Gangster’s Paradise

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What triggers someone to be violent? What is actually the lead cause that put some men behind bars? Why are there so many Indian Machans rotting in jail, and coming out just to do the same thing and get back into jail?

You see, a normal conversation between your friends would somehow lead to talking about fights and gangsterism. If you happen to be Indian and your friends are those Machans who dedicate their life to be Indian ‘Spartans’, you would most probably hear them talking about the crime and the fights they had been involved in.

Let’s talk scenario:

Machan 1 : Macha, punde orethen ena pathe morechethanda,erenggi adiye kalepuvom va.(Macha, one guy stared at me la, let’s go and whack the shit out of him)

Machan 2 : Uneh patha, evanda athe? Va patherevom!Punde nambe area leyeh nambeleh pathe morekiranah?(Staring at you, who is that? Our area and how dare he stare at you?)

Durai : Dei, itheke ethekeda sande, udenggeda.(Dei, why fight for all this petty reason, just leave it )

Machan 1 : Dei punde surrenggerathe da.Va pathuruvom enathe ne.(Don’t be a pussy la. Let’s go and check out)

Now see, Indians are the only species in the world, more over in Malaysia, who will fight if someone is looking at them. It is not known why and how this type of ‘disease’ started, but it had spread to mostly all the Indian teenagers in Malaysia. Rule number 1 when you meet an Indian is do not stare at them, or they might think you’re going to fuck them and may retaliate.

And Indian Machans has this tendency to talk only about ‘fights’ whenever they meet up for a drink and so on. It just gets them going to talk about fights they had, or bragging about how much blood was coming out from the person he whacked the other day.

Let me tell you the truth about fighting. You see, fighting is necessary to defend yourself, that’s true. But fighting over a pussy or anything else is not worth it, because it may lead to fatality. Do you roughly know how many Indians lose their life during gangsterism fights?

Whenever I walk a bunch of 20’s something teenagers, all they talk about is running away from the police and yet another fight. Hardly would they have fought, but the amount of violence they portray in their mouth is unbearable. I still remember a fight in my neighborhood, where the guy had a scratch in his forehead, mind you it didn’t even bleed; and the guy who scratched the other guys’ head went around telling that he had whacked the guy till he had blood all over his face, something like ;

“Aven munje punde ellam odenjeriche macha, punde adi kalepiuthen’
(His face was totally disfigured, I whacked the shit out of him)

Sigh, so much so for a mere scratch.

There is totally nothing to be proud of if you’re involved in gangsterism. Let’s put a scenario:

You were drinking in a restaurant and a few Indian thugs’ walks in and started creating problems with you. What do you do?

For me(as of now), I would just simply walk away and find another place to drink. For the Machans I mentioned above, they would immediately reply:

“Na fight kudepenla, erenggi thiripi adipen la, potte mathiri oliye soldreyah”
(I will fight back, will whack them back, you want me to hide like a pussy?)

Machan, it’s all right to be a pussy then to die for no reason. Most Indians die because of their ego sometimes, they pretend to be so daring they die unnecessarily. Isn’t it true?

Be a ‘potte’ ka, ‘kotte’ ka, takda kisah,as long as you’re alive at the end of the day. What is the most important thing in life? Being alive for fucks sake, what is the point of getting into fights and risk in fatality? What if someone accidentally chops of your hands? You would have to wash your ass and eat with the same hand la fuckers!

Now, you tell me what is the point of being gangsters? Do they provide you with EPF and Socso eh? Be logic, if you’re whacking the shit out of one person with no strong justification, you’re actually creating more enemies. Do you think the person you’ve whacked will keep quiet? Of course he would come back to hunt you, and there you go losing your dick hiding.

Ena machan, puas ileyah!(Depicts common dialogue spoken during fights)

Dei Machan, simple la. If let’s say you’re so daring in fighting and would dare to whack the shit out of any person, why hide after fighting? Why go all the way somewhere after whacking someone? Or why hide from the police when you’re wanted? That indirectly means you’re a pussy yourself, isn’t it?

