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This post contains some very graphic images. View at your own risk.

My sincere condolence to the family and friends of two brothers who was shot dead last week. Time and again, as I’ve written in the past, Indians obviously seems to be on the receiving end of the bullet. Two brothers from the same family, both with multiple previous convictions, what can you expect?

IPOH: Two brothers wanted for committing armed robberies around the country were killed in a shootout with the police at Jalan Kamunting in Taiping yesterday.

R. Satchithantham, 28, and R. Logeswaran, 35, had earlier tried to ram their car into a mobile patrol vehicle. The duo also opened fire at policemen who returned fire in self-defence.

In the 10pm incident on Thursday, policemen on patrol rounds tried to stop a car with two men inside acting suspiciously, Perak CID chief Senior Asst Comm (II) Mohd Dzuraidi Ibrahim said.

Police recovered six live bullets, three empty shell casings, a .22 revolver, two parang, a samurai sword and three mobile phones from the car, he told a press conference.

Satchithantham had four previous convictions. The latest was last year where he was sent to the Simpang Renggam detention centre in Johor for robbery.

Logeswaran possessed a longer rap sheet with 21 previous convictions, and was wanted by the police in connection with six other cases.

With the deaths of the two, police believe they have solved nine cases of armed robbery in Perak, three in Johor, two in Penang and one each in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Kedah and Perlis.

”We believe there are accomplices still at large,” SAC Mohd Dzuraidi said, adding that the suspects had been active since 2008.

In Taiping, the father of the two deceased, V. Rethinam, said he planned to seek legal recourse because he was dissatisfied with the police action.

”They may have made mistakes but just take them to court and put them in jail for 15 years or even more, it is okay,” Rethinam, 64, an MIC branch chief, told reporters at his home in Taman Pertama yesterday.

Rethinam claimed that the Proton Wira, in which both his sons were travelling was sandwiched by two police vehicles.

Let’s come into our senses now. I’m not going to elaborate any more about this issue. Above death serves yet another reminder that life of crime doesn’t pay. You can read my past views about this issue below:

Bullet in the Head

Gangster’s Paradise

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On the other hand, 14 April 2010 is Tamil New Year. Stay away from crime and ….

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  • cadre@ltte

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    Condolences for the deceased family….Swamy’s photo looks nice bytheway…LOL!!!!!!!!

  • MachanBro

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    Hmm… pity the family members bro..

    Peoples are eager to see more Indian to be in death toll..so pls we should keep away from kinda crimes..

    Apprum antha baba pece illai…hehehehehe..settai bro!!

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    hmmmm… the father is a political party’s branch chief. Yet the sons are involved in vice activities. Ramming into a police vehicle doesn’t give much space for arrest, doesn’t it? Having live ammo and other dangerous weapons doesn’t actually help them much either. Even if the father’s claims that the car was sandwiched is true, it still doesn’t help their cause as by looking from another POV, they are suspects with a mile long rapsheet.

    The point I’m trying to make here is, let your grievances to be in the right place. Protesting and pressing charges when a bunch of innocents have been slaughtered (like the ones in Kedah) is valid. But when it comes to tainted characters such as these two brothers, it ain’t such a bright thing to do. At least it could have been done on the down low without much publicity.

    I’m not supporting the police here as well. But it helps if you look at things from a different viewpoint. Already Durai’s talked about gangsterism among Indians and the end it brings in his previous posts. It is a well known fact that Indians make up the largest percentage of criminals. Publicizing this death(or alleged whatever it is) for tainted characters isn’t such a smart move for the whole community.

    I understand that a parent has grievances. But best let things such as this be handles without much public coverage. And certainly not for political mileage (this goes to HRP as well).

    Condolences to the family, and may the brothers’ souls attain peace.

  • Jakkama

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    Parents, educators and society at large should be aware of what is going on among our youths. Though there are various psychological and physical factors that cause a person to choose to become a gang member.Eventough the circle of friends are not right, but parents/guardians are the most important people and role. Parents/Guardians should help nurture their children with love and respect. I notice if any of this children do mistakes the parent/guardian will lay hands on the kids. Why dont you as the parent/guardin explain to those kids in a proper manner about their wrong doings? If the children are going to be raised in a violent manner since small, then how do u expect them not to get involved in gangsterism??
    Satchithantham had four previous convictions. The latest was last year where he was sent to the Simpang Renggam detention centre in Johor for robbery.
    Logeswaran possessed a longer rap sheet with 21 previous convictions, and was wanted by the police in connection with six other cases. This 2 brothers have committed crimes repeatedly and dont tell me that their father is not aware about it?? If my kid is going to convict the first crime im damn sure that i will take necessary action to do something about my kids. But where was their father whn this 2 brothers convicted crimes repeatedly and now he said he planned to seek legal recourse because he was dissatisfied with the police action. Well Mr Rethinam,you have to blame yourself first for your sons being laid in this manner and as a father im sure you should have taken proper measures from early stage but now you are talking shit that u want to take action on police? You neva did your job as a good father and the police did their job. For HINDRAF and HRP, instead of you guys taking advantage and playing political, why dont you guys work out some measures to reduce poverty in our Indian families who dont have proper food and place to live or fight for our smart indian stduents to get scholarships??? Going against the Government is not goin to work much.If you want to earn name u have to give. But we dont see you guys giving anitin. Every human have their own needs. Its time for you guys to give instead of gaining. “He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God”.

