Wasted Sperms

This article relates only about love and relationship between a couple. Not love towards other things and so on.

People say that dealing with relationship is a tough job. Everybody wants to be in a relationship but nobody is willing to take the risk more than once. Hardly anyone is willing to sail a new ship again, after they’ve once got cheated and their ship sank under the iceberg of sperms.

Well, talking about it is not easy either. Some people just need another partner to make her happy; some people might hate the opposite sex entirely and would try to live their live without the presence of the opposite sex.

Why are you getting cheated in the name of love? Let’s talk equally from both gender point of view this time. Let’s not be gender biased because it seems both the parties are getting cheated all the time. However, I personally believe girls are the one mostly getting cheated in the name of a relationship.

But then, rather than talking about how and why you got fucked up in a relationship; which I’ve done multiple times, shouldn’t we focus on something aftermath the incident? Like what do you do in case you got cheated?

Ladies and gentleman, put aside your sentiments and listen to this.

1. Number 1 rule after getting cheated or when your partner dumps you is do not; I repeat; DO NOT post up lame comments or pathetic lines in any social networking sites. Like what you young sluts do by posting up sad pick up lines all over Facebook so that people would come sympathizing over the tragedy happened to you. I bet 99%  of them would be guys who are just waiting to use up your pussy next. Don’t believe me? Test it out yourself, put up ‘I hate love’ shout out, and the next minute you would see 10 comments following up, with all the guys hanging their dick outside their pants just waiting to bury you in the name of another relationship.

Of course, everyone needs a person whom they can talk to. Well, I would strongly suggest do not befriend a guy at that moment, any new one especially; because physiologically you’re down and most of you fall into another relationship in no time because it makes you forget about the past. Give no exception; even I might not be any different.

2. Forget about all the things you’ve bought for your partner, and forget about all the fucks you’ve done for her. Enough of all the sentiments thinking about her and wasting your life drinking beer and smoking up weed. It’s not going to help. If you want to drink, drink for any other million reasons except for girls, that’s fucking lame and pathetic.

If that Kamachi left you for another guy, stop taking revenge and calling up her number or passing her number to other guys so that they can fuck her on behalf of you. If you feel happy doing that, think again. You’re clearly showing to the other guys that you’re not capable of doing anything to her (which also suggests that you’re ‘weak’), thus you’re passing the number to your friends. Isn’t it?

3. If you love to meet new people and think that would help up to forget things, then do it. However, do not upon up your pants for any dick that is roaming around whenever you’re socializing. Try limiting your circle of friends, and avoid meeting up with other couples. It only adds up to your trauma. Try solo backpacking, explore new things, or take up any job that keeps you always busy.

4. Rise immediately and think that you’re not the only one in this world that had failed in a relationship. In fact, billions of others had. What makes you any different from others? I’ve known girls who said that they’ve so many problems in life thus they’re not able to come up in life. When I interrogate them for detail, all they could come up with is love failure. Is that so many problems ay? Why the fuck do you have so much sentiment for a guy who had used you up at the age of 20? What is the point of thinking about the guy every single day and putting your life and people around you in a miserable end?

Plus, do not resort to stupid things such as suicide and so on.

Sentiments are good in life, but when you show it overwhelmingly, it’s a major disaster. Relationship is a risk. Do not expect whoever you’re sleeping with now is going to be the same one marrying you. Things can and will change in a second. If you’re not willing to take the risk of failure, then do not even think about relationship. Listen up to your parents and get married whenever/whoever they want you to.

5. Love is not something that is permanent (in most cases). With so much going on in life, allow yourself only a little of that. Be professional in a relationship. Do not go all over sucking the guy’s ball and licking the girl’s pussy like below.

“baby, i love u da chelem, alagi kutty,pandi kuttti, mayire matte kotte all”

People who use this above liners are the one always getting cheated in a relationship. And no need to use the Titanic level romantic line all la macha….

6. This is a simple one and had been repeated so many times. Do you know that there is always another pussy in the sea? That you can always find another one, provided the time works out for you? Well, as simple as that. Ah, do not come up to me and tell not all the girls and guys are the same to the one you loved. Of course not, at least expect the one coming to you next sticks with you rather than ditching you.

