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This is going to be a long article. Read all, and when you have much time :)

You know, life is all about growing up. If you don’t grow up or don’t mature enough mentally by your age, people start to criticize you. Much like that, we all go through a period of growing up, improvising our life all along. We go through a period where we meet new friends, we disregard old friends, and we criticize other people, so on and so forth.

Like how I always say; life is an experience. You get older; you have more experience; that is if you dare to explore things. If you don’t dare to explore things, than you sit back and watch how others do things. Then you learn the lesson from them.

Humans, being them, do not like learning from others. If your parents say do not have a boyfriend at 19, would you listen? No, you would not. Reason being your hormones, your heart saying its true love and so on. I’m in no position to say this, but hear this, that love at young age is just an experiment. If any of you do not believe in this, hear me my friends, that love is something I’ve seen just once too many.

When I was 19 or 20, I see love as being the romantic story being portrayed in Tamil cinemas. When I grew older, I realized it’s nothing other more than for cinematic purpose. People don’t realize that real life is all too much different than fiction.People fail to realize.

That is the reason I write. That is the reason I see a ‘reason’ for me to write.

Hear these friends, that I was a complete failure of English language under the Malaysian Education system. If not of my teachers, I would not be writing to you even this way. Ever since I’ve started my blog, there is a string of people who criticize my English anyway, which is without doubt a failure. And millions more mistakes I might have done. Even my eyes can see it, what more yours. Can I blame the education system? No! For I do not believe in blaming others for your misfortune, that you be responsible to come up in your life.

Let me be responsible then. If you’ve read this far, then I respect you. Read on, there is more.

I am one of the Machans who do not learn proper English when I was schooling. In fact, English was a subject I showed little interest in. I guess you could pretty much understand how my English language would be, which if I were to explain is like ‘How an average Machan tries out the blogging world’. I had things to say however, so I wrote. I wrote few things that I thought could change the people around me, so I wrote.

And people reacted in the way I thought they wouldn’t be.

Hear this brothers and sisters, that human beings are never perfect. They’re never perfect. Never ever. If you’re indeed that perfect, then you’re God. I’ve always said, if you die and not a single person remembers you, than you’ve lived a life not worth living. If even one person remembers you once after your lifetime, then you’ve pretty much accomplished your task living in this world. That is making your life worth a word.

Worth a word mentioning to others.

All my life, I’ve had friends mentioning me. And if you do not mention people who shaped your life, than you’re practically being ungrateful.

Some of my friends are already resting in their grave. But that is not the reason I should forget about them. For those of you forgetting them, you’re being ungrateful at the same time.

And then there are hundreds of my friends who had supported my cause all this while. And all of you who trust and put in your words for each of my article, and no matter what shit I write, you still make me feel good by putting in constructive and encouraging comments. You even donate your hard earned money trusting an average Machan whom you’ve never even met before this. Hear these brothers and sisters, that I will never forget any of you and I bow in respect upon hearing your names.

Back to my pathetic story, if I were to put more pictures (or change the way I write) and entertain you, would you be pleased?

Would you feel being here?
Would you feel being in Ragedindian.com?
Would you feel entertained?

Maybe yes. But would I feel the same way? No way in hell, because I cannot write like how YOU want me to write. I do not write for any others. In fact, when I started this blog, it’s purely what I think is right, but at the same time to influence the rest to read my mind. So that you execute my thoughts in your life. I do not fear any other, and I do not fear writing about anything I feel I must fuck about. I cannot write to please each one of you, that’s for sure, but I’m sure if it’s not this, then another article would entertain you.

I do not fear you of course, what do I fear then? God? Hell no! For men who fear God would not be able to live his own life in full! For I believe man who help other mankind is equal to God himself . Disagree? I respect Him, not fear.

If I were to write nothing but the truth (which I believe), would you flock this place about? No. You would not of course, for where are prostitutes there goes dicks. People don’t go fucking in a place where there is a plenty of PVC pipes, people go where there is plenty of comfortable ‘pussy’ around.

Not saying that I’m renting a pussy here though. Interpret.

Hear this brothers and sisters, for a couple of years now I’ve been sharing my thoughts with you. I’m relishing the moments of influencing others. I’m continuously learning, trying new things and exploring new ends. But I will never be perfect, neither will you be.

The reason I wrote this article is to make a statement that I would always be grateful to all of you who had and will support my cause in upcoming years, and to all the child sex offenders who comes in here just to blow my dick, I’m not an extraordinary guy .I’m an average Macha. We have random people coming here once in a while; to ejaculate their dirty sperms thinking that would pollute my blog. Hear these wankers, that I’m invisible. We also have people coming in here to seek quick popularity, by provoking the rest. Oh please, don’t think only about the recent ones, there had been plenty ever since I’ve started this blog, ‘senior’ readers should notice.

