New Beginning/Old Style

What is the meaning behind your new header?

There is no specific meaning for it, but as you can see the header as well as the layout had been changed. All credits goes to Brother Makkez for the header design, which is precisely what I had wanted. I’ve made the right and left column fonts to be a bit smaller, so that the articles gets more highlight, and it makes the fonts and the overall layout more in order.

The 3 colors represents the universal colors for Machans, which is widely used everywhere anyway.

Where is your Nuffnang/other ads?

Well, I’ve decided to go ads-free. Since I’ve been earning millions through ads alone, I thought I should discard the idea of humiliating myself getting all this cent-per-click money. It just doesn’t suit me, and I’m tired of adjusting my blog template to suit the advertisements. Yes, you might think I’m stupid not knowing how to earn online, but that really isn’t what I bother anyway, I earn enough offline.

Why do you like writing long articles?

I understand people do not like reading too many words sometimes. Sometimes people like to see pictures more; sometimes they would like to read more. But it has been my style of writing ever since I’ve started blogging, providing more text than picture anyway. I just have too many things to say, blame me.

I know some of you do not read the entire article, but again, that is up to you. I’ll write all the things that come into my mind, not restricting or summarizing any.

What do you expect from the people who read here?

What else can I expect from all of you other than active participation in the comment section. Thank God I have people dropping comments actively, and people who go to ‘war’ regularly, making this blog not dead all the time.

Some of you are too scared to give out your opinion (you can’t lie, some of you had even admitted that to me), fearing you might get blasted by the others. Come on, none knows you in the online world, what is there to be scared of? Choose a nick, and blast your opinions.

It’s all about fun here. If you don’t put in your opinions, it automatically discourages me from writing, seriously. But don’t run riot and comment unnecessarily or attack the other readers. If you have problem, go against me.

Why are you not writing political related articles anymore?

None of you would bother to ask this question anyway, but just for your information, let me have a few words here.

The reason I’m not writing anything about politics anymore, because if I were to write about politics; plus since my blog revolves mostly around the Indian community, I would end up talking about Malaysian Indian political parties.

The only party that will get banged as usual is MIC, because hardly I have noticed people talking bad about any other party; unless you happen to be a MIC member (pavem). The rest of the uncountable number of Indian parties is vying to terrorize MIC and their members, and always trying to unsettle them.

People had hardly paid any attention to MIC nowadays; thus the reason to refrain from writing about them. Not only about MIC, but about Hindraf,PPP or Kimuka,Athimuka,Athamuka(future Indian parties name in Malaysia).

Hindraf on the other hand sends 5 newsletters to me everyday, picking from daily newspapers, and spends half of their time condemning and ridiculing whatever action that the Government takes.

None of this spends anytime genuinely doing something useful, playing their role being an organization or a strong political party. You can see some of this fucktards hanging around Facebook creating multiple groups and fan clubs to satisfy them, looking at the number of people being their fan.

Then they complain that I’m a fucking alcohol drinking and smoking (plus a waste) to the society.

What have you done for the society (you being so critical about them-the political parties)?

I would like to get this clear. I’m an individual; I have neither the authority nor the ability to help anyone out there. As an individual, all I can do is to help escalate some issues to the people who had been put responsible to take care of it by the Government.

How can I (or you) be blamed when someone in the Indian community is in trouble? Political parties or any organization are the one responsible for the people, not me.

But is it happening? Yes, some help are being provided. Some of this people are genuinely helping, but the rest are just gulping everything that they get.

What is your overall advice about politics?

I would personally advice all of you to stay away from all this political minded fucktards, and associating you with themselves is just more trouble. Seek non-political organization for help instead. Note that this is my personal preference, none of you need to follow whatever I say, and it is entirely under your own jurisdictions.

You write so many things about girls, do you have a girlfriend?

Yes, I do. And no, I don’t. I’m in a difficult situation right now to be honest, and the answer I provided is precisely true.

Why is your blog clogged with bad words?

