Star Whores

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Now, let’s see what our ghost writer feels about porn.


Have you ever felt this way?I mean, when a certain thing crosses your mind, for the next few days or weeks, somehow or some way or other, the same thing sort of shows itself in a different form just to remind  you. Be it on TV or billboards, or even the smallest events in your everyday life. Its as if the universe is trying to force you and constantly remind you of that thing.

Ok, I know I am being a bit dramatic here.

As for me, the thing this time was the capital P word. PORN.Well, lets get back to the main topic. I for one have never watched porn in my life. And yes, I am 24. I mean, I’ve watched semi naked scenes but not the porn, porn kind, if you know what I mean.So, of course, I was curious, what was the hype all about? And when I told this cousin of mine my intention, he instantly supplied the materials.

So, I prepared myself for the big day. I placed my laptop on my bed. Put my headsets on to avoid any undesirable moanings and groanings from reaching any of my family members.

And then, I pressed the triangular PLAY sign.

And there it was. The first clip I watched was some MILF Lilo or Tito; cant remember what. This lady was a mum taking her dog for a walk. And she meets these guys, and they talk for a while. And they invite her over to their house, while the mum was like sort of hesitating initially, saying that she has to pick her kids etc.

But anyway, she ends up in their house, and she sits. And with no connection whatsoever, the guy asks her to open up her legs. And she replied that she  knew that was the reason she was invited. Then,  the started the process- same old, same old. For the next 20 minutes, I honestly couldn’t stop laughing.

It was the dumbest and the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.Well, somehow I knew that was not the correct reaction that I should be giving. So, I proceeded to watch the other 2 clips.Well, this is what I have gathered after 1 hour of watching pure porn:

•    The producers are quite creative when they come up with porn titles. Really.They should be marketing execs. Everything has a double meaning.

•    The heroine’s boobs are really huge and it is way too big for her body. Can she walk straight without tumbling over? Too much of silicone eh, inside there.

•    The acting is fake, you can just laugh. There is this clip where this man was sorta being punished by getting him to lick the lady boss’s parts. And this lady was filing her nails, and just peering down. I mean, come on la.And at a certain time, the heroine starts getting high, so goes on saying oh, oh, oh.. I found that extremely hilarious. But then again, I don’t think anyone understands my sense of humour.

•    It is all so repetitive. Same process, over and over. I got bored of seeing the same things that I just fast forwarded the same kinds of actions.

I know that there are many die hard fans of porn all around. I personally know that the author here is a big fan of it. But I really don’t see what the big deal is. I can’t believe people get turned on by it.

Surprisingly, I was not disgusted, nor was I excited. But I do recommend all girls, to watch porn, but try to remain neutral, and judge it for yourself. Don’t get worked up with all that hype.

Anyway, this is how I feel. This article has no real purpose, I think. It’s just merely a self indulgence.

So, have you watched your porn today?


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    My first porn was “Anol Senorita” and shit i didn’t know the whole thing was anal video. Deymn. But whats the point of getting high by watching other flers dick and the way he fu**s, since I can do better than that. Since then I dont get turned on with porns unless if its Sara Stone or Sienna West or Deauxma or Eva Angelina or Diana XX or … (shit i should stop)


  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Office cant watch porn la :p

    It depends for the reason they watch it.SOme for fun, some for entertainment, some for “serious” stuffs :D , some jus cos they wana pass their time..Hehehe..

    Porn = Priceless,Organised & Revolutionized Nude ;) :D

  • Coolman

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    These guys get sexual pleasure or fantasy by watching porn. If you could get to screw a girl or two why would you watch that?
    Anyway what starts as habit becomes addiction for many.( I think Mr Durai would be one of those, eventhough he might not admit it)- No pun intended.

    The best way to cut or reduce porn addiction is to find some other extra-co activities to dwell in. Be it reading, listening/playing music, outdoor adventure or anything productive as well as entertaining.

  • Ninja Assassin

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    Dear Greenclover,

    I believe that the reason you were not aroused by the porn you watched is because it wasn’t intense enough.

    It’s perfectly understandable – you need something more ‘hardcore’ to get your rocks off.

    For actual penetrative porn, I recommend hard anal or double drilling. Both are self descriptive.

    If you’re into bodily secretions, feel free to explore the wonderful world of Japanese Scat porn. After watching a Japanese girl shit into another girl’s mouth, you’ll be the same again.

    You seem to me like a person interested in sexual torture and violence (not my thing, but nobody’s judging you). For that, you may check out rape fantasy vids, fake snuff films and genital torture films.

    You’re welcome.

  • Ninja Assassin

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    Sorry for double posting, but Coolman.. what was the pun?

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    I guess the type of porn that you watched would be those “Brazzers” or “Bang Bus” type which seem to be filled with a lot of repetitive actions, or ‘boring’ as you might say. Don’t end up watching an Indian porn either because those actors/actresses are ‘forced’ to do all the actions and in most cases, the cameraman can be seen giving instructions on what to do next.

