The Eerie Snore(True Story)

Somehow I feel like I’ve written the most fucked up article(albeit a true story) in the ‘history’ of writing here in So, my mistake, sorry and I promise a better article next time. This article is beyond repair. (This is added after the article had been published)

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The below few episodes of stories are true stories happened to my uncle and aunty who lives in Perak. I was around the age of 13 when I visited my uncles’ house for my school holidays. Some of this incidents happened during my stay there. There are, of course, a lot more incidents like this that happened.Name and place had been changed due to privacy.


The sound of someone scratching the door outside is loud and clear. Next, the same person is thumping on the window beside the door. The well built shape appears to be calling out a name. What name and what it is referring to appears to be a puzzle for my aunty.

The person continues to scratch the door. When my aunty opened the door, she saw my uncle, Samy lying down on the doorstep. He is clad only in his underwear, and a strong smell is coming directly from him. But it’s not alcohol. It’s something dirtier, as if he had just come out from the drain in front of their house.

My uncle crawled in through the door which is wide open now. Standing in front of him is my aunt, Seetha, looking panic at the sudden change of appearance by my uncle. He was fully clothed to work, and why he had turned out back from work this late in hour and clad only in his underwear remains a mystery.

He seated himself in the dining table and slowly turned to my aunty. He stared with bloodshed eyes towards my aunt and demanded in an ancient Tamil language, to bring him chicken. My aunty, still completely confused by the reaction from my uncle, rushed to the kitchen to bring the chicken curry cooked earlier.

His breathing grows heavier, and a gory hissing noise seems to be coming directly from him.My aunt knew at that moment, it is something else in my uncles body right now. When the chicken is placed in front of him, he threw the plate out, and ordered that it is not ‘that’ chicken that he wants.

He wants a chicken. Alive.


My aunt was sleeping around the middle of the night when a sudden thumping noise disturbed her. Sleeping beside her is my uncle, Samy. She did not open her eyes as she was feeling too sleepy and her eyes are feeling too heavy.

They sleep in a queen size bed. My uncle is tall enough only to fit in perfectly into the bed. Opposite the bed, stood their old wooden cupboard. There is a gap between 3-4 meters’ in between the cupboard and the queen size bed.

My aunt knows that my uncle is still beside her. She can feel him. She was just about to doze off again, when my uncle starts snoring. She knew it’s going to be tough now.

The snoring starts getting louder. Louder and louder than usual. She could also hear the change from a normal snore to a gory thundering kind of snore. The heavy breathing combined with an eerie snore was enough to trigger the alarm in her brain. It is beside him.

Her heart is racing and beating faster now. She could hear her own heart pumping away fast.

Reciting prayers slowly in her mouth, facing down, she slowly opened the corner of her eyes. She wants a peek. She opened her eyes very slowly, and although it’s just from the corner of her eyes, looking down, she could see it clearly.

Under the light of the darkness, she could see it clearly. My uncle legs seem to have grown longer, all the way longer till it is now touching the old wooden cupboard. The ghostly leg seems to be stretching right out from my uncles leg.

She dare not look beside her, and closed her eyes, all the way reciting prayers.


It’s around 1 am in the morning, and my aunt was sleeping alone in her bed. My uncle, Samy, had been sleeping outside in the living room; since ‘that’ incident. Although my aunt happens to be a very religious person, fearing physical damage, she opted to sleep my uncle outside till this problem is over at least.

It has been a while since there was any problem. Today, my aunt is getting restless. She could not sleep very well. She is turning away, right and left, but just couldn’t close her eyes to get some sleep. She recites her normal prayers.

Then she heard it. The snore and a loud hissing kind of sound is coming from the living room. By luck, her children’s are fast asleep and their room is locked. She ignored the noise coming from her husband and slept off.

It was not for more than a couple of fifteens that she woke up again. It was sudden. Feeling thirsty, she immediately rose from her bed and opened her room door to get to the kitchen forgetting completely about her husband and his snore in the living room earlier.

With a sudden opening of the door, there she saw the most frightening scene in her whole life. My uncle seems to be sleeping on the sofa, and under the light of the darkness, she could clearly see a blurry image of a woman like figure, floating perfectly on top of the body of my uncle. It is in a sleeping position, and is laying perfectly on top of my uncle, and upon seeing her, the object vanished and my uncle screamed for her to close the door.

She gasped for her few seconds of the lost breath and closed the door. She started reciting her prayers again.


