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You know, at some point of your life, you would realize that you need to grow up. Maybe you might think that you need to achieve higher things, set higher targets for yourself, or you just want to grow more mentally than the way you’re now.

People around you influence the way you’re living your life. And being an Indian, people would very much try to unsettle you all the time, making you feel so uncomfortable till you raise the bar yet again to prove yourself. It’s not like lately, but I do set some standards on myself, on how I should be in a few years time and so on. But have you realized no matter how much you achieve, you’re just looked upon the same level by some people?

You see, it’s like nothing serious. But I do get annoyed when people talk about something they don’t really know . Although they might lack knowledge in the topic, they would try to interfere as much as possible to show you that they’re greater than you in the particular subject. Most of this people are your own family members, while the rest few might be your friends and relatives.

Like how years ago, when I was typing out an article in my laptop, that my grandmother asked:

” Velehki poleyah pa?” You did not go to work today?

“Leave pati, athan vithele iruken” I’m on leave.

“Leave na ethavethe vitte veleh seyeh vendithane, tv eh pathekithe iruke?” If you’re on leave, why are you not doing house chores? All the time you’re watching TV only?

“Ille patti, office veleh seyeren” No grandma, I’m doing office work.

“TV pakerethethan office veleyah?” Watching TV is office work eh?

And that happened while I’m typing away in my laptop, can you believe that? Going on with a technology debate with her would not help at all, but you know sometimes you do get annoyed. She is not that knowledgeable, and not being IT savvy, I expected that from her.

Indians have this tendency that only those who work as doctors, engineers and teachers can earn a good income and thus they strive to encourage you as much as possible to be one of them. It’s been fucking annoying since I was small that everyone wants me to be a scientist. I don’t have the brain to be a scientist, to be honest, so I just followed the flow and at least I’m earning enough now.

I have a friend who is working in HSBC. So, the other day he came to my house and while waiting for me, my mother had a quick chat with him.

When I came back home that night, my mother began gunning me down.

“XXX is working in a bank you know. Why don’t you go and join him? It’s  a big bank you know”

And I explained he works in a call center although it’s a bank, and his salary is way too lower than me.

“You lying la, he working in a bank,HSBC, and where you working, I’m not sure also, and you telling you earning more than him?”

I said working in a bank doesn’t mean that you’ve got a good job and it all depends on your title, so does doctors and engineers or even teachers, it doesn’t mean that this profession pays the highest salary, I might be even earning more than most doctors or engineers.

“Nalathe sonah unggeleke pidikatheee” If people say something good, you won’t listen la.

She ended the conversation. And then comes few dumb aunties from the neighborhood come telling my mother that their sons are working in a bank and why don’t I join them. My mother regretfully acknowledges them that I’m not listening to her advice. The problem is this fucking sons don’t even own a house and goes by bike to their workplace, not like I have anything against this type of people, but  they’re just so obsessed to the word ‘bank’ that they forget everything else. My mother frequently nags me with all those things the neighbors’ are telling her.

Next comes the relatives. Few months back, I’ve installed Astro Beyond. My 42 inch Full HD TV lacks only one thing, which is HD contents. So when Astro introduced Beyond, I was amongst the few to subscribe on the first day of the launching. I’m very much satisfied with the HD channel which brings your TV viewing experience to a new level.

Recently few relatives came to the house, some old guys(my mother’s relative) I couldn’t recognize and they asked me how is Astro Beyond. I replied it’s fantastic. All 3 of them started discussing heavily and they pointed out that Beyond is useless and there is no difference between normal channels and HD. They further went on claiming that Astro can actually provide clearer channels, but they want to make more money so they introduce something like Beyond and people would pay more money and then they will provide clearer channels. I was like WHAT THE FUCK? They don’t even know the meaning of HD yet the way they talk would make even Ananda Krishnan cry in agony.

How on earth someone can think of something like that?

Tons of other experience where I’ve had people talking as if they know in full glories all the details about a particular topic. The moral of the story is, when you do not know something in detail, do not jump in as though you know everything in this world, instead learn from the experts then go preaching about it. Then people would see you of being wiser, instead of a loser.

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  • Maya

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    Durai lol…

    This is families all over, yes?

    Also, you know what they say, ‘A little bit of knowledge is dangerous’

    At least while you are on the receiving end of the stick brother, somebody else is getting a rest from it… ;-)

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    perhaps bro, u can try to find out the topics they are interested in, then equip urself wit more knowledge, then crush them in their own comfort zone. That alwiz satisfies my ego AND keeps people’s mouth shut.

    u gotta be cruel to be kind, eh?

  • Coolman

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    HD TVs has become a norm nowadays.
    To keep up with the technological change its only natural that Astro upgrade their transmission quality. I dont know what additional charge they are imposing. But if they are charging more for the monthly subscription, then ur relatives are dead right!. This is indeed a marketing gimmick. Charge ignorant people for some technological upgrade which they have to change sooner or later.

