Give Up.Not

I’m away for a vacation in Indonesia and this post is set to auto-publish. Watch this clip, absolutely worth it. Till then, see you when I see you.

Figure It Out

This post is not written to offend any of you, pictures in this post is taken randomly and displayed here in relation with the context of the post. The topic is discussed in a matter of general opinion, and is based on what most people do. It does not specify or target a certain group […]

Cerita Hantu

It’s been a while since I’m talked about ghost and spirits. I have few stories pending to be posted, please give me some time. Meanwhile I got hold of the below story which was nevertheless, creepy. The person who wrote the story must be obviously scared to death while writing his experience. I can’t imagine […]

Man U

Tuesday July 21, 2009 Woman stabs hubby for coming home late Other News & Views A WIFE stabbed her husband in a rage after he came home late from the friendly match between Manchester United and the Malaysian team on Saturday, reported Harian Metro. The husband had initially promised his wife to be home by […]

Good Guys/Bad Guys

It is without doubt that most of the girls in this world possess similar characteristics. Well, the same goes for guys. Growing up in different culture or religion even places would alter how a girl becomes when she grows up. If she grows up to be a good obedient woman, then it might be related […]

Tamil School Charity

There will be two version of this story: One written by me and the other by Brother Makkez. We chose to write two versions to reflect from our own perspective what happened there. Thank you. I know most of you are waiting anxiously about what had happened to your money. I can’t wait to tell […]


Let’s take a break. This was sent in by one of our readers: Mr. Punithan. Indeed funny. Below is the ‘kolam’ done by Indian girls. And the following is the ‘kolam ‘ done by Indian guys :


Once too many times I’ve been asked the same question. Screwing girls every now and then, people tend to ask me the same question, just what type of girl would actually suit you? What might be your ideal girl Durai? Contrary to what people believe, I’m not, someone, I repeat, I’m not someone who would […]