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If you know enough about me, you would realize that I’m just an average Macha. I’m not that good, and I do have lots of bad habits, plus the way I talk is way different from the rest. I blast out lots of bad words all the time, and sometimes these words are very creative.

You see, when one Indian guy (a Macha) talks to another Macha, the way he communicates would be different from how he talks to the rest of the people. Even the language might be different. It might be filled up with bad words, or sometimes it might be referring to things around us to indicate another thing. It’s indeed that unique.

Anyway, I’ve thought about this, why not? Since no one ever had published anything about the languages that a Macha use, I thought maybe I would dedicate this post to enlighten you with the words that I’ve used all my life.

Please note all the words listed here are just for fun purpose, and since I do reveal things that people on the ground usually do, I don’t really give a fuck if it offends any politically motivated nerdy fuck who might be reading this.

Unfortunately, only people who understand Tamil (and Malay) would find this funny or entertaining. I’ve also put in some explanations, which I believe is the real meaning. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Savadi : Means excellent, or that’s the way!

Cantik Macam bunga : Also carries the same meaning as savadi

Kathila : Also carries the same meaning as savadi

Mastan : To say someone is an expert in a particular field

Surunggi : To say that you’re a coward

Sakit ah nadenthekithe : To express that you’re feeling sad over  what had the other person done to you

Mama Jama Puma : To explain about your dick or to explain that you’re great.

Ligat : To say you’re very clever(in social ill issues)

Karat : To say that you’re a Machan without attitude

Karriyen : To refer to a dark skinned guy

Mayat : To refer to a thin guy/girl

Airport : To refer to someone who is bald(usually used to describe another Machan’s father)

Othale orang tua:  To express that the other party is telling a lie

Shortah irupan poleh : To say that the other person is actually mad/insane

Chikanggo chenggo : You can say this in any occasion. No true meaning had been defined yet.

Alle katak(Amale katak) : To show excitement kabai) : To express disappointment or in case of failure

Pechi lari : To refer to someone who is not talking in a respectful way

Girls on the other hand, are referred to in a lot of ways, of course, the common one’s are:

Sareke : A girl worth a look is usually called as sareke

What else?

Figure : A good looking girl

Tombe : To refer to a fat girl

Kokoi : An average girl

Vandi : The name says it all. If the girl happens to be a playgirl/usable/or anyone is allowed to ride.

Color : A number of girls

Joko : A girl worth a look

Pokok : In the case the girl is overweight, pokok should be used.

Scenario :

Machan 1: (looks at an overweight girl) Cha, ingge parrah joko pothe!

Machan 2 : Athe joko ille macha, pokok da.

And of course not leaving the best of the rest:

Maire 1 : Which is fuck it ,we’ll just do it.

There are of course millions more words and terms(different place, different words), but for that, I need your help. If I’ve missed out any, perhaps you can drop it in the comment box. It should be a lot of fun and serve some humor to the other readers. I don’t censor things, so go all the way. If you’re a Macha or Machi, help create the first of what I’ve named:

Wikicha (Combination of Wikipedia and Macha)

Yours sincerely,

Mama Jama Puma

52 comments to Wikicha

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    Kai, I was having the thought to write this but neenge munthitinge so here goes my contributions.

    Kunji Kamal – Refers to Playboy (male)
    Othandi – A person who fucks you up all the time
    Cingkeh – Also refers to hot/pretty/good looking girls
    Girl-le – Referring to our own girlfriend
    Ellame kambe – A group of guys
    Kotta Surungi – Coward
    Thoda Nadangi – Same meaning as coward
    Papan – Girls with small breast
    Semme kaayi – Referring to girls with big boobs
    Pundethaangi – Guys who always hang out with girls and hates guys or sometimes bad mouth about other guys
    Punde Pusari – Same meaning as above
    Sappi – Homosexuals/Softies (male)
    Bambai Adepe – Girls with big ass
    Sethanda Sivaji – To express dissapoinment
    Paati Tauwe – To express frustration
    Punde Paarveh – A look with full of ego i.e “Macha aveneke pundeh paarveh”

  • Renu

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    OMG …Such a great post… I’m still laughing over here… So after this, if anyone comments I got a chance to know what the mean indirectly… thanks pa…LOL… seeme words… some of it I never even heard before..:)

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    chance-eh illenge saar unge post..haha..
    @raj, that kunji kamal term is awesome..;)hahaha

  • Robert Rath

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    ammaleh ganjah! :D and punde pusari..nalla ireke..

  • fon.

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    K.J – kuthi jatuh…( a guy who neva lepakz wit hs machaz bt alwayz clinging on gurlz….)

  • gowri sangkari

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    LOL..general knowledge..