And then comes some politic fucks who say that Indians gangsters are coming from uneducated families and they’re actually striving to provide better education to eradicate gangsterism. Which is total bullshit of course, because almost all the gangsters in urban areas come from educated families. Motivational courses, getting them involved in sports (because Indians fight even during a football match), political involvement, or whatever shit is not going to help them.

It’s just their own brains in the end. I would dare to bet that if he is a teenager and on his way to be a wannabe gangster, nothing could ever change his mind (except for a pussy sometimes, influenced by Tamil movies of course). Just nothing could change his mind, except to think using his own brains.

As simple as this la Machans, here’s some advice.

1. If you fight with someone, you risk loosing your life, or he might accidentally chop off your testicles, and people would simply say you’ve got no balls no matter how many fights you get involved in after that.

2. You would find more enemies to be added to your list, and you will be leading a life waiting for someone to pounce on you. You have to be careful even while fucking your wife, as someone might just come over, kill you , and fuck her instead.

3. People fear you(not respect),and the only girls who might get excited having the sight of you is some Kambethe Kamachis who got influenced by Tamil songs.

4. You simply won’t be peaceful after the blood agonies you’ve caused others.

So, is it worth it to be a gangster?

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    A very simple definition of “looking” in two different dictionaries:-

    Looking – an act of looking
    > an expression of a feeling or thought by looking in a particular way; eg: “he gave me a funny look”

    2)Nambe alungeh Oxford
    Pakurangeh – look uderangeh
    > yethu parthalum morikereh mathiri tha irukum; eg: “saprah mathiri pakuran lah avan”

    On gangsterism issue, i have no idea on how to tacke this issue “off” from our Indian community. Who to be blamed? Environment/friends/parents/money/etc? We have two choices: continue to blame the world for our stress or take responsibility for own reactions and deliberately change our emotional climate!!~

  • gobein17

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    very good statement here Durai!! hope our community will change

  • lone-ranger

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    I can’t remember how I came into this blog but it happened couple of months ago while surfing and been reading it occasionally. The freedom to speak and write is essential to all of us though I don’t quite agree with your article sometimes but again that’s the freedom we want to keep us moving over time and space.

    On this article – you quoted “Indian Spartans”. Dammm wrong durai. The “Spartans” are born warriors and “Sparta” was an army camp of her own. The “spartans” will return with glory after a fight or war with shields high, the injured treated and dead buried with full ceremony. It was a national pride for “spartans” and that’s what they live for.

    Whereas our “taikos”, after a fight – go missing, go hiding, while many looking for them to finish off the uncompleted business. It’s the same for all here. When failed an examination in school and coming back home with red marks in report-card is not an option.. if seen smoking and its going to be reported to home… delaying the ETA to home was common and is the only option or better still don’t comeback home. Thats our society. We been molded as such.

    And for the “police”, we just look south 400kms from Kuala Lumpur. Yes.. Singapore !!!, they are not perfect but comparing with ours.. they deserve five stars. If you are a public nuisance, you are fucked. Go behind bars. Even try to “pau” any foreign laborers, you fucked too by the police. No “encik”, No “tuan”, No “maaf”, No “kautim”, No “settling”. Pay the shit out for the crime and worst if the effected party goes for a civil suit.

    Those who are hanged in your country for drug cases is considered unlucky. The “tuans” just decided to fulfill the quota for their “KPI” or some angel suddenly decided fly circling around their head. The lucky ones will have the 1kg seized reduced to few hundred grams with $$$- “kautim” and maybe 5-10 years behind bars. So where is the balance grams ? Its valuable.. stupid !!!.. back to the streets and start all over again. So the “taiko” finishes his term and comes out and now he got more stories to tell to his “machais”. Hell.. start again.. must recover the $$$-“kautim” losses. Brilliantly the “taiko” diversify the business activity after completing “post graduate” behind bars. Contacts thru-out country.. supply contacts.. marketing contacts.. end-user contacts..”kautim” contacts. After a while its too hot for everyone.. competition.. BANG!! BANG!! BANG!! – “semasa membuat rondaan .. nampak kereta.. megarahkan untuk berhenti.. pandu laju.. lima keluar.. lepaskan BANG !!!.. membalas BANG !!!.. bungkus.