My uncle happens to be a person who could get in trance, and is always sought after by the Chinese people who want to become rich quick in the wrong way, by pumping on 4D numbers. So they would bring my uncle to cemeteries in the middle of the night, and get him in trance to predict the numbers. This goes on, till one day he was personally affected by one of these souls.

It took him quite a while to get cured from this, and ever since he was cured, he never looked back in getting in trance again. Dead souls are never something for you to play the fool with, as I’ve always warned you.

Above stories are precisely true, and happened as in had been told in the story above. No doubt, the compilation of the above episodes was done by the stories retold by my aunty herself and reconfirmed by my mother who had witnessed some of the incidents.

All in all, my aunty, one of the bravest person I’ve seen on earth, could be claimed have-seen-it-all. So you know, you just can’t find a way to scare her anymore. She is just too immune. Try imagining sleeping beside a ghost.

My uncle died a few years back; although he was possessed and had this type of problems, he was one of the most caring person you could see around. He was well built with a perfect bulk muscular shape, although not that tall. A heavy smoker, he died of a heart attack while driving his lorry. May God bless his soul.

By the way, when a live chicken was placed in front of my uncle, he broke the chickens’ neck and sucked out the blood from the chicken’s neck. Perak Samy, yeppudiiih ?

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  • Coolman

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    Nalla kartpanai….

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    Hmmmm..sirekerutha aluverutha ne terileeye!!

  • inba2004k

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    please write more hantu kathaigal.
    other topics all everybody want to give own opinion.


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    @ Coolman: ithu karpanai alla thola unmai… en thanthayin kathayai durai avargal alagaga sitharithirukkirargal.. nandri durai avargale.. 3 varusathukku piragu miendum en thanthayin varalaru…

  • Coolman

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    psychological disorder and hallucinations at work people….

  • Supernmacha

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    It is indeed scary! No! Not the story or rather ‘incidents’ according to the author.

    I am scared of the quality of English grammar penned here!
    Sigh! I can only blame our education system. Gone are the days when indians could speak proper English. The fluency of English of today’s graduates can’t match “yesterday’s” LCE(SRP) dropout!

    You don’t have to use bombastic words, but try to construct grammatically correct sentences. Please don’t be influenced by people who say “As long as I can understand your message, it’s okay.” Excellence is achieved by continuous review and amendments.

    Mr. Durai, no heart feelings. Perhaps, you could leverage on your blog followers to initiate a “SPEAK & WRITE PROPER ENGLISH” drive, what say you?

  • raj

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    bro supermacha, i think you should get lost and open up your own blog instead fucking around durai’s blog!

  • Ninja Assassin

    M1 comment! Thumb up Thumb down +5

    “Mr. Durai, no heart feelings. Perhaps, you could leverage on your blog followers to initiate a “SPEAK & WRITE PROPER ENGLISH” drive, what say you?”

    ‘HEART feelings?’ Perhaps you should take a look at your own English before judging others, you smug idiot.

    Nice ghost story btw.

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    @ Supermacha: Firstly, this is his blog. It’s not a school for children to learn English. What makes you think that he should write in ‘PROPER’ english to please anonymous souls like you? Instead of hiding behind the screen with imbecile nicknames, perhaps you should get a life and start surfing sites like Wikipedia or everyday to please your thirst for Knowledge. -.- You need it anyway, for typing ‘Heart feelings’ instead of ‘Hard feelings’

    @ Durai: This article isn’t that bad la! It’s nice to hear ghost stories once in a while, ya know. And it has more thrills attached to it when it’s TRUE stories. :)

  • Supermacha

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    @Ninja Assassin @ Grace – thanks for the highlight! Even a rose smells like SHIT when it is surrounded by shit pots and shit stirrers.

    What happens when a troop of monkeys sees a bunch of banana? Yes, pandemonium breaks out! Yes, that is the kind of behaviour displayed by my “well-wishers”. This is the end result of our education system, I can’t blame them. When constuctive criticism is seen as a personal attack, how can we expect excellence. Mistakes do happen. One should quickly rectify and avoid repeating such mistakes.

    Durai, now you realise what I meant by “Please don’t be influenced by people who say “As long as I can understand your message, it’s okay.”? Well you already have three of them and maybe more to come. It takes GENUINE IMBECILES to recognise another imbecile. SIGH! What can I say.

  • lizard

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    I still remember Durai told me this story few years ago…
    Durai: Every month i can see atleast 1 dickhead condemning you.
    Meeting pottu yosipanenggelo? Syappa!!!!!