    If you think that watching porn is boring, you might wanna surf these two sites:

    theync (dot) com
    nothingtoxic (dot) com

    Whenever I have nothing to do, I would surf the above two sites and view some videos in it. What videos you may ask?

    – Beheading
    – Public Execution
    – Faces of Death
    – Autopsy videos
    – Rapists being ripped in-half
    – Suicide videos

    Have a try. ;)

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    after reading the comments above, I can oni conclude tat our Indian makkals are very much advanced in web surfing…


    PS: anyone remember Oru kaalathulle, anthe site-thaan semme hot-te, semme hit-te!

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Kavi, I remember that, n i tend to remember another by the name :D Uni time le athe ellam super-o super ah irunthechi :D

  • Maya

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    Love watching porn, especially the hardcore stuff.

    Not into the old-fashioned, cheesy storyline types from way back, but some of the more contemporary material is great.

    We (me & ‘He’) often send each other various porn clips which we’ve found online, compare our reactions to it & then enjoy the benefits when we get together.

    I would definitely recommend keeping an open mind on this girls, porn can be good fun & is not just for the guys!

  • Maya

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    ‘Outdoor adventure’ sounds fun to me! ;-)

  • GreenClover

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    Im starting to sound like a psychotic with a penchant for kinky
    This was SOO NOT the kind of response i was expecting..hahhaha

  • linda

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    I saw a porn once-laughing was the response.we females like romance and sensuality!

  • ItchyCunt

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    To those girls/ladies who commented here, don’t just watch porn. Practice it with as many guys as you wish.
    Spread your legs as wide as possible take the rod as deep as you as can. Grip the rod as hard as you wish! Join orgies! You are the role models for your (future) children. Valga Thai Maargale!

  • linda

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    firther thoughts–why are the women labeled “whores”?

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Green Clover : kinky stuffz ? kekekee. Guess you’d be compromised to write more stuffs like this in future :D hehehe

    Linda : Not all women’s are labelled whores :) There’s certain conditions and requirements needed to attain that status :p N to be fair , guys that fits into the same conditions are called whores as well :) Its just that the widespread mechanism is such that we ( male n female ) tend to generalize only women’s as whores.

  • anath boy

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    Watch porn moviezzz n fuck all d gurlz as many as u can……. Njaiiiiiiii…….

  • Preetha

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    I started watching porn when I was 18. My fried once played it in room. I started to love. I learned to orgasm and discovered my G-spot. Which many Indian girls dont know.So Indian girls watch porn and learn it. But do be whores to try it out.
    p/s : Im man actualy. Juz to make girls watch porn. :P

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    thought the writer was a guy :D

  • SpideR

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    Wat a great direct translation by Superman…ITCHYCUNT= ARUPPU PUNDEK…=p

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    @linda : ive gotta just feels so mechanical.BTW, for ur second comment, have to echo budak kampungs sentiments;labeling women as such was never an intented apologies :)

    @budak kpg : haha, ill have to think twice before writing abt topic like this. im afraid, ppl visit this page to link up to other porn sites advertised here :S

    @preetha : u encouraging girls to masturbate??? dont quite get ur comment :S

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Green Clover : porn sites ? hahaha. Damn, guess this site could be on top of google search quite soon :p

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    greenclover- u sound like encouraging to watch porn… emmm and preetha lagi la…
    abg bro, whats goin on here. hehe…. porn motivation la… hehe

    and agree with, Budak Kampung Tak Tau English. indian girls start to shout here…lolx

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    @eyezmachi : not to say encouraging, bt one should just watch it once, for the sake of the experience…am in no way asking anyone to masturbate or get addicted to porn..itu terpulang pada pilihan masing-masing :D

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    GreenClover : Ade pavie..Sollerethe sollithe, ippe terpulang pada pilihan masing-masing ah ? :D

  • CountBelll

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    Ennna Kodumai sir, ithu!!!

  • x-gen. x-men.

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    haiyo haiyo… find other better things to do la, bro…!!!

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    I can’t seem to fully load this page from my droid!!!!

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    I remember my first porn was a gay porn.

    It was so interesting I peed a little.

  • Seshadri

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    I like porn – threesome (esp when all three holes are filled simultaneously ;)), group, orgy, interracial etc
    Its fun, its fantasy and it satisfies my horny feelings. When wife red light, its porn and right hand (or left – if right hand injured)My wife doesnt care – for her as long as I dont seek out other pussy, its fine.
    Sometimes they show good positions to try out too. No one knows how to fuck in 112 positions just like that without some form of ‘tuition’ – porn, internet and wild imagination. And I must say, these tuition lessons are very good. My wife (and my ex gfs) think I am a super stud cos I can do ‘stuff’, thanks to porn. These adult entertainers should be cheered for making an average joe like me a Superman. Thanks guys!!


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