The Plan – Charity

So, yes, with the first part of the charity over, let’s go on to the second part.

Before that, I would like to say huge thanks for all those who had supported my cause for this current charity. The initial target of RM 1000 was broken way out of record, with a total collection of RM 2550. Now, that’s something a bit of a miracle for a small time blogger like me. Tears are running down my cheek (sentiment yang terlampau).

I remember telling my friend that within the first few days of announcing the charity plan, I’ve already reached the target of RM1000; perhaps people just love to get me hooked for all the shit I talk.

Let’s get down to business then.

The details of the charity plan are below:

Date: 22nd February 2010 (Monday)(weekends cant, because need to be schooling days)
Time: Morning (10.00 am)
School: SJKT Pulau Carey Selatan

Participants: Anyone is welcomed. You do not necessarily need to be the person who had donated, as long as you read here, you’re welcomed. It would definitely be a nice experience, I can assure you. Brother Makkez, Brother Vasu and I would lead the way. If you want to tag along, please inform me, just leave up a comment on this post or contact or sms me (0166912456, don’t bloody miss call) or Brother Makkez (0176010610).

Now, basic items, which we usually provide the school with, consist of stationeries and their normal exercise books. According to my calculations, all in all, everything should cost between RM 1300 to RM 1500. We still have another RM 1000+ left, in which I need you; the people who have donated, to let me know what to do with your money.

My plan B is to use the remaining money to provide stationeries and exercise books to another school, which is SKJT Pulau Carey Timur. I need the people who have donated to decide on this, as I can’t throw your money to anything that I decide. Leave your comments here; agree or disagree or if you have any other suggestions. I’m open to suggestions, maybe if you have anyone (a family or sort of who is in dire need of help), you can let me know.

The list below contains the complete details of people who have donated; please check and confirm if your name and the amount you’ve transferred is listed correctly. I would appreciate your confirmation, so that no future confusion arise whether I have used your money to buy me a ’99’ bottle.

Durai  : RM 100

Brother IP : RM 101

Brother Deva : RM 50

Brother Lizard : RM 50

True Gemini : RM 100

G : RM 100

Brother Kavilan (Klang, S’gor) :RM 100

Viji : RM 50

Geetha : RM 50

Brother Sri : RM 100

Sis Shaila : RM 1000

Bytes : RM 50

Brother PremJey : RM 100

Brother Vasu : RM 200

Kamini : RM 100

Nithz : RM 50

Brother Deven : RM 50

Brother Makkez : RM 50

Dr. Mga :  RM 100

Dharshini (Makkez) : RM 50

P.S: After the charity, there might be a small party since it’s my birthday . If you drink, we can turun Banting Kalle Thoppe to have few rounds. Or the nearby beach. It can be a nice get-to-know-each-other session :)

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