  • Supermacha

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    In Tamil, lizard is called PALLI!

    Palliii…ithekellam unnai mathiri matti ngae thaan meeting phoduvangan.

    Common sense kelvi padalaiyah? Common sense = Photu arivu
    Athe saeri…erumai yodu saerthaal kuttaiyelai oorithaane aganum.

  • Maya

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    I take it, Mr Perfect, that when citicising Durai’s grammar, you meant to write ‘Indians’ with a capital ‘I’ (being as you are so particular with your English language skills) & Indians is a ‘pro'(or ‘proper’ noun) – & therefore preceded by a capital letter. What’s the matter bro’…don’t you have a lady to fuck at 12.35 am?? Oh my…..

    Get real!

  • Maya

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    Supernmacha/Supermacha….??? With an ‘n’or without one?

    For someone so hot on Grammar…just noticed you spell your OWN name in different ways…you must be either imbecelic or a fake…most likely both! Oh & by the way, your original posting is littered with grammatical errors…seems the little man needs to go back see teacher after class!

  • honest

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    @supermacha: your comments on the proficiency in English can be taken in a constructive manner…we just need to let go off our ego to improve ourselves which I am sure Durai has no qualms abt. it. Having said that, I would fail if I don’t give Durai his due credit for his sincerity in sharing his stories with us. He comes across as a nice soul to me. Based on his articles & his background and our current education system, i wud say his English can be considered good. I agree he slacked a bit in that area in this article compared to all his previous write-ups. Maybe he ws too engrossed on the ghostly part of the narration. Give him a chance……..

  • Maya

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    Regards your posting of 12th Feb at 10.53am…tut

    In paragraph 3, just to let you know bro’, that when using a question mark WITH speech marks, the speechmarks always come AFTER the question mark…being as you claim to be so astute with the English language & all…Excellence indeed lol

  • Supermacha

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    @Maya – Good! At least there is some progress. The floodgates are opening…

    “What’s the matter bro’…don’t you have a lady to fuck at 12.35 am??”
    Well, I had one too many! In fact, I was wiping her juices which was dripping down my face, while….need I continue?

  • Supermacha

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    @honest- Honestly, this is the kind of comment which I am expecting.

    @Maya- I can see your overzealousness to corner me. Should I be worried? Dream on. I don’t want to spoil your cheap thrills. Take a look at your trail which you blazed. It speaks volumes of your proficiency in English. You failed to see the wood for the trees. Never did I claim that I am fluent in English, just like others, am still learning.

    My comments aren’t meant to bash the author but to encourage him for better writing. Why the need for grammar? Grammar helps us understand what makes sentences and paragraphs clear, interesting and precise. If a little effort is given to grammar, this creative article would have been a better read.

  • Ninja Assassin

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    What you’re trying to do isn’t working. You’re trying to sound eloquent and cultured, but you come off as cheap.

    I bet you work SO HARD to write these posts, hoping to impress us all, while you sit back in your old sticky plastic chair looking smug, while your child pornography runs in the background, you unloved, overweight, chronic wanker.

    You will die alone.

    @maya – ignore him.

  • Supermacha

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    What you’re trying to do isn’t working

    You’re trying to sound eloquent and cultured..
    Is that a mistake?

    but you come off as cheap
    Boy, I am worried!

    I bet you work SO HARD to write these posts..
    On the contrary, its effortless!

    …hoping to impress us all
    Why should I?

    ..while you sit back in your old sticky plastic chair looking smug, while your child pornography runs in the background, you unloved, overweight, chronic wanker.

    You will die alone.

    How sweet of you? May the lord grant your wishes!


  • TrueGemini

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    @supermacha : i completely agree with honest. I agree, this article has its flaws. But durai is a really nice guy, and he is sincere. so, lay off him would u.
    Do you have any idea how hard it is to sustain a blog.He doesnt have to do this, bt he keeps us entertained all the time. And you come back here over and over again yearning for more, right?
    ive noticed a trend with you supermacha, in most articles, you are just plainly criticizing him. I mean, there is a difference btwn constructive critism and critizing for the sake of it. Ko ade problem dengan durai ke?
    btw,im a malaysian,. my English aint perfect with it :)

  • Supermacha

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    @TrueGemini – Who is after Durai? I have nothing against him.

    I am a Malaysian too, but that’s not important.

    You are right! I have no idea how to maintain a blog!
    If my visits, incurs monetary loss to Durai then I shall immediately refrain from hogging. Pardon my ignorance!

