FAQ’s about Hinduism

I’ve talked quite a number of things when it comes to God and religion, and I’ve also stressed that trust logic first, then magic. From times I can’t remember, I really do read a lot, and hear things from wise people who knows stuff. I’ve always been perplexed however, when it comes to Hinduism, because of the diversity plus the flexibility given to our religion .

People usually ask me this type of things, and when I was small, I would go blank and do not know how to answer them. I will throw in few Frequently Asked Question about Hinduism here and try to answer them my way. This is my personal interpretation of the topic, and I’m not going to coax anything onto your mind.

But the young ones who are reading this blog and might have been asked these questions by their peers might grasp some idea on what to answer when they face the same situation. These explanations are as simple as it can get.

1. Why do we have millions of Gods in Hinduism? Why is everyone praying to a different thing, and different temple and types of prayers?

The flexibility in Hinduism is the main cause for it. Everyone is allowed to adjust how the religion should be according to their own interpretation. You can be a Hindu yet you can pray to the Sun. You can be a Hindu yet you can also pray to a tree.

You can also pray to Lord Murugan.
Or Lord Vinayagar.
Or Sivan.
Or Amman.
Or Krishna.
Or the stone.
Or a woman who drinks blood.
Or ME?

Trust Durai Baba(No Sex Scandals...errrr...yet)

If you want me to conclude, all this picturization of God is entirely up to the person’s own mentality. Some people might like Krishna because of his loving nature, some might like Kali because there is no creation if there is no destruction. But the ultimate goal of having all this personal independent entities is to reach God, the supreme God; the one and only.

For an example, say you want to be a singer. The moment you think you want to be a singer, you would definitely look up to someone as an idol. Maybe you idolize Beyonce because of her voice. You would try as much as possible to emulate Beyonce in order to achieve your ultimate dream of becoming a pop star. You can also idolize Jeniffer Lopez, or Whitney Houstan, or million other singers.

Notice the similarity?

Beyonce, Jeniffer Lopez or Whitney Houstan is your idol. Your ultimate goal is to be a famous singer. So, you make and devote yourself to these singers in order to achieve your ultimate dream.

Can you see a dream? You can’t, it’s formless. Precisely what I wanted to convey, God is formless, He is the supreme one and only. You and me pray to different type of Gods although we share the same religion, but we’re all actually sending the message to the same One. All of us.

But then, it’s a shame of how some people deviate the religion so much until it becomes a laughing entity more than respected. People should respect God, not look down upon it. If you build hundreds of shrines all along the road and foot walk, and tie Sarees to each tree you can find, then everyone would have a mirthful laugh. Deviation is an entire topic altogether, I will talk about it another day.

In conclusion, Hinduism is about flexibility of practicing it in different type of ways, but ultimately we’re all going to arrive in front of the same one and only God. When you picture something as God, it gives you an idea, and sets a path for you to reach the ideal, which is the supreme God.

2. Should we go to temple everyday? Do people who go to temple everyday get more blessing and their sin would be washed away?

This question had been partially answered above.

So far, none had stressed, and Hinduism books have not stressed that it is a must for us to go to temple everyday. It is also not true that a person who goes to the temple everyday would become a better man than a person who hardly make a stop there. You’re not a better man in front of God, just because you make the temple your second home.

However, temple is a place of God. When you’re in a place of God, you believe you’re actually in a safer, harmonious place. You obviously would come to a conclusion that you’re spiritually clean as long as you’re in a place of God.

When you devote yourself to God all the time, obviously your life cycle revolves around preaching about Him, or rather spending half of your time in temple. This sets a mentality, which automatically translates your behavior outside the temple as the same when you’re inside the temple.

When you feel at peace and ease, you would want to continue like that all the time. Thus the reason people who actually go to temple frequently , or be it church or mosque, feel better and hardly commit any sins or cause harm to any other people. Most of them anyway.

3. But I have pooja place at home; I have all Hindu Gods there, can I pray there all the time and not go to temple? Is it a sin?

