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We all have people adding us randomly in Facebook. In fact, the definition social network had been misused by so many Facebook Kamachis and Muthus that all they end up doing in Facebook is adding up people randomly without any purpose. I tend to always trim down my Facebook contacts from time to time, in case I’ve added people that I’ve not known. You see, it’s totally fine if you add up someone just to get to know him/her, but when you do add, it doesn’t take a few minutes to send up a message politely to introduce yourself.

After all, there’s nothing wrong making new friends. But what infuriate me are the ones that adds you up, and when you ask them something, they answer you blankly, making you wonder what is the point of adding you up in the first place. See below screenshot from a Facebook Kamachi and what she got in return.

Can you imagine answering ‘dun noe’ when someone asks you Who is this?

And then there are some girls who tries to be cute by putting up that they’re in a relationship with another girl.  We do have growing numbers of lesbians in Facebook though, judging by the number of relationship-with-another-girl that I’m seeing in Facebook.

But nothing beats below guy description about himself(Thanks to Brother Ninja Assasin for sharing this):

The quality that above characters possess,just priceless.

I think my partner in crime had encountered the same situation. So, here’s another one that qualifies in the ‘retards list’. Hilarious!!!

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  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    ” pepoles?komen man? ” –> People, please start commenting this “komen” man :P

    I was many more like u once time –> which “U” is this ? :D

    I are dringks,druks, and pombele…,poyele and mani more –> I seriously believe that thou,cause if not, he would be writing in a clear mode.Mani more? I think Mani was his previous ex-bf :D Janggo Jega is the ultimate definition of what our parents don’t want us to be…You will be dringks, druks, pombele…poyele…mani more….

    He likes “nise” girls –> girls here, please fall for him. Otherwise, life failure and jangut aswel :P

    I will tich u how are to be come suksess –> Do you ppl here really need this type of guy to teach you on ways to be successful ? :D

    rasta guys:satu hati sampai mati –> obviously. No 1 has 2 heart’s :S

    Alle katak:one love –> I didn’t know he love’s frog so much :'( I’m seriously so touched ) Anybody got tissue ? :(

    And for God’s sake, he is from Cambridgeshire University? :D Enna kodume saravana ithe? :D

    This is the part where he has been true to his story : Sek Ren Ayam Baru ( Puthesa vanthe koli rombe thullethe ) :D

    Top Kaigeh Bisi Buruk : Now, that’s what you call alle katak language ;)

    Anyway, a search on Mr Google show’s that there is no school as Sek Ren Tamil Ayam Baru :) Maybe, this is his way on how to tackle “nise” girlss. Learn from him ppl, he’s “tiching u how are to be come suksess” :P

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    bro i do face same c2vtn… wen dat hapen feel like wanna slap them.. WTF mus approve if thy dnt no us n dnt like 2 b frens??? beter them make babies n feed thm.. MENYEMAK je kat FB.. cool bro..was tinki 2 write abt tis but ningge muntikinttngge…. nyway gud job.

  • Kumar

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    Maybe the Kamachi is shy bro. Lol

  • Masthan

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    Had the same shit here as well as you all. Kamachi will add, after one to two days she will dissapear from the network. Than WTF add me, wondering kamachi’s lookin for groom by view all your photo album, why not overview our dick as well. ;)

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    Hahahahahahahah!! LOL!! ROFL!!

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    Hahaha! Glad to have a few additions to the Facebook retards family. Some people.. Tsk. And the answer you got for ‘May I know who is this’ was just priceless.

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    Hhahahahh this fler reminds me of Jai in Goa movie. “When we have ye passport we only going to the yemerika.”

  • MachanBro

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    Its time for the FACEBOOK retards to create and register their own network and named as RETARDSBOOK.

    WTF la to all FB kirikicis and kirikans..

  • LB

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    This is classic, i’ve noticed that fb is turning to friendster and all thanks to our beloved estate mari typical girls, only in Malaysia we find indian girls so proud to think they look like trisha, asin and etc. So confident kan? I don’t blame those who don’t speak english but are giving it a try but seriously to act like you have perfect english is way too funny.