  • Ninja Assassin

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    “Well, I had one too many! In fact, I was wiping her juices which was dripping down my face, while….need I continue?”

    Of course, by ‘one too many’ you meant the row of Indonesian workers you have to orally pleasure every night to buy your cheap liquor.

    And your English seems to be getting worse with each post. Get off your high horse already.

    You came here thinking you could chastise Durai about his grammar and feel superior. You reek of desperation. Look at you now, reduced to a joke. Because that’s you are and what you have always been. Pathetic.

  • Maya

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    Thanks honey, that did make me laugh & you’re right…trash is best ignored.

  • Maya

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    Keep up with the top blogging babe, always something new & different from you & I loved ‘The Eerie Snore’ this morning…can’t beat a good ghost story, especially when it’s true.

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Damn..Had a good laugh reading whatever this Supermacha was rattling about :) Guess this freaked up Supermacha needs his own medicine to awake him :) Get this fact right dude,just because ya had one too many dictionaries available, doesnt mean you can…ermm..lemme rephrase that for ya. Since you prefer to use jargonised words which in MY ( read properly in case you tend to miss ) term trying to impress the readers here with your proficiency in English, grammatical correctiveness and the structural linears etc, lemme give you something to ponder about.

    It doesnt take a long time to recorrect ourself if we realise/realize ( depending on which culture you,Supermacha claim to be,since you uphold the English so highly ) the mistakes we have done. You claim to be still learning English, as in your previous posts, but you rattle as thou you obtained a PhD in English and marking off others,again as thou you have been teaching English past few zillion years. See, the correctiveness in each person is realised/realized when they know how to deal with it, thus I am surprised by the limitations of your brain to concede your mistakes in dealing with all these / this. ( Again, FYI , these in term refers to the mistakes you have done, this meanwhile refers to 1 mistake that I’m pinpointing you towards :) )

    You were right to blame the Msian Government for providing a low emphasise / emphasize on the importance of English and their usage/usages. But it doesn’t mean you have to keep picking up each and every mistake / mistakes people do in order to show how good you are. Yeah, you might be good enough to impress few bunch of readers’ here, but if you were to ask me, nah, I’ve seen better people but those were the ones’ who still admit that others are better than them.

    Talking about LCE/ SRP standard, hmmm, it makes me wonder and think about it. Were you from that time zone ? :D

    Aight, time to make a move.

    P/S : Others’ might be wondering why there are 2 definitions for the words I’ve typed above. For the peepz, our very own Supermacha who claims to be “PERFECT” in English, has been mixing the usage of American English and British English :) Guess he was not aware of that :)

    Supermacha, if you wana take a swipe at me, I’m more than pleased to entertain you :) ;) Btw, I’m an IELTS band 8 holder :)

    Sayonara :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down +3

    @SuperMacha :

    No, I do not see it as constructive criticism, judging on how you’ve commented previously in my articles. Don’t fool me with your ‘I’m-innocent’ and just-constructive criticism. It was filled with sarcasm.

    ‘Bowing’ in respect of your perfect English, I would admit that my English is nowhere near yours. Not even close.

    Let me explain. Of all this years writing here in this blog, I’ve always used simple English; the ones that everyone could understand easily. Reason being :

    1. Yes, I’m not that good in spoken or written English
    2. I’m still learning
    3. Anyone can digest simple words

    No one ever had any problems reading my English all this while, so I guess there arise not a need for me to improvise my articles.It should remain as it is. The only ones that has problems happens to be some of you cowards who hide behind a nick and criticize things out of context .

    I have a Hate Page for people like you because all you do is come here and provoke me and the rest in a desperate need of attention. (

    Grace, Ninja Assassin, Budak Kampung Tak Tau English , Maya ,honest, TrueGemini and so many other who reads this blog without a doubt is way higher than me when it comes to English proficiency .Way higher. Yet they’ve never showed off, like you. Yet they read and like me as I am.

    I’m amazed at the counter-attacks you’ve received, for being such an arrogant fool. If you need a constant reminder on how people should be humble if you’re gifted, and how there is always someone who is greater than you all the time; please bookmark this article and come take a look when arrogance overtakes you.

    No ‘heart’ feelings all right, just my opinion.And FYI, I’m not a graduate.

    My utmost respect goes toGrace, Ninja Assassin, Budak Kampung Tak Tau English , Maya ,honest, TrueGemini for being so humble all this while when the level of English displayed here today by all of you had left me speechless and blur. RagedIndian bows down in respect:)

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    Well said brother.

