As expected, things will get far busier this year compared to the last. As much as I want to keep on typing again and again, and trying to find new ideas to write about something, sometimes the mental block is just not helping enough for me to produce something productive. The only productive part that works all the time is the one that is producing sperm in my body.

And I have issues as usual, some ‘Indian pondans’ seems to be so much interested in giving me a blowjob that they always try to find a way to fuck me up over in Facebook. They always try to find a reason to fuck me up for everything I do, which usually only happens here in my blog. I’ll talk about this later (a dedicated topic).

So yes, I’m sipping my cheap beer, and I came up to my room as I suddenly thought about something after watching TV. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about something movies related, after talking about Vijay once.

Let me describe some of the Tamil movie heroes in my view (a fictional view):

T.Rajendar: a.k.a Karadi Mama a.k.a Tadi Daddy , is one of the most self-recognized Tamil movie star of all time. He is the proudest person on earth, and the only thing he is mostly proud of is himself. Not taller than a Samurai sword, he packs a massive 100 kg meat in between this stature and dares to seduce Mumtaz in his latest movie. Mumtaz, with all her glory look as a sensual star, begged T.Rajendar not to include her in his movies cast, in which T.Rajendar got so upset he literally started reading out some poems to charm Mumtaz. Mumtaz reluctantly agreed to act in the movie which provided the best household comedy movie after a long time. T.Rajendar is very fond of ‘Thangachi'(sister), and all his movies packs sister sentiments. The film name is Karuvasamy later changed to Veerasamy due to naming rights.

Vijay a.k.a Little Superstar: Another monkey on the loose who jumps literally from the building in ‘Kuruvi’ all the way to another building in the the movie ‘Villu’. He is currently trying to take up the role of Superstar Rajnikanth, by singing songs of ‘self-praise’ as his intro song in each of his movies. He does not take up different roles or test himself like actors his generation, but his stunts are reported to have already overtaken that of Vijayakanth. His latest movie, Vettaikaran, is about a story of him shooting down some wild boars in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. A girl, name Anuksha, had her orgasm for the first time in life when she saw Vijay shooting down wild boars, subsequently falling in love with him. The villain did not like the idea of Vijay marrying Anuksha, in which he attempted to rape her. Vijay took his ‘wild-boar’ shotgun, and shot the villain to death and since she was already in bed, they both had their ‘first night’ there and then. The movie ended with a dance by Vijay.

Prasanth: He had his high when the movie he acted with Aiswarya Rai, titled ‘Jeans’ became a major hit. Although the movie was not that unique, eventually it became a major hit because of Aiswarya Rai. Prasanth lacks only one talent in acting, which is acting. He do not dance, sing or act well and hardly had taken up any challenging roles. Since the movie ‘Jeans’, he had acted in scores of other ‘flop’ movies, and recently he had been reported to be taking up another project as a sequence to ‘Jeans’, which is ‘Underpants’, starring Vijay as heroine(Vijay wants to do a girl character). It is being controversially discusssed whether the kissing scene between Vijay and Prasanth should be censored or not.

Sibiraj a.k.a SappiRaj: The son of the famous legendary actor Sathyaraj, is born with no talent whatsoever in acting. His father tried to introduce his son to the cinema world, but his action had failed miserably. Combining stupid jokes and chubby looks, his film flops all the time in Tamil movie industry. Yet, he makes a comeback again and again, although none of his films were entertaining or at least worth watching. After acting in ‘Student No 1′, he is currently involved with another movie called ‘Threesome is Awesome’, co-starring Vijay and Prasanth. The movie is about a triangle gay relationship between all 3 of them. It is being discussed this movie might finally give the break to Sibiraj in Tamil movie industry.

And the best of the rest is of course, the little known Ultimate Movie Star -Sam Anderson. Combining muscles, fierce looks, second to none other than Sivaji when it comes to acting, this guy had rocked Tamil cinema world with only one movie, titled ‘Yaaruku Yaaro’. This controversial romantic movie did not do well in box office, mainly because people just could not digest his talents in acting. Each of his scenes pack raw action, and while you may feel happy in the first few minutes, the next minute you might cry your heart out because of the sentiments the movie packs. His only film; and the hit song ‘Rasathi’ became a household song that literally most of the teenagers in Malaysia started setting it as their ringtones. Micheal Jackson once said before his departure ‚ÄúThat I’m not leaving this world without leaving you anything, I’m leaving you Sam Anderson”, when asked to comment about Sam Anderson dance tricks. Micheal Jackson was not wrong, look at how he dances:

All those written above are just for humor purpose and please don’t take it by heart if you happen to be their fan, and I don’t give a fuck if you do.

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