Macam macam ada la Hinduism

Let us try to get further in depth about something that I had been recently talking about; since I feel none of my already written article would suit at the current time. Recently, there had been a number of religious related topics that had been covered here in my blog, and I have provided tons of my opinion regarding this.

Some say that I should not ridicule or say something about what others believe. Well, that is exactly how I’ve believed, although not religion wise. I, for one, had also stressed previously that anyone that likes to drink or likes to smoke, should do it according to their own judgment. I’ve also always stressed that anything you do, or have done, should not have any impact on others or hurt others. As long you do not do this, then nothing is considered harm; in my opinion.

Some of you think that I should let others believe what they want to believe and mind my own business. But then, what have I done more that minding my own business rather than writing here in my own blog? But, i just feel it’s not right. I feel it’s stupid for some people to believe that rubbing pigs ass will bring you some luck and thus a temple to it. I feel it’s stupid to slit a goat’s throat and let it gasp for breath then say it’s for God. I also feel it’s stupid to believe that every tree on the street resembles Amman.

When I feel that people are doing something stupid, then I question their intelligence. See, it’s not like I’m against them for what they believe in. It’s not like people who think the above are stupid are against them. It’s more of an educating. If you think what I say is logic and practical, then you may listen. If you think that I’m a pipe fucker, then by all means gather around some sarees and go looking for some trees in your housing area to be made temple.

Can I really look around and see something and do nothing about it? Well, of course, exactly like what I’m doing now. I’m not really concentrating and taking action but rather trying to influence some people not to do the same thing.

For an example, people who are sacrificing goats and chicken in the name of Amman, what is the guarantee they’re not going to cut off anyone’s dick or slit someone’s breast even and let the blood drip? Would you be able to accept it still? Well, you should, because some of you think that we should not care about what other’s believe in. Well, fuckers, let’s say I believe that raping someone is not a sin, would you mind? I can say maybe you would not mind either, unless I rape your sister or daughter. Then would you mind on what I believe in? Exactly, if you get infuriated by my statement, then you should also agree that you can’t just keep on ignoring certain things in life and be a fucking stone.

I’ve never interfered what others believe in, if I would have, I would have been more critical about other religion. Well, they believe in another thing right? Shouldn’t I be critical about them? And with so much more thing in the religion I believe in, I might have to dedicate my entire sperms to be writing about it.

You see thousands of people getting in trance and carrying things heavily pierced in Thaipusam. The claim is that they have God inside them thus they do not feel any pain. It seems God took all the pain. They’re taking a vow to pierce them for something good that may have happened in their life, for example, maybe a new born baby after ten years of endless sex. That’s good, but the question is; why get in trance before you fulfill you vow?

Why yet again let the God take the pain? Why not you take the pain without getting in trance? You repaying God for the pain He had taken away from you, and in return you put Him back into pain? Where is the logic? Not to mention the ‘thing’ that enters their body is not even God. You expect such an extremely powerful entity to enter inside your body? Podala macha.

Then if you say that I should not question what other’s belief in, I say you can go rub the pig’s ass in Taiping. For I’m not critical on what other’s belief in, rather trying to educate within my knowledge where is the logic behind what they’re practicing.

Which religion has the most Gods in the world? Hinduism. One may say sun is God, one may say Amman is God; another might say tree is God, while another might say drink goats blood to get closer to God. That’s how beautiful Hinduism is.

Look at the word Aum. I do not really have to explain what does it means. Aum is Hinduism, but look at Islam and Christianity, the other two major religions.What do we say at the end of our Hindu prayers? Aum Shanti Shanti Shanti maybe.

While Islam says, Amin. On the other hand Christians say Amen.

Did you notice the similarity?  Look at the pronunciation of all this words. Aum, Amin, Amen.


This is the truth. God is one; we Humans are the one creating a thing for each other to suit our needs. One ultimate light is waiting for us all, and he is the one who judge how have you fared towards other beautiful living creatures He had created in this world. I know I’m not stupid trying to educate others not to promote violence in whatever method available, be it God or other occasions, but whether you’re ignorant, I leave it to your judgment.

So, the choice is yours, do you want to educate or to ignore?

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    WOW!! A great explanation…. especially the part about Aum, Amin and Amen….Greatlar….eppadila ippadi ellam??

    Two thumbs up!!

