Sri Anggalamman Temple, Kuala Selangor

This is an old post from my temple visits. As you already know, I’ve closed my other blog, and temple hunting articles would be combined together in this blog. If you have any pictures(your own visit) that you want to share, please contact me.

Let’s visit Sri Anggalamman Temple, Kuala Selangor.

This temple is located deep inside the estates in Kuala Selangor if I’m not mistaken.  It is a very famous temple and most people had rated this temple as one of the most powerful Amman temple around. Explains why so many people sacrifice goats and chickens in this temple. From what I have gathered, people even sacrifice pig regularly every Sunday in this temple.

Please note that  to go to these temple it will take around 30 minutes drive deep inside the estate path. It is not a friendly road I would say. But once we reach the temple , I think it is all worth it.

Not much of information could we gather from the unfriendly man who seems to  be in-charge of the temple. According to the unfriendly priest, the statue of Amman had shaped up naturally from the clay-like-soil that we noticed in that place. We have to buy up a package consisting of some prayer materials, and we are only allowed to scatter the kum-kum and santhanam on top of the statue.

It seems the statue of Amman laying down had been there for 108 years. Picture speaks though.

Address by Reader(Anggalaman)

Take North South highway leading to-words North, look for exit BUKIT TAGAR, BESTARI JAYA. (This exit located after BUKIT BERENTUNG exit) Pay tol and all the way strait (8 KM) and take left turn toward BESTARI JAYA (UNISEL). Then strait toward JALAN TANJONG KARANG. Look for LADANG BUKIT TALANG and TEMPLE SIGN BOARD on your left side of the road.
MR.GURUNATHAN – 019-2560236– 013-2455333

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  • linda

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    heard of this temple before.

  • Kulaashini

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    you’re so mean! the priest and uncle’s really nice btw, I kinda visit that temple every year and they’ve been nice thus far, what did you do to make him not-so-nice towards you? hee. :P


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  • luv1411

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    I have been to this temple when i was 15years old. I’m kinda keen to know the “history” of this temple… Is there anyone who knows about how it was originally formed? Please share with us.. i’m sure it will be very much interesting story of truth….

  • purani

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    which estate is this temple situated bro?

    • Durai

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      I have no idea Purani. It’s somewhere in Kuala Selangor, perhaps any other readers over here can enlighten about the location.

  • Punitha

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    When is the thiruvila? can i have the date please??


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    I have been going to this temple for the last 20 years. This is an amazing temple. All my wishes were granted including my two beautiful children. I had these two kids against medical norms. After my visit to this temple with the help and guidance given to me by the kind and most loving priest, I conceived my first born. I thank with all my heart to the temple, the Goddess of the temple, the priests and all his beloved assistants. God bless this temple and the people running this temple.

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    The Annual thrivila is the 2nd sunday in March yearly. The address of the temple :
    Ladang Bukit Talang, Jalan Bukit Belimbing, Kuala Selangor


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    Been to the temple, eaten the thiruvila food. Great!

  • Reena

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    Interesting…Planing to visit this saturday :)
    Hw to get to the place from KL?

  • sarves

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    Hi juz want to share with u. This is the 1st time i visit this website. Anggalamman is really2 powerful amman. She give me want i wich for. She like mother to me, i will share every thing with her but i won share with my real mum. Dun ask me y, cos i oni belive my anggalamman. Even when im sad or gt problem i oni will share with my anggalamman. On the next day or next week my problem will solve. Just to inform u all, until nw i never been to the temple. I will pray and think of her inside in my heart. Even though i never been to her temple she still keep on helping me until nw. But one day i will go to her temple and i will do want i promise to her. MY MUM ANGGALAMMAN. the great amman.

  • mageswary@ammu

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    hey guyz, yea u r rite. this is very powerful temple. my grandma alwaz talking great about this temple. whatever we wish from her,she will make it for us….. i realy wana make a wish from her…. i hope i will get a golden chance to went to this temple……

  • sudhakar

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  • dhiv

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    What is the address and is there any landmarks around there?

  • Silvikaur

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    Angalaman temple is really powerful thru my experience. I married for 5 years ready but still not get child…so have prayed to this amman deeply…by taking the kunkumum at amman ‘navel’ its really works for me.

    The temple priest said…whoever difficult to get baby..this will be the temple…to fulfill your needs and requirements for babies.

    I’m really can’t imagine… i’m already become a mother and my baby is 6 months old now….the beauty here is…amman give a gift for my brithday…my baby born on my birth date and it was pre-matured baby..8 months…

    As a ‘kanikai’ I’m planning to put 1008 lemon…as a malai for this powerful amman. This amman is really super and marvelous.

    Always trust with this amman and be positive…sure amman will help us.

  • jaya

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    any one can help me to give direction from Sg Buloh
    plz long time i’m looking for it

  • Mohan

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    Hi, i would like to know the direction to the temple, would be very helpfull if anyone has some kind of map.

  • abhi

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    very interesting… wana visit tis temple soon..


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    its in river side estate in kuala selangor.

  • parames

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    i memang suka ….temple ni masa kecil i pegi temple ni …sekarang pun teringat nak pg temple itu

  • Mohan

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    anyone got any map got can give some direction to the temple, when u say its in river side estate, how to go there.. ?