Oh Penang 2

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I love Penang.

Even though I’ve been there quit a number of times, each time it always provides me with something unique. It was just a sudden trip with my friends, and although Penang is not like I’ve visited another country, nevertheless each time the experience seems to be very exciting.

The reason we went to Penang, is actually nothing. First of all, I wanted so much to visit this new Kuan Yin statue, which never happened in my 1 day trip. We were so confused about what is the direction we should take to go Kek Lok Si temple that my friends finally decided to go against my idea.

Picture courtesy of Brother Giri

We had a nice evening beer in one of the chill out bar located in I’m-not-sure-where. The bar name is 007, weird. It’s a nice and cozy place to spend your afternoons. One jug cost us only Rm22 and the beer tasted just like its price tag, fucked up.


The best thing about Penang is their food. I do not have to tell you about the amount of variety they have over there, and it’s almost impossible to not find any food that you wish there.

I also met up with Brother Giri, who was kind enough to drop by a busy food stall where we were having our dinner on Saturday night. Dining by the seaside and having beer by the seaside; the experience, priceless.

Our whole activity over there revolved around this:

Food > Beer> Food> Liquor > Food and more food till we checked out the next day.

I was wondering the next day if we had done anything fruitful other than coming all the way to eat over in Penang. Nevertheless, food experience in Penang is worth traveling that many kilometers away from Selangor.

The next day before leaving, we managed to drop by to the famous Jalan Baru Muniswarar temple. I’m not sure if it’s because of Sunday; but the crowd there was huge. Devotees from all walks of life throng the place like it’s a festival. The statue of Muniswarar was superb and I managed to sneak some shot for you to see. It seems taking pictures inside the temple is illegal and I was even warned by one of the devotee there while taking the pictures. I couldn’t care less as I’ve taken pictures in much more unpleasant environment.

We offered the prayer items to Muniswarar and did not participate in the daily lunch that is offered there. The ironic thing that you can see in the ‘Daily Agenda’ of the temple is ‘Slaughtering of Goats’. It is scheduled every single day, and according to what I heard, each day, even though none of the devotees had offered sacrificial items, they still have goats in stock to be slain. On that particular day that we visited, they had slaughtered a total of 12 goats!

Here are some pictures of the temple:

Now, that is why I Love Penang. :)

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    go to Green Hall… with beer from Antarabangsa… and ikan bakar from Gurney Drive…

    dang, im nostalgic aledi…

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    if its 4 de food, then id say its worth 2 get out of selangor..hahah…went once 2 de temple…it was nice..but a lot of people..

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    what i like in Penang is : COCONUT ICE CREAM.. :) :) :)

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    hsha nice bro.. btw i staying near the jalan baru temple bro =p

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    Awwwwwwww…I am also going for holiday to Penang end of the year with family. My all time favorite : Char Keow Teow + Laksa. Nothing can beat the taste like in Penang :)

  • Ratheesh

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    yeah bro..you shoudve stopped at antarabangsa enterprise..and did you ‘managed’ to have lunch there at jalan baru? :D

  • linda

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    would love to see sometime!

  • lizard

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    bikin rosak name aku je….

  • realist

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    this deity is very special. At one time, i mentally withdrew my vow to slaughter a goat because of my new awareness that shouldn’t slaughter animals in the name of God. Somehow, some events took place in family which led to my husband (not knowing about my earlier vow)to vow the same. Eventually we fulfilled the vow. Penangites esp. Hindus have deep faith & have wonderful experiences of this great deity ….

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    penang’s 2nd bridge now under construction……
    i not even see(LIVE) the first bridge yet

  • A Girl

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    I’m a penangite myself living somewhere near Jalan Baru Muniswarar Temple, 5mins drive away. This temple is like super famous all around Malaysia among Muniswarar devotees. None of my loved one has made any vow to slaughter goats there but I’ve heard from those who made it saying that the deity is really powerful. Usually before major public examinations, students go there to get blessings and some guts though..haha.. Those who are not in peace also seek blessings from Him..and changes are obvious, it seems. Since those days, people around this area hold their children’s ear piercing ceremony here too..even mine was held there. :) My parents used to tell me stories about many who encountered Ayya walking around that area when it was yet to be developed(not anymore).

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    I luk blur in those pics :D

  • chandra

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    bro, did anyone have that jalan baru muniswara song, if anyone got this song pls upload. thanks…..

  • sara

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    Ayah’s miracles are great and he is so kind to fullfill our vows.


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    I too believe in this ‘ayya’. He is damn powerful when the love and devotion is true.

  • community Commentor

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    I luv penang for da awesome geographical positioning…da beach..FOOOODDD…Mmmg sedap giler..i m missin Penang now..ma machanz will b da best companion i could tink off to hit Penang again SOOONNNNNN…Jalan Baru Ayya is reli fantastic,those who hav neva been, try hittin his shrine atleast for once..but then as for nw, temple under refurbishment n rebuilding process..Ayya could be felt during the poojai tym..he reli does help n assist u in life..


  • kleonix

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    hey!!i just came across this post!i got so excited seeing this post since im a diehard penangite!hehe..and the temple is practically next door to my house..its under renovation now,massive upgrade going on..you should come for the kumbhabishegam..guess the constructions will be over by this year..will definitely invite u for the event!God bless u..


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