Kamananda Swamigal

I know this issue is kind of old, but I do have some strong contradicting opinions when it comes to this topic, or I would have ignored this issue completely.

The part about this Swami Nithyananda. It seems that this man had committed a violation in terms of religion when he had personal sexual related issues with a woman. If I want to be precise, it’s about a scandal about him and another woman taken in all their full glory, which I believe is a video clip.

I would not be discussing about this issue unless one of the person who is currently renting my old house came to confess to my mother today that she had been a follower of this so called Samiyar for the past few years.

See, it is an interesting issue to discuss.

Much like how you think that I might be joining in the rest to condemn the act committed by the so-called holy man, I would rather take this opportunity to react neutral about this incident.

The thing is we all grow up to look up to someone as an idol. It doesn’t matter who’s your idol, but you should have one. When a person grows up, he or she might seek someone for a spiritual guidance.

It might be a matter of religion, or sometimes they might be interested in a particular living person, or a person who had been idolized by many because of his beliefs and so on. Much like that, this guy; the holy man has 17 centers with an approximately 120000 followers worldwide, or so some claimed.

Let’s come into senses now, this guy is 32 years old. He would have the usual sexual urges for god’s sake, and the thing he does in private shouldn’t even matter to the person who actually believe in whatever he preach.

As I’ve so far researched, he never talked about something like you should never have sex or you should never have anything dirty with people who is the opposite sex. Whoever you’re fucking with had never been a topic of what he prefers to be preaching on.

With that as a case, how can you blame a 32 year old guy for having sexual related issues with a woman? We all fuck, don’t we? How can we blame a 32 year old guy for just having some ‘fun’?

Isn’t it a sign of hypocrisy from our society?

As I would generally say, as long as you’re not harming others, you’re not doing anything wrong. And you could argue that he is not married and so romancing should never be in his books, but then what if he’s actually in a relationship with this woman? Remember, this guy was never caught with multiple women, only one. Giving the benefit of the doubt to the Samiyar, it’s not wrong for this guy to have a relationship, isn’t it?

The first part is you’ve believed in whatever this guy preaches, which might be holy, or which might have knocked you into senses. But how can you deny his natural sexual urges, him as a normal human being?

You can go and pray to Lord Murugan who has 2 wives, and can pray to the rest of the God who is married, but how can you deny a normal being for having his normal sexual senses?

Even Hindu Gods are guilty in this part, have you ever stopped praying? Kali is portrayed naked in most of her avatars; do you look at her as a sexual item or feared and holy God? The Almighty Hindu Gods do not seem to be the guilty ones, but a normal human doing acts as pre-planned by Him looks disgusting to you?

It is the mindset in the end. People can preach whatever they want, it is up to you to accept their teachings and accept it in your individual life. If this Ranjitha fucking Samiyar had his usual rounds of fun, then so be it. It is his personal life, and none should interfere in it. If he preaches that sexual urges should be controlled, yet he starts fucking someone in broad day light, then he is guilty.

There are of course thousands of these types of Samiyars all around the world, each with their own set of followers. This is what happens when you portray a normal human being equivalent to a God, and worship him. Human should not worship another human, unless they’re your parents. Which is another case altogether.

When you worship human equivalent to God, this will happen sooner or later. And a guy as young as 32, seriously what the fuck is wrong with the followers? What he would have achieved or seen at 32 that might have made him an enlightened being? As long as we do not respect the fact that God should never be replaced by humans, more Samiyars would come lurking and fucking around.

People just jump into conclusion that as long as he is Samiyar, then he should react as a holy person. What is the definition of a holy person? Does that mean as long as you do not fuck a woman you’re a holy person? It’s not; it is not like that at all. How can you portray a 32 year old as a holy person who knows it all and worship him, in the end dumping and accusing him of succumbing to natural sexual urges? It’s just not right, we all fuck. We all do fuck, can you deny that fact?

The case is simple, and I return the verdict that he is not guilty.As long as there are fools, there would be people fooling around.

