Tamil School Charity(3)

Total spend for the charity and cost would be listed soon. This article contains lots of pictures, please be patient while it loads. As expected, this post would be all about the charity we conducted on the 22nd of February. The previous night, I was in KFC to order all the items needed for the […]

Hear This

This is going to be a long article. Read all, and when you have much time You know, life is all about growing up. If you don’t grow up or don’t mature enough mentally by your age, people start to criticize you. Much like that, we all go through a period of growing up, improvising […]

Types of Males

Here goes the 2nd article by another ghost writer. This article is superbly written and not lacking anything in terms of humor either. Written as a sarcastic factual review about types of male, this should definitely make your day.  Drop in your words to encourage her. My fair share of male analysis has resulted in […]

Cheating Indian Girls For Dummies 2

Happy Valentine’s Day All! This article is written in accordance to what is happening generally nowadays. Girls should read this on how guys are trying to get into your pants. The article works in a opposing way for the girls, like what you should expect and avoid when a guy approaches you in the way […]

The Eerie Snore(True Story)

Somehow I feel like I’ve written the most fucked up article(albeit a true story) in the ‘history’ of writing here in Ragedindian.com. So, my mistake, sorry and I promise a better article next time. This article is beyond repair. (This is added after the article had been published) I have lots of new readers here, […]

The Plan – Charity

So, yes, with the first part of the charity over, let’s go on to the second part. Before that, I would like to say huge thanks for all those who had supported my cause for this current charity. The initial target of RM 1000 was broken way out of record, with a total collection of […]

Thaipusam and the Vow

Well, as you might have expected, Thaipusam is over and this post would be dedicated entirely for my experience during Thaipusam. I would separate this article and tell you the story in a chapter by chapter sequence. That way, I guess it would make a better understanding. It will be accompanied by lots of pictures, […]