Glasses and Poses

This might be a controversial post. I’m not sure if you’re going to like it, but it’s all for fun. I have no serious insult or intention for anyone who might be offended by this post. Just couldn’t leave you’ll without something on the day I’m going to India.Scared the plane might crash.

You know, while the people suffering around us are almost unknown to us, we are still searching for our own happiness, still trying desperately to make ourselves happy first of all, then maybe if you felt like it, you might be thinking of the unfortunate ones . I’m not thinking on behalf of you neither am I assuming that all of you think the same, but seeing too many victims everywhere makes me think are we really that compassionate towards other human beings. I have some plans, let’s see if we can work it out together.(This would be rolled out once I’m back from India)

For a starter, I’m being bugged lately with Facebook guys and girls and their lame antiques. You see, long have I noted that social networking was being used for some lame reasons, for fucks. I would not deny the fact that I’m not using it for the same reason either, but some of the tactics used are rather lame. Today, we will together analyze the top few camwhoring sessions used by Indian girls (and also few by the Indian guys) in order to achieve much attention in Facebook. I would describe all of it, and I’m betting my blog on it that it’s 100 % true.

What you’re going to witness next are examples of pathetic camwhoring sessions being taken by girls and guys to prove that they’re awesome and happening. The only model used in this entire photography session was me. Enjoy.

My chest is flat but I have the biggest ‘asset’.

Most of this shots are taken using singlet’s(I don’t know what the girls call it as ).This is done by most of the young chicks out there who feels that they’ve the best breast in the world although most of them have a chest as flat as mine. They camwhore in the exact position like above. I truly feel sorry for all those flat chested young chicks who are trying to gain attention, and I’m sure your parents are going to be proud of you broadcasting your small papan tits wearing slut-type dress all over the world.

My eyes are moist

Oh, come fucking on. Please do not display your eyes in your profile photos and expect us to add you as a friend to find out how awesome you’re, instead just be honest and let us see how you’re in real life. What is the point of playing hide-and-seek?  When have you seen a guy showing only his eyes in FB profile? We’re honest, you see? I’ve also noted that most of the less attractive chicks seem to be doing this in order to lure you into their profile. Note the word lure.

Toilet is my delight.

This is getting pretty lame lately. Most of the girls seem to be taking pictures in public restrooms and even on their own toilets, which I’m not really sure, the reason why. You’re dressed down well, have good make ups, but why toilets after all the place in this world to take up pictures? Come on girls, you’ve got to be smarter than that.

Now guys…

Indian guys are very easygoing when it comes to photo sessions. Most of them fail in only one thing, as much as I’ve analyzed. Please note that I’ve never worn sunglasses my whole life, so it looks weird when I tried Brother Lizard’s Oakley’s.

We pose inside a car with sunglasses.

Borrow someone’s sunglasses, get inside a friend’s car, and then pretend like you’re driving and ask your friend to take a side-pose of you. In this case, I forgot to close the door though.

We pose beside a car, also with sunglasses.

This is very typical of the Machans. This pose is achieved by opening the driver side door halfway and standing in between the door with one leg inside your car and another on the road. Put your hand on the steering wheel and create an effect like you’re driving (driving ala Vijaykanth style) while opening the door at the same time.

We pose in front of the car, again with sunglasses.

This type of effects is achieved through by standing in front of any parked vehicles, preferably luxury vehicles, put your hands on to the bonnet of the car, and then look seriously straight into the camera. This particular pose is known as Kambethe Matrix (or Village Matrix), dubbed originally from the movie The Matrix.

See,we only take pictures using a car with our sunglasses on .That makes us awesome. But Indians guys are leading girls with this single equipment used in different type of roles. With that, I declare that typical Indian guys are far more pathetic when it comes to photo sessions for social networking purposes than girls.

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  • kingkong

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    Hi,this is my first comment on this blog.I couldn’t disagree with the post above and I too have seen some tom cruises and angelina jolies doing this this kind of stunts.Bro,this post is certainly a ‘netthi adi’ for these heroes and heroines.

  • Common Man

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    Bro i went from a die hard rajini fan to a unnaipol oruvan thanks to your Desi Tv Movie Reviews which was extremely funny :)…

    This post from u is something that i wanted to shout out to everybody usin FB for long time…God gracious this poses are so pathetic and i dono what these dumb asses wana prof….anyway glad there is still people like me who are aware of this pathetic things happening in FB …. anyway !PEACE BRO! keep up your good work. :)

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    HAHAHAHA I love this!!!!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    “We pose in front of the car, again with sunglasses.” Bro, intha mari neraiya namba machanennga seirangaa…hahahhaaa…

    Savadi sambar!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    i was guilty of self-portraits using a camera fone once upon a time…

    then i got a DSLR, and fell into the depths of hell…

  • Jakkama

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    heheheh good one :P

  • sri

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    Hahahaa! This post cracked me up! Got to agree wif u, though I personally dun mind if d gal is fiinneeee:P

  • Masthan

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    Posing is no harm, but not over-posing. Some pictures that i’d came cross are “over bright” or “over faded”. Please “DO NOT POST CUM POSE” while releasing you’re pooh..pooh..goodie you know what i mean? It’s fucking annoying. Secondly Don’t over-blown your eyes and pretend to be someone else. Let it be, if your’s is “papan” than leave it. Nowdays we prefer “Papan”. ;) No need to promote your eyes,ears,dandruff hair,boobs etc. We’re tired and sickening with that, furthermore we’re not a doctor to analyze your body parts. Average guys enough with your sunglass, car, WHY NOT lorry. The world is changing please be more reasonable while posing.

