Dead yet Restless

This post contains extremely graphic images , although I’ve limited the number of pictures I posted here. It was meant to put a stop on the circulation of the said emails, and in no way I’m promoting this pictures over here in my blog. I’ve talked about this previously here .

The thing with most of us is we really jump into conclusion without investigating or probing further about an issue. When we see or hear something without evidence, we tend to believe it blindly and not further find out the real things ‘behind’ the issue. This can obviously lead to a lot of trouble for lots of people, plus in some case the result might be very devastating.

Although the issue today did not lead to a devastating end, it sure will put  one dead child restless with pictures circulating about her unnecessarily.

Chain mails had long changed the way information is exchanged over the net, and for years, it had spread a major number of wrong information and rumors about lots of things. Such as 6 year old baby having cancer and each circulated mails will donate a few cents to the children and so on. But have we actually investigated any of these things? I can assure you no. Most of these chain mails are actually hoax or spam mails. It’s easy, I can pull out any of your children picture from Facebook and then start up a mail stating that your children is dying of a major disease. Or I can also circulate that the child is missing and need help from all the internet users to locate him/her.

I’m very sure you’ve received a number of emails such as that, and most of you would blindly forward it without thinking if there is any impact by you posting or circulating as such. With that said, let me give you an example of the most recent wrong information being circulated around recently.

It’s about this 12 year old girl Ashwini from Kulim who was reported missing just before her UPSR examination .Read story here . There is an email circulating, and I’m sure most of you would have received an email of a girl who had been murdered. Gory pictures of the dead body had been taken and circulated around the internet, linking the dead body with that of the missing girl, Ashwini.  I couldn’t help but laugh at all this. I first received this email on March linking it to a genocide victim in Sri Lanka. Out of the blue, once this girl Ashwini was reported missing, someone had actually edited this pictures and then begin circulating it stating that this girl Ashwini had been murdered.

Clear cut above are not Malaysian police

I received the same email almost 10 times from all of my contacts, which means the email is spreading like fire amongst Malaysians here. I wonder if any of them who helped to circulate the email ever stopped to look closely at these pictures? If yes, I believe they wouldn’t have been dumb enough to spread this thing. And I also see outraged Malaysian Indians blatantly accusing the government and so on for this murder. Well read this.

This girl, of course, had been murdered elsewhere and not here in Malaysia. We sure can see how this girl had been murdered without mercy, now we’re not even leaving this poor soul to rest by spreading pictures like this over the internet and claiming her to be someone else, even more Ashwini, who is actually alive and safe.

The next time you receive email as such, please do not spread it blindly without knowing facts behind it. Helping to spread such things might not only tarnish ones image, as well as help cause other indirect damages. If you’re not sure, refrain from circulating. Let at least the dead ones to rest in peace.

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    i got this too and i deleted it. in fact i delete all this stupid emails.

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    Hmmm…I din receive this email…..Oh my God!! I am thaaaat out of the loop?? Neway,I agree with you, If the credibility of the email is questionable don’t lar simply forward the mail…. =D

  • anand

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    heloOo,i’m new to this blog.i have been reading all this post for quite sometime..interesting one this time i guess..yeah agree with u,we betta avoid engage in deliberate fraud by forwarding junk mail.peace..

  • varsha

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    Ok..I sent u also I guess…but I received this frm a fren frm Sri Lanka when the fight was going on..but over here..its a different story..
    if Msia means..sure I won’t believe n send 2 u..
    good one..:)

  • LB

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    I got the same email and got so sick looking at the pic, regardless of the nationality of the girl in the picture, she is dead and someone killed her, that thought alone keeps me awake at night!

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    I did received the same email as well from a few of my contacts. The minute i received such forwarded/junk/chain emails, i will just delete them without thinking twice.

  • TrueGemini

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    whoa..u got this email 10 times??dude…u have a lott of frens..i only got this once.
    Ppl r too free la, sampai boleh combine these pics for no particular use, except for spreading more hate around..sad
    am at the office..hungry..i need someone to take me out makan ;) before i start spreading mails with Durai’s pic..WANTED FOR RAPE!!

  • suzie_Q

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    So stupid lah some people! Doesn’t matter if it’s the girl or not but don’t forward the email lah! So disrespectful to the deceased and their family! Sick dumb asses!…

  • nith.

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    I’ve never bothered to forward those mails since its pure BULLSHIT. Wei, now even thru sms started ready. ‘Some Darhsini girl needs money for operation and blabla’. I get that text practically every week. Why wont people stop doing this silly stuff?! i mean its a waste. amazingly, people actually forward that stuff.. so free? kaduveleh. Forward some funny emails i wont mind. Like freaking heartless to pass around false news about other people who are missing/dead. Pass the message for good, then its alright la. Ini semua mau buat masalah jer. What has the world become? :) I HOPE SOMEHOW THOSE ‘OH-SO-SMART’ PEOPLE WHO HAVE BEEN SENDING THOSE FAKE EMAILS WILL END UP ON THIS POST. ;)

  • MC Pavadai

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    Duno wht 2 say oso bro… in this world got ppl with no heart oso… :(

  • manju

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    Actually I had an instinct that it must be a mistake.Thank have cleared it.Of course what we see hear does not help us to reveal the truth.One should aware that this sort of cheating might happen to us or to our family if we continue entertaining them.

  • Sudha

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    I didn’t get this email but I hardly read any chain mails anyways. It’s all over, not sure if you have heard about Tumblr but almost everyday there’s chain mails about girls missing. I am almost fed up because only god knows which ones are true!


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