Law of Karma

You see; many a times I’ve talked about what might strike you if you’ve done anything wrong in your life, for an example, if you’ve done any sin in your life. We all know for a fact that all of us, despite being innocent or violent; had been guilty of being indirectly or directly involved in a sin.

Much like what you think that everything you do would not impact you anywhere near your lifetime, that is exactly the same percentage how ignorant you’ve been your whole life. The ultimate truth is, according to the laws of Karma, whatever sin you’ve done now, would eventually revert to you back.

I’ve personally experienced this several times. For an example, let us say that you’re walking down the road and you saw a wallet. Being a greedy fuck like I’m, I would definitely check the amount of money inside and then without doubt, throw away the wallet, stuffing the cash inside my wallet. But what happens to the person who lost the wallet? He might be one college student who is heavily in debt, and is taking his parents money which was made through by selling their jewelry. He might be in need of that money to pay of his debt, so that he could sit for his examinations.

Much like that, when people try to put justifications towards someone who had done crime in their life, I would rather ask them to fuck off. It’s that simple. Imagine you’re getting robbed of your money, how much curse would you throw to the person who stole your wallet or your money? In some cases, this fucked up bastards even rape their victims.

In which, this fuckers stack their sins like the shelf of books in my house. They are indirectly indulging in the hobby of collecting sins from the innocents. These sins, although invisible, are actually working in the background to set an ultimate time to end all the miseries they’ve caused others.

I guarantee that ultimately, none of these fuckers would get off easily or live their life peacefully. People who had earned cash through others curses would never have peace in their life. No matter what mande or what punde they’re.

You would have seen so many such people in your life, living through luxury life by taking advantage of the others. Now, see, it can’t be explained by science, however, the law of Karma does work. Can you prove to me any of these sinners living a luxury or nice life? They won’t, deep inside, their own self-conscience would be killing them.

It seems whenever I drink or whenever I smoke or whenever I talk bad word, that I’m actually doing a sin. Let us do a challenge then, in which book of law that it says talking bad words is actually a sin? In which religious books had it said that there are certain rules to be followed in order for you to live a good life in this world?

That leaves an area of argument since I bet most of you never flipped the pages of those books.

Well, there’s plenty. Or maybe not. You bet it, judging from the number of religions in this world. But then, didn’t so many people claim that religious books are those written by human themselves? The point is, why aren’t we worried about sins you’re causing to others other than judging about how someone is leading their own life? Why aren’t we worried about the impact that we’re causing others but worried about our self sins?

Our body is fueled by an air, called the soul. We’re like balloons, once the air is out, we die. Whether you have a million, or you have a beer bottle in your hand, the moment the ‘air’ is out, you die. You’re single and you should be ready to mingle with the dead.

Which in return brings the question of why do we have so much hatred for the others? Why can’t we just love others? Why can’t we live our life as how we want it to be? Why haven’t we stop to think about that ultimately , we’re just some balloons filled  with air in this world, who would eventually release the air back to the earth and return to whoever who had created us?

We fail.

We fail to think that ultimately no one would be there to help us. We fail to think that only the sins that we carry would eventually be brought to judge our life in this world. We fail to think that none of what you have done to yourself will impact much, but rather all the things you’ve done to others.

The Law of Karma or any other you might name it, is in for real.

If you fail, no one can ever bail.

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    ^the trouble is that you, my friend have lived your life; you`d know what life is “in a way”. you`ve been a delinquent, boyfriend, best friend, son, sinner and a lot more – we arent that wise – arent we all ?

    It takes an individual a certain level of understand, about life that is… :)

    i would not be completely honest with you when i say “i know where you`r coming from” however count me in as a comparde in ya books will ya.
    Cause just like you my friend…

    “Why cant we all just be friend” …

    Great point of view

  • Linda

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    I think the bottom line is “do no harm”. we all do inadvertently.

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    Law of Karma,
    My friend always say: What goes around comes around.

  • varsha

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    but some sins can be washed away but ur good deeds I heard…Bt U have 2 do alot of good things 2 wash those sins away…. bt still hard rgt…
    Good POst!!!! :)

  • realist

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    Durai, if I may elaborate a bit…karma actually means actions (good & bad); the accumulation of which will determine the destination of a soul. Yes, life gets a lot easier if we have the `love others’ motto….Bad actions be it deeds or mere words may create negative energy in a soul. No one is perfect & we ought to help each other towards self realization.

  • Sudha

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    Well, I do post back walleta that I find or pass them to the balai if I pass by one ( I just hope the police doesn’t keep the purses/wallets to themselves ) because I know how it feels to be robbed ( countless times it has happened to me, I’m almost immune to the fact that I might lose my wallet anytime I walk on the street ). I also know how it felt not to have a handphone when you’re so upset, to even give a call to someone. Or have even a little money to get home. I know how it feels, so that’s exactly WHY i do not keep any wallets/purses that I find. Believing in Karma, I sincerely hope someday a good soul will return my wallet/purse if I lose it. =) But highly impossible since I always get robbed on purpose. =((( But yeah..what goes around comes around. I really really do hope karma bites the robbers in their asses, especially the two whom robbed my house last December. They were disrespectful to my grandparents and just RUDE in all ways possible.


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