    Supermacha, I think rather than going around and criticising each and every posts of brother Durai, you may wanna do something that would benefit you in this e-world. Seriously, don’t you think that it is a waste of time?

    Brother Durai is not blogging to get an award for the “Best English usage in a blog” so I don’t see the point on why you are complaining about it. He is a M1 blogger, so comments like yours wouldn’t hurt in any way. If you ask me, his English usage is perfect!

    @Durai – Lek panungge bro.. Appe appe vanthurrangge inthe mathiri aalu ellam.. Yenggernthu varuvangge than terille..

  • Supermacha

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    Well, well, well, what have we here then? Nothing but diarrhoea of preconceived notions.

    Alas! In a haste to defend the author and condemn me, some missed the point and inclined towards ad hominem assaults. While feigning humbleness, some lofty characters tried in vain to impress with their so-called “counter-attacks”. What prevailed from their snorty responses were run-on, incomplete and incoherent babble. Guess what? Their responses amazed the esteemed author. Expected response from a numskull who gets orgasm when someone signs up to his RSS feed. Chuckle!

    @Budak kampung – I take it with a pinch of salt that you are an IELTS 8th band achiever, which I deem as an insult to actual achievers. Your pretentious disposition is prevalent through your incoherent outburst. I beg to differ with your fallacies of presumption.:-D. Oh! I am not from that (LCE) time zone but a SPM dropout, non-graduate and not even TOEFL/GMAT/MUET/IELTS or whatever certification to crow about.

    The retarded brain of the author couldn’t differentiate the subtlety between constructive criticism and sacarsm. When the entire blog oozes sardonic theme, it is natural comprehension to derive sacarsm by the respected author. Why should it be construed as sacarsm? Is it wrong to suggest to write better?

    Anyway, the author opined to maintain mediocrity. Since he wishes to feed the satirical need of some sadists, he refuses to raise the bar and remain in his cocoon. So be it! A bucket full of shit attracts flies is what symbolise this blog. Like-minded people attract each other. What can one expect from a cackle of hyenas? Can anyone straighten a dog’s tail? I wonder, if the author has the guts to publish this comment.

    I am aware that it is out of context comment which is being uselessly debated with useful idiots, so I wish to draw the curtain to it. In any case, if anyone desire to regurgitate your pent up frustration, I permit the author to disseminate my email address to them. You are welcome to bash me there. Goodbye.

  • Maya

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    @Supermacha… As for Durai divulging your email address:

    1)He would not stoop so low?
    2)Why would anyone wanna write to you anyway?

    You say goodbye, we say good riddance – don’t rush back!

  • Ninja Assassin

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    Ok fine lets put our differences aside. I have to give you some advice. Man to man.

    You really have to stop sucking off Indonesian workers for your cheap liquor. Sure, on a good night, you can afford two, maybe three, Thai Songs, but is it really worth it dressing up in that pink dress and getting down on your knees to pleasure a row of illegal workers?

    I know ever since your mother kicked you out of the house for being a 40 year old chronic masturbator with no job, you’ve become terribly desperate. Still, there is hope. Well not really but I’m quite sure getting Indonesian spunk all over your face every night isn’t the best idea.

    Thats why I think you should keep making stupid comments on this blog, because it makes you feel like a man. It makes you feel… important. You’re finally getting the attention you want. And for once it’s not from a group of sweaty foreign construction workers shoving their crotches into your face.

    Just for once today, don’t cry yourself to sleep like you do every night. We in RagedIndian are here for you.

  • Thumb up Thumb down +3

    @Supermacha : Adedadadadada, uneke enah thanda perechene. Yanda ivolo kasthe padereh? cocoon,hyena, adhominem wtf?yanda yan? yan ivolo kasthe padreh?

    Seriously, if you want to ‘kutuk’ me , use normal English la. Almost all the words that you’ve used there in your comment I have not seen in my life so far. Which means I don’t understand almost all. No point la macha.Yan nee ivolo kasthe padreh? Pavemah iruke po uneh patha. I think you use this type of things in real life and people start hating you just like here, then you got nowhere else to turn to, thus your arrival here.

    Nee Supermacha ile, nee rombe PavemMacha :)

    P.S : Yes, don’t come back, this blog is a place for me(English failure, I know English little little bit) to write something and where normal people hang out.

    @Ninja Assassin : Your counter-attack is superb la bro ..haha..I was talking about it to my friends even. Lol. Respek!!

