Loverboy Lines

This article was written as a matter of fact of what’s happening today.  Since I had limited time to write about it, I could only ask couple of readers to provide me the ‘evidence’ that you would see  towards the end of the article. It is written not with the intention to laugh at those who are weak in English ; and it is not like I feel guilty laughing at some of these guys either because what they’re doing is sometimes wrong as well. Save your time by telling me not to humiliate others, because I do not; in fact humiliate others rather saving the rest from doing the same thing by setting a few examples.

We all know that every guy needs a girl. Perhaps that previous is more of a gender biased statement. Well, everyone needs a partner. It is an obvious fact that hardly anyone can live their life being single all along their life. Throughout their life, they would have had their fucks, be it good fucks or bad fucks.

The world is revolving in such a pace and we have advanced technologies involved in the way we communicate. That being said, trying over for a relationship ‘online’ had become more of a norm and need. People are trying to impress others using every method possible, but the thing is, it seems some of the techniques used is rather lame.

I’ve been requested to write about this by many of our female readers, who happens to be never before commented over here in my blog.It seems most of the techniques the guys had been using over the years, had been freaking lame, so claim the girls.

Well, I got to agree with the points given by them though.

It is without a doubt that many of us go around asking for a girl’s number to call. Well, I can guarantee it is not for a genuine friendship, and almost all for the same reason, for fucks. When you’ve got the number from a friend of yours, you start calling the girl, expecting to build a so-called ‘friendship’.

When your friend gives out the number of the girl, he would obviously say some things like :

“Ithe ore vandi macha, senang masuk”
“Ithe pile senang ah puntherelam”

Above for an example. You, with your high hopes of getting fucks, will try the obvious shy approach by sending sms. In which it usually ends up with “I don’t know you , stop sending me sms”. Maybe a small percentage of you succeed using that with the school girls.

The next best thing is to call her up. When you call her up, stop using fucking pathetic lines like

“Hi, how r u”

“Who are u”

“I’m Raj here, I saw you in Klang few months ago, I said your cute, you smiled back”

“How you got my number?”

“My friend gave it to me”

“Who’s your friend?”


“I don’t know anyone named Senthil, but give me ur friends number, I will ask him who is he”

“My friend is no longer here, I fought with him, he is in Singapore now. So cannot contact. Promise upon my parent’s la”

You can promise upon your parents just for that? Now that’s something ay.

Dei Machan machan sekalian, girls are so advanced nowadays that they don’t fall for this kind of tricks. But still using them to hook up a girl, I got no words. Well, the above conversation is a real conversation retold by one of our readers.  I can daringly bet that most of you girls out there had similar experience before this. Yes, it’s real and it’s happening, and it’s now a new story anyway.

Whenever a girl post up a picture on FB, there you go with the most beautiful line of yours praising every inch of her body. Man, FB is so public, well, if you know the girl closely, then it’s fine. The moment the girl post up a picture, immediately 10 guys follows, with their “Likes this”.

And then there are some lame guys, who would put up their own picture, and they would ‘like’ their own picture album. Oh, come on.

Let further extend our excitement over what we’re talking about; RagedIndian proudly presents top 4 pick up lines being used till today:

NO.1 : Look at the name : Dasyat la bangge : Proposal straight away in the first message:

NO 2 : Ini siap sekali dengan pantun and a bit of sentiment la..

NO 3 : Probably he meant till he die. But look at how he conveyed it : Lol. FYI : The girl brushed him off asking him to at least improve his English.

NO 4 : The top pick up line of all. veributiful la…adingge…Lol…

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    No.1 ‘I dear u nie sngat cantik la, awk da boyfren tak’ -> ay kalau saye ni cantik la sngat, bf i tentu banyak la =p lol

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    all da pick up lines…thr will stil be sum new 1 evy other day…but whatever isit, de word ‘dear’ must be thr…i duno y…

  • rombemukkiyam

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    durai, u r veributiful lah !!!

  • Nedu

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    Bro, excellent.haha…You even worse than the Sun Music moderators…

  • Nedu

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    Sorry..typo….the you should not be there

  • OG

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    Veributiful post bro!!


    the facebook ‘like’ thing is absolutely true bro.So,next post will be ‘lovergal lines’??