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    bro rujj..
    ‘bcz yemerika is our country’.. hehehehhe

  • Masthan

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    To all kamachi’s and Muthu’s out there, please DO NOT tarnish FB image by posting, creating, writing all your nonsenses in there. we knew that, you’re already corrupted the friendster and other social network, and don’t do all your monkeys and donkeys works in there. Understand the terms “social network” before signup and bombard with your bombastic words to impress any dick and puss out there. GROW UP!!! you’re nonsenses start from mirc, hi5, friendster, msn, ….. and now FB and it’s like never ending story, if i’d come cross any of you doing so in my network i’ll fuck you upside down without any mercy. Be friends is no harm but don’t simply add us and ask us back “who is this”..”..”i don’t know you”…”how you know me” ..”how you find me”..how u fuck me…than you’ll learn the lesson…. ;)

  • MachanBro

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    Sethu polam.. hahahahahahahha…

    Bro Durai..

    Your topic is sure hit la.. Hats off bro!

  • Dhurga

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    It sounds alot like the towel scene between Vaibhav and Jai in Goa. Classic post Durai.

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    Durai this is really funny but in fact true :) Reminds me of some people who has more than 2200 friends but none of them that they know. Just randomly add everyone to prove that they are the ‘Kunji Kamal’ of Facebook.

    Anyway “Alle Katak”, muahaha!

  • lawl

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    wahh…well done Durai…itz classic facebook…1 question 2 u… ‘when guyz ask a gurl if she single or not’ what does that mean…like on wat intention does he askz diz question…i knw itz out of topic..but plz do reply…n keep doing wat ur good at…keep shining man :)

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    i guess he lookin 4 partner.. i mean personaly few people dat i no they meet up in FB n end up mariage.. which is gud.. well u can ask if no bad intention.. but if got ‘udang sebalik MEE MAGGIE’ means thn its not gud la.. jus by askin u single or not no HARM i guess.. but some gals take it personal n mk it big issue… bro i jus giv my opinion.. myb bro durai can giv his side of M1 view…heheheh

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    heheheh, mudiyale……….. yeppa saamy…

    i’m very aware about this case.. i immediately reject a person if there is NO MUTUAL friend between us.

    secondly, if got few mutual friends and i still dont have idea abt them, i’ll text a msg and ask do he knw me.. if he said dunno.. i will continue with MSG’S ONLY… wont approve him at all until i really got to knw the person at least a 50%.

    p/s: rasathi style-h follow pannunga mamz… :P

  • linda

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    When I chose my Facebook friends I wanted them to be a smart , diverse group of people.I am glad to have gotten a great group who reflect various ages, races , religions. I learn lots.! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Durai!!!

  • skygirl

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    well done anne…100% true…
    wen v ask any question n if they ans like tat means…aiyooo rely angry la….
    baru nak kenal each other bt talk lk shit…
    hmmm… mostly girls r like tat…
    if guys mns, da 1st quest from dem is ‘r u single’….. ;)

  • Varsha

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    Good one…in the beginning used 2 approve dem bt after sumtime gt fed up n stopped it…coz tey dun wana intro or know u 1st of all..thot ex skulmate or wat.but noooo…

  • ApRiL

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    hahaa….can’t stop laughing after reading this blog especially chandran’s comments ‘bcz yemerika is our country’.. good one! seriously FB becoming another Friendster version due to some retards.. just grow up kids!!!

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    viji agree with u..
    if rly dnt wan 2 add sum1 thn jus ignore thmla.. or as u said sen msg n get 2 no thm 1st.. ini c got request jus approve oni… thn aft dat acting like ‘KANNAGI’..

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    Haha, well said bro!

    Another thing that I hate the most is that some people would intentionally list down 20+ people as their siblings, and not forgetting some guy and another girl would be listed as their ‘parents’. Seriously, I don’t even understand what is the motive behind their action. Verrrri maira irukkom bro.

    That being said, here is an example from me of yet another entry in this ‘retards’ category:

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    Ooops, looks like the HTML tags have been stripped. :(

    Here’s the link:


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    ele bro…tu mcm nie bro… they wan to spread their image and get more fans@frens (kononya)

    she will add 1 guy, the next day, the guys frens (20 machans) wil add her. ini mcm skor A bangge… MLM programme. but in the end get shit! haha…

    she will add…when comment also, she wont reply…

    yenna myre’ke than add pannuthengge’ne theriile bro… myreachi!

  • kannan

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    well said makkez and eyesmachi..

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    bro eyezmachi..i rly like tis sentence ‘yenna myre’ke than add pannuthengge’ne theriile bro… myreachi!’..1000000% agree wit u… but thn i like ur MLM idea 2 add frens… superb.. cool..

