Once too many times I’ve been asked the same question. Screwing girls every now and then, people tend to ask me the same question, just what type of girl would actually suit you? What might be your ideal girl Durai?

Contrary to what people believe, I’m not, someone, I repeat, I’m not someone who would treat a girl like a slave and expect her to listen to every word that I say. The thing that is very ironic is everyone who knows me, especially the girls, starts in Facebook like this:

I would put out a scenario:

Let’s say Durai goes with a liner:

Hello girl, how you doing?

And the girl replies:

I’m good, how about you?

And Durai replies:

I’m good too. So you’re studying or working?

And the girl replies 2 days later:

Sorry bro late reply. Anyway, I’ve read your blog. So nice la bro. What you wrote is there is so true.

I don’t know why, but every girl that reads my blog end up calling me ‘anneh’ or brother. I wonder why. Maybe they start imagining me in the below list:

Every other girl who do not know about my blog at least flirts with me. Looks like I’ve to hide my blog name on my Facebook account.Sigh…Thangachi….

I would write about how a girl should be, for me, soon.

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