India – Part 2

After all this lines of mine, if you fail to pen a line,it will greatly discourage me. Spend a minute on the comment section.Read this when you have lots of free time, otherwise my efforts are just a waste.

Day 3

We woke up early at 7.30 am, and took a bus to Danushkodi.Only from Danushkodi you can travel to the much talked about Adam’s Bridge. Once you reach DanushKodi, you have to hire a jeep, because bus could not travel inside the beach way,and we were taken to the so-called Adam’s Bridge. Honestly, I could not even see Adam’s balls there, what more bridge. The place was just like a normal beach, and I’m not sure why it’s a tourist spot.

The local Hummers waiting to get you to Danushkodi

The Beach(Adam's Bridge)

By the way, the chick behind me was gorgeously sweet.

From that beach, we were taken to the ruined city of Danushkodi. In 1964,a massive cyclone destroyed the old town of Danushkodi. All the settlers there died, except for a 17 year old girl.

The woman in the picture was the only survivor from the 1964 cyclone.
She was 17 at that time , and she recalled and told us all
the stories about what happened on that fateful day.
In short, everyone died except for her.
Now she makes a living collecting some
seashells and selling it. 

The ruined city of Danushkodi

Over here, there is a small hut, where a floating stone, claimed to be used by Lord Rama during the construction of the Adam’s bridge once upon a time. I was excited, who wouldn’t be, it’s a floating stone.Inside the hut, picture of Lord Rama , a small altar for prayers was placed, and people throng in to perform their prayers. You’re allowed to touch the stone, and sure enough , the heavy stone was floating. I even put my hand below the stone to check if there was any trick there, but none. It’s amazing, but to be honest, I’m sure there is a scientific explanation behind it.

Scientist from Malaysia testing if the stone is genuine

This is another popular beach drink, prepared using unwashed glasses,
which we drank as well. It tasted awesome and sweet,except for
the preparation which we saw was awful and dirty.
This drink is called 'Nanari Lemon'. The bartender was a local there.

The surviving temple from the cyclone

Danushkodi village

12 am – We came back to Rameshwaram to perform prayers for Bother Vasu’s parents and Brother Lizard’s father. Needless to say, Rameshwaram is a very famous place to perform prayers for the deceased. Thousands of people throng this temples everyday, and perform prayers in Rameshwaram beach before going to the Rameshwaram temple to complete the poojas.Anyway, for Rp 2000, both of them performed the prayers while I watched the valuables. The prayers took around an hour, and the priest chanted some mantras which both my friends had to follow suit as well.

Brother Lizard - A scene from Nayagan

Right after that, we refreshed and took 5 quick pit stops to this places.

Ramar Patham – It is here where you can see Lord Rama’s footstep engraved on a stone. A temple was built for it, and it’s like a two storey temple.When you reach the second floor, there is a small hut built in the middle, and it is believed that this is where SeethaDevi rested once upon a time. I don’t understand why people were throwing coins though. A meaningless place.

(Above pic - Ramar Patham temple)
(Below pic - A place where Seetha Devi used to hang out
and me standing in front of her crib)

Sachi Hanuman – It is believed that this is the place where Lord Hanuman showed the path to Sri Lanka to Lord Rama.And the lady inside would bug you for money after telling the above liner.

Sachi Hanuman temple

Lakshman Theertham – It seems Lord Lakshman allegedly took bath here. Thus it was named after him.

Ramar Theertham – Obviously Lord Rama this time took bath here. There are lots of fish here, and you can buy some fish foods to feed this fishes. It’s nice though.

Raman temple – This temple had a magnificient architecture, just like all the temples I had seen so far, and on the outside it was full of small statues, which numbers to hundreds of them. The temple priest claimed that this is the place where Lord Rama came after taking bath, and settled. I don’t understand one thing though, why did Lord Rama asked for the way to Sri Lanka from Hanuman, and then went and took bath, then settled in the Raman Temple.The story totally defeats the purpose of saving SeethaDevi. But anyway, I’m telling you what I got from the locals.

We came back to our hotel, and went on to buy a train ticket to Madurai.