  • malp

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    heheheheh so funny love the last 2 pictures! LOL

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    bro pochi aft tis i cant pose wit my fren’s cars n glases..
    im oni riding my father’s KAPCAI C70… so i need take photos wit my frens cars n glases 2 atract sum ATTENTION frm gals…
    boleh DAPAT PENGECULAIAN ka bro???

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    opps it supose 2 b ‘PENGECUALIAN’

  • shrivastava

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    vare vah!! hehehe- looking good bro..hehe- but our Capt Vijaykanth also considered Kambethe Matrix ke? :)

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    Super or super post bro. Couldn’t agree more! :D

    Those papan cases are a lot in Facebook bro nowadays. Ellam chinne chinne pilengge than. Never even reached their puberty but their posing all like 20 years old sluts.

    As for our machans, some of them even prefer to put their hairstyles (korek belakang, side korek, side sambung, sakai spike and etc) as their profile picture thinking that they are the only ones having those kind of styles. Nambe ellam avunengge munje pakertha ille maire pakertha? Sigh..

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    hahaha…bro, awesome article..I wonder if any girls are going thirunthuraan after this…
    p/s: I wonder my fb got such photos..;p

  • ApRiL

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    Hahhaaaa…seriously love this! at times i’ll be wondering how on the earth they can do that kind of poses so called ‘posing maut’ konon…wanna puke!:P have seen lot of macha with passport photos also…lolz~ bravo durai for this piece of work! ;)

  • Sharon

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    Hahahaha… Good one!.. and SO TRUE!
    Have a safe trip in India!

  • puranie

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    WhAt cAr Is ThaT?
    n Da NuMbEr?

  • savundra

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    i agree agree!!!! sooo true…
    ppl plz tiruntheran afta seeing this..
    good post :)

  • kavy

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    so true.. :)

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Hahaha..kasse iruka ilaiyo ana sun glasses mathum kandipa irukum :p

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    sun glasses in day time can accepted bro… but nite’le pottu varuvangge perungge… veri pun*** irukum bro…

    their slogan: ennayum parunggeh, enn myre kannadi’yum parunggeh!


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    I’ve been following your blog for sometime but this is my first comment.
    I got to admit me and my frens have done a fair bit of posing in the bathroom….don’t ask me why, but now when I think back – it’s just weird.

  • Varsha

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    haha…I love this post…
    aiii…But I m not a’camwhore’ ah..
    I just add my random pictures…
    but the guy in sunglasses damn sexy la…watz his name…hahah..c ya..

  • Thumb up Thumb down +1

    i have to go through my photos again. deymn durai! you are evil!! :P

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    hmmmm.. never pose inside my car cause not a good looking person in such pose. :)

  • Suren

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    Ha ha!

    An interesting topic to be discussed.
    This so called ‘trend’ is not among the youngsters only.
    But some aged uncles and auties out there are also involved.
    If we look at their posings, oh man it would something beyond the
    imagination of a photogenic model or a model photographer. OMG!!!!!

  • Tamil Jack

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    nice “”assset””
    hahaha…nice quote…

    i recently observing one thing that is….indian girls trying to
    pretend like white chicks through their RM10~15 pasar malam dress…
    is that a cultural shock or evolution..
    could u do a post using this topic..surely it going to b a hit of the week..

  • SNS

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    Your post cracked me up! You nailed it right in the head.. :) Thank god I don’t take pics like that..LOL

  • de costa

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    i feel that everybody have their likes n dislikes just like how they would like their pics to be taken. wouldn’t it be childish for us to comment on their likes n dislikes; provided it’s within the boundaries of the law. it’s a free country guys. people can take pics of themselves and post it as long as their happy with it and it doesn’t contradict the law. bro durai; i just think that a good page like this should not contain lame stories.

    p.s disclaimer in red has been noted and this is just my sincere opinion and sorry if it offended anyone.

  • mathi

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    all you guys & girls, next time just paste your boring passport size photos in your FB, hahaha!

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0


    You and sunglasses are never apart..;)

  • de costa

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    dei,you’re some 04 mande is it? which part of sincere you didn’t understand. just coz u’ve done your homework on me, don’t judge me bitch. i’m not in anyway interested to gain popularity by giving comments on other people’s post (which is exactly what you’re doing).

  • rajkumar

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    bro savadi..made me laugh the whole morning,nambe kaigel ipidithan standard pose kudepanunge…ketta style ne soluvanunge..

  • Praveen Kumar

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    Brilliant macha!

  • Asamboi

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    Succint! How about machas who pose with Cinnatis (who are actually beer promoters in the corner chinese kopitiam)

  • ellam thale vithi

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    Good blog

  • Priya

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    argh damn, I terasa for the eyes part. I did put up a picture of my eyes to advertise on the camera and how detailed in can be. >.< will never do that again.. =D

  • Qiana

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    I’m guilty to the bathroom part since i have done it before.. Nevertheless, a good blog..

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    apparently, that blogger bro is starting a new blog.. maybe hez attacking to invite or promote his blog… haha…


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