Freak Accident

This post goes as a dedication to my working mate who died in an accident early on Monday morning. This accident occured in Taman Midah BHP petrol station. The victim is actually my team leader who sits directly behind me, and it seems the woman who hit my working mate was driving under the influence of alcohol. CCTV in the petrol station captured the whole horrifying scene, and you can watch it below.

News clipping :

KUALA LUMPUR: A man was killed when a skidding car crashed into him while he was filling up his car with petrol at a petrol station in Taman Midah, Jalan Cheras, here, Sunday night.

City traffic police investigation and prosecution division head DSP Abdullah Roning said in the 10.30pm incident, the injured driver, Mohd Yusri Abdul Wahab, was taken to Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Hospital where he died at 2.15am from head injuries.

He said Mohd Yusri, 32, was filling up his Proton Iswara with petrol when a skidding Hyundai Getz crashed into him.

“Our initial investigation showed that the car, driven by a 23-year-old woman, had skidded after it was involved in a collision with another car near the petrol station.

“The woman was, however, only slightly injured,” he said. — Bernama

Video removed out of request from immediate family members.

This is one of the pictures taken after the accident.

The victim(Mohd Yusri) was just about to get into his car when the woman driver somehow crashed into him in full speed(as you can see in the video, the victim is standing near the door of the black Proton Saga Aeroback). I can’t see any reason the car has skidded as the car is in full speed coming all the way straight ramming into the victim. My working mate’s wife and children was inside the car, and you can see the wife getting out of the car after the accident. The wife hand was broken while the children, aged 2 and 4 suffered mild injuries.

Above accident shows the reality of life, no doubt I’ve heard and seen this kind of accidents before, but when it is someone you’ve just seen alive few days back,it just makes the whole experience horrifying, moreover watching him getting hit and dying on such a horrible kind of freak accident.

I’m totally lost of words for the damage the drunk woman driver had caused the family of the victim.

May his soul rest in peace.

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    First to comment again!! Yes!! :P

    Neway, I know what it feels like to loose a friend or someone you love in an accident. May his soul rest in peace =(

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    That’s terrible. May his soul rest in peace. :(

    What happened to that sadechi bro? I heard she was remanded for 7 days and she kept on saying that “someone came and bang her car before her car went haywire and bang those cars in the petrol station”. Hmm..

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    May his soul rest in peace. But Durai, I am unable to view the video. It is only for private viewing?

  • Durai

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    @-coolvaneegurl- : First ah vareh avolo aseyah..hehe…

    @Makkez : Not really sure about the woman bro, but I know she had been remanded. No news yet about her bro.

    @Vivek : You should be able to view now bro.

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    @Durai: Just amusing myself…..:P

  • EVo

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    For a night of fun, she’s ruined the lives of a whole family and people who’ve been close to the dead dude. Live and learn, people.

  • persona team

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    please la..all drunk person..stupid you all when you are in the drive,….bullshitt driven

  • Kudikaran

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    “Kudi kudiyei kaedukum”, itheke thaan sonnaggelo?


  • MachanBro

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    Soldrathuku unnum illai bro..Its unexplainable when this kinda accident happens and precious lifes gone just like that in minutes..

    May the soul rest in peace..and we should continue the rest of our life as usual..

  • HH

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    It’s sad to see this kind of tragedy happen in Malaysia. May the victim rest in peace. God Bless.!!!!

  • LeAdFireZ

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    Im sorry to hear tat bro…. May his soul rest in peace….

  • Flame Wings

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    Al-Fatihah to him and his family.
    This is definitely a shocking news and an act of stupidity.
    I also feel very sad and angry that our laws are not doing a good job in solving this issue nor preventing it.
    So everyone, please stay safe and do think twice of your actions.
    We are all not superman/woman even though we think we are.
    Accidents do not just happen!

  • Coolman

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    Imagine the trauma and stress to the wife and kids of the victim. It must be terrible. So sad.

  • Maya

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    So sorry you experienced the loss of a friend…I do know how that feels…

    I read your blog & watched the video at 4.55 in the morning & it sent a chill down my spine. Such a terrible shame, a young man…too young to die…to leave a wife & two beautiful children alone with no father…& for what???

    Alcohol! Cheap kicks! Stupidity! Selfishness!

    Nobody says don’t drink, don’t have fun, enjoy yourself but…

    DON’T DRINK & DRIVE…It ALWAYS hurts the innocents.

    RIP Mohd

  • Geetha

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    May his soul rest in peace…my heart aches for his family…if you drink, please be responsible enough to get someone else to drive… :(

  • Star

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    Watch out for the ‘calm before the storm’ and when the car shoots out straight at him like that god! what a shocker!

    I m reminded of times where i could have done the same mistake. I was spared the sin thank god, i damaged the tail light only.

  • friend of the deceased

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    I would like to request from the blog owner kind heart to remove the cctv video from your blog ,this the request of deceased wife and family as they felt disturb and uneasy the video is circulated in the net while they are still mourning the loss of their family members. I am just extending the wife and family wish as i known the deceased in person. tq

  • arasi

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    o! kemalangan ngeri ….due to drunk driving. very sad indeed!