  • arasi

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    durai…sorry but though done with general good intention, the article was not so well written as some of the points contradict with each other…e.g.`anything you do, or have done, should not have any impact on others or hurt others’ well if this view is applied to some of the matters u discussed, are you saying that it hurts the pig? (i mean its feelings) when people rub their dollar notes onto its ass? …or r u trying to say that it hurts the religion..if such acts hurts the religion…being addicted to alcohol also hurts the image of Indians. When opposing comments are given, you become too defensive … you keep saying that the matters discussed are only aimed at a certain group…so you expect the others who have opinions on the matter to shut up eventhough it is something that touches on the society & we are members of the Indian and Hindu society… Well if that is your stand, you should just have a blog and limit the subjects to matters pertaining to yourself such hobby, interest & open ur comment box only to your supporters who applaud for every entry of yours..otherwise it is an insult to one’s intelligence….

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    @arasi : Well, finally you said something that made sense. I agree with you, getting addicted to alcohol does have an impact on the image of Indians. But please tell me, who are you trying to visualize as having addicted to alcohol? If it’s me, have you not stopped talking about me drinking alcohol after this many post? And addicted? ROFL.

    Are you kidding me by setting up some rules on how my blog should be run?

    Well, I may never write an article (that is so well written) because I’m human too, and to please you, God, it might take my entire life.

    There are no supporters of me over here in this blog, they’re just readers. Does that mean people who think the same are supporters? Why can’t you think they share the same opinion?

  • arasi

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    hahaha…i can’t help but to smile when i see you defending yet again….ok,ok i don’t want to `cari gaduh’ with you..we leave it as it is…but i like ur phrase `to please you, God, it might take my entire life’…you sound betul betul `kaduppu’….hahaha!

  • TrueGemini

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    hey hey durai..
    i agree with u on many counts, mate. But this is one thing whr i beg to differ.
    hmm..who are we to judge what is right or what is practical or irrational??You are brought up with a certain mindset, a certain set of rules that u follow..
    rubbing a pigs ass may bring luck to someone, who knows??its good if it works for thm. you may find it dumb, but it works for othrs.
    all i am saying is dont impose ur standards on othrs. the japanese still worship stone, sun etc. U find that dumb and irrational?
    the sliting the goat thingy~ comon..the first thing u think abt whn u see the goat is mutton curry. so at the end of the day, the product is the same, just the execution is slightly different. I love animals, more thn human beings..and if i can accept that, why cant u??if u cant stand seeing such things, thn dont watch la.
    I dont believe in all that bull as u.. BUt i respect the fact that there may be othrs who just close one eye.
    Some ppl, they feel helpless, n prolly these things help thm survive by giving thm hope. You dont think that they think its dumb?? But they do it anyhow, out of sheer desperation.So, let thm be…
    I do believe, in time, whn everyone is getting mr educated in terms of science, these things wil slowly dissappear. And one day, you will be sitting down , and explaining to ur grandkids, on how was it like those days..
    So, enjoy the ride while it lasts!!chill mate :)

  • anthony

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    Good 1 bro,after reading this i think many indians will come to their senses.

  • cylin

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    Hmm I understand that people who love this blog keep on coming back and read it, but I don’t understand why people who don’t like it keep coming back and read it as well.
    Is that somekind of addiction that makes oppositions love reading things that they are opposing?

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    A good article.In my opinion there is only one god.The stone,moon.trees and wild boar are all created beings.Threfore these are worth worshipping.

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    i agree with truegemine . totally …..

    @ cylin : yup . u got it right man hehe . im here just wo watch people fighting each other hehe.

    anyway , back to the topic . hindusim is like …. like … like very very old … very very VERY old . im 24 years old only . i dont want to comment anything about it .

    anything that could survice so long is a force that should be reckoned with ..

    educate or ignore ? ignore la bro ….

    people’s money . people’s time . their wish how they are going to pray la . i dont care how indians pray as long as they dont come into my house n pray .

    ps # if anyone of you manage to get into heaven pls vouch for me at god . although i didnt seem like it . i believed n did excatly what u did . hehe

  • Malini

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    When you exist in a world that consists of diverse cultures, religion, mindsets and people.. you learn not only to except differences but also opinions…

    But the point is..when..or where does one draw the lines of accepting..and when do we speak up.. i think thats why different people have different causes they feel strong about… thus most causes have people that stand up for them and demand some form of justice be taken.. one might feel human rights is their forte.. others the rights of equal opportunities.. others maybe animal rights.. the point being no one man can save the world..its a group effort of different people speaking up for different things… if one doesnt feel this is a matter of importance doesnt mean everyone should feel it isnt important as well.

