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Please note that this post might contain extremely sensitive jokes, and this is also not my first attempt of doing so. Please, and I say again, please, only look at the funnier side of the review I have done, and DO NOT take this seriously or pay details to anything. Although true names had been used, it is only for the purpose of humor, I do not want any of you to get worked up. If you’re sensitive to extreme parody or humor, please , do not proceed to read and waste my fucking time replying to your hate comments(at the same time making yourself look like a fool as well). This post is also extremely vulgar , well, it might be for some.

I have the highest respect for the mentioned actors here as well.  I think I have explained enough.

Cast: Rajnikanth , Shreya, Vivek
Direction: Shankar
Music:A. R Rahman

Movie Name : Sivaji the Boss

Rajini starrer Sivaji is an exceptional blockbuster hit, just like all of his previous movies. The movie is about Sivaji (Rajinikanth), a 60 year old with a heroin (Shreya) a girl 3 times younger than Sivaji.

It’s typical Rajini movies whereby he would be rich, and then he becomes poor, and in the end becomes rich again.

The movie practically starts with Sivaji coming back from America, and immediately engaging with a politically influenced ugly villain with a stained tooth. His ultimate aim is to kiss Sivaji. Sivaji, not wanting to kiss him, avoided meeting him.

Entering the scene through the movie is the slut-type dressed Shreya, who is the heroine. She acts as the homely girl knowing nothing about love and relationship, which is no logic whatsoever since she was fucking pretty .Sivaji meets Shreya nearby a prostitution den and falls for her.

Shreya would be dressed decently throughout the movie, playing her role perfectly as the homely girl except when the songs comes in, she is only dressed with a bra and some loose transparent pants and the only dance she knows is shaking up her waist.

Anyway, the villain through his political power seizes Sivaji’s properties and money, making him penniless, because Sivaji is not agreeing for a kiss. Sivaji, who could not contain his sadness meets the villain and agreed for the kiss, in return of 1 rupee. The villain agreed and both kissed passionately. Unknowingly to the villain, Sivaji had recorded the sexual encounter between them both.

From there, Sivaji moves on with the 1 rupee and uses the money to call and threaten the villain of exposing their sexual scandals. The villain got scared of losing his political influence and gave up all his money to Sivaji.

Sivaji invested all the money in a foreign bank (which afterwards the story becomes a bit confusing).

However, in the end;

Sivaji becomes rich once again and married Shreya the homely slut and they lived happily ever after.

Notable song – Bananaleka – The intro song of the movie shows Sivaji jumping around and begging for a banana from everyone in Tamilnadu. The song goes like “Eh Bananaleka bananaleka otte mothem bananaleka, nan ore korengge mari from Americahh…..” so the song goes….

Sun TV Top 10 Movie says – Sivaji – Shreya vin pundei Kachi…

Cast: Jayam Ravi, Vasundhara, Dhanshika, Maha, Liasri, Saranya
Direction:S.P. Jananathan
Production:K.Karunamoorthy, C.Arunpandiyan
Music: Vidyasagar

Movie Name : Peraanmai

Peraanmai is a movie starring Jayam Ravi as the hero. The movie practically is about Koreven (Jayam Ravi) and five Indian girls who got lost in the jungle while going trekking.

From start to finish, the movie is all about lesbianism and gay rights. A point to note is while all the sexual scenes shot in Tamil movies seem to be in the bedroom, in this movie; it’s all in the jungle.

The movie practically starts with Koreven, going on jungle trekking with 5 lesbian trainee soldiers. Koreven, the army captain, was given the task because he himself was gay. Koreven led the girls into the jungle and at one point of time, they all got lost.

With little food and water, they tried relentlessly to find the way out, but failed. Koreven, being a gay, could not contain his sexual urges and began to masturbate everyday to satisfy him. Since all the girls happens to be lesbians, a massive group orgy happens every night until Koreven could not take it anymore and felt jealous, so he put on a curfew on sexual activities.

The next day, while trying to find out the way out, Koreven and the girls stumbled upon Anderson (A big dicked white guy) with his armies. Koreven overheard the conversation that there would be a massive gay party that night, and so got excited. Unknown to the girls, Koreven slips out from their resting place and joined the gay party with the terrorist. Somehow the girls found out about the terrorists and warned Koreven to stay out of it.

Koreven and Anderson making love violently (scene from the movie)

Meanwhile, Koreven had fallen in love with Anderson. Again, the girls caught Koreven and Anderson making love privately, thus a personal war erupted in the jungle. The climax is all about Koreven fighting off the girls and finally uniting with his gay terrorist lover, Anderson. All the girls died while Koreven and Anderson got married in America.

Sun TV Top 10 Movie says – Peranmai- Ithe Ore Kambe Sandei

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    nice! haha..But, i am sure even though you have put up the disclaimer, certain people will come and ‘lecture’ here..Have fun whacking them..;)

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    Shreya the homely slut…..I Like This

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    “Peranmai- Ithe Ore Kambe Sandei” … Damn funny la bro..Respect ur creativity… :)

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    ahhaah bro as usual kalakitinge.

