Give Up.Not

I’m away for a vacation in Indonesia and this post is set to auto-publish. Watch this clip, absolutely worth it.

Till then, see you when I see you.

What do you think?  Still giving up?

8 comments to Give Up.Not

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    My goodness. That video clip is soo touching and NO! I am not giving up just yet =D
    Enjoy your holidays…..

  • Rapunzelle

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    so durai …findin an indonesian figure ha …looks doesnt matter but make sure the chick bside u is a woman..not ghost…..hehe ..
    The clip proves tht if there is will then there is a way….something tht makes me to think bout …

  • malaysian666

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    A very meaningful watchable video clip ,deserve to watch.A time to think when we are down ,lost in life ,unable to decide what is the next step to take whether the next step taken will be our sucess or failure,from the clips shown one thing is certain we have to keep on try and try until our goal is achieved.A good one, keep up the good work.

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    oh crying & im touched…& im nt giving up 2…he is giving hope..thanks 4 de video clip…

  • MC Pavadai

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    im not gona gv up anything so easily bro.. its realy make me touched… Hope our frens will c tis n learn … anyway have a safe journey brader… Bro indonesia ? ehem ehem enna kathai? :D enjoy 2 the max bro… Dun 4get 2 capture sum photos n show us k… peace…

  • Renu

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    Pa, I’m waiting for the treat…. :)

  • Nedu

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    Durai, how come you can go holiday all the time la….Got any side business ka?

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    @-coolvaneegurl- : You should not vanee:)

    @Rapunzelle : Indonesian figure ah…nonononononnon…ehehehe

    @malaysian666 : Agreed brother..value of life is sometimes forgotten when luxury comes into place…

    @gowri sangkari : I was the same when i saw it dear..

    @MC Pavadai : Ore katheyum ile bro..chumma ore visit than..hehehe

    @ Renu : Coming soon….

    @Nedu : Takdelar bro…baru neighbour country apa..budget kurang…boleh la…ehehehe


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