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    nowadays lot of swami ji teaching alot of kama leelai… it is also a lesson… guys don’t think it negatively coz this lesson called as PADUTHIYOGA.. OTHANDA ORANG TUA SWAMI JI SETHANDA..

  • amy

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    Rightly said, i agree that it is stupid to worship a human being by another human being unless he or she is your parent. Its also disgusting to see that many of the devotees of the so called swamiyaars dont even care about their own parents but they fall under the legs of these comedians. And one more thing the way the issue was handled by Media especially sun tv. It was so stupid it was as if the news was all about giving running commentary to nithyananda’s sexual adventure! If he fucks someone what is the point in showing the video to the entire world and giving commentary on it? some kind of decency must be adopted, they are a news channel who must keep the public informed and that doesnt mean that you make a flash news and make the channel a porn channel! It was disgusting to see small kids in the neighborhood asking their parents about sex!

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    His followers can have the freedom to go around and fcuk each other but when the guru does the same thing, it would always be a ‘sin’ for most of his followers. Followers ku oru nyayam, guru ku oru nyayam. Enna kodumai ithu!

    Aremethule ellam tongikittu nambikittu povangge, aanal kadeisiya after the guruji senjiuderan, everyone will hantam the guruji… Haihz..

    P.S: This current template looks nice bro.. :)

  • mr.black

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    As long as we do not respect the fact that God should never be replaced by humans, more Samiyars would come lurking and fucking around.

    if every one listen to this word i think there will be no samiyars and no stupid followers.

    correct me i am wrong samiyar should free from pon,pen,and porul asai right.but todays samiyar/guruji ask money for blessing and u have pay them to be their followers and in our country also this thing happening

  • Mc Pavadai

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    Im totally agreed wid u bro… but there is a group of people who believe this kinda samiyar like their real god until they following up their words like theiva vaakku… Its seems to be so stupid credo in between our culture… Samiyarz oso human being so they also gt sexual feelings… so its all about their personal life… But he neva rape a gal wht… juz enjoy free incoming… hehe… so there is nothing wrong… But the video nt so clear bro… They should take in HD camcorder next time..lol… Samiyar tangkap basah haha… :D

  • A Girl

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    In hinduism, a holy person should hold brahmacharyam which means being bachelor for life not in the perspective of just not involved in intimate relationship but also any kind of desire. That is why those who claim themselves as Swamiji(not those who proved themselves as one) are usually not clad in colourful trendy clothes or wallop briyani over the weekend. If he could claim himself as a Guru, then he might as well should not be involved in illicit sex. Even if in the case of having a relationship with the actress,the older generation has always said pre-marital sex is a no-no in our culture..considering him as a Guru, he has been circulating his teaching but is not walking the talk. And that video was not taken to reveal his sexual adventures but to open the eyes of his so-called devotees whom we are sure will never let us in peace if any party speak ill of their Guru without prove in hands. If he can’t hold back his temptations, he should not have addressed himself as a Guru first of all..and no one will stop him if he does all these as an ordinary man. Goddess Kali is just portrayed as such but none has seen the goddess as such, it is an image manipulated by some. His acts may have been pre-planned by God as a test..so he has failed. Comparing him with Lord Murugan isn’t right..i disagree. So, God is one!! Instead of having faith in so-called messengers of God, have faith in god himself..or your parents.

    I totally agree with this,
    What he would have achieved or seen at 32 that might have made him an enlightened being? As long as we do not respect the fact that God should never be replaced by humans, more Samiyars would come lurking and fucking around. – quoted from above article.

  • Durai

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    @TAMIL CELVAN : Athe solle machi!

    @amy : Media earns by buzzing this type of news around, and this Nityananda is no ordinary guy, and if he get caught fucking someone, it’s hot news ay. You were right amy, porn stories are really big news, and to be featured all over Sun TV,and other big medias, shows their typical mentalities.

    @Makkez : Hahaha, right bro. Iven otha thappe ile, samiyar otha thappe, ena kodumeh bro. Design ellam unggel asirvathem bro. Wait panenngge, atheke ore post varethe. :P

    @mr.black : Samiyars earn through all this bro, how can they give it for free? People are stupid enough to spend millions for temples ones and ignore hungered children, now they’re spending it on Samiyars and expecting miracles to happen.