Some people said that I’m a bad influence to the young guns; some said that I’m promoting alcohol and porn’s. Some said that I’ve a good heart; some said that I’m spoiled brat. A few labeled me male chauvinist, while some others said I’m being a pussy-licker. Some said that I should not interrupt in what others believe; the rest said that I’m full of sins. Some said I’m a ‘todi’ drinking wanker, few others said I’m a good joke cracker.

Hear this; I think the only unfortunate ones are old people and children’s, I work hard, I watch porn, I travel, I eat anything, I smoke weed, I drink, I give back to society whatever extra I have, I love children’s, I hate things without logic, I help unfortunate ones, I drive charities, I love girls, I pray, I fuck about things that I think is not right, and

I write.

I write about how life would be having the mixture of all the above. So that you know how negative ones would destroy your life, and how the positive ones would drive you through success.


Without your few words that you drop in here to en (dis)courage me, this place would be lifeless. Once again, thank you to each and every one of you.

Hear this brothers and sisters, when the clock ticks 12 tonight on the 22nd of February, I’m 25. Happy Birthday to me. May this Macha continue to entertain you for many more years to come :)

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  • Kugan

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    Very well.

    Happy Birthday to you too Durai. :)

    Durai:Thank you so much brother :)

  • SheriffofBallsville

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    Happy birthday to you bro. Here’s to another great year of exciting events and more “hot” posts on your blog.

    Durai:Thank you. I would certainly not disappoint you :)

  • OG

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    Well written broo.
    Many many returns of the day!Keep on writing ‘gempak’ posts!!

    Have a blastt!!! :D

    Durai:Thank you OG. One of the oldest readers… Haha.. :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Hahahaha…..OMG!! This is such a good article….excellent article…..two thumbs up(If I had more thumbs they would be up too, but I only have two thumbs :P). Hear this Durai, I suggest you keep on doing what you think is right and let people who want to say, say whatever.

    Have a wonderful and blessed birthday.


    Durai:Thank you :) Strong encouraging words as usual from you Vanie . Nandri nandri

    Unggel anbe Machan:)

  • Sri

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    happy birthday bro! have a good one.

    Durai:Thank you so much brother :)

  • Dhurga

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    Happy Birthday Durai. Write the way, you’ve always been writing, we wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s your forte. Have a wonderful day. =)

    Durai:Thank you so much Dhurga :)

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    Happy Birthday to you! One year older, already so much wiser! Haha. May all good things be yours! :) Enjoy!

    Durai:Thank you so much Grace. Appreciate that :)

  • sss

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    Happy Birthday bro..Article was very good to explain about yourself. Continue with ur blogging :)

    Durai:Thank you so much brother :)

  • Deven

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    Hey bro… Many more happy returns of the day.. Wish u a gd n wonderful year ahead of u… Make sure u hv a blast on this special day with ur way… Happy Birthday..

    Dont stop bringing in ur thoughts with ur own style…

    Durai:Thank you so much brother :) Enethe sevvei thoderum :):P

  • lawl

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    wow..heapz interesting…love all ur articlez btw..even tho im not in msia.. ur articles brings me bck ‘HOME’..lol… well Happy Birthday!! hav a blast n an awsum day ahead! tc n God Bless..

    Durai:Oh, so much glad to hear that. Thank you so much lawl. May I continue to entertain you :)

  • gowri sangkari

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    & I was wandering whr is de birthday article for this year..keep up ur post & we keep up supporting…HappY BirthDay!!!

    Durai:Thank you so much gowri. :)

  • Sham

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    happy burpday bro :)

    Durai:Thank you so much brother :)

  • vanitha

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    Hello Durai,

    Happy Birthday!!

    Durai:Thank you vanitha :)

  • Geetha

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    Happy birthday !!!! Continue doing what you feel is right…. :)

    Durai:Thank you Geetha :)

  • Renu

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    Definitely, you entertaining and will continue entertain all of us with your great posts…
    Happy Birthday pa

    Durai:Thank you so much dear :)


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    happy birthday machi…

    Durai:Thank you Machi:)

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    Happy Birthday bro… Hope u njoy the today’s event… neway, stick the sticker ready? how is it?

    Durai:Thank you so much brother :) Check out the latest post brother..Athele iruke :)

  • Maya

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    Happy 25th Birthday Durai! – (You very special Machan!):-)

    Loved the blog, as per – always something for everyone! Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right – so here’s to another great year of smoking weed, watching porn, good food, drinking, travel, loving girls & praying (in whatever order you like!).