    • Sweetie83

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      My dear Jakkama, if the cops are telling that Satchithantham had four previous convictions. The latest was last year where he was sent to the Simpang Renggam detention centre in Johor for robbery, then why on earth that he was released? Why didnt they took any action then? What the cops only know that they are wanted for crime only after they are dead is it??

  • Scarface

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    These bastard cops always claims to be shot at..and they shot back in the name of self defense..and on each time,the deceased no matter what race they are,is said to be carrying 4 samurai swords,100 handphones,2 vibrators,5 dildos etc…its a long known issue.Fuck the police.

    • Sweetie83

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      Although the cops claim that they been shot first, they happened to be the incredible cops as none of the cops have been injured but the SUSPECT take note SUSPECT ONLY are all dead.

  • Masthan

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    Can’t understand why indians forehead are always to be targetted.
    Can’t you peoples realize whenever we heard the stories either newspaper or news, “they” always mentioned the suspect tried to ran away by rammed into the officer or the suspect shot first at officer before the police had shot them. Why? Why?….is it true?? Didn’t heard nor saw anything vice versa. Is this how the policemen closed the cases? i’d crossed my fingers on it?..don’t you? Beaten to death while in police custody, Suspect end up getting bashed by policemens. My curiousity is always as high as mountains, always indians.. indians..indians..? I do believe other races also involved in crime, but can’t see any of them was shot dead like indians. I just felt like WTF!!!

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    p/s: ranjcitha is searching for u la… pls contact her

  • Varsha

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    hahah…desi baba…happy new yr..

  • linda

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    violence begets violence the world over. the causes are multiple. the cycle of poverty, greed, alienation.
    Non-violent peoples must stand together.


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    First and foremost, happy Tamil new year bro. :)

    It is sickening to see our Indian brothers being gunned down by the police or ‘self-defense’ they would say. Nearly 95% of the “Indian criminals shot to death” news would always revolve around retaliation -> shots being fired -> criminals gunned down. Only god knows what really happened beforehand. Sigh..

  • realist

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    it’s a known fact that gangsterism has not only been the past time actv for Indians but also an escapism measure & a subject of pride for some. I don’t understand why some of you sound so dubious abt the reasons behind these shootings? I have seen with my own eyes Indian rowdies kicking a police motorbike in anger & how insulted I felt on behalf of the fellow Malaysian police. The police was just trying to stop a fight between two Indian gangsters. Stop defending acts that bring shame to the society & don’t try to justify our people’s wrongdoings. It won’t help to improve the society!

  • shrivastava

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    isnt it ironic tat chinese gangsters can bribe the IGP & have him by the balls but for indian gangsters the police choose to kill them…hmmm

  • mathi

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    chinese, indian or malay, we shouldn’t be condoning gangsterism or bribery

  • cibailang

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    These fellows should have been dead the day they were born. The streets are safer now thanks to the police.

    • Sweetie83

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      Did you know what really happened?? Were you at the scene?? Do you know the deceased?? Have you seen what they have done?? So please dont just simply talk.

  • puranie

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    each of indian especially malaysian indian need to study law. any of NGO indian NGO need to do extra classes by teachin the main law enforcement to our makkals to make them aware that we are waked with law. no poin of gettin together and shout at road each of indian shud know law!!

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    desi baba… ungge video yeppa veliyaggum??? hehe.

  • Sweetie83

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    Please to all…What i would like to say is please dont come to an conclusion without knowing the true story. Of course it wont do anything to the deceased but please think of the people of reading it. Think abt the their loved ones. Police can always come up with an story as they like. For an example, the story of the 15th years old boy that been shoot. After shooting him the police claim that they believed that he is a member of n robbery gang. Please take note that they say that the duo was suspected and believed. It is not proven. If dont trust please look back at the article. They claim that they are the suspect of a multiple robbery cases. So does suspect means that they are responsible for all the crimes. Is this another way to close cases of unclosed cases. Please think of all that. If the police claim that one of them has been detained in a detention centre then y didnt the cops or the law took action then? Y did the police released him at the first place. How could the police said that he has been wanted by the police for the past 3 years if he was already with the cops?? Please dont tell that during that time they dont know that he is a criminal as what the police has been telling and they only know after he was shoot dead. So please think about it. Whatever the police has been telling is not true. They are making up stories.


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