Cast Away

Ok, MIC won. Sad news indeed. But I’ll just look at it from this angle, MIC won with 24,997 votes, to PKR with 23272 votes. Which means there are more than 23000 unsatisfied people in Hulu Selangor. Let us hope that people like below would be identified and given proper help rather than the usual barking done by Indian political parties without offering proper help.


If you want to catch  hot and serious reviews about the current by-election, go HERE. Brother Balajoe is doing a run-up.

I was totally shocked when I saw this news clipping. I’ve seen people who are living in dire condition, until their skins are sticking to their bones, but to see them right here in Malaysia, moreover since they happen to be Indian, my emotions are running high. Look at this below picture, I’ll elaborate further on this next, but since it’s Hulu Selangor election time, let’s have a run up until elections day.

The picture of the frail, skinny, bone and skin of R.Kanniappan (below) speaks a thousand words.The former rubber tapper Kanniappan is today unemployed.

The cowshed looking hut Kanniappan and his 59 year old wife stays has no water and electricity. He lives in dirty filthy and dark living conditions. The picture paints a scavenger with no personal belongings in his home. They both have been denied birth certificates identity cards and Malaysian citizenship although they are both born in this country.

I wonder how many more Malaysians are living in the same condition, casted away deep inside the estates to survive on their own. Look at the state of elderly man and woman in the above picture. If you’re looking at a young man with the above condition, then it’s entirely his fault for not working hard, but 60 year old former rubber tapper who is currently unemployed, how do you expect him to survive without proper help given?

This is sick ay, seriously sick. And we’re buying all the defense and offence military weapons for millions of dollars. We also have our own delegates who go all the way to another country to do up charity. Fucking cunts.

Look at the frail old man. Unbelievable. But I’m sure all the NGO’s and Indian political parties are on the run to be the first to help since it’s already highlighted in the newspapers for their own personal gains. What about the rest? Look at the video below. Tears might run down from your eyes.

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    Its ok bro, they have given RM 50,000 CASH to each Felda settlers, about 100 of them. That’s RM 5 million taxpayers money alone spent on giving out just like that. This guy above is just a rubber-tapper with no IC/MyKad/BirthCert, obviously he can’t vote,so they don’t need him.
    Malaysia Boleh!! 1Malaysia!!

  • MachanBro

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    Good article bro and this is very common happens in so called 1Malaysia country.
    This is only 1 case that we know but there are still so many helpless Indians been stranded just like that..Its way to go for 1 Malaysia but for now can say to all politicians 1 Maire!

  • The neglected citizen

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    Vote for BN and continue to hope even after being screwed for 53 years!

  • linda

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    accidents of birth are sometimes the cause of disparities in people’s fortunes. The plight of these people is never corrected as long as we care more for weapons than fellow humans.I count my blessing -and I am by no means wealtty but I don’t value things and stuff .

  • LB

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    Hi Partner, Can we do something for them? Have a charity run to improve their life? I just waste RM6.90 on a box of cigarette, that RM6.90 could and would have gave them a hot meal! We all know by now that our government will not do anything on this matter but we can make a change, change starts from US! What everyone did for the Tamil schools were great, lets sacrifice something for a day and forward that cash for helping others! We can’t just look at this photos and expect others to help them, we can do something about this, lets not wait on our “wonderful” government to help mankind! They of all people deserve a better life!

    I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. ~Edward Everett Hale

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    OMG, still it happening here…
    i agree with LB…. can help when we can… or ask to others join… gv info to ASTRO kannadi programme also shud be OK!

  • linda

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    when our elections turn out in a way I consider a disaster I realize the public is ill informed and ill educated with the true facts.Of course the be biased also!

  • linda

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    I am biased towards the progessive and liberal viewpoint.

  • Jakkama

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    Yeah i think LB is rite. But instead of helping out just for a day i think we should gather a group of volunteers where we could collect somekind of donation and give it to the home on monthly basis. I used to come across of some volunteers who are given a charity box and they do the donation collection as much they can for the home. At least if 1 person can make abt 100-200 a mth is gud enuf. And if we have abt 20 volunteers from that home im sure they dun need to depend on any goverment for support.

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    ok, while some here are volunteering to do a donation box (and i do applaud them for their generosity), lets be practical here. Monthly contributions do not work. Constant pledges by a few individuals cannot and will not last long. If the receiver grows to be dependent on the allocations, which we have no way to make sure it’s a continuous flow, what happens when the flow stops?

    what we CAN do, is get them registered for some kind of social welfare allowance, or at least a home for the elderly. State governments do have allocations for social welfare, but they are rarely promoted to the public. Asking the federal govt to target one man is quite absurd. This one has to be brought towards the state reps who then can help work out a proper allowance. That way, these people will get a steady stream of cash (although little, still better than nothing).

    a long term way of looking at it, is to be politically aware on the state of the country. One should learn about socialistic healthcare, education and welfare, where all the taxes of the country is used to help everyone. For that we need to elect parliamentary reps who dare bring this on to be tabled in the parliament.

