I know some of you do not like the idea. Some of you are sitting on the fence(no comments). Some of you said why not? So, this is how I’ve decided. Every time I feel I may not be able to update my blog for a long period of time(which will be unlikely),  ghost writers […]

Fucking Young and the Consequences

I heard all of you loud and clear about the ghost writer part. I’m still considering. Thank you so much for your inputs, it was extremely useful. Doctor: Vangge, ena achi udembeke? (Hi, what’s wrong with you?) Meenachi : Ore vaithe valiyah iruke doctor.( I’m having heavy stomach pain doctor) Doctor: Engge valikethe, period pain […]

Ghost Writer

I’ve been thinking hard. I’ve been thinking while I’m drinking : I’ve been thinking while I’m sleeping: I’ve been thinking while I’m watching porn: I’ve been thinking while I’m fast asleep: I’ve been thinking while I’m working: I’ve been thinking hard.

Gangster’s Paradise

Obviously, Happy Ponggal to all and may you be blessed with more and more wealth and you donate more and more for the cause of charity Please also take note that the due date for charity money collection is on the 22nd of January. For those who have donated, please check if your name and […]


As expected, things will get far busier this year compared to the last. As much as I want to keep on typing again and again, and trying to find new ideas to write about something, sometimes the mental block is just not helping enough for me to produce something productive. The only productive part that […]

Words From You

Let’s start 2010 with something that will lift up my spirit. You see, let’s say you have a talent in singing. You start singing in a event, and out of the 10 people there, 1 decided to come forward and drop you a word of encouragement about your talent. How would you feel? Encouraged and […]