    @maya : Excellence indeed :)

    @Makkez : Inthe mathiri ethene sappingge than deal pandrethe ne therile bro…hehe..

  • SpideR

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    Wats d topic here actually, izit bout “Eerie Snore” by durai or “The Importance of proper English” by Superkacan…;p

    @Superkacan;p : Mr. Kacan, no heart feelings. Perhaps, you should just create your own Blog, what say you?…n man i’m really sorry for my poor english k….;p

    @Durai : nice story bro…;)

  • SpideR

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    Sorry S.kacan i forgot to add a few thins….”A bucket full of shit attracts flies is what symbolise this blog”…it also attracted u, so ur 1 of d flies rite…;p

    And y r u tryin so hard too straighten dog’s tail all la, got no other work too do ah…;p

    P.S : Again sorry 4 my “miskin” english k…;p

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    To the respectful yet ignorant filled SuperMacha aka Super Kacang ( quoting SpideR :D ), sorry 4 taking such a long time to reply your long essay. I couldn’t stop laughing that even my toe joined in the laughter chariot.

    I’ve had a request from the Malaysian Army to shoot me if I were to continue laugh by reading your atrociously long and terrible ill-faded reply to the blog owner, my post as well as other readers who you claim to be stooping so low. That’s the reason why I had the time to reply now.

    Quoting Super kacang :

    ” Expected response from a numskull who gets orgasm when someone signs up to his RSS feed. Chuckle! ”

    I guess this would rather fit you better dude :) You are the one getting orgasm whenever ppl reply to your post , cause that’s when you feel happy that there is some one giving attention to you. Gosh, ippediyum orethen irukkiya da ? Kadavule….

    Again quoting Super Kacang :

    ” When the entire blog oozes sardonic theme, it is natural comprehension to derive sacarsm by the respected author. Why should it be construed as sacarsm? Is it wrong to suggest to write better? ”

    Sardonic ? As in being humorous ? Ppl can’t be humorous at all ? Which place on earth is it being forbidden to have a sense of humour? Guess where does the humour at this point comes from ? Tonto doink!! Its from you dude!! Congratz!!! :D You wana know why ? Its sarcasm,not sacarsm!! I would rather suggest you to improve on your writing skills before advising others. Bak kata pepatah , garulah belakang sendiri sebelum menggaru belakang orang lain.Enna, arippa mathevenge muthuve soriyenum-ne ? Yenda ippedi irukinge ? Kene payenengela..

    And you doubting my achievement of Band 8 in IELTS? :) That’s another reason why I could NOT stop laughing at your mediocre jokes above. Good point thou that you realised that you are just too stupid and old enough to have this type of pranks and personal motivations to entertain yourself :)

    And I didn’t learn to speak / write / pronounce / differ / understand / evaluate English by arrogantly correcting other’s. I learnt my basics slowly, that’s why I call myself as Budak Kampung Tak Tau English :) I found you to be profoundly obsessed with correcting others for your self satisfaction, but in my league, we call this type of ppl as “dummkopf” :)

    Please, aku mem”beg” engkau untuk tidak membuat kamidi kamidi seperti ini lagi. Englipish don’t know me, I don’t know Englipish as well..

    Nandri van-come….

  • DarkTannedSuperman04

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    Oh my God!!!!! I think we ‘Had’ (or do we still ‘Have’) an English speaking Transvestite grandchild of Queen Elizebeth talking posh crap here. Mr SuperKacan, or what ever name you use here.. Dude, speak Malaysian English la.. You dont have to act smart.. Haha, and since You have managed to tick Brother Durai off.. let me tell Mr. SuperKacan somethin.. Dei thambi, you dont like what is written here or how it’s written, dont comment anything la.. Bugger, You’re not Einstein or some Oxford sucker are you? Yenda indha nenepu unakke? If you wanna be famous, here’s an Idea.. since you are described to be a fat, chronic maturbator (as described by the machas and sistaz above ^^), I suggest you go get fucked by an elephant or something in public. Better yet, take a video of it and publish it in one of your favourite pornsites. You are bringing a knife to a gun fight la SuperKacan.. so stop your puluvaandi stylo nenepu..
    thank you.

    Brother Durai, dont let hypocrites like that slow you down, I admire your work very much.. In fact, I look forward to your blogs everyday.. Keep up the great work bro.. Best Regards, Dark Tanned Superman04

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    enna kathai saar ithu…!!!


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