You live only once, why waste so much sentiment on love alone ay? What is the point of getting mental torture about all this anyway? What is the point of getting other’s miserable and get worried about you anyway? What are you trying to prove over your failure to secure a relationship? What can you do over a failed relationship? What can you answer for all the previous questions?

Enough of wasting your precious moments thinking about how many guys had fucked you up or how many girls had used up your money. Cherish the past as a lesson in life, live the present as the gift of God, target your future to achieve your dreams.

Rise, my dear friends, burn your sentiments and live your life!

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  • Nedu

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    Durai…why you tell the secrets to girls la?…how to cari makan like this? hahaha…. :D

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    Durai, what you say is entirely true….but it is easier said than done…Its not only the sense of losing someone that you are fond of, but it is more like the feeling of insecurity, low self esteem, unforgettable memories and so on….but all this can be overcome….like you said, burn the sentiments and live the life…after all life is short…

    Good write up as always…. =))

  • TrueGemini

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    weird, everyone ard me has been talking abt relationships n love recently..
    haha..sounds nice in theory wei, bt as vanie said; easier said than done..i mean its alrite la if u get dumped many times, at least got practise sikit(no offense here)..hehhe..bt if that particular person is ur first love, mmg susah la for some..
    n ur absolutely right, love is only part of life..there are other things more important..tc durai, n hope everything works out for u :)

  • M.K.

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    awesome post bro….love the topic! (althought the title seems abit off….:P)
    I totally agree….and I personally feel that the indian film industry also has a major impact on this trend….REASON TO START SMOKING AND DRINKING : love failure…..WTF!!

    so….here’s one more point for the list….

    DON’T GO WATCHING SENTIMENTAL TAMIL MOVIES if ur the weak hearted….ESPECIALLY THE ONES WITH LOVE FAILURES! ok…maybe i shouldn’t have said don’t….it should be more like…..TRY NOT TO follow their ‘advice’….or stop trying to be an obvious portrayal of a failure…..it only makes things worse…

    n like u said….life’s too short…LOVE IT!! LIVE it!!!

  • OG

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    Well,well,well,I could not agree more!

    Sentiments,hmm..yea as u said,sentiments are good but one shouldnt shw it so overwhelmingly.

    As long as there are facebook and friedster..ths comments thingy still will be there.
    Posting lame comments like ‘love hurts../I hate love’ then in a day or two,there will be comments like ‘Love is beautiful/and ect ect(putusa yaro maddidan!).And these ‘love cycle’ goes on..Damn annoying!And you know,they are mostly around 12-17 years old teens.Haiz..

    And the most pathetic thing is Suicide.People who attempts suicide is the most dumbest and selfish person,I wud say.They are so selfish as they are willing to end their life just bcoz of their damn love failure.Do they think about their family,siblings whm hv to face the unbearable pain of losing their loved ones for the rest of their life??Haiz..

    Not every relationships have a ‘happy ending’.Make the happy one as good memories and the hurtful one as a lesson.And,MOVE ON.And yea,I dont have any experience and I knw its easier said than done but life’s too short to live your life reminiscing your ‘love cycle’.Everyone dies one day,but NOT everyone LIVES.So,live your life before it’s too late.

    Nice picture wei!

  • nathi

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    durai..would strongly suggest do not befriend a guy at that moment, any new one especially; because physiologically you’re down and most of you fall into another relationship in no time because it makes you forget about the past. Give no exception; even I might not be any different.-LIKE THIS ONE
    Listen up to your parents and get married whenever/whoever they want you to-OK i’ll

  • dracula

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    excellent post…keep it up and come out with this kind of useful post dude…!