Buying the train tickets

It’s school holidays, and the train station was fully packed. Even with a train ticket, we could not get in because none of the Indians there were willing to budge from the door. Knowing that we’re coming, they stand in front of the door and did not allow us to enter into any of the coaches. When there are empty seats, they put on a towel and claim the place is taken. We said goodbye to the fucking assholes and throw the train ticket away and decided to take a bus to Madurai. We ate idly in the station canteen, and went to Mattethavani bus stop to catch a bus to Madurai. It took us 5 hours to reach Madurai and we checked in a cheap hotel, where dried sperms of previous fucking sessions can be seen clearly. It’s indeed that dirty. Well, part of the experience.

Day 4

0800 am – We woke up and hired our auto driver Keerthi to show us around. We took another 5 quick pit stops in Madurai.On the way, Keerthi explained to us that Volai Chuvadi is actually a complete lie. He claimed that in India people gets cheated because of this things, because they do not trust in God directly , but opt to look for shortcuts in life by praying to humans and having a fucking bird to forecast your future. Utterly ridiculous, I got to agree with him. We arrived in…

Thirupathagundram – There are 2 main temples here, one build by an infamous Sitthar(a divine person) , and another one is Thirupathagundram. On the way to the temple, which is the temple entrance, there would be rows of souvenir shops, reminding you yet again that this place is another place of business interest. Inside the temple, once you’ve paid to get in , you’ll go through mazes of places and it will take you through few worship places within the temple. The place is heavily guarded by policemen. Cameras are obviously not allowed but I had the opportunity to take some pictures before I got into a shouting match with one old fuck who happens to look like the temple guardian.

Thirupathagundram temple

On the way out, we saw a classic ear-piercing ceremony, which was so sweet to look at. This type of rituals are still very much alive in India. I love this type of things, it’s so classic.

Kogai Kovil – When we reached there, the place was closed. We were so dissapointed. It seems this is the place where the Sitthar’s had once upon a time meditated inside the caves.

The entrance of Kogai Kovil and some engraving on the outside of the cave

Anjanayya Temple – Obviously one of my favourite temple, because statue of DurgaAmman was so huge in this temple, and it can be seen from outside. Inside the temple, a huge Sivan statue, meditating, is placed. If you go further inside, you would be able to see on of the most awesome Lord Anjaneyya statue. It was engraved on the stones, and photos are strictly not allowed here. It was kept that sacred. Ok, but here’s the pictures anyway.

The sacred Hanuman statue

– We had some street teas as usual and continued our journey to AlagharKovil. Alaghar Kovil is a Perumal temple, located in the hills. Autos are off limits here, so you will have to pay Rp10 to the Government bus to take you to the top. The statues are not that magnificient, so I did not bother to take any pictures inside by paying Rp50.

Alaghar Kovil entrance

Terpakulam River – A short distance from Alaghar Kovil is Terpakulam River. 1 year once, this massive pond would be full of rain water. During this time, Goddess Amman from the nearby temple would be taken in a chariot(using a boat) and brought in circle around the temple inside the huge pond, and the statue would be placed there for few days before being brought back to the original temple.

Terpakulam temple

Thirumalainaiker Palace – This was a real palace , as you can see in the picture. It contains huge amount of artifacts, archelogical items, and other items of great values. It contains rows and rows of statues dating back to thousands of years as you can see in the pictures.

Statue of Goddess Kali from thousands of years ago

There is also a room containing epigraphs, writing on the stones. It is written in Sanskrit language. It really brings back you imagining how it was once when the king really ruled in this palace.The king also had a special room for all his mistresses. I’m sure he had a blasting massive orgies once upon a time.


We were thirsty , so...

0400 – After having a superb briyani in one of the nearby ‘hotel'(restaurants are called as hotel in India), we bid farewell to Keerthi the auto driver. We took a bus to Palani. It was a 3 hours ride from Madurai, and once we reached we checked in one of the budget hotels . We immediately left to climb the hills to reach the Palani temple. It’s a 400+ step away to the hills, and sure enough the climb was not easy. It took us nearly 30 minutes to reach the top.Inside the Palani temple, it’s business again. If you pay Rp10, you would have special entrance. Otherwise, you join the locals and be prepared to be shoved and boob-pushed.

Farewell to Keerthi the M1 auto driver

Palani temple

On the way to Palani temple in the hills

Inside the temple

Police presence was here as well, as this is one of the most reputed temple in India. It’s like Thaipusam everyday here.

Dato sudah turun mike....

