No Money, No Honey

This topic was written again with a specific target audience;mainly those adults who are working and in a relationship. Mostly it targets both a guy and a girl who is earning and in a relationship.This topic had been rediscussed touching the topic written by another blogger. Not in anyway I’m trying to condemn the article written by the original blogger, but rather took a firing on the topic using my own style.

It’s festive season again and I’m pretty sure most of you guys had a massive drinking session. Maybe because you’ve a long holiday. For those who are working in a private sector, you might be required to cover some of your Muslim working mates. Nevertheless, it’s always fun whenever any festival comes in Malaysia.

My heartiest condolences to the family of the 27 years old guard who was gunned down in a recent robbery. You can read the story here. Couple of days before Hari Raya, and he is gunned down cold blooded for no apparent reason other than money.

Similarly, money is the root of all evil. It becomes a problem when you own it overwhelmingly, likewise also becomes a problem when you have too few. In the world we’re living currently, you need to use money for almost anything. Anything and everything. People get killed because of money. People get worked up because of money. People are also happy because of money. Some are sad because they do not even own any money.

We’re living in a world motivated by money. Unless you’re guy willing to sell your backside and someone’s is happy to use your service; other than that you’re almost like doomed to earn a decent income and save your family. Well, of course, during your teenage years you would have a girlfriend to spend over too.

Well, this topic is closely inspired about money in relationship. Originally written by another blogger, you can read it here, this topic is interesting enough to discuss. In a relationship, money is very important. It seems there is this stereotype that guys should be gentleman enough to pay up for girls whenever they go out for movies and so on. Or maybe dinner. Or lunch. Or perhaps one of those quick hotel sessions.

I got to partially agree that it shows that we’re gentleman enough to be paying for all those stuff. Well, and it seems it would be far more romantic if you could carry the woman’s bag, and even more romantic if you could open up the door for her when she is about to get into the car.

I do not really know how did all this ‘Western’ type of stuff caught the local culture here, but it seems to be quite popular among us as well. Well, that’s got to be good ay. The guy is sweet enough. The guy is paying for her lingerie’s even.

Well, guys, I think that’s really got to be lame and pathetic. Carrying a girl’s bag, which I’ve seen like million times, is fucking pathetic. She would act up like a smart bitch walking in front of you while you tail her back like a dog. Isn’t that fucking pathetic? I tell you, this Machans are daring when it comes to fight and so on, but when it comes to pussy; damn this guy turns a cat. Puli iruntheven puneyah ayithanpa. Can you place your bet that you’ve never seen that situation before? I bet you can’t.

And come on, we never ask you to carry our anything unless we’re on bed.

Who said guys who pays for your lunch and dinner is a gentleman? Well, who actually worked it out that way? If you’re so into the guy paying for your ‘everything’, then why the fuck are you talking about equality? Relationship when it comes to money, both the party should be spending. Put your equality to work here. That is commitment; don’t expect the guys to be spending for each and everything. If early in the relationship you can’t understand this simple concept, then there is simply no future for you. I have an uncountable number of couples here reading, what do you think? Is it fair to leave the responsibilities to the guys alone?

Ah, then many of you say when it comes to relationship, money do not matter. It doesn’t matter who’s paying for what, all it matters is money do not count in a relationship.  When a couple is sincerely in love with each other, then they do not even care about the money spend. Well baby, this type of things do not last.  Anything that involves money can bring trouble in the moment when you least expect it.

Ok, I understand, once in a blue moon, give her one lavish party. I personally know a guy who would empty up his stomach so that he can buy up some gifts for her girlfriend. Some of you might call that romantic. That’s true love, eh? Fuck that shit man, that is indeed pathetic. Why haven’t you saved up any to buy some gifts for your parents? Or perhaps some shit so that you can donate to the needy. It’s all about the pussy eh?

Some of the girls would try to be pathetically cute in order to suck out as much as possible from their boyfriend. I pity these guys sometimes, but you know, love is that fucking blind. They just don’t understand the bitch is just in for the money.

When it comes to relationship, money should be spend by both party. If the guy is paying this time, the girl is paying the next time. Now, that’s what I call a balanced relationship. You open the door next time woman, or don’t expect the guys to be carrying your ass and placing it on the car seat. I wonder even if these guys carry up their girls to the toilet seat. That’s got to be the gentleman of the gentlemen’s, right?

Man, I just don’t understand why people in a relationship have to act up really lame. You got to have feelings, but of course, do not over react for stuff and put your dignity down the drain for the girls. Guys are guys. Girls who understands and treats you as a man, she is a gem. If she is in anyway trying to be fucking cute and asking you to flush her ass, flush her off instead. Over demanding in a relationship by the girls is not new, and we’ve certainly seen it.

