Heaven on Earth

This post was written a week back and would be auto-published.  I’m in Pulau Spring Resort , JB  by the time you’re reading this. Have a wonderful weekend :)

It was around 9.45 in the morning and I am driving back after work .There seem to be a massive traffic jam thus I cursed and waited thinking that it would be another day I’m late back home which means less sleep too. The cars are moving in extreme slow-motion and I guessed it might just be another accident. Any other accident, just like the ones we usually see.

It was not to be.

I guessed it right, it was an accident, there was a container lorry and the third lane had been closed. The lorry was parked on the emergency lane and traffic police is waving the cars to go through quickly. I was on the second lane and of course, I could see it clearly.

A motorbike is lying on the emergency lane. On the third lane of the road, another traffic police was busy capturing something on the road using his digital camera. I took a quick look. 2 bodies, Indians, both guys. The first one is lying near the tyre of the lorry, while the second is just a few meters beside him. The condition of the dead, extremely horrifying.

The first Indian guy helmet is no longer there, and his legs seemed to be twisted awkwardly to his hip. Face identification, a complete no. Another one on the other hand, is laying face up straight. Blood clogged and spattered across where the bodies are lying. Few grocery items seem to be scattered all over the road too. Obviously both are dead.

It was seriously something I shouldn’t have seen the very first thing in the morning. Not only me, be it you. My guess is the guy must be riding his bike on the emergency lane of the road rather than the usual motorbike lane. And he didn’t make it to Deepavali. By the time I’m writing this, their family members might be crying for this guys at home, horrified that both of them are no longer in this world.

I’ve seen number of deaths in my life, but very rarely do I see victims of horrible deaths. It’s a sad day, although I do not personally know them. That was it. That’s the end of their life. It was that instant.

While we’re living, we worry about so many things in our life. We worry about how we are going to pass our examinations. We worry about how we are going to earn money. We worry about how our life is going to turn out to be.

But have you ever once worried about what people are going to think about you after your death? Have you seriously considered, or even thought for a moment about that? I bet no.

People say that there should be at least few people in this world living to talk about you after your death. If there is none, there is simply no point for you to be born into this world. If there is even one person talking about you after your death, then you should know, at least you have made one person happy in this world.

Remember, talking about you means talking good things about you. Not talking about all the fucks you’ve done to others. That only escalates to your sin. If there are 10 people to list out how many pussy you’ve used, there should be equally another 10 person to talk about all the good things you’ve done.

There is never a death for someone who has done good things to others. If you’ve fed a child today, the child would still remember you, even after your death. Similarly, when you ‘live’ in the hearts of others when you’re dead, this is what you call as heaven on earth. When 10 people put you close to their heart and remember you for your kindness; that is called heaven on earth. You’re always ‘living’ in the heart of others.

Deepavali is coming in a week or so. Rather than blindly spending everything for your girlfriend’s bra or boyfriends’ underwear, spare some money for the unfortunate. Visit them, feed them or if you’re financially weak, volunteer on some charity homes.

If you’re going to buy 10 bottles of Chivas this Deepavali, buy 9 instead. Use the spare money to donate for children’s to eat. Don’t go to the extreme and donate all the money and spare you none. Mabuk mesti ada, machan… If you’re going to buy 10 sarees this Deepavali, buy 10, but donate one or two to those elderly women in the old folk’s homes. Once you’ve done that, I bet you would be celebrating this year Deepavali with the rest of the 9 bottles happily, happier than any other Deepavali you’ve had. Do you know the reason why? You’re in ‘heaven’. The blessings from the people whom you’ve helped.

The reason I wrote this post is obviously, for you to do some charity on your own during this festive season.

If you think you’re too young to do that, think again, as this might be the last post you’re reading. Not like I’m going to stop writing, but you might not be there to read it. Death, as I said earlier, indeed can be that instant.

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  • thilak

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    this is the best post i’ve ever read..will take ur advise bro

  • linda

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    THE TRAGIC EVENTS IN LIFE OCCUR RANDOMLY, DON’T THEY.? this is a very insightful post -you are kind and wise .

  • arasi

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    that was indeed a good encouragement for fellow Indians….

  • Max

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    ur writings are getting better n better…thats a nice one bro… =D

  • anthony

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    Hi bro,Happy deepavali to ur family & u.My point of view is doing charity must be daily,weekly or monthly basis depends on our budget.It should not be just on festive season only we must care or think for the poor,old folks & childrens.For those who could not help at least keep them in ur prayers.

    Thanks & happy deepavali to all.

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    sounds more like “I have a dream..” – Martin Luther..
    awesome post bro!

  • Thumb up Thumb down -1

    Great durai..i have no words to explain how much this article means to me.Knowing you was greatest gift from god to me.I feel like reading a message from god.I feel like i found what i need.”when you ‘live’ in the hearts of others when you’re dead, this is what you call as heaven on earth. When 10 people put you close to their heart and remember you for your kindness; that is called heaven on earth. You’re always ‘living’ in the heart of others” great lines how you do this??i saved this article in my laptop and also in my mind and heart.This really make me feel new.Finally i understand true meaning of life..today i pray so that as long we breath we will given chance and good health to work hard and make others life meaningful,help those who need help and when we die we die with saticfaction that we lived our life fully.You will live in lot peoples heart durai specially in ragedindian readers heart.

  • nith.

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    *tears of joy*
    mate, i’m proud. whether the world remembers you for what you’ve done, you sure will live in our hearts – your fellow readers. :) I’m seventeen & till today Deepavali has meant nothing much.. I just took it as “deepa.. vali”. Why not turn “deepa..vali” into the real festival of lights by donating and watching faces that has never smiled in their life to smile kan? You’re so riggght. Allow me to copy & paste this on my blog SOON. =) Thanks.

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    I do read all your post but rarely comment on them, but THIS post gotta be your best post ever :)

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    i did my part already 2 days b4 deepavali in one of da tamil schools in taping,perak…n it was da best deepavali for me n them as well…

  • Kirty

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    Nice one durai. =)

  • Melor89

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    can’t agree more, my maan…living in illusions all the way since childbirth, some or MOST should I say…never realize these simple things til the day they fall. Afterall, life is meaningless if you live it to the fullest, all by yourself…

  • Nav_yakuza

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    nice one bro…

  • Sudha

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    Nice one, Durai! This Diwali, I’ll donate clothes to the poor for sure!


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