  • MC Pavadai

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    Well bro im totally agreed with ur points.. This happens nw.. We cant blame boys only but both of them so horny 4 new relationship tht end up wit fuck.. Afta getting bored they will luk 4 new 1.. Nowdayz 8/10 college or school girls were not virgin any more… The sad part is the school gals age around 14 to 17 , they are the victims of kamaveriyanz.. So thts y guys easily hook up school gals.. Then wen we come 2 college or uni gals thy all more pro d in this sex matter al. they dun care n juz wana enjoy to max… Not Kuthuvilakku but teruvilaku.. Im so worried tht our society getting spoil …. OMG please help gud guys n gud gals… Fuck Fuck Fuck……. :(

  • thilak

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    this is really good bro..keep up the good work…tc

  • linda

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    if the situation feels right for you -go ahead and “****” it is an expression of care and need

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    Very well said. Integrity is not a conditional word. It doesn’t blow in the wind or change with the weather. It is your inner image of yourself, and if you look in there and see a man/woman who won’t cheat, then you know he/she never will.

    p/s : Three things men are most likely to be cheated in; a horse, a wig, and a women :p

  • linda

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    he he-its all in the game they call life

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    i believe in live only once like u say. that is why i always tell myself dont waste your life over the love failure”

  • malp

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    nice post, particularly like the summarizing picture :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Mangga adi bro… True x3! And i agree with MC Pavadai… After school, cum to college… the experienced gals will come as models come teruvilaku…especially girls from other state to K.L. Someone that i noe become a victim, she using 3 people…through DG-campus!

    This fellow, dunno how 2 handle, drink x2 and smoke x2 everyday… now abit motivated ady… jz use her to fuck… she oso hapi x2 cum la… “What a ‘vandi’ sir athu….

    Guys better find the best or will get the 1, who already beated by the rest…haha!

    I wanted to post a topic sumthing lk this, but u pick up ready… c how in future, mayb i wil post sumthing like this.

    take care bro~

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    such an inspirational topic and quite motivating though for all the love failures. I really like point no 4 – my favourite!

    I bet some wole-musang will be cursing you for telling out their secrets hehhehahhahaah and making the girls be more alert


  • ApRiL

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    Hmmm….well as usual, you are doing great job dude..=) gotta agreed with wateva u stated above especially no 1 & 2…thumbs up for you…=) ps: attracted with your tittle eventhough sounds a bit vulgar…;p

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    “Try limiting your circle of friends, and avoid meeting up with other couples. It only adds up to your trauma. Try solo backpacking, explore new things, or take up any job that keeps you always busy.” absolutely tru bro ,…it really works…
    nyway ..me oso like kena hinted here ha …hehehe…
    tks for a woonderful post bro..

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    “Relationship is a risk. Do not expect whoever you’re sleeping with now is going to be the same one marrying you. Things can and will change in a second.”
    Alamak ..really gempak la dis one …..i totally agree wif u ..
    cheers bro,..

  • Bulls_eye

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    “Yemareven irukevaraikum yemathereven irunthekithetha irupan”…..To thus get cheated, busted, fucked, bang!! hmm whatever..PLEASE do something useful and meaningful inm life..rather than sit down in the chinese shop drinking beer, talk cock, said she left me la..she piss me la…this la that la…i’ve done tremendous things for her la..i built a palace in my heart la…all those cock things…GROW UP..macha. To thus girls out there stop bitching around by saying i just broke up la, cannot trust guys la..”now oni realise..when the time fingering didnt realise huh?” not ready for another relationship la..this and that..it’s pathetic. Break off is not the end of the world, try focus on something new that will benefit you. I KNOW IT’S HARD TO FORGET, BUT HEY!! GIVE A TRY. all the best and sorry if any of my words harm you in any manner.

  • gowri sangkari

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    “ship sank under the iceberg of sperms”

    i like that part…6 important points…nice post as usual…never had a boyfriend..not intending too….but i surely will keep this post in mind…tat useful for some people that i know…

  • jkast

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    dats d way 2tell them. Nalla sonna yaaru ketha..

  • Mampe

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    Your blogs are really good,,Though im not an Indian I really love reading your blog’s, I really want to personally know you as it raises my curiosity on the bone of this blog,, I hope you will look forward in publishing your blogs in magazine’s,,, great job durai,,

    Lots of love, MKW


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