Do not over do it in relationship. Do what you can; do not do what you can’t. If you can’t spend more than a certain amount of money, then don’t do it. Don’t do it for the sake of impressing the girls. Girls who get impressed with your money, for me, I simply call them money bitch.

If you’re in a relationship and both of you are very understanding towards each others financial needs, then I bet you’re going to be happy for a long time. If you’re not, then ‘somebody is going to get hurt really bad’.

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  • arasi

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    durai, it is a nice article..unggalale eppadilar ippadi ellam.LOL…Ok,ok… honestly the topic was well discussed… my personal opinion: most Indians in Malaysia come from lower/middle class background, so it is not practical for girls wt Indian boyfrens to expect too much from them…should be thankful enuff if the guys are sincere…

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    No money, no honey, no finance no romance….Haha…Good topic…excellent write up….. but Durai, some guys have this god knows ego you know. They think if they pay then only they are superior. They sanggup never bring the GF out because they cant pay, if the girl tell she pays also cannot. How?? Yeah, the carrying bag part if fucked up lar….I agree…

    There are also a group of guys that wants the girl to spend all the time you know! I’ve experienced it before…Then after sometime you will realize that they are only with you for the money…I think this kinda guys are one of the many reason why girls wants guys to pay for them….If we spend and the guy is a fraud then, dahla buang masa, buang emotion, then waste money also…..



  • bnaipal

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    Without money,u r dead meat!!!

  • Sri

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    ’somebody is going to get hurt really bad’. rusell peters, legend. good write up btw.

  • Madu

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    Well, I guess the guy should be mature enough on how they would like to be treated in their relationship. If they respect themselves enough, they won’t become a slave for the girl.

  • rapunzelle

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    hmmm….my ex-bf still asking me money ….the money he spent for me for da past 3 yrs of relationship….now if i start counting on myside …for da rest of his life,he cant pay me back….hehe …as love is so precious n has no value…
    anyway its da trend nowadays,no fuck no love,no money no honey and no honey nvrmind got option…(i think sum of you can figure out wat i mean)..well if eva equal can born again …there will be no divorce n break offs….

  • linda

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    you know the wrong girls. A LITTLE KINDNESS WILL GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT, HA HA

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    Whilst most of us would claim to not be materialistic it is true to say that money plays a major role in our relationships.

  • Mga

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    I find men tht carry their gal’s bag weird. I mean if its bright pink wud they still carry it like a clown? Anyways i feel certain men feel intimidated when the gal’s pay or when the gals earn more. But i feel healthy rships involves bill splitting. Thts wat power couples do now.
    Good post,durai :-D

  • Madu

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    @Mga : Lol, agreed, bright pink with some pink furs. Lol


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    Superbly written mate!!! keep up the good work.

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    do u ppl realise that

    – all the ugly girls talk about how money is not important but ‘heart’ is …. whatever ‘heart’ really is
    – all the ugly n poor guys talk how money is not important but ‘heart’ is …

    p.s : money-la …

  • priti

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    emaraven irukkum varaikku ematharraven irrupan…
    why want to be so lame…grow upla ppl..Dun be slave, u should think and know by your own..which is right..
    Anyway good article, but it applies to evryone..not only guys are played..there are few girls cheated and left by guys after they’r satisfied..
    kassu and karrupu onna avuma(wat is the value)???

  • realist

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    guys these days are equally materialistic….

  • TrueGemini

    Thumb up Thumb down -1 for me personally, i find it degrading if a guy goes arnd carrying my handbag, paying my bills etc..i mean comon la, its all 50-50 nowadays.. we claim for equality btwn men n women..macam mana ni>??
    alright la, i admit, its nice once a while, my guy suprises me wit it doesnt necessarily have to be expensive, just somthing i guess tat should work both ways :)


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    actually its really a sweet thing to hold a girls bag….but nt carrying the whole while la…i think its kinda nice for guys to spend on the gal too..but it dosent prove anything about a guys manners…its just a normal thing u do too show that ur focusing on the girl…like opening the doors for her and pulling the chair for her…but just because u dun do it it dosent prove that ur not a gentleman…but if u do it u it puts a smile to a girls face…and even if u dun do it the gal is nt going to cry…just ur call guys…

  • Bob Marley

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    nice article…
    guyz dont be PKJ(punde kulle jatuh) lah…
    No women No cry…
    there are thousand of pussy’s outside there, dont keep on licking the same…

  • savundra

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    “Girls who get impressed with your money, for me, I simply call them money bitch.”
    i agree!!!
    a very good pose anne..

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    Bob Marley,
    No Woman No Cry does not mean when there is no woman in life there will be no tears(cry) or sadness in life. The actually meaning of No Woman No Cry is telling the woman not to cry. Though gramatically its an error but I believe alots of people misinterpret the meaning of No Woman No Cry.



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