    Hundreds of reason for all this to happen. If crop it carefully, many issues will heal automatically. Don’t need to heal one-by-one. For start.. reduce the duty for alcohol and spirit.. yeah.. yeah.. I can dream on….

  • Jim Carrey

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    I do believe he was using the term ‘spartans’ sarcastically, Leonidas.

  • lizard

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    There is nothing important than keeping your self alive- Afeni

  • realist

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    Good observations.First I thought `what’s the point Durai venting out his frustations since the gangsters won’t be interested to read this blog’. On 2nd thoughts, maybe some wannabe gangsters like schoolgoing teenagers wud be reading it. So it is still worth highlighting.

    Staring can trigger fights ah? omg. I am trying to figure out this phenomenon. If we feel good abt ourselves, we wudn’t mind people looking or staring at us.This group may be feeling lousy abt themselves but couldn’t face that reality. In a bid to feel good abt themselves, they take the wrong path & fail in the long run. You see, the best trophy for any human is recognition. Probably these group have no will power & determination to get recognised for worthwhile matters e.g. academic excellence, business skills,social skills, talents, wealth, discipline etc etc..

  • Max

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    I was a KL sprinter during my school days, and one day i went to a another school sports bcoz i was invited as pelari jemputan…one bunch of indian guys came to me and their leader mentioned that i stared at their gang which i reli dun remember i did…b4 i cud clarify,he bang me on the head…and he’s bad luck,he got real bashing from me…his gang did not even helped him,instead just stopped the fight…
    school officials came and since he was bleeding,i was to blame for the fight…and majlis sukan sekolah kuala lumpur took disiplinary action on me and fired me as a state runner…i was a well known student for my academic n sports achievement in school…n this incident spoilt everything…after the incident,that punde came to my school to settle the score with me since he was bashed up the last time…finally getting to know he was my school fren’s fren….n things was settle…i shud hav bash him up for live for what he has done to me…damn this kind of indians…but i proved one thing that academically first class macha’s are better fighters than those claiming themselves as gangsters…

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    kalu ‘ram’ pon salah jugak bang..

  • Rapunzelle

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    “What if someone accidentally chops of your hands? You would have to wash your ass and eat with the same hand la fuckers!”
    LOLxx really funny ….
    and to mention not only our machans even our kamachis nowadays r into gangsterism d ….even gals oso cannot look at gals ..problemo..
    by being silent n leavin da place is da best to be alive n to live in peace.

  • Nameless

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    And yet everyone gets upset when I call this fellows PARIAHS!!! Para payen

  • djrufio

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    Guys, The best thing to do is, just walk away or leave that place…. indians are going down the drains day by day….they will never learn nor listen to anyone. They are so into this self satisfaction and their urge to fuck up, comes from deep inside their heart which of course they have obtained through several tamil movies. Come on guys…stop initiating fights. Read the below and try to understand it…

    He who has thousands of frends,
    Has no frends to spare,
    but he who has an enemy,
    shall meet him everywhere.

    When you really in need of help, you won’t be able to find any frends around you but you will alwiz bump into that one enemy wherever you go.

  • rajkumar

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    to bro max….u asked for it..vayeh mudikithu summa iruntha it would have not happened..definately they had authorities at the school that you could have reported the incident..but u just became a standard machan when u said.. i shud hav bash him up for live for what he has done to me…damn this kind of indians…aruve pundei iruke..kalau dia mampus..consider yourself pun mampus la …


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