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    Finally, Brother Durai, you blogged on the famous FB!!! cooooool !!!
    I, too, face those problems.. and like you, i too, filter out my friends on FB..
    some people on FB are so dumb, that they never read the profile info of a person.. but can chat with them and ask, “Can you tell me about yourself pls??”.. and yeah, the lesbion thing.. what kind of trend is that supposed to be???
    oh, and did you guys know that Gang-Culture has found its way into facebook? yup.. you can find Fan pages for Gangs!!! and there are the cockroach kids having some actor/ actress pic.. also naming themselves Madhan ( aka Manmadhan) or sum kind of slutty name like Sexy Angel, or Miss KokoKrunch and like that.. FB was a platform to connect people.. but now, the purpose has changed into some sort of website for perverted guys and gals to lok for a partner or two… hmm.. bro durai, perhaps you could elaborate more on this topic the next time… its a really interestin one here.. ^_^ thank you..

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    I heard so much of craps bout facebook which made me of not having an account till now (believe it or not..haha :p) So, I should be the happiest person in earth fr not worrying/coming across such junky stuffs.

    p/s : I think soon or later i will create one..inteh joke yelam parkeh.

  • Suren

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    Hai Bro Durai,

    Thats a classic same here thinking of facing that kind of nerdies on fb made me close the account seriously it has become a pick point for some…

  • Thanesh

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    Wonderful idea bro for you to come out with this FB issue. Totally agree with wat u said bro. I myself had encounter this situation with sum girls. When I tried to approach them, the same answer they gave me, ‘simply’. Would like to share some experience i had with a girl in msn. It was after midnite and i were on my nite shift. It was quite bored day when i login to my msn and saw this girl online in my fren list which i dunno her at all. Cant recall wen she add me. Her status were even active. I ping her and asked her do i know her and she replied saying ‘NO’. Just a single word. As i waited for more sentence, there were no further reply. Being polite, i asked her in a very decent manner whether would she mind to have a chat since none of my fren are online and i can see only her in online status. She replied, ‘just because your frens is not online, you cant simply chat with me and you are asking me this just because you can see online, rite? Dun worry, you cant see my online anymore’ and straight away she went offline. Unbelievable rite, but tats was happen bro. I really find it funny.. :)

  • Sashikumar Muniandy

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    hahaha..funny retarded ppl..~

  • dR.r3V@

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    i started wit tis…i think its a super good start!!!”I are dringks,druks, and pombele…,poyele and mani more”.. naan sethuteyn..kaduley kaduley..bt i kinda think tht guy has done it purposely!!!!

  • Asamboi

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    This is awesome. Alle Katak : One Love – What the heck is that all about?!

  • sk89

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    yah nowadayz sum gulz juz adding evry1 without knowing anything..when we chat n ask bout them they dont ever reply us…whats the point having frenz 2k or 3k u dont know a thin bout them…n about the relationship…i even askd a girl are you a lesbian and she said yes if u wan u oso put relship like me…damn shameless peop..

  • Cool Gurl

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    awesome ya…. durai, u rockzz….. hmmm most of tem misusing de fb d….. they wont put de real name oso wat… den i dono how cum sum gals out ter can add a guy randomly…. so dare….. short & simple, nwdys ppl dono de real meaning of ‘social network’ & how 2 use & de purpose of social network….. shit of it….

  • Ash

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    This is one post I can totally relate to. I usually add people I have met in real life but sometimes in some special cases, I make an exception. Damn annoying when they persist and then call you a bitch for rejecting their friend (stranger is more like it) requests.

    Lol, the facebook-retards should be a new group. If they randomly add us, then we just redirect them to that group.

    By the way Gobi, I shared your post on “Indians and their Stunts” on my profile. It is becoming a hit with my mates. We can relate to that too =)

  • Ash

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    Oh shit almighty.. I got your name wrong, Durai. Sorry!!!

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    heard there is a new page called ‘say no to bitches…’ in FB . Arumaiyane poses lam kudekeranghe ne kelvi patten, too bad i have de-activated my fb. *sighh…

  • Nav_yakuza

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    LMAO! tiz da best!!!

  • neuro nimal

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    bitiful englis :P

  • Justanother20yroldguy

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    deepa nesh ke netthi adi! hahax
    i wonder how she would have reacted when kena hantam like that…durai bro, hats off
    And, the janggo guy, he’s just epic!
    semma post bro!

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    My eyes bled reading that FB profile info. wtf.


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