    Hear this Durai: when the clock strikes 12 Midnight tonight, I for one, will raise a glass with my family to salute a guy who regularly drops into my inbox & puts a smile on my face! ;-) xxx

    Durai:Thank you so much maya. Haha, your words had only recently surfaced in my comment box(or maybe I have not noticed earlier) , but it is certainly encouraging.

    Cheers Maya :)

  • linda

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    YES, YOU ARE QUITE UNIQUE AND SPECIAL. Happy Birthday! oh, I’M “OLD” but still willing to live, learn and be open to life!!

    Durai:Thank you so much Linda:)

  • linda

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    write, write write !!!

  • shai

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    indeed, ur a very special and talented Machan!!!!
    wishing u the best in life for now and ahead!!!
    Happy Birthday, Mista D!!

    Durai:Awww…Thank you so much shai :) Mista D is something new though :)

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    Late ar vanthalum latest ar varuvom.. Happy Birthday bro! :D

    The ‘party’ yesterday was a blast! :D

    Durai:Thank you so much partner :) Kalle thoppe party bro, mestilah blast:P

  • ApRiL

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    Happy 25th BiRthday duRai….indeed you are a unique guy so keep on rocking duDe! :D

    Durai:Thank you so much April:)

  • kannan

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    makkez@ yeap..!our party blasted off coconut trees ! lol..

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Kannan@- coconut trees? hehe

  • Coolman

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    “smoking weed” ? what is this stuff? some kind of drug?

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    maaam.. belated happy birthday……….:)

    Durai:Thank you so much Rasathi :)

  • kannan

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    eyezmachi@ where else can u get pure ‘kalle’ from?? hahah..

  • Shaila

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    Happy Belated Birthday Durai…
    Wishing you all the best always with God’s blessings forever. A year older makes us wiser but then always remember to live your life for yourself and not for others…Good luck.

    Durai:Thank you so much Shaila:) Your interview is still pending though :P

  • honest

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    happy belated bday, blogger macha. hv u ever wondered why people love to comment in ur blog even if they have to hide behind a nick?Ofcourse sumthing interesting in ur contents caught the attention of readers frm all walks of life. Take pride in that, man. keep it up! people grab opportunities to comment, critise & advise esp. if gvn a chance to do it behind a nick hehehe..cmmon people like me don’t even dare to disclose the actual name. Should you lose your sleep over such comments? i know u sleep well, move on with ur personal development programme!May God Bless you.

    Durai: Well, honest, I do take criticism as openly as you think. But sometimes we do have annoying rats running around in this blog, and if you do not keep them in check, other people get affected. And my blog would be clogged up with their shits.

    You’ve got a point though :) Thank you for you wish :)Appreciate that:)

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    To All, Thank you so much for you wish . It means a lot, I appreciate it:)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    happy birthday bro!

    Durai: Thank bro :)

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    dandanakka dandanakka!

    yeppi piranthanaal wishes, albeit a belated one of course… (I was away at Bali last week)

    cheers to more pseudo-nonsensical materials from u!

    dandanakka dandanakka dandanakka dandanakka ****fade out****

    Durai : Thank brother, T.Rajendar pathe mathiriye ore feeling pongge…:)

  • preeya

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    hey bro….
    wish u belated yuppy yuppy birthday….

    too late… :(
    anyway take care bro…

    Durai : Thank you Preeya. Take care :) Never too late, no worries :)

  • savundra

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    hi anne… i knw im late
    but stil, belated hepi birthday
    hp u had a blast!!
    sorry :)
    may god bless u!!

    Durai :Ah, Thanks sister, never too late :)

  • DarkTannedSuperman04

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    Bro, if i had the chance to meet you, i would hug you.. cos you created sumthin i dont enjoy much (blogs). this is the first blogspot that i enjoy, cos u love Tamizh and you want to shape it up better.. its the same thing i wish to do.. i love this blog.. I’m labelled as a porikki, thug, and many more word to describe a low-life.. but if i still have the courage to face everyday till today.. its cos that I believe
    than ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME..only God.. embrace that saying too bro.. and u shall never die.. may I wish you a Happy Belated Birthday.. May God Bless You to write Blogs even after I die.. and by the way, i was born in 1991, so u do the math ;) tc bro.

  • skygirl

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    Durai anne u r always coming up with intresting blogs…
    all da best…keep on going anne..
    love u…:)


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    Brother Durai,

    Happy Belated Birthday..God bless you always :)

  • Roshini

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    Awesome article =) I know it’s kind of too late .. it has been two years already .. but I just recently found your blog … still nothing is too late right .. so advance Happy Birthday to you for the year 2012 =) God bless you =)


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