  • kugan

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    You rock big la time bro..
    I used to be a heavy blogger few years ago and was looking for an Indian blogging entity.. After having years of writers’ block.. I would say that your theme of writing really inspired me to blog again..haha

  • priya

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    hey Durai!! thnx 4 d awsome post…u def got me laughin..haha

  • M.K.

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    lol!!! lol!!! damn….do they still do that?? lol!!!! great post bro…got me laughing my heads off too…. LOL!!!!!

  • TrueGemini

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    LMAO!!hehe..nice one..used to get these kinda things..haha, have some in my inbox, ud laugh if u read it..
    lol..btw, can put girls version one??am curious to see wat we will kena :D

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    Hahaha!! Awesome post….keep it coming…

    -vanie likes this-

  • varsha

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    ROFL…this post is so true…

  • Renu

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    LOL….Nice post…. :)

  • Mga

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    Hahaha..this post just reminds me. i knew a Mat Romeo that used the same line on every gal he dated ‘you picked me up when i was down…u were the light in my life..i was so lost before i met you, angel’..that was some serious lameness. He needs a gal to ‘lift’ him up every time and using that line for a minimum of 4-5 times until you can gag. Plus there are the ones that are so called poetic, but they take tamil song lyrics, translate it into English words and call it their own creation..and putting all over their blog so that all the bimbo chicks can swoon. *sigh*
    sad to say i actually dated a jerk with these combo, my so-called jiwang-buta days. just a lesson that if there are gals who are illichavayees then these pathetic machans will keep doing the same shit. so gals, get some brains and guys, DO STOP plagiarizing, so uncool! Oh ya Durai, great post as always :)

  • Vailo van

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    cool post bro!!! agree with u 100%…especially the FB part….haha… :D

  • Asshole

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    Pathetic pickup lines. All for the pussy…

  • MC Pavadai

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    haha ayat power…. Looks rite nw gals are clever a bit… so guys have 2 improve to hook gals in new way… Bro ningge eppadi? any experience b4 this? :p

  • ApRiL

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    Hey durai..absolutely fantastic one!!!it is just reminding of me getting all the craps those days..lolz~ yea about tat Fb’s ‘like’ thing damn true,have to admit that..gosh just hate to see that same damn lame ways these guys approach to the way,keep up a good job dude!=)

  • Asshole

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    The PARAYA bitches falls for these lines.

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    i hope those guys will read this blogs n stop pasang waste usual u wrote well as i teach u durai.keep it up!:P

  • rapunzelle

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    “cantik la bro ….really kills… a nice post for good laughter…”

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    @cylin : Haha..betull betul..

    @gowri sangkari : the word ‘dear’ is the pick up line la gowri…

    @rombemukkiyam : ninggelum rombebutifull :P

    @Nedu : Precisely said bro..haa

    @ OG : Lovergal lines…I think girls are smarter..but let’s see what I can find..:)

    @ kugan : Ah, Thanks brother. You certainly motivated me as well. Good luck again.

    @priya : Well, anything that makes u laugh girl:)

    @M.K. : Enjoy brother!

    @ TrueGemini :Well, girls version. I would love to as well, let me conduct the secret mission then.

    @rujjcoomarh : engge bro..engge?

    @-coolvaneegurl- : Durai likes this too:)

    @ varsha : Well, it’s got to be varsha. Girls contributed it.

    @Renu and obi : Thanks :)

    @Mga : Well, we all learn from experience. Still it would be interesting to listen to your machans dating story lo..I’ll catch u online…hehehe

    @Vailo van : Mikke nandri bro..

    @Asshole : Got to agree

    @MC Pavadai : Lol. PAthinggela bro..eneke appeh varathe..:P

    @ ApRiL : Ah, thanks april. Thats very inspiring…:)

    @nathi : wrote as well u teach me ah? Ellam unggel asirvathem!:)

    @rapunzelle : Terima kasih..terima kasih..

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    Ingethaa bro :

    “Hi, how r u”
    “Who are u”
    ingethaa—-> “I’m Raj here, I saw you in Klang few months ago, I said your cute, you smiled back”
    “How you got my number?”
    “My friend gave it to me”

  • nith.