I do not believe bad words or people who speak bad words are the ones damaging the society today. Like I’ve always said, some of the fuckholes who acts so holy advising others about how to be a good person end up fucking an underage girl instead. But not in anyway I’m condemning people who really do not prefer talking bad words, but more to the people who puts a mask on how they lead their daily life.

This blog is what I’m in real life, I do talk bad words in real life, so yes, and that’s how I convey my message over here as well. This blog reflects about how people are today, and if fucks are necessary, then it will be there.

All right, leave that aside. What is new over here in this blog?

* Total Stats
o 2 Authors (Both me)
o 10 Pages
o 3,854 Comments
o 662 Comment Posters

later…. is 2 years old. I have an overwhelming support of which I’m very thankful to all of you. I have lined up exciting and shocking plans to be made into articles, all I’m hoping is for it to materialize. Happy 2nd Anniversary to this blog :)

Thank you and God Bless.

35 comments to New Beginning/Old Style

  • kannan

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    more like a FAQ of la bro. hahah.. anyways, my support is always there for you bro. keep on writing!

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    nice one kaiye..

  • inba

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    vaalge, valamudan…

    athu eppadi saar both have gf and no gf….

    anbula kudimagan

  • Star

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    Not bad la darling, nice articles, command of language good i would say (dont give much damn to perfect english la dei) only our indian fellas tries to outdo the English people in thier accent and mastery of language. inferiority complex me thinks.

    Long articles also no problemo, how long does it take to read anyway? 5 mins? ok pothum ninaikiren.

    Keep writing la, me started to look forward already.

    ore silly kustin: ragedindian means enna?

    Starry eyed

  • Star

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    Me want to quote somethin can? This is on ‘What have you done for the society':

    “It is a weakness to think that anyone is dependant on me and that i can do good to another. This belief is the mother of all our attachments and through this attachment comes all our pain.”

    “We must inform our mind that no one in this universe depends on our charity, not one soul on our kindness, not one living being on our help.”

    “All are helped on by nature, and will be so helped even tough millions of us were not here”

    Yaar sonna ne kelunge la. Yaar sonna na paravaillai, took a whole lot from my chest. So chill la. Charity is no big deal.

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Star : Ninge engeyo poithinge :D

  • jdepp

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    i can see joshiam – my reading says that last year Durai had a serious `crush’ on one of his female readers…betul tak Durai?

  • skygirl

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    wakakaka….durai anne realy…??
    is tat true wat jdepp said ter..??
    whus tat lucky girl anne,,,? wakakaka…

  • JzCozz

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    or,,,unlucky girl….:)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Got gf? Yes and No?? Ithe “vaarum aaanaa varathu” kathe mathiri le iruke!! ROFL….Happy Birthday….Keep it coming Durai ;)

  • LeAdFireZ

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    kai…yellamea soniye…IndiaMabuk pathi soniya yah????
    antha chaptherrre kaanum?????
    newayz…..we support u guys….M1 fever….ops sory 4ever…

  • SpideR

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    Keep up d gud work bro, im really hooked up with ur m1 writing style…;)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0


    Keep on writing :)

    Happy 2nd Birthday

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    LeadFirez : India Mabuk ippethikke konjam silent bro :) ;) Athenalethan varele..All members of it are currently upgrading their life’s , so once its on track, India Mabuk will continue on its journey :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    2 authors, both are u?? cheh, tot u were talking abt GreenClover

  • Durai

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @kannan : Nandri aya nandri :)

    @SunTannedSuperman04 : 10q bro

    @inba : Apdi sonathan sar safe…:P

    @Star : RagedIndian means enna ? Erm… if you read this article you will know .

    @jdepp: Wrong joshiam reading. You should learn more :P

    @skygirl: Kandipageh ileh…

    @-coolvaneegurl-: Hhaha…apdithan ne vechikenggele… :)

    @LeAdFireZ : Athe pathi ore thani article podren thambi…wait panunggo..

