Bullet in the Head

My condolences to the family of the 5 Indians who were gunned down recently.

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen the news and all of you might have made a conclusion about this issue. Well, few days back, we saw the news about the 5 Indian guys who was shot dead by the police in Taman Klang Utama. Personally to me, this is like old news. We’ve heard it time and time again, Indian guys being shot dead here and there.

And the sad part is most of them do not even have prior criminal records and they might be only guilty of being an accomplice to a known criminal. I’ve personally lost a friend through this gunning down incident back in 2001. Yes, it’s been a while, but memories of that incident is etched to my memory ever since. We all know how sad it is to lose someone you love.

We also know that mostly Indian guys are the one that end up riddled by the bullets of police. Take an instance of the other day incident, PCO Boy Gang. One of them was only 17 years old, and the rest was also very young. At least 3 of them do not have any prior criminal records.

Their only crime?

Being an accomplice of the wanted criminal or being at the wrong place at the wrong time. See, nobody other than the police who were there would know what had happened there. Much like how we like to speculate that police are gunning down blindly most of the Indians in our country, we tend to forget the simple fact that why should this guys be a friend of a wanted person?

PCO Boy Gang was running away in Kelisa; imagine 5 of them in a small car, with a gun of course. Only 1 gun, while the rest are sharp weapons. With 1 handgun, isn’t it utter stupidity to shoot at the police who are far more equipped weapon wise? Well, yes, then some of you say that police had set up the crime scene and the gun was not of theirs. Well said.

But then, how do you explain PCO Boy (one of the wanted criminal) about all his prior crime records? It is a known fact that at least one of the guys, in this case the leader, PCO Boy is a criminal and had been detained under Emergency Ordinance before this.

Why the fuck do you have to be a friend of a criminal? That is plain stupid, we all know how Indians are getting shot and killed all the time. We read it all the time in the newspapers and we know that in most cases, only 1 of them might be criminal. The rest might be innocent, but because they were in the same car, they end up in a coffin.

If indeed one of them had a gun and shot at the police, how do you expect the police not to shoot back? To hell, if I was the police and someone is shooting at me, I’ll make sure I don’t end up dead.

When something like this happens, we tend to blame the police. Yes, arguably, some of the issues might not be transparent, but a crime is a crime. Looking at the number of machetes found in their car, I’m pretty sure all of them know what they’re doing.I’ve seen so many people around me who knows criminals, and some of them are in wanted list. They brag about these criminals as though it is a proud thing knowing them. IT IS NOT!

For each criminal that you know, you’re getting nearer to your coffin. This is logic. Yes, most of them might be innocent, and police should have apprehended them alive, but in the heat exchange of bullets, can you identify who is innocent and who is not?

Do you want to know how simple it is to avoid dying with a bullet in your head?

1. Stop being a fucking Indian Tamil film hero and start fighting for every reason you can find.
2. Do not befriend any criminal, and even if you know one, avoid them. Try hunting for girls instead.
3. Do not be involved in any criminal activities, no matter how small it is.

As simple as that.

I’m not at all justifying the acts of police gunning down Indians. It’s just I see that now Indian here and there who is involved in politics, getting all worked up and blaming the police and the government. All this pathetic Indian political parties are trying to gain political mileage by bringing in this issue in order to heat up the blood of Malaysian Indians.

And yesterday, the sister of the deceased tried to commit suicide, bringing together all her 4 children. Innocent children are dying because of one stupid act by her mother. Sigh, Indians and some of their act, is just not justifiable and explainable at times.

Indian machans, tak payah jadi hero! How many more we need to lose? Mande punde ellam ageh vendam, sande punde ellathekum aleyeh vendam macha.

Yes, this would not be the last case because never an Indian listens to the advice of another Indian, but I sincerely do not want to read another Indian being gunned down.


1. Govindarajan Arumugam, known as ‘PCO boy’.

2. Loganathan Gopi, age 17, Lorry attendant

3. Visvalingam Mookaiyah, age 19, jobless

4. Serenthiran Ramapathi, age 24, security

5. Ebinesan Aruldas, age 22

30 comments to Bullet in the Head

  • Thayalan

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    Good post bro!!!! I agree with you……

  • TrueGemini

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  • Prem

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    Yes, i could not agree more with you.The best thing to do is to shoot and kill dogs like this rather
    than waiting for them to cause problems to the public.And about the sister….is she dumb or what ??
    what the fuck does she have to drink poison….and what good does the action brought ?….nothing
    and then if she want to prove a point…..she should have done it alone…..not by dangering 4 little children.
    stupid indian lady…..hope she dies soon

  • 1malaysia lah

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  • kohila

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    I am more interested to comment on “sister” cause of her foolishness taking her life. Well it’s her life, so she has say on hers but why on the earth she wants to bring her little angels as well. How dumb bitch she can be? Feeling like cursing her to hell! As for the guys, hmmm, both sides are on fault. As for the Indian guys, they shouldn’t be carrying guns and sharp object and as for the police THEY Shouldn’t have gun down people blinding jus because they are in group.