    Obviously it hurts nobody to rub dollar notes on compromising body parts of animals… but to some of us.. it seems a little silly ( yes please..shoot me down on who am i to say its silly)… to some of us..its worth worrying..because what if this act of rubbing then moves on to something more serious in the name of luck, religion and everything else.

    I keep saying this.. in this blog (sorry durai)… that MYOB-ness is often detrimental in the long run to any society… the act of expressing doubt on some action is infact something that exists because we are suppose to be an evolved species…

    Why is it that we are asked to tolerate acts that dont make sense… but are not asked to express doubts and questions…

    The ugly truth (if you are indian ..please note)… this matters to you… because however you define yourself… the world defines you with what your ethnic group does… its unfair.. its irrational… how can they do that?… but they do… so if thats the case.. how do you MYOB..when it becomes your business to mind.


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    Hinduism is one of the oldest spiritual practice that promotes love to all GOD’s creation despite differences.It is more than similiar to the teaching of Buddism as they share the common root of existence. This is exactly what i understand and choose to understand about Hinduism. It has evolve however with add-ons of believes that tarnishes the teaching of this beautiful and love based teaching.
    I do agree with you about some foolishness of people that in the name of GOD slaughter animals and it doesn’t actually reflect Hinduism. There other many extremist in other religions as well that even slaughter ManKIND in the name of GOD. As you say, when GOD is always one (the believe that we choose to stand with)thus it is ridiculous how mankind despite of the religion or believe they have, hurt other living creatures. All religions promotes love and love only…it is the followers that manipulates things for their own benefits(extremist).

    Anbesivam….love is GOD!so it is not Hinduism that cultivate this kind of radical believes but mankind themselves. Lets choose to spread love around us. As for extremist, the only way to stop them is to IGNORE them and educate our generation with the right teaching of Hinduism etc.


  • linda amma

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    wise and interesting posts and comments.

  • Asshole

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    Religion is another bullshit invented by man. Stupid fucks.

  • Chandran

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    Hi Durai,
    Very interesting posts.
    They willing to waste lot of money and time for religion instead of education…

  • god son

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    i think u should not give this type of respond. and you should understand what is Hinduism actually what you said is not what Hinduism it is. better you go and study what is hinduism is. thanks////////////

  • panggajam

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    he.he.he nice article….. u open my eyes durai…….

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  • veenna

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    brilliant!!! I just came across your blog and am fast becoming a fan… nice work :-)

  • Roy

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    Another well return article.. Some people arguing about SK taking about Hinduism.. So those who complaint, how well you know about Hinduism?

    SK never mentioned this is what Hinduism is.. He just mentioned how some dumbfucks spoiling the name of Hinduism..

  • Ambrrish

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    There are things which beyond logic. Beyond physical level. Until we explorer it , we will be jogging around the logic mind.

  • mr.nobody

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    @Salam, you may post a thousand video about the so called ugly truth of hinduism or the real truth of islam (no offence my friends), I can come with a 1001 videos telling otherwise mate. Accept it. Religion is a guideline. No religion is perfect. You take the good thing and ignore the bad things. Come on, you are educated, as long as your action doesn’t harm any other people(as for what durai said), then you are doing fine.
    You don’t have to do good, but don’t do anything bad, that’s the very least you can do as a human my friend. I rerspect the teaching of Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, whatever religion, the basic message is the same. Religion is something beautiful mate, those who preach it making it look very ugly.

    Rather than spending your lifetime telling and explaining to people their religion leads them to a wrong path, why don’t you spend your time practising yours and share the beauty of your religion?

    My friend, if there is an end one day, imagine this

    You have a giant 100 foot wave or a huge meteor heading to earth, you might be kneeling down together facing death with a hindu, a christian, a buddhist. Then tell me if you still see there’s a point in telling which religion is right.

    • mr hakim

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      i’m agree with mr nobody..respect other mr salam..jangan kasi malu orang islam lah.sini bukan tempat nak tarbiah or berdakwah..adoiya.primitif betul

  • Priya

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    Yeap true, I believe God is one. The ones that we pray are lords, deities and people who are just..erk pure? or something.


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