  • Censored machan

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    MaT Bunga (Bunga) = playboy
    Kaw = Term to talk with energy or respect ( eg : Kaw-ah pesu mike ! )
    TEH O = Playgirl
    Slope Tengah = Bald head @ Sottai @ Airport
    Siget = Cigaratte
    Sasau = Insane ( shorthu )

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    haha…durai’s and raj’s was awesome…lol.
    what i remember is:
    keran keran= okeran (lying to someone)
    senjuvuderan= same meaning as above. liar.
    30 kase kuih= just for a girl. (he did sumthing)
    pechi’le kirellvuluthe: talking rude.
    seluar kaluthammele seyiran’la avan= cheating.
    road’de= playgirl@ vandi

  • GentleMan

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    Languange of the illiterate!
    Even if its for fun/joke,,,really no class!
    Surely u can do better Durai.

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    Something less demeaning……

    @maigle saigle: No meaning. Just an alternative to scold I guess.
    Example: This also you dunno ar!! Real maigle saigle la you!!
    @Sareken: The male version of Sareke.
    @Machan: The real indian indian kind of indian guys.

    Durai, you should soooo totally make this into a book!! The lingual of the Machas!! :P

  • Sri

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    sempoi – usually refered to a hot gal (e.g. : Macha, ponnu sempoi-ah iruka da)
    othale orang utan – a variation of ur “othale orang tua”
    ‘lek/relek – basically, its relax
    sareke lebat – a place wif alot of girls

  • Nicemachan

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    Language of the downright Pariahs!. Durai you have successfully established yourself as the greatest Pariah. Your parents upbringing and moral values are largely exposed in each of your egoistic post! Yeah, go on don’t care about it! Karma works slow la dey! Don’t you think that sins can be washed away by your trumpetted charity work. Your actions are like eating the shit that you shat!


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      fulemak, pechi lari la unake…pathele sorivhe kirivhe porangghe…. a guy from royal family dun need 2 be commented at here and wasting our time… you should read his top post… JUST FOR FUN da pathi towe!!!

  • super subrayan

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    NiceMachan n GentleMan,fuck u both.diz post is just for fun u lame assholes!jz cuz u 2 are a couple dickheads duznt mean evry1 has 2 it,hav a laugh n get da fuck out.get a life fuckfaces

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    Haha super terms bro. Raj, ninggelom kaleiketingge! :D

    Let me add some:

    Amale Ganja – Something like “Ooops” or “OMFG”

    Urre seivan – Refers to someone who is lying (menipu)

    Lek Pannu / Lek Panungge – Cool down

    Pulithi kacang pulut – An advance version of the term “Pulithi”, someone who thinks that they are great, just like our brother Nicemachan who commented in this post!



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    language of machans ,i used a lot at school/collage time
    some of it

    scrap: cheap liqueur
    koyak: no money
    auntybiotic:u know what i mean
    pancung:sharing cigaratte

  • Mc Pavadai

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    Tambi = dick
    Thangachi = Pussy
    ammale ganja = Wow thts great
    Suttu adichi soru podurathu = They fuck u up
    Onnum teriyatha papa pottalam thappa = hehe :D

  • Durai

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    Lol. I can’t believe we managed to collect so many in a single post alone.

    And even I’m amused with the number of words I’ve not known yet, dasyat la braders :)

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    NiceMachan / Gentleman > welcome.


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  • cu pu cap da pu de

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    ma-ku-ma= marakuthimantharavathi… a word used to express a feeling being cheated by another person..

  • DarkTannedSuperman04

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    ALL THE OTHER MACHAZ: very nice posts guys ^^
    these are the words my frens and i use:

    Othe-maari: a person that got fucked
    Ole poda pore maari: a person gonna get fucked
    MolaiPeruthi: big boobs
    SoothePeruthi: big Ass
    Vellei kacang : High class nenepu like Gentleman and NiceMachan
    Kambing Kaigeh: Frens no matter what
    Paati soothe paavakaai: mature or old woman that fucks
    kunjumon: smart nenepu
    puluthi kacang: same as above
    poolaandi kacang: neneps he has big dick
    madai pundek: gangster nenepu
    othe kadhai: fucked up story

    Tata kunjile Gel’le, Paati soothile Ole: old people fucking
    Kunji vecha namitha: manly/ tomboy bitch
    Pi vaari: shit shovel/ shit licker
    Ambaat: over Ligat

    Jegat: memang ada gaya.. one man show in fights.. stylo..

    thats all i remember for now.. i will post more later..

  • realist

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    durai, wow look at the responds you have been getting for this post! Is this what you hv been expecting? looks like Tamils have been exceptionally creative in finding words to describe many very `important’ matters in life. No wonder we are the most progressive community in Malaysia. lolx.