  • kkng

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    So sorry that you lost a friend, a wife lost her husband & the kids lost their beloved father.

    If the woman is drink & drive, I feel sad to her BRAINLESS action!

    RIP Mohd Yusri.

  • NickFrmCheras

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    i too felt sorry and sympathy for the deceased family.
    the newspaper said that it has skidded from a collision, just wanted to make it clear, does it have collision marks left on her car.

    judging from the tv, the speed of the car is really unbelievable fast.

    i really do hope that people do not cover her arse for what she had done.

    hope that justice is served.

    RIP Yusri.

  • linda

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    very heartbreaking. words don’t help much but know people care for all affected by this tragedy.

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you. ~Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

    I guess this is where the drink took the lady to, to cause commotion as well as making tragedies like this happen. What warrants ppl like this to be able to destroy other person’s life for their own happiness and short-term enjoyment ? Every one who drinks talks big as thou they can control everything when they are drunk, but they forgot they are unable to manage their words , actions AND consequences when something wrong happens. There you see, an example of something that went wrong awfully.

    Imagine the heart-wrenching experience and turbulences the family is going with now. Public apathy might be able to comfort them for the time being, but on a long term basis? Whose gonna take care of them ? Where’s the “ayah” that the kids used to call ?

    Sorry is the only word that the women uttered it seems repeatedly whenever anyone asked about it, but where does the sorry lead to ? Yes, she might have regretted, but can the loss be retractable ? 1 big tragedy, and 1 single word to explain it all? God to judge her…..

    RIP Mohd Yusri. May God bless your soul…

    P/s : There hasn’t been any reports whatsoever about the lady after that. This story went underground as well ? :) There’s no justice for the deceased ? Is his life worth only few paper cuttings and few blog writings ? :(

  • cheekychub

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    Budak Kampung Tak Tau English – has spoken enuf. where’s the justice?!
    that drunk lady has been set free without any accusation or warrant or whtsoever.
    Dem u drunk ppl!!

  • Fadly

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    In a accidents like this, several chain of events will take place. The Chinese, regardless of wether the women driver is guilty or not, will poll resources to defend her out of racial solidarity. The Liquor companies who feared this event will effect their business, will also defend the woman. this two parties have enough money and influence to free the women from the murder charges she’s suppose to face. Last i heard, The woman was released under a RM2000 bail. There’s no mention of drunk driving in her detention record. It was all an accident.

  • WLS

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    Wow Fadly, that’s probably the most racist thing I’ve ever heard. Please wise up, no one is going to protect this woman. As for her driving under the influence, are there any facts to back this up or is this just speculation? Released on RM2K bail?? I’m curious to know where you get your facts or are you just basing this, again on pure speculation. People are hurting here, think about the poor wife and kids, there’s absolutely no need for this kind of thoughtless remarks as it does not help anyone in anyway.

  • aha328

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    Fadly…will u b saying the same thing if the driver is a Malay and the deceased is a Chinese?? It’s people like u that 1Malaysia will always remain a dream. I’m Chinese Malaysian and I’m proud. I dont care whether that Chinese lady hit a tree and die but when it involved others, she need to b severely punish. A husband to his wife, a father to his 2 kids……gone. just bcoz of a bloody idiot drunk driver!!
    The chain of events that I think will happen is the victim’s wife will sue the driver, BHP will sue the driver, the police might take it as manslaughter case. If the driver really walks free, I hope that she will get ram by another car!!

  • Maya

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    This driver will answer to the same unwritten law we all face…KARMA

  • Felicia Na

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    My condolences to his family.

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Fadly : Out of racial solidarity? Racial slurs will prevail if everyone starts to point “facts” that are not “facts”. Criticising a chinese women of being drunk is acceptable enough, but to be pointing that all the Chinese community will provide sanctuation for a sinner is not acceptable at all ! Everyone in their right sense of mind will accept that some one’s life has been laid to rest by a senseless driving, thus, there’s no concern of any racist afflections here. If it was a Malay driver or an Indian driver doing the same, I am 12073 % sure the public outcry would have been the same, ie to punish the errant driver regardless of race.

    Rm2000 bail ? And which paper stated this ? AFAIK, the only paper that started again this thread was Malay Mail dated last week ( unsure of the date thou , pardon me ) and they did not state the bail amount etc. They qouted Police of saying that the women has been sent for urine test and it will be out this week. Thus, why is there an assumption of own facts and also the contradicting reports as opposed to the paper and real facts ? Please provide further informations if you have your own source that can verify all these , as baseless finger pointing will have an affect on the deceased family.

    Quotin aha328 : I agree with the statement ” 1Malaysia will always remain a dream ” .. This will continue unless we remove the racial anthems from our life and continue to strive as 1 dedicated Malaysians. Loyalty to our own race is not forbidden thou, but as we all live in 1 country, under 1 roof, we are bound to have patriotic feelings and loveness towards this nation.

    Please , have some consciousness towards the family instead of throwing words by words. WE might not be able to lessen their sadness and sorrows, but at least we could help out by not further putting in miseries.

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    HMMM…. no words……… may his soul rest in peace…

  • BenjaminButton

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    apparently the women committed suicide.. will get back to ya’ll with more details


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