India – Part 2

After all this lines of mine, if you fail to pen a line,it will greatly discourage me. Spend a minute on the comment section.Read this when you have lots of free time, otherwise my efforts are just a waste. Day 3 We woke up early at 7.30 am, and took a bus to Danushkodi.Only from […]

India – Part 1

This blog also serves as my personal log/diary. So, I’m going to write in detail about my India trip, which means long articles.It took me 4 hours to write this. Sigh. Day 1 We arrived in Trivandrum airport, Kerala and as soon as we landed, we had a glimpse of how life was there looking […]

India – Prequel

I just came back from India few hours ago and I’ve like millions of stories to share with you. No amount of stories I’m going to tell over here and no amount of pictures and videos I’m going to provide here is going to give you the ‘real‘ experience of being there. My backpacking travel […]

Glasses and Poses

This might be a controversial post. I’m not sure if you’re going to like it, but it’s all for fun. I have no serious insult or intention for anyone who might be offended by this post. Just couldn’t leave you’ll without something on the day I’m going to India.Scared the plane might crash. You know, […]


Ladies and Gentleman, I’m  tied up with some work lately that I’m unable to update with some quality articles. But we Indians are still moving forward, no worries, just look at this young Indian boy below, a Form 1 Indian boy writing a love letter to a Form 2 girl. Awesome isn’t it?