Temple’s vs Schools

I’ve a great long term plan coming up, and I would be planning it together with none other than you. I guess you’re getting tired of my ramblings as well, and my half-baked charities. It’s time for a new beginning perhaps, and the implementation stage might take longer than any of you might have imagined. […]


I wonder how, but I missed out our wonderful reader coolvaneegurl from my previous name listing. Anyway, Happy Belated Deepavali wishes I hope everyone had a wonderful Deepavali celebration and finally, my celebration is over. It had dragged a week longer, and was packed with events. Thanks for all your wishes, and let’s get rolling […]

Happy Deepavali!

I’m tired and writing this despite being exhausted after my recent dance and drink vacation in Pulai Spring Resort. You should check out the place, it’s wonderful. I’ll be away after Deepavali for a vacation again thus there won’t be any update for some time.This post marks the start of my Deepavali celebration . It’s […]

Heaven on Earth

This post was written a week back and would be auto-published.  I’m in Pulau Spring Resort , JB  by the time you’re reading this. Have a wonderful weekend It was around 9.45 in the morning and I am driving back after work .There seem to be a massive traffic jam thus I cursed and waited […]

Bagan Pinang By-Election

I’ve not written politics for a long time now and below very humble friend of mine had got me started again about the upcoming Bagan Pinang by-election. This post is by request and a project initiated by Naga(sactyr.blogspot.com) . We have a good number of readers over here and I’m pretty sure some of you […]

Wasted Sperms

This article relates only about love and relationship between a couple. Not love towards other things and so on. People say that dealing with relationship is a tough job. Everybody wants to be in a relationship but nobody is willing to take the risk more than once. Hardly anyone is willing to sail a new […]