Ghost Writer

I’ve been thinking hard.

I’ve been thinking while I’m drinking :

I’ve been thinking while I’m sleeping:

I’ve been thinking while I’m watching porn:

I’ve been thinking while I’m fast asleep:

I’ve been thinking while I’m working:

I’ve been thinking hard.

Should I get a ghost writer? As you can see, I’ve been writing like between a gap of 4-5 days. I do feel that if it’s updated more in a regular basis, it should be fun and entertaining, and at least you have something new everyday or another. Ghost writer’s or guest writer’s should be able to feel the gap, in which the person would be writing more or less like how I’m writing now, basing on my niche.Not like I really care how regularly I update, but since the absence of Makkez, I find it might be less entertaining to you, and since lots of Makkez reader are being redirected here, I do have lots of people reading this blog now. I mean more than I had ever expected.

And you should at least have some things to think about every morning or another. Or something to laugh at.

So, should I get someone to write? I have a few person in mind, and there is one person who is ready to write.  I’ll let you decide. I need your inputs, leave your comments, doesn’t matter whether you’re silent reader or the regulars, just leave something for me to decide upon.

The question is: Would you like to see more articles over here(I promise it will be similar style even if there is a ghost writer), or should I be the only author for this blog?

Share your inputs. (Don’t just read and leave even at this decision making time)

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  • Anony

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    I tink u must get some1 to write. more artikel, more entertaining.but make sure he is ragedindian part 2ahahaha

  • Dhurga

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    It’s ultimately up to you Durai. However, in the event that you get a ghost/guest writer, make sure he or she base their writing with respect to your style of writing.

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    as long as the ghost writer’s in tune with your style, it’ll be worth it…

    but, taking into account tat ur readers have been increasing, it shows that a lot of ppl are in tune wit ur writings… and they are prepared to wait…. articles dont need to come thick and fast… just as long as they’re good, ppl will come and read… plus, if ur ghost writer slacks in quality, u’ll experience a user dip…

  • Maya

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    No…please don’t get a ghost writer…

    It has to be purely you…

    Even if that means every few days…

    No other words for it

  • Geetha

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    Hi Durai, I sincerely hope you will not decide to get a ghost writer. Each person have their own style of writing. Even if you make sure whatever the other person writes is in tune to yours, it will not be the same. Keep writing !!!

  • LB

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    Hi partner, i think if it’s really difficult to write certain days when you are busy than a ghost write seems like a good idea but than this is your blog, it will be interesting to wait few days to see what you going to write next, though i might not agree with some of the things that you write, i do visit the site almost everyday,this is your page, your thoughts and the way you see life, would be boring if someone else was writing the same way you do or tried copying your style,but it could be super fun if you got a writer that writes funny things just in general without any personal touches, in that way when you are not available to write, your loyal visitors still can entertain themselves while waiting for your post to come up. Just a humble opinion from your ex post commenter, and present silent reader!

  • I'macoward

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    Maybe u can train a monkey to blog for you.

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    You created RagedIndian & the writer should be solely you. Unless, you create a new blog (subsidiary blog :p) in which anyone at anywhere around the globe has the chance to contribute their articles/stories/etc. Hence, I think the writer should always & at all time be Yourself only.


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    if the ghost writer can write something like you then why not?

    p/s: bro i registered dotcom redi :P

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    *I’m back* :)

    By the way, no harm in finding a ghost writer bro. However, it would be better if this post includes a poll as well so that you would get a better result.

    IMHO, I do feel that this blog solely belongs to you and it is your identity. Whenever people mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind should be Durai! :)

    If that on-call ghost writer that you mentioned really loves to write on your blog, why don’t that person start one? I can help on the hosting / domain part, if that person is willing to. I do believe that there would be some discrepancies in having multiple sub-bloggers under one roof, unless this is a information sharing blog. :)

    Let us keep on waiting for your next post bro, angge than thrill ee irukke.. :D

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    Urrmmmm….Ghost writer also ghost writer la….As long its your style and its sumthing fun and entertaining…. :P

  • Rapunzelle

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    its not ghost rider is fine … :) nyway its ur blog n u decide but still it wont be da same…i mean once in a while u take a break its fine.or maybe u can set up another column in this blog for others to put up their articles or da ghost writer column…as long as no misusage n stains in ur blog, got wat i mean…up to u bro.. ;)

  • Asha GaL

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    Hi Durai,

    First time commenting in ur blog… So far, nothing made me to type any comments for ur stories, but today you made me to comment because of ur last paragraph: (Don’t just read and leave even at this decision making time).. I wud prefer you as the only writer in ur blog as many other readers prefer the same… Because an individual’s style and trend of writing cannot be compared one to another. So, moral of the story is: U be the Primary & only 1 for your blog.. In a way, by having a 1 n only gud writer like u, it makes all the readers eagerly waiting for ur new stories each day.. thats sounds gud rite?? ;)

    Asha ;)

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    i dunt mind you taking break once a while…but mayb u cn seet up a separate page..4 inveted writer…as long as the other writer goes with M1 style….

  • Raj_kL

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    Durai,I think u’ve maintained very well so far with yr blog.And its yr writing and article tht attracted all of us keep following yr blog.So let it be you only!!!Keep writing.

  • PremJey

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    ragedindian = durai + M1 style

    No for Ghost Writer

  • thilak

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    yea bro why not….

  • ApRiL

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    Hey dude…this blog belongs solely to you,i personally think that just a big NO to the ‘ghost writer’…just have a second thought about that..keep rocking as usual..:D

  • TrueGemini

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    hehe..durai..a comment up there is funny/and i quote,’maybe u can train a monkey to write for indirect sort of an insult wei

  • kaely

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    your blog, you be the only writer la kumar. dowan to read anyone else’s :)

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    you should be the only writer for this blog…but occasionally you can post some articles by the ghost writers which YOU think is worth a spot in your blog…Peace and keep on writing mate!


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