  • Jakkama

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    If we are going to depend for the state government then there goes another 10years Kavi. Im suggesting that for the time being until the state governtment or so called “1 Malaysia” Government gets involve. If im given the chance to be volunteer i can get contribution just from my family members evry month and will at least manage to get abt 100-200 and i can guarantee you that will be a permanent contribution from them evry month. Some of the states have implemented the Warga Emas Scheme where they are given 200 allowance evry month by the Government. There is many ways for us to give a good life for this old folks, but its just that we need the right people and group to guide the President what to do and how to approach those people. In Malaysia nothing can be done easily, only money talks and influence.

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    all states have tat Warga Emas scheme or something similar to it… they all have allocations for the poor and needy.. it’s just tat they arent distributed coz no one knows where to go ask for it… in turn, it gets used for other purposes…

    hit 2 birds wit one stone la… get the MP or ADUN to notice this… you have the new media by ur side… if they notice and take steps, then it benefits the needy AND them… if they dont, sum1 else will take notice, and help the needy, and humiliate the MP or ADUN..

    the fact here is, let the political parties fight wit each other to give to the ppl… as long as the ppl can benefit… and the oni way to do this is highlight this matter all around like a broken recorder

  • Star

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    Kavi is right. Immediate donation definetely helps but in the long run if other assistance could be arranged, that is the best.

    Social welfare allowance works superbly and no, u dont have to wait 10 years. Once it is approved you just have to withdraw the money within a certain date at an appointed bank i.e. BSN. Allowance are very punctual but will be withdrawn automatically from the said account if withdrawals are not made.

    Guys,the system does work, but a bit of running around is involved. Got to check with the welfare department on their eligibility. Once that is done they themselvels will visit to inspect and after a certain formalities approval will be given.

    Normally if they are not of any deformaties, sick etc. they would be required to at least have some kind of work and the allowance are meant to supplement their income.

    These could be arranged easily if you know what i mean.

    The best part is, these allowances comes with festival bonuses and increment too!

  • LB

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    Hi guys, let’s take a step at a time, let’s worry of what we can do for the future when the time comes. While we are here wondering what’s the best way to help them, they are there wondering when is the next help coming. When i wrote earlier, i was wondering what we can do, i give no rats ass what the government or state government could do or should be doing, if we want their help, half the Indian generation will be dead by then! When i read this article, i pledge to get at least 10 people who can and will contribute RM100 monthly (eg world vision) and channel that to a certain organizations. Imagine 10 people for each organization and there you go, future help is confirmed for them. As long a politician isn’t the treasurer, money will reach each organization safely! And if that’s not a bright idea, I’m sure we can do something like Gerai OA(get orang asli to make handmade crafts and sell the items for them), what we can do is get few restaurants who would will like to outsource small items like karipap’s and etc to other’s, we can get our tata and patti’s to just fry frozen karipap’s and sell them. Meaning we can buy frozen karipap’s and oil and etc for them and there you go, monthly income that they don’t need to depend on others! I’m sure out tata and patti’s in the home have many talents and skills up their sleeves. It’s simple things that we can brainstorm to find help for them instead of trying to get them help. I hate my government with my whole heart but that doesn’t mean that i won’t do what was expected from them! Why wait for tomorrow when we can make the changes today?

    I hope i didn’t offend anyone and if i did, I’m truly sorry as that wasn’t my intention at all.

    “True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense” – Emanuel Swedenborg -

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Anyone in the plan to roll the stones first ? :) I’m in :) Waiting for the government, the MP’s ” that cares only on election times ” and also the opportunity takers ( lets refrain from naming them ) will only leave this poor and neglected souls being stradden for a longer time. Would we like to see them suffer continously ? :)

    1Malaysia or 1Humanity ? :) Decide peepz :)

  • Durai

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    I think Brother Kavi has a point.

    What we’re doing in immediate basis should continue on as per normal, just like how we’re helping out those children and other unfortunate people.

    But practically, in order to continuously support and provide assistance, we need to have good POC(point of contact) , whereby like Brother Kavi and Star suggested that we seriously need to look into sustaining the unfortunate ones in a long term, which on the long run needs the support of the government or the readily available schemes.

    What we can work out on is have a good rapport with few organization/people/government who can immediately take up the case and provide assistance after something is reported over to them. That way, we can actually work as a 3rd party in between this organization and the suffering ones .

    Our role would not only be the mediator between this two, but also as a place to seek help, because most of this unfortunate peoples are blank on where/how to go to seek help.

    I think both suggestions are plausible, and I will work out the details to merge both this plans into one. Let’s have a brainstorming session, which I would notify through email. Those who have replied here would be in the loop, please reply below if any of you want to be in as well.

    With Love :)
    Swami Desi Baba

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    Kai, Keep me in the loop as well.

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    hi, new to the site, thanks.

  • gobugovin

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    I’m in too RM$1’000 for now that’s all I can HELP.who’s going to make the ball rolling ???????????????? ???????? beware of the fucking conmans.?????????????????????


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