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No permission had been asked prior to the write-up of this article; if any of those mentioned here would like me to remove your names, please contact me.

The fact that everyone likes to be recognized, and the urge to be known by the people around us would always kick in our brain. Almost all of us want to be respected amongst the people we’re living with, or at least shown some sort of respect for the work you might have done for them. People do things for a reason, which makes perfect sense if I were to say people blog for a reason.

Every blogger in this world today blogs for a reason. They have their own agenda. They have their own identity. Some writes for fame, some writes about game. Some writes about chicks that they’ve fucked, some writes about the places they’ve rocked.

Some has personal blogs. They often do not want the general public to know what’s happening in their world. I even know a blogger who only allows her boyfriend to read her blog. It can indeed be that special.

All of you who read my writings here would certainly read other blogs too. I’m very sure of that. With that said, I do have some personal favorites of mine too, which I’m going to recommend to most of you, and it might be an excellent reading. I’m also going to omit my partner,, since my partner is out of question when it comes to exceptional M1 blogging. Plus everyone who knows would know, which works in the opposite cycle too.

Let me tell you about top few bloggers which ranks high in my list: (Brother Kavilan) – Armed with an exceptional skill of writing in English, his incredible talent in writing using extraordinary words had impressed me , more than anything else. I have to say, most of the time; I have a hard time looking up dictionary in between reading his blogs. Excellent command of English (I mean EXCELLENT) combined with humor floods his blog with beautiful articles all the time. He hails from my area, Taman Sentosa,and the only blogger whom I know that comes from my area and have an impact in the Indian blogging world. (Brother Gobi) – With exceptional sense of humor, this man is very creative, and to only say he is very creative would be an understatement. He has an incredible sense of humor, packed with no nonsense and logic brain. He thinks more sensibly that most Indians out there and I personally believe he has a funny approach of what Indians out there are doing, to say the less. He packs punch in the way he writes and more than honest than me when it comes to writing, sadly; he blogs only once in a blue moon lately. (Sis Amu) – She is like the queen in the Indian blogging world. One of the few Malaysian Indian female blogger, she mostly talks about things that revolves around her, and she has a nice little touch on things. Subtle and strict in her own choice of words, you’ll find her blog content to be very soft in one article, and the next might be strict. A regular blogger for the past few years, it is a suprise how she could keep her blog regularly updated. She also has more pictures than you can imagine, which describes most of her post precisely. Ong) – Ironically, she hails from Indonesia but is very much interested in Indian culture. If you have time to read long articles, this is the first place you should head on. Never lacking in time to blog, she writes from politics to fuckheads. She is also not selective in her choice of words, and uses fucks whenever necessary. If you know what I mean. Each of her articles is detailed to the core, making you wanting more and more. Period. (Brother Raj)- He lacks only one thing in his blog, which is regular updates. He writes mostly M1 articles, although he might not realize it. One of the only people whom I know never lacking in Machans punch lines and words, he packs this words even in his comments and articles. – (Brother Naga) is a socio political blogger and needless to say, most of his articles contain humorous approach about the Malaysian political scene. He is currently in Australia, but that doesn’t stop him from being actively involved in the Malaysian political scene. A man with his own choice of patriotic words, he is more of a political writer tome. His words are flawless, and always punishing those who are careless. – One of the most frequent blog that I visit, it packs excellent stories, exactly whatever we need at that time. They even cater young babes and cute chicks in action for you. Guaranteed to give you what you need in the ‘Search’ column, this is a must visit site for all the guys out there. Millions of clips, each more exciting than the previous, and it’s guaranteed to wet your bed or drain your soap all over.

All right, you can ignore the last one. :P

Nevertheless,  every other blogs on my list, ‘Other Proud Indian Bloggers”  are fantastic bloggers, and worth a regular visit.

Needless to say, I might not be anywhere near the list, and I’m not trying to bribe any of them. It is like giving credit where it is due. I have my own favorites, because I’m a human. It doesn’t mean I do not like any other blogs. I visit a lot of Indian blogs often, since I have lots of free time.

Please do not take this as a blowjob-other-bloggers article of mine, rather take it as my personal opinion towards other bloggers; and to rate them for yourselves.

Which blog do you visit often? Or you have any comments about this blogs? Let’s share.

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