Secret Admirer of Durai

I’m kind of happy lately because my reader’s base had shot up drastically for reasons I couldn’t really figure out. Of all my articles, Ipoh Fuck Girl gets the most hit. Which do not really surprise me because obviously people are searching for a girl that they can fuck in Ipoh and end up in […]

No Money, No Honey

This topic was written again with a specific target audience;mainly those adults who are working and in a relationship. Mostly it targets both a guy and a girl who is earning and in a relationship.This topic had been rediscussed touching the topic written by another blogger. Not in anyway I’m trying to condemn the article […]

Loverboy Lines

This article was written as a matter of fact of what’s happening today.  Since I had limited time to write about it, I could only ask couple of readers to provide me the ‘evidence’ that you would see  towards the end of the article. It is written not with the intention to laugh at those […]

Macam macam ada la Hinduism

Let us try to get further in depth about something that I had been recently talking about; since I feel none of my already written article would suit at the current time. Recently, there had been a number of religious related topics that had been covered here in my blog, and I have provided tons […]

Tanjung Balai

It was an unexpected trip to Indonesia and I did not pre-arrange anything in front. It came all of a sudden and we have to plan the trip in urgency because of the issue involved. Now, the issue is going to be quite ironic. See, brother Vasu has a maid at home who had left […]


It’s been quite a break from blogging world and I’ve kept myself busy with some of the important things that I always wanted to do. Nevertheless, keeping away from writing is something that I could not do. I have written quite a number of articles in between whenever I had time, so, hopefully the publishing […]