    @Mc Pavadai : Lol. Kandipa bro, video clip patha kalembe ne kambe kudeh erenggirum poleh iruke. Teruk vane blue pongge. Haha.

    @A Girl : Agreed hands down. :)

  • Geetha

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    When i read about this news the first thing that came to my mind was, he is a normal human being and he is only 32. How come he achieved such a state at such young age? Obviously he still cant over come his needs. He is not to be blamed. No use burning his pics. I never agreed with this whole ‘people declaring themselves as Swami or anything like that’. GOD is GOD…that is it…When you pray, its between you and GOD…I cant bring myself to believe that I need a middle man to bring my prayers to GOD…but i guess that is just my own opinion…and while we are discussing this topic, those gurujis as well, hmmm if really you want to do good to people, by all means preach good things, but don’t take money. It defeats the whole purpose. And please dont give me the crap about ‘oh you will get back the money eventually tru lottery etc…’ Oh come on !!!!.It really gets on my nerves whenever i hear about the holy gurujis…

    As long as there are fools, there would be people fooling around.

    Durai, you are spot on with this line…

  • Coolman

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    Worshiping human as God or agent of God is not something new. Look around us. From 2000 years ago till now, there are people like this. Some are genuine , no doubt. It is not somthing confined to hinduism only.
    This nithayanda is obviously a fake guy and cannot be considered a ‘swami’. Really wonder how he manage to amass such huge followers.
    Anyway if a doctor is a fake doctor and practising without the license/qualifications , you cant just blame the patients for trusting and having faith in him.

  • Robert Rath

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    Nagrithaana thiranaaaa :D

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    Hahahaha!!! Samiyar jalsa lar?? I am not really bothered about this news although Nanban did like whole page spread on this news. So as long there are people who are naive there will always be cheaters.*Yaaawwwnnnn*…..Time and again.

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Eppedi eppedi yellam kelembi irukkanenge… :D

    Swamiji Nithyananda-ke ore O podunge :p

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    Agree bro… our ppl always love short route..Those so called swami ji’s are are mediator for them to reach god…endup…they worship swamiji as god…They failed to realise that swamiji is actually a normal human being…But swamiji koode chumma ille..followers increase panna,, pricing increase panrango…

    Moral Of the story… God nv asked you to go after swamiji’s…

  • arunthati

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    “Let’s come into senses now, this guy is 32 years old. He would have the usual sexual urges for god’s sake, and the thing he does in private shouldn’t even matter to the person who actually believe in whatever he preach.”
    —He had vowed a life of celibacy. He should stick to it instead of misleading people. A person who has such great social standing should also learn to be responsible whether in private or not.

    “With that as a case, how can you blame a 32 year old guy for having sexual related issues with a woman? We all fuck, don’t we? How can we blame a 32 year old guy for just having some ‘fun’?”
    —We are not blaming any 32 year old guy. A guy who had pledged a life of celibacy. If he wants to fuck , he should have got married and not deceive people.

  • Malaysian666

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    world Religions created by merely men,
    1) Christianity by jesus christ
    2) Islam by prophet mohammad
    3) Buddhism by gautama buddha
    4) Jainism by mahawira
    5) sikhism by Gurunanak
    6) Baha’i by Baha’u’llah
    7) Confucianism by K’ung Fu Tzu
    8) Judaism by Abraham
    religions created by men ,by reading all the comments above ,human
    should not worships another human ,we will have more atheist in the world ,the attitudes of indians nowadays more worrying cause indians tend to believe whatever the news service broadcast .Thats a saying an individual is innocent until proven guilty but you indians never give a oppurtunity for the poor man a chance to defend.
    The religions above are all created by men ,if you look carefully of each person there’s a lot of ordinary human nature on every person yet still human worshipping them.
    Let the truth surface first then you people can talk whatever u want
    and in the meantime please give him some space cause that man have help more humans than all of us here .