    @SpideR : Thanks brother :)

    @Nithz : Thanks Nithz, long time no see :)

    @TrueGemini : Both me la of coz, it’s just under different nickname. Anyway, there are 2 ghost writers so far, so, GreenClover is not the only one :)

  • linda

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    I hope to be around for your 3 year anniversary.!Nice work Machas:)

  • ApRiL

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    Congrats! keep on shining in your writing skills…appreciate that(a macha who blogs)! :)

  • honest

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    2 ghost writers (greenclover & mystique). who is the other Durai coming behind a nick, is it budak kampung tak tau english?

  • Scarface

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    Happy 2nd anniversary bro..been following for the past 2 years..and the years to come..cheers!

  • Geetha

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    lolz FAQs ah ? keep it coming !!!

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Honest : Hahaha , nice one :D But I’m not the other blogger, althou we’re same blood :)

  • skygirl

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    durai anne actualy im new here…for lg tym i was seeking 4 indian blog, atlast i found ragedindian…. ur blog’s r realy super duper….
    i havent read all da artical’s yet only some cos bit buzy… all those r fantastic bro… (;
    i think its too late, i joined here….):
    anyway good luck… & haapy 2nd birthday to ragedindian…

    ======> !!…cheers…!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    selamat hari jadi ragedindian page… Belanja irukka?

    i likes this one

    – 2 Authors (Both me) – HAHAHHAHAX

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Vanakkam and congrats for the two year anniversary mate..;)

    True Gemini, why so much interest on Green Clover? ;)

  • Durai

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @linda – Oh sure, you will be Mam, until the 30th anniversary even :)

    @April – Thanks April, appreciate your visits too …

    @honest – Both the author is me because I assume 2 nicks behind the scene – One is admin and another one is Durai. Both are not visible here of course, because it’s only used to create the articles. Comment section nick remains the same, honest.

    @Scarface – That’s ever since I started writing, thanks bro.

    @Geetha – Vithiyasemah elithi parthen :)

    @skygirl – Oh, read the Best of M1 articles. You can see the link above. Welcome anyway Thangachi!!

    @viji – Iruke ore bottle liquor epedi :P

  • Shaila

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    Congrats Durai on your superb write ups for the past 2 years…You’ve always impressed me with articles…keep up the good work & good luck always.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Valtukal bro… Happy 2nd Birthday
    to leadfirez,
    india mabuk kalau, hantu pun takut ohhhh encik!!! haha

  • savundra

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    hepi birthday!!!
    keep up ur good work la anne.. may god bless u :)

  • mathi

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    macha who blogs, take ur time in coming with a special write up on India Mabuk. takut sumtimes u ni terbawa-bawa to support mabukness just to protect your kaigels & you. be neutral ya? we can’t underestimate the implication of mabukness to our society in the past, present & future. Nee evalavu venunalum kudi, macha! athu rightinum mattum sollathe!

  • CountBelll

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    @mathi,,,madhu and maathu irrukay,,,,,athu sugamay,,sugam.
    allavvoodu irunthaal nanmai…

  • LeAdFireZ

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    Eyezmachi – athu tha matter machi…InDiaMabuk..Team Perru kai…kudikarange illai…hehehehehe…

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Enna bro ningge thanks ellam solikittu..

    Happy anniversary

    May you keep on blogging for years to come! ;)

    P.S: Bro, anniversary vere vanthurichi.. vangge bro ‘celebrate’ panelam.. :P

  • Durai

    Thumb up Thumb down 0

    @Shaila : Thanks Shaila :)

    @Eyezmachi : Nandri Bro, M1 Valge ..:)

    @savundra : Dankiu sister…

    @mathi : I will see what I can write brother..

    @Makkez : Nandri partner…may M1 concept bring us to greater heights bro. Thanks for your help too bro :)

  • reka

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    everytime when i browse my internet the first thing i will go through is ‘raged indian’..this indian blog is really fantastic..keep it up support is always there for u..


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