    • Durai

      Thumb up Thumb down +2

      Realist, you should know I was not expecting this. What started as pure fun, goes on to something serious and I see fights again, I saw a comment even against you. My apologies on behalf. I’ll try to keep it in check.

  • skygirl

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    haha..hey whn i was in form 5 my frends(guys)use tis kind of words talk n laugh…if i ask wats da meaning means they won tel…. sumtime i wil ask wit my boy but tat munkey oso wont tel…. i remember sum n gimme da meaning…

    pati tau =????????????
    pati tauge=?????????

  • SpideR

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    Pundek Pechu – Conversations tats gonna end u up in d Hospital bed….;p
    Lebih Pechu – Conversations tats gonna end u up in d Hospital bed….;p
    Pundek Parvei – A look tats gonna end u up in d Hospital bed….;p
    pundek pandang – A look tats gonna end u up in d Hospital bed….;p
    Kurap – attitude tats gonna end u up in d Hospital bed….;p
    Periye Set-te – sum1 u dun wann mess wit…;)
    Kalan Kunji – Gangzta wannabe kids…;p

    Personal Fav : Pattai – Cheap liquor/parang….;p

    More to come in d next edition….;p

  • V-RocK

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    Skygirl.. there are some things in this world u should not know =P

    paati tau means old pussy/ haggard pussy
    paati tauge is never heard of.. sorry =P

  • realist

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    @durai-no worries as i am not affected by such comments. Keep blogging on interesting topics!

  • skygirl

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    v-roch….hmmm..10q anyway….(;

  • I_Me_Myself

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    This one moreless related to girls (guy to girls)
    How about girls to guy (any)….i’m so curious.

  • I_Me_Myself

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    I do remmeber few thisgs here and wish to share with you guys
    Panas kaigalz= referring to thug or person whom you dont want to mess with.
    mama mitha= means you/me or a group of guys are family.
    ollemaari= a guy with high tense of sex(worse than playboy).
    alle okkathe= dun lie!!!
    senji pudeveh=an act that will end up pointless or
    meaningless or get busted for lying.

  • MachanBro

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    Machan Rulez!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Thank you really for making an effort to unite and form a common lingua for all to use. Good stuff here bro (rujjcoomarh, urs was awesome too), not taking urselves so seriously, sorry i have no contributions or additions tho. Keep it coming.
    Haters, chikanggo chenggo.

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    Durai after so long,I’m finally getting in touch with your blog, and it’s still awesome as always.My best wishes for M1 and you! Now from my side,ikkere chudu:
    Vantha Fatimah Pona Pukimak: If you get a girl(lucky),if not fuck it!
    Kokki:A guy who always goes after a pussy.
    Puki Tiaw:no meaning till today.
    Pundek Jatuh Kai: A guy/man who fell for the pussy…
    Kambe Keras Kaingeh: His dick is hard.
    Tangapoole: Golden Dick!
    Teh O/Tevediya Oli: A playgirl/vandi!
    Sappi Ko Lelo/Poooochi: referring to a Coward.
    Disput’e: Some sort of arguement.

    Just my 2 cents…

  • rajkumar

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    bro let me add one more

    empat puluh : puluthi

  • rav

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    kotte thanggi = i don’t know if it’s widely used, but that’s what we use here when referring to a fellow who’s alwiz “carrying the bosses’ balls”.

  • jil jil jigga jigga

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    amaale ganja. i laughed my ass off aftr reading this post.

    chikango chingo chingidi chicka chinggo.
    mugango mungo mande mela mango…

  • rastaman

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    Kangkang Kaveri ( a girl who kena fuck kawkaw )
    Kekereveh kenaiya iruthalum, eli kude aeroplane ootuma ( dont try to cock )
    tau tongi ( guy who cling with girls all the while )
    vantha usure, pona maire.
    Vantha fatimah, pona pukimak.
    Kuthiley kaifan ( chicken in the pussy )
    senja punjoley ( a person who lies )
    kering ( no money )
    isi ( thanni )
    pancung/cutting ( sharing cigarette )
    cigit ( cigarette )

  • shashi.v

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    pukima punjole – usually used to scold a person, the real meaning is your pussy
    is stuffed with sumtin?? (coward)..
    parha taihli – used in a situation where marking a person as a total waste, gud for
    peh – used as an(imbuhan)-in malay langguage- for all bad words..
    (peh punde dei,peh kutthy.. etc….)
    bungkus – to explain that sum 1 is dead.. (macha, pati bungkus!!)

    side parking – you have a serius girlfriend, but your sarake for time pass is call
    side parking!!