It’s not a sin if you don’t prefer to go to temple. However, as I said earlier, temple is a place of God. It makes you feel better when you’re actually down, and makes you calmer when you’re worried about something.

Have you noticed how calm you feel when you’re inside the temple? How peaceful and nice to be in a place of God? That is one of the advantages of going to temple.

It is true that all of us has pooja place at home, and you might be praying everyday at home. Well, that is good, and that is all you need anyway. The thought of God is the one the counts. People who do not feel at ease and peace while doing their daily pooja at home, goes to temple, because they could not grasp the idea of reaching the Ideal.

Temple acts perfectly like your idol, it connects you to God. Temple sets an idea or path for you to reach God, the one and only Supreme God.

This is my personal inspirational quote, which would conclude all the above questions.

Religion is not at all about having God, it’s about having faith. Even if you pray to millions of Gods, and trust all the religion, it doesn’t matter, as long as you’re not spiritually aligned and do not have faith.

Above questions are only the tips of the iceberg. There are millions more questions, and we could go on all day. Unfortunately, I do not have the knowledge to answer all that. I could not elaborate much deeper into the topic, because then it might require you to download an e-book. I’ve given you simple answers with examples so that it’s easier for everyone to comprehend .However, if you have any questions, or if you have any other answer besides the answer that I have provided, kindly share, it would be very informative for the rest.

If it’s within my knowledge and what I have learned, I would answer your questions.

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  • Pusari

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    Coffee shop hinduism!

  • Star

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    I m glad. What prompted you to write this?

  • CountBell

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    Durai, u should read the Geetha.
    All your questions and much more is answered there and with Logic as well ; Believe me.
    Best to read commentary by great saints, who can explain in detail.
    Religion, multi religion, god, etheism, faith, one’s duty etc,,everything would be clear in your mind if you read Bhagavad Geetha.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    I have read the Gita umpteen times and nothing is clear as yet.Maybe its about time Indians take a more closer look at what we been praying. The Chinese dont pray to laksmy but they seemto have more money!!

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    The Penang Indian : Read Gita with an open mind and its wisdom would flow in automatically. Nothing is clear as yet ? Something could probably block your mind :)

    Probably its better if you change your name to ” The Penang Chinese ” if you are not proud to be an Indian. :) Yes, the Chinese might have more $ , but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are not taking steps to be on same playing field with them.

    Plus, I don’t really see what’s the connection between chinese , $ and FAQ’s about Hinduism to be dealt with. :S

  • nantha

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    Hi bro..it is not that easy to understand and practice the REAL Hinduism (not the superstitious believe)and the concept as you said :)
    especially person like we all…Hinduism actually related to mind control mainly..not just praying the statue or trees… Hinduism in only the divine religion in the world which is practice to be vegetarian…i challenge you to sit for 10 minute and relax your mind and think the good one im 200% guarantee you cant do this even for 2 minutes..
    but those people who do yoga and practice the real Hinduism can do this for years :)
    im not fighting with you bro…please understand first fully than try to ask question..from the question here i can say that you not even understand the concept of real Hinduism 2% of it..i guess 99% of Malaysian Indian did not practice pure Hinduism…please differentiate between Real Hinduism and superstitious believe create by our ‘datuks’

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    yennemoh… nalla iruntha seri bro…

  • CountBell

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    The greatest religious text in the world even from the Western view is undoubtfully the geetha. It doesnt preach any so called ‘religion’. Just the plain truth.

    @THe penang indian : Do try to read commentary by Swami Vivekananda.
    I dont know how old are you, but i geetha has high intellectual philosophy. Even the great Gandhi ji, had inspiration from Geetha .Whenever he is feeling lost and down, he claims that Geetha gives him a boost of confidence and strength. It works for me as well.

  • Spider

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    Hinduism is d way to live ur life….;)…tats it…

  • Dennis

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    One man’s religion is another man’s superstition. Every religion has some awkwardness…from tribals to christianity.I don’t know if god exists but I believe
    the ultimate aim of the founders of all religions(if it was benevolent)was to create
    a world of order and peace.

