Freak Accident

This post goes as a dedication to my working mate who died in an accident early on Monday morning. This accident occured in Taman Midah BHP petrol station. The victim is actually my team leader who sits directly behind me, and it seems the woman who hit my working mate was driving under the influence […]

My Tragic Fishing Story

From times I can’t remember, fishing had always been one of my favorite past time. I would not lie to you that I’m very good with my rod(my fishing rod I mean), which makes me an average skilled fishing guy , but although I’ve not caught any record number of fish so far, I still […]


Inspired by an email I’ve received few months ago, I am going to  write this article.  When something happens, or when you get shocked looking at something, you might end up saying “What the Fuck”. Shortly known as WTF, this word had evolved more  like a household word that we use everyday. Let me give […]

FAQ’s about Hinduism

I’ve talked quite a number of things when it comes to God and religion, and I’ve also stressed that trust logic first, then magic. From times I can’t remember, I really do read a lot, and hear things from wise people who knows stuff. I’ve always been perplexed however, when it comes to Hinduism, because […]

Goundamani Dead?

I don’t know how far this news is true, but if it is, indeed a sad day for all Tamil cinema goers and his fans. The rumor going on in the internet is that popular Tamil comedy actor Goundamani has died of a massive heart attack.

New Beginning/Old Style

What is the meaning behind your new header? There is no specific meaning for it, but as you can see the header as well as the layout had been changed. All credits goes to Brother Makkez for the header design, which is precisely what I had wanted. I’ve made the right and left column fonts […]

Star Whores

I’ve written about this couple of years back, and there are few related articles regarding this. In case , you haven’t read; Kamasutra Kambethe Mohana to Modern Madonna Portable Porn Now, let’s see what our ghost writer feels about porn. ————————————————– Have you ever felt this way?I mean, when a certain thing crosses your mind, […]

Kamananda Swamigal

I know this issue is kind of old, but I do have some strong contradicting opinions when it comes to this topic, or I would have ignored this issue completely. The part about this Swami Nithyananda. It seems that this man had committed a violation in terms of religion when he had personal sexual related […]

Sri Anggalamman Temple, Kuala Selangor

This is an old post from my temple visits. As you already know, I’ve closed my other blog, and temple hunting articles would be combined together in this blog. If you have any pictures(your own visit) that you want to share, please contact me. Let’s visit Sri Anggalamman Temple, Kuala Selangor. This temple is located […]


The total cost for the charity is listed HERE. If you know enough about me, you would realize that I’m just an average Macha. I’m not that good, and I do have lots of bad habits, plus the way I talk is way different from the rest. I blast out lots of bad words all […]

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