The Power of Change

Let us read a boring revolutionary opinion article of  mine today.

The thing about most of us is we always tend to look around to find a solution for a problem. All of us to be precise. But what do you do when you can’t find a solution for your problem? We blame others.

See, a simple example of Malaysian Indians. Yes, there are unfair policies, as it reflects on the constitution. Yes, there are some unfair treatment by the Government, but how come most of us, at least the ones reading my blog now is able to achieve something and standing on your own feet now?

It’s because you worked for it. Can you get something if you don’t work for it? Can you don’t fuck and expect a woman to be pregnant?

See, the ladder towards success isn’t always there for everyone. Some may have it in front of them, but they keep on complaining that generally they’re not getting any help to move up in their life. Do you really think almost all the people who had success in their life had been helped?


Most of them would go looking for opportunities. Many a times when I read newspapers and so on, I see Indians here and there grieve that they’re not getting any help and so on.It is a common word, work for it. Work hard. Whether it’s studying or finding a buck to support your family, you just need to work for it.

We have millions of immigrants coming down and settling here; living a hard life yet accrue enough money so that they can send it back home for their family. We, Malaysians, meanwhile, sit down everyday reading every Tamil dailies and complaining we’re not getting this and that.

All the Indian political parties uses this up to stir emotions amongst the unlucky people. My concept is simple, rather than barking to the Government that we’re not getting enough, why don’t we work around it?

Do you really think it’s impossible?

It is possible. If we can build a temple for each house, we should also be able to provide enough education or food to the children. Yes, there are many unfortunate Indian children all over the place, but shouldn’t it be our responsibility to bring these children up?

Malaysia is a wonderful country with a massive amount of work opportunities. Hold your guns. Let me finish up. If you say you could not survive in a country like this, then I say you’re not fit enough to even live a life.

We bark, bark and keep barking. So do the political parties in order to gain attention. Let them do their work, what do we do? We bring up unfortunate people around us. There are thousands of things you can do, for an example, if you do not have money to spare, you can volunteer to educate poor children. Isn’t that something valuable, something that could escalate Malaysian Indians to a higher level?

Yes, it’s something done in a small scale. Let it be, do your part. Instead, we blame MIC, which in return blames Hindraf, which in return blames the Government, which in return blames MIC, which in return….

The fucked up cycle continues, and Indians would continue living in oil palm estates and pass on their miseries to the younger generation. Do you know when political party’s voices can be heard loud and clear? It’s when a temple is demolished. I recently read a ‘Madurai Veeran’ temple was demolished, and all of these parties combined to attack the authorities about places of worship being demolished. Oh My God, I said to myself. My dear brothers, we HAVE enough of temples. Plus we don’t even know if the temple is legal or illegal. Anyway, let’s not assume. But remember, religion is not about having God, it’s about having faith.

We’ve had enough of politics; at least I’ve had enough. It is each individual action, each one of you, through collective or single effort, to build the small ladders; one by one and bring this unfortunate people to the path of success.

I do not want to touch up about temple again, but if we can spread the word around that a new temple is to be build and needs fund, why can’t we spread the word around and fund a child to study? At least some of this unfortunate children would not resort to criminal activities and be shot to death.

Why can’t we use up the advantages we have? Internet, email, SMS and so many other method of communications to bring us all together. If you can send me hundreds of forwarded mails of “Have a nice Fucked up Day” and “Good Morning Fucker”, why can’t you do this? Take it up as a project maybe with your friends. Yes, you can’t fuck a girl and expect to get child right away, it goes through 9 months of ‘processing’ until you see the miniature version of yours.

Just like that, a simple deed now by you; might seem useless, but 10 years from now, it might be well worth it. Think about it; stop blaming people around us when we can’t grow up ourselves. Go looking for opportunities, do not grudge and expect things to come to you.

Sigh, I’m just tired of these Indian political parties and their promises. And Indian with their temples. And Indians with Government not helping Tamil schools. And Indians this and that.

Stop, now go look at your mirror and come up with an idea do be part of the revolution! Change, and change others around you.

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    Durai, this article should be titled “Man in the mirror”…:P…

    Change is a very powerful thing. Unfortunately, not everybody is willing to change….They’d rather sit down and as you put it bark at others rather than do something about it….The world is moving fast and everything is changing around us fast and yet some just choose to sit down and blame others…I suppose this is one reality we have to life with….

  • arasi

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    this is a very thought provoking write up of yours…just like what Mahatma Gandhi said….`you must be the change that you want to see in the world’. To think of it how often do we hesitate to change & blame it on culture, custom, habit etc. knowing very well that every action of ours will have a bearing on the community….

  • anand

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    durai..another wonderful piece of work.such a profound thought..inspired me very the says go ‘anything the mind of man can conceive or believe,it can be achieved’…

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    A good one. As you can see, everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself & … Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow!!!!

  • Dr.Mafia

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    Good article bro..
    we have enuff temples..
    look forward for indians development from every aspect
    rather than building temples n protest for temples demolishment..

    -power of peoples-

  • Shaila

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    We indians must learn to be united. Once we’re united then we can see many opportunities and indirectly our own self improvement. Nothing we can’t do in Malaysia. One can have a good comfortable life if there is hardwork and ‘never say die, give up’. No doubt our indian’s openings are not much here but then if we prove ourselves that we are better than what THEY’re thinking of us then we definitely can mark a huge difference…We originated from India but why people whom are still in India are very much being demanded around the world for their intelligence in IT related and Business sectors? Are we Malaysian Indians lazy and just waiting doing nothing for the luck to knock at our doors? Don’t blame anyone, blame ourselves for what we are now…We have good brains and should start using it for our own self improvement, if not no one can change our FATE…

    Look at China, how they’ve developed…the key word is UNITY…

    Bro Durai, another excellent piece of article. Keep up the good work…

  • TrueGemini

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    tak nak komen panjang2. feels that it kinda goes against the msg that this article is trying to project..action speaks louder than words or any ramblings..ill stop at tat..
    btw, ur article mmg ade words2 power la..never knew the meaning of accrue till i saw in here..
    yey!!learnt a new word today!

  • linda

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    Shaila has an excellent response. Indian immigrants here in the US are invaluable.

  • gobugovin

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