  • Puvan

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    interesting stuffs here but for u guys who wants to get a clearer picture of hinduism,hindu gods and so on…i can let u guys know that maybe u guys can join in the class of ‘Advanced Hinduism’ which is held by Artha Dharma in (Citra’s Building)every tuesday at 7pm….maybe some of u who don’t believe in god or religion can try going there coz all of ur questions will be answered with interesting facts and the best part u can ask whatever questions u want to and u will find the answers very interesting…. and for u to know some of the facts which u don’t know till now or maybe anyone in your entire life never ever explain or told u before will be told and i can guarantee it will be mind blowing when u came to know about it….can u ever imagine that some of the students who are attending the class are more than 40 to 50 years old….the class will taught in simple english and tamil….i’m telling this so that my indian makkal’s can learn more about our religion,gods,guru’s,siddars,periyapuranam and so on….if not us who is gonna learn all this!!!

  • FlyingGhost

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    Read Gita, you will find true meaning of life.’

    -Buy Gita ebook & sambrani from me, just RM10k only, you will be blessed and find your purpose of life.

    Frm. Sri Ram Maha Flying Ghost

    hahahaha…. you know many people will believe whatever bullshits

  • Praveen

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    Just my point of view on why its good to go to a temple.

    My mom told me this sometime back.

    Its actually a good example of the Law of Attraction.

    When there is a group of people with positive intentions and vibes it will eventually give you a positive vibe.

    This is not limited to only Hindu Temples but also Churches,Buddhist temples as well as mosques.

    It is normal for a person to go to these places with positive intentions and eventually it will be able to give you a peace of mind and also a good vibe.

    just my two cents. =)

    • Karma

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      Unfortunately bro most people go to temples for the wrong reasons (e.g. check out the macha’s and the machi’s, see who wears the best saree with the best blouse designs, “amma and appa ask me to go but i friggin don’t know why I’m goin”). When intentions are wrong, they spread the worst vibes ever. That’s why id always prefer to go during the earliest morning pooja’s. No negative vibes, no crowd, clear mind, peaceful, full concentration. All in all uber positive energy!

  • mindrunner

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    Praveen : What you have mentioned is called the Butterfly Effect >> https://sites.google.com/site/kriyayogamalaysia/new-book-wip

  • anantha

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    i like the way u said how god is the one 2 guide u =D good job
    p/s: pls av a like button, it makes me easier 2 tel u hw muc i appreciate ur writings cz smtins english cant cater enuf wods 4 me 2 xpress wt i fil bt ur writings..

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    ->> All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is £ove, compassion [n] forgiveness. So, the important thing is they should be part of our daily lives. In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe [n] enough shadows to blind those who don’t. By §wamiji Dhoni Omar

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    you an indian and yet u can critisize your religion on your blog ?? shame on you dude !! that is why indians are in a bad shape in malaysia .. you guys dont even want to respect your own religion and gods(( You can also pray to Lord Murugan.
    Or Lord Vinayagar.
    Or Sivan.
    Or Amman.
    Or Krishna.
    Or the stone.
    Or a woman who drinks blood.
    Or ME? )) , so from where do unity in your race wil come from and how we indians are gona be respected ??

    • GRUTCH

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      Unity will come when the Tiger Beer goes in..but if too much of Tiger goes in, or if you mix with Black, then koyak la, again we will be fighting with each other..so, to find unity, i suggest you to Minnal Pub..you can see Indian Unity at its best there !!!

    • St.StZ

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      This is the reason the community is as such… People don’t see the essence of what you are trying to say, but the mere words used… Mind sets has to change, only then religion or spirituality or attitude will go in…

      Of all you said, the gentlemen above only saw “Muruga, Vinayagar etc”

      @rasta man, unity doesn’t come from respecting “God’s” it can come from respecting fellow humans 1st…


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