India – Part 3

Day 5

0700 – We woke up early in the morning as usual. We had breakfast, checked out from the hotel and after one final stroll in Palani, we headed to Kodaikanal. I was so excited about Kodaikanal, and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

After a horrifying ride through the hills (it really was), imagine going on a tight small road, where incoming and outgoing traffic flow in the same road, and if you glance outside the bus, you would clearly see how close it is to the ravine.

0140 – As soon as we reached Kodaikanal, we immediately met up with the tour agents there. It was peak season, and everyone was reluctant to bargain. Finally we settled down with one nice guy who was willing to show around for Rp700 (RM40).

Let me describe Kodaikanal. Personally, if there is a place that I would want to be, and if you’ve ever imagined heaven on earth, Kodaikanal would fulfill your dream. It’s cold, greeneries are everywhere, people are so wonderful, chicks are beautiful, houses are built classically and brilliantly, and awesome scenery all around.

Let me give you a tour of Kodaikanal:

1. Coaker’ Walk

A fucked up park where they will rip off your money just for taking your camera in. One rude idiot would sit by the counter and demand money very rudely from you. It is basically a park, where you can stroll for about 0.5 km and you can have a view of the whole Kodaikanal hills. If you want to taste the local ‘Beeda’, you can have it here. I’m not really someone who takes ‘Beeda’, but I tried it though.

The Beeda guy, looks like an 80's Hindi film actor.

The Honey Beeda, or so it is called.

Someone asked me about the public toilet in India , and this is one example
of it in Kodaikanal. It's the same everywhere, awful.

2. La Salatte Church

There are only 2 churches for this Mother Lasalatte in the world, the other one is in France. I have to admit though; the statue of Mother Lasalatte was one of the most beautiful statues I’ve ever seen. Out of respect because I’m not a Christian by religion, I did not take the picture. It is a local church in Kodaikanal, and She really gives you the sense of calmness once you’re inside the temple. We lighted a candle, prayed, and left. If you wonder how I prayed, it’s the Hindu way, but it doesn’t matter, God is One.

The entrance to LaSalatte Church

3. Upper Lake

Another place where you could get a good viewpoint of Kodaikanal hills. Beautiful excellent views.

The whole of Kodaikanal(Above)

4. Pine Tree Forest

According to our guide, many cinema shootings had taken place here. Some of the notable ones are “Mele Thirenthe Kathavu’ and ‘Adhavan’. I was not surprised though, the place was covered completely with rows and rows of pine trees, and I’ve seen it in many movies, where Tamil heroes hide in between the trees while having a duet with their heroines.

Depicting 80's Tamil film heroes hiding behind the tree.
Yes, it's fucking lame.Especially when I'm attempting it.

5. Vaigei Dam View

Another viewpoint where nothing was visible unfortunately because of the heavy fogs. However, according to the guide, this is the best viewpoint for Kodaikanal.

6. Devil’s Kitchen

It is basically a place where deep ravines can be seen in between the rocks. Many people had died after accidentally falling down inside these ravines, and had never been found. Further inside, you would be able to see Guna’s Cave .Kamal Hassan movie’ Guna’, was shot here entirely. You would be able to see the cave where Kamal Hassan kept the heroin in the movie Guna. People are no longer allowed to go inside because it’s just too dangerous.

The eerily looking deep hole/ravine(Above)
Guna's Cave(below)

7. Pillar Rock

A garden like place with magnificent small waterfall flowing gracefully into a small river. There is a flower garden beside, and it makes you feel at ease. A peaceful place I would call it.

8. Golf Course

I don’t know what’s so great about this, as though we don’t have golf course here in Malaysia. But it seems this is a tourist attraction here. However, this place had also been used for few movie shootings.

9. Green Valley View (Suicide Point)

I’m sure you’ve heard about this place, the famous suicide point. This is one of the most famous place for all the lovebirds to suicide. It seems up until few years back, there were still couples who committed suicide here by jumping off the hills.