  • lolz

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    bro these are my contribution to wikicha

    machi/jo/mike/kaigal – Friends
    seiyo/senjus – some1 who fuck u up.
    kaka – those who are dark
    isi – means drinking (alcohol)
    tumbang – means KO after drinking
    half boil – means puking after drinking
    masuk – means i m in
    on – means agreeing to somethin
    jalan – same as above/can b referred as a gang like jalan 18
    thala – means leader

  • Octo

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    These are some of my contribution

    Para Okke Naiye : Dirty Dog
    Suthule Tauhgeh : In tough situation
    kalavari Paiyan : A cheat
    Kambu Kelepi Vailae uturuvaen: Making some1 very angry
    Kaka Kambu : Black Penis
    Mayere Pudunggu : Do absolutely nothing
    Jokka Pesu : Please speak politely (eventually will lead to fights)
    Semma Jama : Excellent assets
    Moodu : Please shut up
    Taugeh marathalai thonggu : Hang urself disrespectfully
    Thangga Kuthi : Gold vagina


  • Octo

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    2nd edition
    mandey kering : Hardcore men
    suni taruk : Having Inetercourse
    kilinje kaili : Torn Sarong
    anggama doke : Having Intercourse
    sapi pothe bokena: Dumbass
    Bumper : Nice Ass
    muka merah : Asahamed
    MaOMa- Makkalai Otthe Mannan..: Cheat
    MaKuMa- Madhe Kuthi Manterevathi..: Bad-ass Cheat


  • vimal

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    seivai= a person who fuck u up

    gilbat = same as puluti…orang tunjuk lebih-lebih…

    hamba puluti = orang tunjuk lebih-lebi

    senget/mande odi punde = crazy

    rodu = prostitute

    thambi vanthi eduthuttana = is ur sperm came out ready from ur cock…?

  • jegan

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    its interesting to know that so many ‘code languages’ exist among our machans.. some are me..hillarious.. !..:) but it would be nice if the so -called fun language introduces an exclusion criteria for indecent , rude and deadly terms , esp those related to genitals of both genders.. i mean cummon guys, u can choose not to coin a term for those.. coz otherwise.. we start calling ppl with such ‘nicknames ‘ and its totally offensive.. but more than that.. hurting.. what goes around comes arnd too.. imagine someone using such terms on ur family members.. hope u guys get wht i mean.. thanks..

  • mama jama chumma (Kicik punya)

    Thumb up Thumb down +3

    hope i can contribute my 2 cents worth of words that i know:

    – sappi (coward)
    – 40 pronounced as ampapulo (talk-cock guy)
    – 80 pronounced lapanpulo usually when a macha says something like this “dei sunni, 40 mari pesathe” the other guy will reply “punde dei, nee enna periya 80 va?”
    – pulithi (same as 40)- actually 40 is derived from pulithi..amba pulithi become 40..
    – mangsa – the guy who always become the butt of joke in the group
    – oor meyravan – playboy
    – punde pecha (cakap besar)

  • Ash

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    Oh wow. I only know like, three or four of the total words here.

    So much to learn… =)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    paadippu / bookeh – a lie , when someone is lying

    paadikhaa – addresing a liar

    rocket raja – havoc guy

    vadai – soft guy , gay

    pulli paal – tiger beer

    muuteh – cops

    mande kering – soberness

    ambat pulithi – major fuck up / wannabe gangstar

    pechi kurang – less talk .

    yeethe – bottoms up

    bechi – dont want / to refuse

    funny macha words of wisdom:

    patti pundelle “planta” potthu nakke . – an epic insult .

    “ungallukku kudikerethe paal(milk) koddutha , sappereke maar (boobs) kepingee ” – a tamilan ammended proverb for expressing wanting more than given to someone .

    “akka akka solli , mukka pulle thini ” – being close to an elderly girl in a fake brotherly reason ( just to get laid )

    patti tauhu gidi-gidi ! lmao ! – dnt knw what it means but its funnay

    “sothi leh uppu patthuleh ” – to express unsatisfactory state

  • kumar

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  • Saran DA Wan

    Thumb up Thumb down +2

    panas jaman : da stolen things
    summa iru suluvaare kaluthu : faster open ur pants when in Madi….
    Madi : prostitution centre
    udaitha kattilil onbathu oolu : the man with dame arupu fuck a gul..
    oolu : Fuck….
    buka game : confirm race wit sum wan….

  • sharmila

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    :? so bad guys u all!

  • maluvetti puluthi

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    kandara oili…..itz cheating someone
    ayah kuttikulee papathi:inside your grandmather cock flying butterfilies
    irrandhu tunnu kullle paal misai:thodai kulle marainthirukkum kunji cock
    arevandi tyre panachru:prostitute
    5 ra kulle vandi:sex video
    genna irruku:i feel so mode
    nai poddu ollu : suck with dog
    ulla bothai kille thani:in mode


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