts. The indian community in friendster/facebook , indian girls koyak case , indian dudes…etc etc…guess rode out all the hits from those donkeys ay…haha…keep up d gud work durai

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    Absolutely true. God is one. THE ONE. Your explanation of trance simple and absolutely true.


    “If not, read the previous sentence over and over till you get the point.”

    Class la this line…hahahaha….saavadi..

    -vanie likes this- =D

  • Geetha

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    Congrats !!! Another great post. I totally agree with your views on trance and GOD. However, what sactyr wrote makes sense as well. I would like to read your comments on that. Keep up the good work…

    p/s: Clearly shows that people are more interested to see a topic which shows that I’m dead rather than talking about God. *Grin…..LOL…I laughed so loud, my lab mates are looking at me….

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    well said. good job bro..keep it up.

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    How can a normal person overcome the power of ‘God’ and ask Him to ‘chiow’? Can ah like that? <— super line lah Durai.Wakakakaka..I had the same thought on this ‘thing’ before..Anyway, a good one :)

  • mr.black

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    i do agree with ur post the best part is “How can a normal person overcome the power of ‘God’ and ask Him to ‘chiow’?”.

  • inba

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    true bro..im more interested in readin bout your death than about God..
    n i prefers kavilans bloggin bout superheroes than him writin bout Hindusim..

    god is great

    p.s. just started patanjalis yoga sutras.. will see if i manage to understand even bits of it..

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    @rujjcoomarh : Bro, Kalyani beer marentheratingge bro..hehehe

    @Renu : Evil will enter our house? I think I’ve answered that my dear:D

    @sactyr: Brother, I’m locked on what to reply. Your explanation sounds logical, and I agree with it. But then again, it’s not bad having difference in opinions, whereby we are both agreeing on things that it cannot be God that enters into humans .

    Cheers bro, I’ve not seen you for a long time.:D

    @Tic tac : What a superb simple explanation in layman term. Thank you tictac.

    @ecko: Lol. I’m still riding on them bro, it’s just Friendster is dead nowdays. I will definitely harp on it when time comes .Cheers brother.

    @Geetha: Thanks Geetha. About Bro Sactyr comment, I would just go for it as another explanation.It’s not bad having few views on things when ultimately the goal is achieved. I’m glad that made your day though, cheers girl.

    @triple s : Thanks bro.

    @Nithz: thanks Nithz :D. I’m sure not only you, many others would have wondered the same thing too.

    @mr black: Of course brother, that’s logic.

    @inba : Ena bro ipedi sollithingge…rombe sad ah pochi bro..hahaaa..

    Update us on that “patanjalis yoga sutras”. Interested.

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    Well, I have even thought about the same thing bro. How the heck all the priests, iyers, and tok datuks could simply wipe away those spirits just by wiping some ashes or chanting some prayers of their own. Kinda weird but in the end, it works regardless of the religion.

    Even in some movies, they would show that spirits can’t enter those churches or even temples but how do they know actually?

    Spirits are good entities, just that we are being the evil ones by dragging them from nowhere.

  • mahotama

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    Well the only thing that I learn that same kind of energy attract the same conclude that the tendency of evil spirit come to our houses will decrease by building good faith etc. The evils won’t feel comfortable. Except there are the strong willed one :)


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