I saw something called as ‘Molega Bajji’, means Green Chilli fried with a kind of flour. It was oily, but amazingly, was not that spicy although it was Green Chili inside.

The infamous suicide point. Now, nobody could jump down
 the hills anymore since it has been barricaded.

Molega Bajji , note the green chillie inside.

10. Pambar Falls

There is a small waterfall here, but it seems it’s not really a good sight during the summer season. The gushing water was very slow making the waterfall look very lame.

A small waterfall

11. 500 year old tree

You can see a 500 year old tree here, although I don’t see any importance of seeing a tree that old.

Local chicks selling fruits.They even have 'durians' here.

12. Kodaikanal Lake

A beautiful huge lake, and if you want to go around the lake, it is approximately 6 km. You can hire a bicycle to go around the lake too. Boat riding, horse riding, bicycle riding, and typically all the riding is allowed here except for riding any of the local girls. There is also a park here where you could relax yourself.

Kodaikanal Lake

Overall, Kodaikanal is one of the most organized and ‘coolest’ place than the places I’ve visited so far.

Please also take not that it’s entirely safe to try out all the foods here, and I would strongly recommend you taste all the local delicacies including the briyani which was superb. Contrary to what people believe, Kodaikanal is not a tea estate, but a coffee estate. From March to Jun, it’s peak season, so you should avoid traveling during this time.

We did not have enough time to try out other activities such as jungle trekking, and other sightseeing places. We immediately took a bus, and left Kodaikanal to continue our journey to Trichy (5 1/2 hours).

11.00 pm – We reached Trichy after another 6 hours ride driven by a mad driver who was driving recklessly. Somehow we survived and reached Trichy. All the rooms were booked; we checked in into a budget hotel, had dinner and dozed off.

Day 6

10 am – We left our hotel and went to Rockford temple. This temple is located within 7 km from Trichy, and it’s a Pillayar temple. It is located in the hills. It is not advisable to go during the afternoon because of the hot sun, which makes the way up through hot stone stairs extremely difficulty.

Trichy town(Above)
 On the way to RockFord Temple(Below)

RockFord Pilayar Temple

The above is a local fruit in India. The name is 'Madhulem'

2 pm – We had lunch and travelled to Thanjavoor to visit the Brideshwarar temple. Out of all the temples I’ve visited, this is the most awesome architecture I had ever seen. The whole huge temple had ancient Sankrit embedded in each of the stones and it is a Sivan temple. It was build hundreds of years ago by Chola Kings. How they managed to build such an amazing architecture is beyond my imagination. It is surrounded by beautiful small gardens all around.

The majestic Nandhi Deva statue(Above)
Lord Nadarajan temple(Below)

Hundreds of Linggams lined surrounding the temple

Finally I was blessed by the temple elephant

The whole architecture has the influence of Lord Sivan. It is also here where you can see one of the biggest ‘Nandhi Deva’ in the world. All around the temple, ‘Siva Linggas’ were placed. If you enter inside the temple for prayers, you would feel extremely calm. It feels so majestic and powerful, and the huge ‘Siva Linggam’ decorated beautifully with flowers would take your breath away.

8.00 pm: We had dinner in and took a bus to Pondicherry. Another 5 hours journey with the locals. We only reached Pondicherry at 3 am in the morning, and we were dirty, awful and beyond the word tired.

Day 7

10 am: We woke up and headed to the nearby beach. Pondicherry was a heavily French influenced small city, where you can see plenty of whites here. Every street was named in French, and moderately clean; the beach was a much visit. Along the beach, few statues were erected, mainly Joan of Arc and Ghandi statue.

Pondicherry beach

We had a grueling 6 days of extreme travel so far, so we wanted to rest and relax today. What can be better than having a beer in a local bar? This time, we’ve decided to sit and drink in the local bar.

