Law of Karma

You see; many a times I’ve talked about what might strike you if you’ve done anything wrong in your life, for an example, if you’ve done any sin in your life. We all know for a fact that all of us, despite being innocent or violent; had been guilty of being indirectly or directly involved […]

The Power of Change

Let us read a boring revolutionary opinion article of  mine today. The thing about most of us is we always tend to look around to find a solution for a problem. All of us to be precise. But what do you do when you can’t find a solution for your problem? We blame others. See, […]

My First Love Letter

It’s a known fact that some things can bring you down memory lane. When you stumble open something that you’ve not for a long time, you go down years and years back thinking about what really happened. I was doing housekeeping the other day when I stumbled open this letter; after approximately 7 years. My […]

Bullet in the Head

My condolences to the family of the 5 Indians who were gunned down recently. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the news and all of you might have made a conclusion about this issue. Well, few days back, we saw the news about the 5 Indian guys who was shot dead by the police in Taman […]

Dead yet Restless

This post contains extremely graphic images , although I’ve limited the number of pictures I posted here. It was meant to put a stop on the circulation of the said emails, and in no way I’m promoting this pictures over here in my blog. I’ve talked about this previously here . The thing with most […]

Malaysian Tamil Pariah

I seriously laughed big time when I saw this. Looking at it from the funnier side though, I love when people get creative and make harmless joke about others, which in this case,  was about me. You see, it gets interesting when you have enemies.