Lord Muruga was decorated with one of the rarest decoration, called as RajaAlanggarem(kings decoration). It was a magnificent sight, and I truly feel lucky to be seeing Him in such a way. He was glimmering gold and you just feel Him in you when you look at Him. I only looked at Him for 2 seconds before I was pushed away by some fucktards behind me.

Above is Mr. Aghori. He is not the kind you would want to mess around with. This are real Aghori’s, yes, the ones that pray to Lord Sivan and eat dead bodies to achieve the state of moksha. I watched him a while, but he was not even speaking a word, so I muttered cibai and left.

How would it be to watch cinema in India? Well, of course, we thought it wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the local cinemas. The latest movie going on was Sura.

None of the cinemas in Palani are air-conditioned. The rules inside the cinemas are no rules. You are allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, fuck, comment loudly about the movies, fight and anything else. We saw everything there except anyone fucking. The cinema chairs was a wooden chair, and if you put your legs down, rubbish and I’m not sure what can be feeled in your legs.Smells of urine would also greet you here.

The most useless actor ever, Sam Anderson look-alike.

People would also be fighting, and when we went there , one young guy(apparently the caretaker) , threatened an old man, broke a bottle near the cinema entrance to scare the old man, and didn’t even care to clean it. People would be puffing and drinking away in front of you too. Such classic endeavors. Our expressions at that time, priceless.

I could digest everything, but not the movie. I announce officially here, that Sura was the most fucking fucked up movie ever been produced after Sam Anderson’s movie.I was horrified,and fucking annoyed by Vijay’s acting. My goodness, I wonder how can he have such a typical storyline and still garner such amount of fans in Malaysia. Punch dialogues, stupid jokes, and trying to be cute scenes made me want to leave the cinema halfway. But Brother Vasu insisted to stay and enjoy the experience.

The nightmare ended around midnight and we took an auto back to the hotel.

More to come , bye for now. Vrooooooommmmm….

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    superb writing’ve included all those minute details,it feels like i am there at india.keep it up.

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    nice 1 durai!! mr aghori is creepy tho..haha

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    durai bro,
    cn u tel me mre about d floating stone….izit rily foating r its placed on a desk r sumting else……n wat was d aghori duin thr at tepmle,nt responding 2 any1 who approaches him…..

  • TrueGemini

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    Is the Rama and Seetha stories true? I mean, ive always thought that the stories were written just as a sort of a legend to make things interesting and for hindus to learn lessons from the stories in a fun this like a political cover by the priest centuries ago, just to make ppl believe..i guess we will never know
    Bt it is interesting in a historical pov..
    damn la, next time if ur going anyplace backpacking, I WANNA FOLLOW~!!!!

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    I thought olai chuvadi was d readin of palm leaves. N they shud b able to tell things abt u accurately wif jz ur thumb print. Saw a NatGeo documentary on it once. My dad usually goes to India visit the temples n he tld me ther r many things unexplained over ther. N d floatin stone still intrigues me. Guess I’ll nvr noe till I get there! Seems like a good experience though. Keep it comin

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    superb write-up bro. all those minute details given by you has created the interest in me to visit india at least once bro. keep up the good work. really hope to be able to follow you on the next backpacking. waiting for part 3!

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    Gr8 article bro…can’t wait 4 part 3!!
    n giv sum closeups on those indian chicks bro..haha

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    nice bro.. very interesting.. :)

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    Bro, you didn’t comment about the toilet!
    Didn’t you snap a photo of the toilets?
    Did you knew that you are approaching a major bus-station after smelling urine kilometres away?

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    Hmm… on the floating stone thingy: maybe the salt levels in the water was high.. so the rock floated.. did you have a taste of the water, Brother Durai?

    Mr.Aghori: really nice way you put it there to him bro.. dunno what to say…

    and about vijay and Sura: you’re right bro.. I cant agree more… that dude is way out of line..

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    taking my time with this one! lots to read and enjoy!! thank you!

  • Durai

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    @kingkong : Thanks brother :)

    @peek-a-boo : He was indeed, you should have seen him.:P

    @puratchi kalaignan : I think we’ve talked about that bro in FB:)

    @TrueGemini : One may believe it’s true, the rest might not. It’s the same as God, one might think He exist, the other might not.

