Inspired by an email I’ve received few months ago, I am going to  write this article.  When something happens, or when you get shocked looking at something, you might end up saying “What the Fuck”. Shortly known as WTF, this word had evolved more  like a household word that we use everyday. Let me give you a few examples of what might make you say WTF.
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Funny Pictures

Let’s move on to something far more interesting now.

Then, I was checking the keywords used to reach my website, and look at this:

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I’m officially Google’s Number 1 Punde Nakki @ Pussy Licker. WTF?!

Now, few years back, there was this Hoo-Haa created by MIC that an award ceremony would be held for the Malaysian Indian bloggers. If I can recall correctly, it happened in 2008. They went on promoting in some major newspapers something about an event called as Manya Awards.

2008-> 2009 -> and it 2010 now, no news about the award ceremony. Most of the prominent Malaysians bloggers were nominated, including Brother Kavilan. We further went on publicizing much in our blogs regarding this event in order to gain some votes from the readers, and MIC had this special website opened for this award ceremony, Even the website is no longer available now. Manya awards become minyak awards di…

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Here goes what I wrote about that award ceremony:

MIC Minyak Awards

Looking back, I feel absolutely pathetic now. So, WTF?! happened to Manya Awards?

22 comments to WTF MIC?

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    I am the first to comment…yeh yeh!!….This is precisely why personally I never believe in anything MIC or MHS organize. Everything hangat-hangat tahi ayam only….Hmmmmpppphhhh!!!

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    Ahhh.. Finally this topic arrives. Yeah bro, no news and no announcement from them whatsoever but then we could see those “ManyaAwards” organisers being so active when it comes to facebooking and twittering. Enna nadekethu? Purithu, purille!

    Hopefully one of them could kindly come in here and give their lengthy explanation, as always.

    • Durai

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      Bro, “see those “ManyaAwards” organisers being so active when it comes to facebooking and twittering.” Inthe line jokka iruke bro…hahahaha…

  • mamamitha

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    lol, totally agreed to durai brother n makkez! y d fake publicity when you can’t even deliver what you have promised? i remember seeing the news on malaysiakini news portal. a new beginning it seems. perhaps thanks to how the infamous MIC got bashed during march 2008 elections, they tried to woo back indian bloggers to support MIC. at the end of the day, it was just castle built in the air. c’mon, how do u think people would gain trust in you?

    macam org kampung kata,
    kaaka paranthu mayile paarthu sonnicha, come join me ennu.. poongada neengalum ungge ideas um..!

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    fake award bro…. nalla senjuvuttangge… hehe…

  • freak of nature....

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    fuck those mic asses…..gud 4 nuthin……u knw y 2008…cuz it ws da election year….those bastardz need 2 suc da blogger’s dick 2 gt sum fuckin on9 support so tat they cn gain sum fucked up votes frm da ppl…..fuc them again…

  • g.

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    I was nominated too, but lol, im supposed to get an email from Novinthen regarding the award, and im still waiting for the email, 3 years on and still counting :) lol

  • MachanBro

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    Bro Durai..

    Sorry for the misleading info. Actually the award is still there but name been changed and within their membership only being nominated as no bloggers are well qualified for the nomination.By the way, award renamed as below 2 category:

    PT Awards: Pundethanggi Awards
    KT Awards: Kottaithanggi Awards

  • Krishna

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    Ethakkuyaaaa award????
    Pughal ellaam theedi poohakudaathu…
    Vare veendiya neerathil varattum…

    You guys ( bloggers ) keep running, dont stop. Let no victory(award) or loss stop you!

  • LeAdFireZ

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    Yenna maire awards ooh!!! Motha Durai ku kudungge yah yethachom orru awards ye…pavom…kadupule ezhutraru……
    ithulam yen varalaru le varum…

    MachanBro —> : one more Awards….. PN Awards : Punde Nakki Awards …..goes to DuraI—- Google top sales…hahahahahahah….semma business…

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    Im agree with Krishna.
    Leadfirez: Semmayanna award athu!

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    Why am I not surprised.

    -coolvaneegurl- => why MHS?

  • purani

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    MIC – MAKE INDIAN CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    @rujjcoormach: I live in front of Malaysia Hindu Sangam Negeri Sembilan branch. First they did thevaram class lasted about 6 months, then did yoga class lasted about 3 months, then bharatanatiyam class lasted about 4 months, then they gave out some loan thingy stop halfway because they previous people never pay because they loan they gave out all to their atte, mama, kannu kutti, aaatu kutti! They cant even organize one thing properly. So then how you expect me to believe them when they come up with something??

    Thats why la….why you so interested la?? Did I offend you or something??

    Whhhoooooppppssss!! Sowie….but the truth aint pretty my friend…

  • malp

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    @coolvaneegurl : HAHAHAHAHAHAH that’s hilarious. it really shows how ‘consistent’ these MOFOs are. best comment ever!

  • jdepp

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    hehehe…hilarious! watch out the key words to durai’s blog!

  • Scarface

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    Freak of Nature and Coolvaneegurl,

    Agree with you both.

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    coolvaneegurl > No you didnt offend me in any way just curious. Anyway thanks for the info and it would be good if you could provide the name’s who made the empty promises to you or anyone else at your neighbourhood. You may email me the details.Thanks.

  • de costa

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    to stop believing in them is to stop talking about them. i think it’s time for these MIC guys to get some real proffesional help. it took them some time to actually realise the importantce of blogging which caused their downfall n they’re still with their “take it easy” attitude. STOP WASTING TIME and please ask your members not to SLEEP TOO MUCH.

  • Damon Bancroft

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    Good blog man Thank you

  • mindrunner

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    Sarcastic Comment : How can we expect them ( MIC ) to serve the public when at almost every single branch ( right down to the grass-root level ) every branch head is busy squabbling with the deputy branch head. Each one is busy trying to kill each other off so that they can become the leader and do some cari makan…. Tiu . I have had the bad luck to attend some of the branch meetings…. Its funny when , the secretary of the branch calls the uncle’s and auntie’s to attend the meeting to get their signature so that they can pass-off the meeting minutes…… Screwed up man …. And then we would have the party head going against each other in the public…. Childish… My parents are still waiting for the MAIKA share money ….


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