My Tragic Fishing Story

From times I can’t remember, fishing had always been one of my favorite past time. I would not lie to you that I’m very good with my rod(my fishing rod I mean), which makes me an average skilled fishing guy , but although I’ve not caught any record number of fish so far, I still go crazy when it comes to fishing. Not many share the same passion and patience required to go fishing though, so I’m fortunate that all my friends have the same interest just like me.

The usual bait that we use is frogs. Snakehead fishes (such as haruan and toman) loves frog, thus the reason to use them. We have spent hours catching fish sometimes, and most of the time we go home empty handed. The thing is even if we do manage to catch a fish, we would usually release it back to the water. It’s very rare that we eat our own catch.

I’ve tried a lot of places for fishing, but my favorite spot is usually abandoned lakes and so on. The only weird thing about my fishing activity is that most of the time, we manage to catch all the other things except for a fish.

I still remember when we caught a damn snake, which ate our frog when the bait accidentally dropped just on the surface of the water. Then there was this huge lizard, and then water snake and the most recent one is a bird. All the above catch was done by Brother Deva and me while we’re out fishing.

But recently……

The other day, I was out fishing again with Brother Deva. I threw the bait, reeled the rod, and SNAP!, There was a bite. Without wasting further time, I reeled the heavy fish, while it’s fighting and my rod is going all heavy, bending is such a way that I was surprised if it’s for real. I was very excited, and after 5 minutes, the river monster (kononnya) had finally been tackled. I lifted the catch up, and one round green shaped object floated. Imagine how fucking pissed I’m when it was a turtle. And the hook was swallowed so deep that I can’t get it off. I posed with the so called catch of the day and released it.

Yesterday, I was fishing again, in another pond. The bait set, hook set, and I threw the bait. Reeling slowly, SNAP!, another catch. I reeled quickly because I do not want the fish to escape. Imagine my horror when it’s a fucking turtle again. Ammeh punthe vidum aminah punthe vidum urpedathe ne sollevangge…

I was so fucking pissed that I packed my rod and vowed not to catch for some time again. Maybe I should just write about Friendster girls instead, I excel better in that.

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