    @sri : Well bro, it seems there is a lot of ‘tricks’ going on before you actually go to the sacred places where your ‘fate’ would be read. People who you meet on the way to the place, or strangers you talk to are all agents it seems. This people actually sends up the info to the priest on ‘top’. Sun TV even had a documentary about this in India, according to Keerthi.

    @kannan : Thanks brother :)

    @Siva : Close ups, well brother, you got it. Coming soon:)

    @Thanesh : :)

    @Disgusting_India : Toilets, how do you think I would have missed that bro. Of course, it’s coming soon in one of the upcoming series.:)

    @SunTannedSuperman04 : It can’t be salt water because the water inside the pond/small tank is not even sea water bro. It’s like drinking water, I mean like fresh water. Difference between salt water and fresh water would be very clear bro, and since my hand was all wet after ‘checking’ the stones, of course my hand would have felt salty. It’s fresh water bro.

    Plus the stone is not ordinary small stone bro, it’s kinda huge and extremely heavy, I couldn’t even lift it up fully.

    About Sura, he is an asshole.Got no words.

    @linda : Thanks mam…

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    the floating stone sounds very interesting…very good write up !!! make me feel as though i am going through the journey along with you…..waiting for more !!!

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    the last picture cracked me up!!!!!
    overall, its seriously a good description and “view” of India…
    and, back packing in India, dude, i salute u, big time!!

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    I have vow’d NOT to visit INDIA in my lifetime. Your articles have made my will stronger. Thanks for the articles and the pictures. At least I can now know abt India from you and your detailed articles.Appreciate that….We cant get this in NatGeo….

    Rightly said about the Aghori….Respect Human than Respect God….

    And about the gorgeously sweet girl…If you can more articles and pictures pls… ;)

    Keep writting and enlighten us….

  • Coolman

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    I havent read in full yet..
    But your utter of #@#@% of the aghori…just made me laugh..even though i dont use foul language!
    Bro you really got a stomach of steel. I think i cant last 2 days eating all those stuff there.

  • Sherina

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    Emmmm. Looks like its time to visit india. Great articles. :) Thanks Yaar

  • Coolman

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    You got to see Adam’s Bridge from high altitude…i wonder what is there to see from the ground..
    The thing that struck me in the 3rd pic is definitely the chick,,,hey you are in the pic too durai,,,

  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    hmm.. I guess there are things in this world that even science cant explain bro..
    in this case, I mean both the floating rock AND Vijay’s movies being watched eventhough it’s a damn flop ;)

    Highly anticipating your next topic bro..

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    here’s some info on Adam’s Bridge for ur readers, bro…

    And NASA’s confirmation of the bridge that Rama purportedly built

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    well, i took the time to read it and give comment..really nice to hear all the details…cant wait for part 3 though….hahaha…waiting waiting…

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    Nice one bro, i guess i have to plan a trip there very soon..and your narration are superbly awesome..

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    reading about the ear-piercing ceremony reminded me of how i got my ears pierced too! the traditional way!! really nice article and pics, love it :)

  • Durai

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    @Geetha : You got it Geetha :)

    @flaw : Thank you bro/sis…:)

    @IP : Lol, I should have taken more of the local chicks bro, did not realize at that time. Will see if there is any pictures related to your area of interest bro..hehe

    @Coolman : You can actually last eating there bro, it’s just general misconception I believe. :)

    the chick was really sweet though bro..hehe

    @ Sherina : Thanks sherina..

    @SunTannedSuperman04 : Got to agree with that Vijay movie thing bro…Teruk vahne ore sutte padem bro athe..

    @Kavi : Thanks for the additional info sharing bro…

    @gowri sangkari : Part 3 sudah marrriiii….

    @cadre@ltte : Terima kasih bro..appreciate that..

    @malp : Awwwwww..seriously ah malp..damn ,do you have those pictures? It would be awesome to see…

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    Brother Durai: haha… I agree bro…

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    i been to tht big durgai amman tmple.. afta seeing tht statue i had goosebumps la anne… even tht vishnu statue.. nice post :)

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    i really enjoy your blog. Not like other blog that just portray good side of India.

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    awesome..i wil be going thr sumday.. :)

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    Bro, i don’t want to make it up to India even before this when I heard many things like this, from others who visited and would blame. Yet still I know that there are always advantage/disadvantage in everything. Thus, I am still on the same decision. Thanks for sharing ur experience.


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