5 Deadly Sins

You will smell sarcasm all the way towards this article. Read the previous line again.

Let’s talk about something interesting today since yes; it has been a long time since we have a heated debate after concentrating too much on religious issues and chicks who are after blood.

Assuming that all of us are actually aligned or believe in religion, I can also safely place my bet that almost all of you are scared about the sins that you might have done. A tiny single thing, like killing the insects can be considered a sin.

Some people even think that being non-vegetarian is a sin. Some think that being vegetarian is a sin because it might cause imbalance in the cycle of life. It is totally up to the person to think and presume which is sin and which are not.

But then,

How can you actually add up sin to your already sinned life? How can you score and accumulate huge sin ‘points’? How do you strike 777 in the jackpot of sin? Let me guide you through to what I believe is the best way to do that.

1. Cheat a chick (pronounced – chit-ah-cic) – This trick always nicks the rest. It has been long debated that feelings are something that can never be fixed once they’ve been hurt, and even when it does, the excruciating pain would always come back once in a while. Much like that, if you’re planning to add up sin, you should learn to cheat a girl.

Try befriending a genuine girl (not those Friendster or Facebook fuckups), and then cheat them in the name of love. Hook ‘em, fuck ‘em, and leave ‘em. Let their genuine curse work their wonders. Pattini sabbam mathiri la…

If you want to score extra bonus points, try fucking as many as possible. But make sure they’re good girls first of all, because if she is a 18 year old bitch renting pussy to everyone, you both have to share the sin equally. In which you can loose up some valuable points.

2. Dump Your Parents – When you’re nearing your youth, disobey your parents, and bring shame to your family. How can you do that? Well, for an example, try taking drugs and then end up in jail or rehabilitation center. In which your parents would feel so ashamed and curse you, bringing you some sin points. Or you can also try stealing, and end up getting caught. You can also attempt to rob someone and then get killed by the police, so that you can bring more shame to the family for the rest of their life.

If you’re still alive after all that, once you’re old enough to survive on your own, throw out your parents. Make sure you cheat and get all of their properties and valuables, then chase them out. Watch with much satisfaction how they’re surviving on all those old folks home. This is guaranteed to score you huge bonus sin-points.

3. Kill To Feel – This is obviously and the easiest; plus the most known way to score sin-points. You just need to kill as many people as possible, and this only apply if you kill humans. Other type of living things might only score you tiny points. With that said, it is without doubt that serial killers are the luckiest lot, accumulating more and more as they rake their kills more and more.

By the way, this method also provides the opportunity to score some extra bonus points. While killing might sound easy, you can add up a little spice, perhaps by torturing your victims. Or raping them. Or you might want to kill their loved ones in front of their eyes. All in all, torture before murder would definitely hit the jackpot.

4.Greed The Root – Accumulate as much as wealth possible, and do not; and never give it away for anything, especially for charity. Even though you have something extra to give away, just spend it to get yourself hooked up with some chicks. Yes, you can only spend the money all for yourself.

When you see a beggar asking for money, curse him with all the bad words in the world. When you see a child begging for food, show them your garbage. When you see a child had been deprived from their education, close your eyes and curse their parents.

You must, bring in all your money with you, to the grave. Do not ever spend it for anything that can change the life of others, especially children’s. Remember, say ‘No To Charity’.

5. Spread the Hate – Live a life full of arrogance. The only person who is perfect in this world is you. At least that’s how you should think about yourself. Spread hatred amongst everyone who knows you. Despise and declare ‘war’ against anyone not aligned to your line of thinking.

Never respect or fear anyone. Curse the Almighty Creator all the time, and burst into laughter for the imperfect world He had created for us. Blame God or anyone around you for anything wrong happening in your life. Human race are meant for destruction, try to cause as much damage as possible. For each minute you’re causing imperfection and disaster in the life of others, you’re scoring major sin points in the background. This works more like a multi-level marketing business; you just spread it and then sleep while your point adds up in the background.

The above are the 5 deadly sins. Do all the above, or any, and you’re like striking the number 777 in the jackpot of sin. You will live the most fucked up life forever, and people would get disgusted at the very mention of your name. When you die, you won’t even have people to recite prayers without cursing you upfront.

If you do believe in heaven and hell, your soul would be fucked, whipped, burned, cracked, whacked and sodomized in hell. If you happen to be a very lucky person, you should be able to taste some of it when you’re alive.

I wish you Good luck in scoring your sin-points!

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    nice, deep and meaningful post…guess it comes from observation right? neither i felt funny nor sad but i do have a feeling after i read the post..its just that i dont know how to describe the feeling.

  • realist

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    i am somehow amazed at youlah…how can a person as young as you can have such profound ideas about sins. The style of expressing your thoughts also deserves an A+.I am just wondering if you had some people on your mind while decribing each of those deadly sins? i know someone having some similarities with sin no. 5 who caused huge problem in my life but this person would score zero for sin no. 4 . Being rich, this person has a lot of money to give out to garner support & the supporters are dragged to commit some degree of sin no. 5. *sigh* i wonder what is God’s formula to evaluate such people….

  • coolie

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    all are sinners….me, you, we all…
    Every matured adult knows what is wrong and right.

    What are you trying to convey bro?

  • Vana

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    I can draw some parallel to the 7 sins that I was ‘brain-washed’ to, greed, lust, sloth, ect… This is my 2 cents worth… such philosophies are mere hypothesises, even Confucius did not dare discuss about life after death and sins. Hindus have a system called Karma, which states that we reap what we sow, but it doesn’t tell what is good and what it bad. There is no yardstick to measure sins and there will never be on, or at least for now. Nice web-blog! Keep it up! Cheers!

  • Rapunzelle

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    hmm..very widely,wisely and straight forward words written..
    such a deep thinking article durai….even while readin it oso feels deadly …

  • inba2004k

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    like the last image

  • TrueGemini

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    if only everything was just plain black and white, not being a sinner would be much easier, dontya think? if life were that straighforward, we would not have any sinners at all
    its not easy to know whats the right thing, and thn perform the action after that..

  • Bastard

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    Guys look at this idiot. What a stupid fuck!!! LOL


  • nathi

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    Another great article..well written bro.keep it up!

  • linda

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    my answer is I doubt there is a god so concerned with our human faults and errors. We all are on a life journey with an obligation to be good to people, the pLanet , the animalS.
    WE OWE IT TO EACH OTHER TO “DO NO HARM” and exercise forgiveness.

  • Maya

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    Less of the talking….more of the listening….& understand

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    Well as-usual you write well, but somehow I never understood the intention of this post.


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