    “sun tv top 10 movies says – peranmai ithe ore kambe sandei”

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    Eppadi jo ippadi ellam…mudiyileaa….:)))))

    and my comment on Shreya same as IP:…Aval rombaveaaa homelyyyy type joo…hahahaha!

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    good one Durai..Ungalekke mattum eppadi than ippadi ellam yosika mudiyuthu Durai? Homely slut huh!! :D

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    im gonna one up you on this, and write a whole movie script… parody, of course

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    HEHEHEHEHE … i hope u’ll write about GOA movie review soon… looking forward.. :P

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    haha…i didnt watch both movies at all…good 4 me!!

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    Were u drunk when u wrote this? It is not funny at all.

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    bahahahh..i must say…a master piece movie review is made here…im laughing so hard….love the statement u made abt Shreya “only dance she knows is shaking up her waist”…so effing true…wel done yet again Durai!!!

  • Nethi_Adi_Nithya

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    The author knows he will get bamboo for writting this kind of article eventhough he did mentioned he has highest respect for the actor. But at the end of the day he still condemn his’s “highest respect actor”. funny isn’t it?

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    Dear Readers, do not take it personally and shoot down each others. Like our writter emphasize before the purpose of this is purely for humor. Try to look in different angle. If you’re still not satisfied, just follow my instruction press ctrl+alt+del button in your keyboard. thats it sweet and simple. Don’t waste our time by reading your crap comments. We expecting what’s peoples comment gonna be, suddenly two of you pulling your balls each other for no reason.

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    dei zxxz,i tink u r fool enuf…cant u read what bro durai had mention earlier..its written in red font so that u stupid guys can READ it…>> it is only for the purpose of humor, I do not want any of you to get worked up.<>If you’re sensitive to extreme parody or humor, please , do not proceed to read and waste my fucking time replying to your hate comments<<..
    if u dont like it…juz dont read it in the first place…why u cant even take it as a joke…periya pullethi ya nee???

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    Review on films becomes a target for anti-comedians :D

    Enna kodume sar ithe ? :D

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    Guys, please, do not fight upon each other unnecessarily. There would be ‘retards’ all the time coming here and provoking you and me, so if they’re targeting me, let me just have the privilege of deleting those unnecessary comments. So, nobody’s time get wasted.

    The comment column is for you to interact healthily , be it criticism or your opinion. Do not react to any of this retards, I’ll take care of them. I’m sorry for all the readers comments trying to defend me has to be deleted off as well.

    @Vivek : Well bro, I think you’ve seen enough drama already today.

    @IP : Bro, I’ll contact you through email, there is something we need to discuss.

    @cadre@ltte : :)

    @Suresh : Hhaa,thanks bro :)

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    @TrueGemini :)

    @Jakkama : Lol, athe flow leh vanthereche…

    @Kavi : OH brother, that is where you’re an expert in. Looking forward for it bro ..hehehe

    @viji : GOA thane rasathi, elitheta pothe..hehe

    @chandran : Thanks bro :)

    @gowri sangkari : You didnt watch both movie ah, achiriyimah iruke pongge..

    @Coolman : I feel sad for you bro because the rest found it funny. No, I did not drink.

    @lawl : Well, about the Shreya part ‘ it’s true bro. I see her shaking up her waist in all her movies anyway.

    @Nethi_Adi_Nithya : Read the disclaimer.

    @WTF : Precisely said and put bro. Thanks for dropping in some wise words while the blog war was about to erupt.

    @ Anti-ZXXZ : Bro, let them have their say. I’ll just delete it off anyway. Don’t waste your precious time attacking those ‘guys-with-sarees’ bro. :)

    Relax panengge, ore beer podengge…hehehe

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    Bro Durai..vetike veedu vasapadi ke blog comment ne pole… ;)

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    Wow!! this topic seem to be too hot and spicy.
    WTF, nice comments bro ;) CTR+ALT+DEL would solve the problem.

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    Ahaaa…inggayum beer ra Durai :P

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    It’s really funny! :)

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    LOL super bro! I would suggest you to open a specific category for articles like this so that you can include more and more movies in the future bro. :P

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    Settai lah ningeh :p

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    Good work bro.

    This is called ‘comedykkeh comedy’.
    Dont bother the ‘good people’ and their
    lectures. The most interesting part is the SUN TV comment
    below the synopsis of both movie reviews. What about vadivelu
    in Peranmai?

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    this is awesome

    *thumbs up *

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    Damn good article. Loved every word on it. Laughed my head off regarding Sivaji review.

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    hey pls bring in more reviews bout tamil films interesting lah

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    u r one heck of script writer for porn movies bro…jk jk
    awesome post! love the ‘Peranmai- Ithe Ore Kambe Sandei’ lmfao

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    It’s kinda funny and oddly relieving to see the sick old facade ripped away. I mean, kids read, talk and do this kinda stuff all the time nowadays but it’s almost always censored away in a “conservative, goodie goodie” Indian setting. People would critisize Rajinkanth’s movies and their kids would say “Avannela vetchi ya paddum edikarangge?” But when Rajni Sir comes for a visit, it’s all kowtoh to the SuperStar. And it’s probably not something to judge as bad cause it’s part of our culture to keep criticism to ourselves and make others happy. Respect elders and all that…

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    durai anna pls post more reviews..


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