Happy New Year Macha!

We’re at the end of it again, and a New Year starts, and some of you might be writing down new resolution, some of you might be thinking about your accomplishment in 2009. I’ll be in PD this year, due to budget constraints.

Now, let’s make this simple, and basing on my articles, I would recap what had happened in 2009.


Kugan was killed in police custody, in which it created a major uproar in the Indian society, and since we have like millions of Indian political parties in Malaysia, all of them were fighting with each other to gain some political mileage. To show that they care, of course. The issue eventually died down, and the fuckers started concentrating on how to save temples instead.


It was my birthday month, and a week before that I was in Thailand, precisely on Valentine’s Day. Thailand was awesome as expected, and a trip not to forget. Savadi-Kap.


This month marked the 1st anniversary of Ragedindian.com. 1 year of blogging, and it brought back lots of memories, plus how much the few comments that you’ve left had inspired me to continue blogging and entertaining you about what’s happening from Machans to Machiz to everything in between.


Another trip, this time to Kenyir, solely dedicated to our favorite sport; fishing. Kenyir is an awesome place to visit and unwind, and no fishing experience is ever complete for anyone without a trip to Kenyir, or so I thought. Another highlight is the article ‘Durai Likes This‘.


Together with my partner in crime, we organized the first charity for 2009, to raise funds for the underprivileged children in one of the Tamil schools. Thanks to you, my awesome readers, we managed to gather a handsome amount of money to help those poor souls, who was in dire need of education related funds.

It was also this month that I was diagnosed with ‘cancer‘.


Mid-year and this is when the controversial Muar Kali issue started. It proved to be the major hit article of the year, with plenty more articles following related to the issue.


It was this month I discovered that girls were more interested in calling me ‘anneh’ than anything else in this world. Reason unknown, I continued to ponder upon on what might have transpired that had lead to this ‘brother’ image of mine.


I was in Indonesia. The trip was actually to send back my friends maid all the way back to her hometown in Kepulauan Karimun , Indonesia. It proved to an eye-opening trip where we discovered how poverty is affecting the daily lives of people in the neighboring country, and how better we are off in Malaysia.


Lover boy Lines’, written precisely to give you an insight view of how Indian guys in Malaysia are using pathetic pick up lines in order to get into the girls pants. I also wrote about how Hinduism had been deviated and practiced in a different style, to suit everyone daily needs.


My never ending preaching about how we should help schools instead of temples continued here, and the articles on this month revolved around this niche. I continued to push on another charity, again for the same Tamil school, together with my best friends. It was meant for a Deepavali celebration for the kids.


I learned that I have such ardent fans following my blog that they actually opened up a blog especially for me and my friends. The modus operandi unknown and I had little interest in finding out who was behind the blog.

More Indians were shot dead this month, and another article dedicated on how you should not fuck up with the police was written by me.


It’s the last month of the year, and I put on some pictures about my tattoos, because that is one thing I haven’t talked about in this blog.

I concluded this year with a high note, notably continuing with yet another charity (currently running), and vowed to hook up if I could achieve my objective.

Well, that so much concludes much on what had transpired for 2009. It’s been another wonderful year for me, and I hope it has been for you too. I know most of you have plans for your New Year, and my humble request is if you could spare a couple or few red notes to be donated for the upcoming charity. You will be blessed, I’m sure :)

Be careful with your celebrations, drink all you want but do not harm others, and have a safe trip wherever you’re going for this New Year. A New Year, and a new beginning, and I promise I will continue to entertain you as much as I could. Please forgive me for all the ‘war’ I had engaged with you, and all my vulgar words and abuses that I’ve thrown. Forgive my sins, so that I can start fresh next year :)

I wish all the Machans, and my Machiz, my friends, and all of you wonderful readers who had supported my cause for 2009, a happy and wonderful New Year.

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  • Nickolas

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    Happy new year brotha!


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  • arvind

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    yen iniya puthande nal valthukal…..
    all r invited to my home, plz do drop by… i have many rooms for u all.
    rooms with proper beds,
    3 meals/day provided for tiz new year bash…
    juzt take ktm n drop by PENJARA KAJANG…. im juz kidding lol!

  • arvind

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    durai…nice meeting u … after 7 months reading ur blog… im sending comments to u..’

    well done bro…
    other visitors n commentors keep ur work …we need to read n gain knowledge. there’s no harm in reading. Happy New Year All Indians. I luv u all.

  • boy

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    happy new year bro!

  • ApRiL

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    that was a refined recap..looking forward for more interesting blogs,keep up a good job duDe! :D

  • ApRiL

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    HaPPy New YeaR 10′ duRai! that was a refined recap..looking forward for more interesting blogs,keep up a good job duDe! :D

  • sss

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    HAppy New Year to all makkez out there…Durai Keep On Rockin !

  • puranie

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    GoOd jOb BrO!!! KeEp On WrItiNg N wE wIlL KeEp On ComMent!! CheErZ!!!

  • linda

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    the world is a better place with you in it!1 thanks for the fun and informative blog!!

  • nathi

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    Happy new year durai..

  • Precious

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    hello there, i just started reading ur blogs today. its amazin.

  • savundra

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    hepi new year anne… :)

  • Subra

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    Just wanted to leave a note here about what I saw during Christmas and New Year at a beautiful jogging track in Klang.
    I was jogging, as I usually do, on the morning of Christmas and New Year and as I was coming down a slope where there is a shed for tired joggers to rest. And what I saw there left me so embarrassed, that I made me puke. I 5 Indian youths between the ages of 20 and 40, partying away under loud Indian songs, with glasses of beeer and whisky and cigarrettes everuywhere. With the many empty bottles lying around I guess they must have been drinking from the privious night. At least 3 of them were without their shirt on and 2 others had their pants way down their bottocks. One of the guys was lying on the grass and I guess he must have vomitted. This was so embarrassing and I had with me a couple of Malay and Chinese joggers muttering away something, must have cursed these idiots. This was ona Christams day.
    A similar scene was also seen on New Year’s day on the Car park which is facing teh jogging grounds. This was even worse since these idiots were occupying precious car park space meant for the many joggers who patronise the grounds. The talk was loud with filthy words and that was another bloody embarrassing sight. Why or why is this happening………….

  • Maya

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    Durai…keep being different…it inspires me

  • Sudha

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    Regarding your July issue, I think ( THINK ONLY AH ) it’s because it’s a natural response as a human. If you met a girl whom wrote openly like this in her blog about guys ( add bad words ), you would definitely be cautious of her, right? Same for girls la. I bet a lot of them just built a wall around them not get emotionally attached to you. But…you just write what most people think but do not say out or pen it down, so I still respect your honesty. Honesty is truly the best policy in any case.


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