    ”For each criminal that you know, you’re getting nearer to your coffin” well said

  • Maxx

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    hi durai , really well said . keep it up .

  • LB

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    First and foremost, have you guys realized that recently cops are shooting people and they claim the ‘gang’ was running towards them with parangs, not talking about this case but read many cases like that, why on earth would they run towards cops with parangs when they know for a fact the cops have guns? With that said, i’ve been robbed many times with knife on my neck, i know too many family and friends who were robbed and mugged, sad to say, all of them were indians and as cruel as this may sound, i hope the cops shoot down more criminals, i had enough with this crap, i can’t even stand all the motha fucker indians wannabe’s on bike trying to robbed every soul they sick, shoot them, shoot them worst than how you shoot an animal when you go hunting! I have too much anger for them to even consider why they act like that!

  • nith.

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    ‘never an Indian listens to the advice of another Indian’. thumbs up. :)

  • ApRiL

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    First of all my deepest condolences for all the them..R.I.P….well I can’t deny the fact about the criminal indians now a days…hope the new generation have some brain to think about the consequences that they might face in future…by the way,good post dude! =)

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    Have u noticed bro, that there has been an influx of police in our area? I myself have been stopped twice this past week, with them asking plenty of “cock” questions.

  • Bastards

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    The streets are safer now, thanks to the police.

  • realist

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    Quote : Sigh, Indians and some of their act, is just not justifiable and explainable at times.
    Why? we Indians are an emotional lot…we love emotions & that explains the passion for movies esp. emo ones…

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    “Do not befriend any criminal, and even if you know one, avoid them. Try hunting for girls instead.” —- yepdi Durai ungeh nalla mathum inteh mathiri yelam peseh mudiyudhu? Shabaaa..

  • MilliVanilli

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    but u guys realize or not??? when the same but worse incident happened at grik wher the KMM[kumpulan militant malaysia] killed 2 police[1 indian n 1 sabahan christian] and how did our bastards[police] handle these case??? they played p ramlee song to bring them out from the jungle. they[KMM] declared war against agong, broke into the army camp n cleared the weapons store. they smugle out the m16 from the camp and that m16 was used by the m16 gangs but what they got??? only ISA!!! and when badavi took place as pm, this bastard released them. what tha fuck??? one side this fuckin police are killin our brothers[indians] but the other side we our self are killin among us.

  • raj

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    our streets wont be safer,the police did this out of their itchy fingers and their sadist,jealous at others heart,gunning people down is their hobby like mat rempit riding motorbike,understand?some of the police and army even went to southern thailand to help insurgents there and return back here the next day carry on their duty as police and army,see the different?there will be still other criminal not on the police list yet,maybe some those police informers will become criminal one day,so how can our street be safer? only stupid malaysians with shitbrain will believe it,ohhh the police killed criminal ,i feeel safer,!!!! i hope our criminals next time will have machine gun vs police machine gun ,then only its fair because i really doubt it that they use their cowboy pistol to fight the police machine gun!!!! from what i think because my uncle is ex-police,the criminal already surrender when police pointed the gun at them but police shoot them after asking information,believe it or not our police did this dirty tactics? because our court and judges cant be bother with these criminal and habiskan duit ker

  • gangster police informer

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    what raj say might be true,but my advice is if these situation occurs remember to use your handphone to call ur family saying that u r now surrendering to the police and then if the police point the gun to shoot at you and your accomplice all die,ur fsmily might have prrove that the police are trigger happy.

  • arasi

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    Your 3 simple steps to avoid dying with a bullet in head is truly commendable. Btw, the mande xxxx & sande xxxx rhyming ability of yours… even T.Rajendar has a lot to learn from you….

  • MC Pavadai

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    Haha bro any this news our sentosa makkez will be more alert… :D

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    well said…!!!
    “Live by the gun, die by the gun…”
    Join the gangsta world & make it easy for the Govt. to reduce our population…!!!

  • dR.r3V@

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    “evry single word spelled were platinums”- u wrote my mind i wud say!!!AWESOME kawan…

  • Asamboi

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    1. Why make friends with a criminal? There’s no bloody reason; except for cheap thrills!

    2. Don’t be a Tamil movie hero – Remember they get paid for faking it.

    3. Stop blaming the police for everything – remember Indians sit on top of the crime pyramid.

    4. Political parties are just politising the whole issue for their own advantage – don’t forget the greatest Indian gangster himself is a poltical leader!

  • Subashini

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    i cant take it ….the child is dead now…how the mother can killed her own child,if she wanted to end up her life,is her wish but not the poor little childrens….is she a “real mother”???even though she is dead now ,on her next born she sure will get the equal punishment for killing her poor kids!

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    Actually curious as to if you actually have a employed blogger doing your blog. I really don’t comprehend how you would find the time in order to constantly produce such great content

  • Vel

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    Saying that yourself? Lol funnyyy man.


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    Kathi eduthavan kathiyale thaan savaan! (One who wields a weapon will die by the same weapon)!……I think this motto has been fed to us since young. Some thickheaded Indian just dont seem to comprehend. Hope someday some miracle will change the mentality of the macha community in Malaysia.

  • EBE

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