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    averekum aase irukum thaane
    averekum kaamam iruke thaane
    averekum kunji iruke thaane,
    avalukum vaayi iruke thaane,
    avar bakthargalakum arivu iruke thaane,
    pinne ethake inthe vineh?

    ahhh dandanakka daneke dakka..

  • Star

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    I disagree with your views darling.

    To be a Realized soul age is not a barrier. You will know this when the time comes.

    The whole issue was blown out for a very good reason too. People will stop funding him now and we are looking at millions of dollars here.

    He knew he had normal urges, then he should not have misrepesented the mass, stupid or not.

    Anyway gurus play an important role in our religous journey thru life. You too will one day yearn for your personal guru. Loking at the way you think i can place a bet on it.

    There are very obvious signs that reveals the fake ones i.e. money. So just look out for it la.

    Anyway like you say, everybody f… but you dont go around saying you dont do it right? Which machan in his right mind will wanna say that!?

  • ugly paghli

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    I’m Not going to blame the swami ji’s ,guru or any kind of medium between Devotees and God, blame it on people who can’t even understand de difference between God & these swami’s “for God sake stop treating human’s as GOD”

    Scientifically humans are mammals!!and since when mammals are divine & pure ???
    Divine means Godlike; heavenly; excellent in the highest degree; supremely admirable; apparently above what is human.None of dis words suitable to be used towards any of us
    and i am totally disagree with people using de word “divine” on these swami ji’s ..

    No one is blaming him for having sex .. dat’s a basic human wants.. n he has proved that he is a human too.. So people please don’t put too much faith on these faithless swami ji’s

    I noe dis gal, she is ma course mate her whole family is Nithyananda’s devotees, i still remember once she was telling me and ma frens how great dis Nithyananda was
    and he can heal almost every sickness in dis world “bullshit” and de best part is her own brother is having low level antibody, 24/7 dat small kid is living on medicine .. de only question i asked her “why de swami neva heal ur brother?” there it goes in a spilt second frens become enemy, bcos i’m using my brain n u’r not !!! (wake up gal use ur brain)

    Trust God not wana be Swami ji’s!! kavi potthe ellarum kadavul ar?????????? kaili potthe ellarum muthal ar!!!

    Nithyananda!! Nithyananda!!! has anyone visit his website .?? what i can understand from dat website is ..it’s e-buss site …der is shopping cart, paypal symbol pay by credit card..* swami online enlightenment business side ar seiyeraro* Whats all dis??? Did Buddha charge his devotees ????? Did swami Vivekananda ??? Bhagavan Ramakrishna???

    All dis nonsense is happening bcos people are trusting and putting too much faith on these swami ji’s rather than their self and God ..

    wake up !!! wake up !!! wake up !!!! ille na inthe mathiri swami ji vanthe up!! up!! up ne appe than vaipan!!!

  • LeAdFireZ

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    Everyone having their own emotion…..
    a 32 year old Samiyar eveloneram adukuvarru…..
    me aso 1 week twice will go bathroom…..
    samiyar pavome laa wei….
    Malaysia Makkals agreed on thiss….how about India Parliment Makkal…othukuvangelaaa??????

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Quoting ugly paghli : avereke appe poderethe appam sapedere mathiri :D

    Quoting LeAdFireZ : Varethele 2 times matthum than bathroom povingela bro ? :p hehehe..Just kidding ;)

  • LeAdFireZ

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    Quoting Budak Kampung Tak Tau English : bro…ninge mesg seriya purinjekella…varethela 2 times bathroom…baki 5 days aiyaaa ..methha mella jiggli kudaa jalli……hehehehehehe :p Just Kidding too bro..but its true…huhuhuuhu…

  • Jared

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    (*Commented the similar in Makkez, but since you wrote about Nithyananda also~it has always been a pleasure to write here!)

    You would not believe how MANY of our Malaysian Indians are his followers. I myself was called to join and listen to his discourses, talks and meditations. But somehow or rather, I was not attracted to him at that time. And now I am glad that I was not attracted.