  • Star

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    Your vayese like that la, young so you can’t stand critisicm, nagging, comparison etc. especially when you have worked bloody damn fucking hard to achieve all that. Appediye surrene errom illa? vayese da vayese…

    Konjem nal poghetum you wouldn’t care what people say coz by then those aunties would be so mentally tortured by their imbecile sons and daughter in laws and will be looking after thier grandkids foc that they wont have time to talk about anything else… lol.

    Can i give some advise? nobody wins the materialistic race, if you are rich u r not happy, if you r happy you r not rich, but if you dont agree with me try ‘peace’ also and kooti kaleche partha kanneke seriya varrum.

    Let the old people talk what they want, get it into your left ear and out the right.

    You really dont need this people to appreciate you. The real person is inside you, when he is satisfied with his progress he doesnt need anyone else to understand or say it. Once you can feel it in you, just answer with one of your cute smiles.

    But you are right in one thing la, nowdays you guys are earning soo much more than professionals…lol. athe thaan eppediyene puriyile… what am i doing wrong?? (other than spending long time on the internet writing this, sorry)

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Star : Imbecile sons and daughter in-laws arr ? Ade pavie…That mean’s you are kutuk-ing both me and the blogger la ? :D

    Got 1 idea for u to earn more as well :P Kidnap ppl and steal their kidneys :P

  • jack

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    indians can never move away frm their stereotype attitudes! when i graduated abt 2 decades ago, one old aunt didn’t allow my parents to take pride in that because i was in the private sector & not doing a govt job. after i got a job in the govt sector, that aunt was no where to congratulate me (not that i deserve any)! moral of the story; don’t bother abt such people and just listen to your heart. Are you happy with what you are doing, if yes; good! continue to progress & if no; the next action should be yours. wen my son told that he wants to something other than medicine although he got good results, his granpa & host of relatives asked him what’s wrong with him? i can’t see anything wrong with him. full stop!

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    u havent finish your story yet …

    where you work ?
    and how much u earn ?

  • Star

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    Budak kampung, why? you are an imbecile and the blogger is your mother’s daughter in law? sorry i didn’t know…:)

    Anyway that was a good idea to make money, so? wanna meet?

  • jack

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    @obi wen kenobi- i earn about 8K, may be small but content with it. My thriftiness helped me to pull through in this high cost living city. Seldom brand conscious unless the product comes with quality. No need to disclose my workplacelah..quite famous one! all the best to you, pharmacist Gobi!

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Star : The blogger is my brother :)

    Yeah, I wud love to ;) Hehehe.. Let me know when n where :)

  • Star

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    Kampung boy, aku tau la lu orang braders.

    You didn’t really get what i wrote. Too busy looking at bintangs kot.

    Ippedina kidney eppedi irukumo? 100-00 ke kudha fetch pannathe polla…

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    aiyoo…with ur grandma oso wanna cari pasal ahh??
    be thankful, at least u hve one.its amusing to hear her stories and tales.
    stop being so cynical

  • linda

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    ther is only one you Durai -find your own path:) and it seems you are doing just fine!!

  • varsha

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    hahaa…Good one..I was laughing when I was reading sum of em…dun gt pissed off wif them..specially if tey r old..onnum panne mudiyathu..:(

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Star : I actually got what you meant to say :) You were talking about the neighbour aunties and their imbecile sons and daughter in-laws..But as far as I know, my neighbour has cute daughters la :P

    And I haven’t looked at you yet :P

    Kidneys nalla condition le than madam irukke :D

  • Masthan

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    Are you promoting astro beyond here? haha just kidding…anyway old folks are like that and there is no point in explaining to them. Why waste the time, just shut the room door, click on your internet browser and start live your life.

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    Lol Aunties and Uncles can be quite annoying at times! I totally understand how that must have felt. Sometimes acting stupid could save you all the hassle. Just nod you head and say ‘aama saamy’ for everything they say. Then live life your way! Hahaha! This is how I usually deal with the situation at home. :P

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    aiyooo kai.. naa padere paade irukeh.. when i say i do shooting/music video they asking how many weddings i have covered.

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    ehehehhe, pity la you mamz….

    when i joined unitar … my relatives @ neighbours asked my parents why she joined unitar..wait la until she got gov uni .. she got good results what… if join unitar can get gov job o not.. and bla bla bla questions.. it was continued until i grad.. the most irritating matter was, they asked the same questions everytime they met me somewhr..

    BUT, now i’m in GOV JOB with a GOOD POSITION, SALARY + RELAX JOB… ippolam they tak buka mulut pun…

    intha ulagam ipaditha mamz… naamethaa avanga ariyamai ye nenachu siricitu poikithey irukkonum… :D

  • Cool Gurl

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    cool……. moral of de story .. superb…..


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