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    Hey! Post is 100% true. I know people who facebook everyday and add 20 people a day. Then when we’re having a conversation at school or something, they say stuff like ‘oh i know that guy in VI school. He’s so smart & hawt & blaaaa. He’s a nice guy!’ So do they even know these kinda guys to judge them as “nice” guys? Then comes the “like” and comment and whatever. Honestly, my facebook has people whom i ONLY know. Had some stalking issues so i “tirenteran” already. Whilst, i see my friends have got comments from every tom dick and harry like..

    guy 1: hay….. looking pretty ya… *like*
    guy 2: da.. u luk so cute here..
    guy 3: waw.. wad a buty!

    Okay, so what sort of satisfaction girls get by readin this stuff? Where has the “GO OUT. GET A LIFE, MEET PEOPLE” term gone?! I’ve been curious over many things and this blog has helped me out thru all those doubts. keep the good work bro. Need help for lover’gals’? I’ll be there to help. True stories ada banyak. I wish every girl would learn lessons like i did. Its all fake. Guys get our numbers and misuse it. Mid night 2am someone would call and say: hello is this blabla? nan kathir speaking.. can we be friends? I mean commmon! Isn’t anyone out there to help this kinda souls? Sorry if i’ve offended anyone. That’s just my point :)

  • nith.

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    and i’m saying, someone has to help both the male & female souls out there on this issue. :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    @rujjcoomarh : Manicherengge bro.hehehe.. Nama yang diguna tidak ada kaitan dengan yang hidup ataupun yang sudah mati. Harap maklum :P

    @nith. : Well, you do have lots of experience then. Lovergals? I was hoping if someone could come talk to me about that, because I do not think girls had been that naive anyway. –> MSN,FB. Contact me, we may have something to talk.

  • Asshole

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    This one all for the paraya. I proud to be virgin, whats wrong with being virgin? better i masturbate at home than do with all the bitchez.

  • viji

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    hahahahha.. this is good wan la.. good collection.

  • Asshole

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    U can’t be an asshole if u are virgin. Buy a lot of soap for yourself, u pathetic fuck!!! Aaati oo vaile uttuke. Fucking loser.

  • kayyy

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    enna @asshole?

    hahhaha, this is an AWESOMEEEEEEEEE post! funny! i love it good job! :)

  • Harveena

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    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaha… god i cant stop laughing!!!!!! veributiful post….=)

  • linkdva

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    this is what i received via fb message some time ago. its really pathetic to see this kind of guys…!!

    hi there how ru ya?hope ur very fine with ur beloved ones…hows life is going on?first of all m avinesh here..i viewed ur profile n was so interested to be ur friend ya….hope u too like to be my friend…bout me hmm i m avinesh here from pj.. . working as claims exec…nothing much so interested bout me ya..just with beloved famili..we 5 of us in famili m 2nd first is elder sis who is married..m 2nd n 3rd is younger bro working in it firm…amma house wife n appa working as hobby is listening to sad…gym…n kick boxing… not to say m good boy,half good n half bad…he he pls dont misunderstand…i mean i like to go temple n weeked enjoy to the max like clubbing,watching football, lepak,snooker…i got drink la but i hate smoking…thats bout good n bad things with me..hope u like to be my friend ya..if u dont like to be my friend then i wil come in ur dreams n knock knock on ur head..he he just kidding jangan marah ya…i like to be ur fren cause not how u look like but because of ur name ya.i.if u got yahoo mesengger u can add me as well my id is i very seldom check facebook n mails ya..if u like u can sms me at 0149318965….if u dont like to sms u can mail me thru facebook ok va…its not nice i ask u to sms in my 1st mail..thought wana to be ur good fren thats why give u my number here..i wil be happy if i receive ur sms in my phone……ok da fren i need to go…hope hear from u soon n i hope i wil sms me ya..take care n have a nice day..neway u look very preety ma….god bless..adios

    • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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      From the beginning, he didn’t even mention his intention, but the last liner gave him away… Must have really been such an idiotic mango :D

      Anyway, I guess you don’t have to text him as he said ” ok da fren i need to go…hope hear from u soon n i hope i wil sms me ya..” –> He said he will text from him to himself! :p

      And he tried to be funny…And he tried to make a joke…And he tried to make some silly fun…Oh my, I am so amused…Sigh…

  • rudra

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    u r veributiful lah…..SAVADILAH…

  • sharmini

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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i got the same msg in linkdva statement hahahahhahaha this is amazing…..he copy paste or what…


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