    Swami is a title given to great scholars and saints. And so is Paramahamsar. If the so-called “saint” actually indulges to fornication, what respect does he give to ochre cloth that he is wearing. He was even wearing that when Ranjitha was doing her “holy chores”. (quoted from her confession itself)

    Yes Nithyananda, you might have donated thousand, maybe even millions of dollars world wide to charity and to the needy~but does that qualify you to be a Swami? Monetary succour is by no mean, an equality of holiness. Suppose if give a dollar to the beggar on the street, am I a Swami too? And If I drape an ochre cloth around me, would people start to worship me as well?

    I am not God. And no man is. Those that came down on earth are either incarnations or messengers. (I would not even try to debate about polytheism in Hinduism, for to me He is Jyothi ultimately)
    But why subject your whole life to these so-called “Saints”? If someone says something good, listen. And then use your discretion to follow. But don’t blindly worship human, believe in shamanism or animal sacrifice. It’s wrong. Really wrong.

    I have conflicting emotions to those followers of such cult groups, who are oft that not, Hindus. As much as they are gullible enough to fall into such deception of these religious leaders, I personally opine that Hindus are generally yearning for divinity and spirituality that they foolishly resort into believing anyone who says he is divine. We have many incidences in the past that have shown such similar occurrence. And poor Vivek; he has made enough satirical comedies about such Samiyars.

    I guess it is time for people, and hopefully the devotees of Swami Nithyananda to finally separate their palpebrae and look at the obvious ostentatious display of unholiness of this man. Thanks to Lenin Karuppan (the man who planted the video camera), now the whole world would be able to see the real man behind the hypocritical mask. And no, it does not appear to be “morphed”.

    And even if it morphed and he was actually framed-up, would God allow His true devotee to go through such sleazy defamation and endure such hardship?

    He knows.

  • DarkTannedSuperman04

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    haha.. This is a HOT TOPIC: Religion and Sex..
    EVERYONE: i’m sorry i dont have time to read your stuff, sleepy redi.. hehehehe..
    i will read some other time..

    this is individual rights la.. one fuckin funny thing is why the fuck must they take a movie and pictures? maybe the saamiyaar will watch it again and learn from the video la.. boleh improve his skills la.. hehehe.. but that is something else..

    As the writer said.. OUR GODS CAN HAVE MORE THAN 1 WIFE, some of them Have Had Scandals and all.. you see, in sexual desires, no one can say that they dont have KAAMAM.. its natural..

    Scientifically speaking, a part in our brain, i forgot what its called.. fuctions for sex! ever wondered why your Little Champion in your Underwear stands up sometimes? its cos of the brain.. girls, u too have that thing, but i dont remember what it does to you..

    NOTHING IN THIS WORLD IS PURE,, simple as that.. i will comment some other time on this matter.. for now.. take care everyone.. have a nice day.. ^_^

  • SpideR

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    Well ter’s no point in blamin tat guy for havin fun wit dat lady, coz most probably most of d guys (includin me…;p) wud hav done d same thin….but d real problem here is y shud ppl worship him…We dun really need a mediator for love and God…..;)

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    we have thousands of temple around the world dei…! then why all this dumb ppl must go & follow this SAMIYAR’s teachings…
    use your brains & common sense la… cant u do a simple thing like going to a temple…!!! why do u have to have some one to tell on what to do… very stupid, aren’t u…!!!

  • dipti

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    hi guy.. he didnt done any mistake.. just follow wht indian gods had done before. like aiyapan was born for shiva and mohini(visnu)..

  • Amy K

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    Lord Vishnu has incarnated many times on earth and as Human…. Y??? Can anyone deny the word SEX from GOD?

  • Amy K

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    Gay marriage has been approved during mahabaratham time. Wedding between Lord Krishna n Aravan. So it should not be a propaganda for a man n woman to be togather!

  • james

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    what do all say about our own malaysian guru,DOTO SER BALAKRISHNAN AKA YOGA JNANA SITTHAR OM SRI RAJAYOGA GURU??????????

  • thayanand

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    thanks to that clip i got to see the actual Byagaraj movie…


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