We had the beer called as Hayward 5000, the local beer here. It wouldn’t be complete without the side-dishes.

Local bar

5000, Yes baby, finally

Brother Vasu testing pork cholesterol

So we tested some black pepper ‘pork cholesterols’, ‘Manchuria’ chili chicken, egg ‘podimas’ and fish ‘podimas’. The pork cholesterol was of course something I’ve not tasted so far, and it tasted great, bare in mind there was no meat at all, it’s all purely fat or cholesterol of the pig. The ‘podimas’ was like a dish where fried fish or egg was chopped into extremely small pieces, and then fried together with chilies and anchovies. You should not care about the surroundings and food preparation though, or you might vomit out everything.

Fish and Egg Podimas

We headed back after spending few hours in the local bar, and on the way back, I visited (in my opinion) the most awesome Kali temple I’ve ever seen. It was outstandingly beautiful. The statue of Pechayiamman, outside the temple was simply magnificent; you would be mesmerized by the beauty of Pechayiamman. Behind the statue, there was another statue, but I simply could not come up with anything to describe this statue, simply because I’ve never seen such a statue in my life for Kali or never seen an avatar as such.

PechayiAmman statue(Above) I'm not sure who's this(Below)

There was also this temple in Pondicherry, called as Arulmigu Vinayagar temple. We had enough of temples already so we immediately packed and left for Bangalore. The route would be via Chennai. We’ll be paying a visit to Brother Lizard’s long lost grandfather, whom he would be meeting for the first time in his life.

Time for family sentiments…

Tips of the Day : How to piss in India

You’re allowed to piss literally anywhere , so don’t hold yourself.

3 easy steps – Sit down, lift up your lunggi , and release.

By the way, I didn’t really did it, just a depiction of how the locals do it.

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  • SunTannedSuperman04

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    hmm.. NOW I FEEL LIKE GOING TO INDIA… really seems to be an adventure there..
    thank you for sharing this adventure brother Durai..

    Best Regards,

  • Dhurga

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    “Boat riding, horse riding, bicycle riding, and typically all the riding is allowed here except for riding any of the local girls” You’re unbelievable you know that, hahaha where did you come up with that one but of course it is Baba Durai we are talking about =)…and pork cholesterol *faints* time for dieting you reckon? now that you’re back ;)

    You write so well Durai!!! I’m heading to India at the end of the year and seeing your experiences I wish it were november already. Looking forward to the other parts.

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    so….. did u ride anything there? *wink*

  • inba2004k

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    cantekk braderr..injaay…so u end up ‘riding’ anyone there?
    and in yesterdays post, the sachi hanuman deity had 5 heads…awesome…
    p.s. mulaga bajji normally fried with chick-peas flour

  • cadre@ltte

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    Awaiting the Bangloore part..Should be the cream of the crop…

  • IP

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    If i am not mistaken the last kali picture is Devi Prithiyangi..(Lion Faced).

  • truegemini

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    ur pic, the one with the pine tree forest-honestly, u look like a terrorist in there..wakakka

  • Geetha

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    wow wow wow !!!! now u made me feel like want to visit India !!!! sigh……thank you so much for the stories Durai, excellent write ups… :) the last photo really cracked me up…yucks !!! :P

  • Geetha

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    n n not to forget, pork cholesterol ??? u better start exercising !!!!! hehehe….

  • Thumb up Thumb down 0

    Vasu, been a long time since I saw ur face. Good to know ur alive n traveling. I must say this is a rather rich travelogue that says a lot abt the places visited, and even more about the author himself, who is certainly a macha!

    I don’t agree with everything said here, but I respect the writer’s point of view. But I must say, I could not have tried most of the food. Alas, I have a sensitive tummy, and India could be the undoing of me. I agree with what the writer says abt Pondicherry though. Pleasant place. Did u see the Aurobindo ashram? Is it still extant?

    Lastly…that fruit up there is the Pomegranate.

  • linda

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    what an entertaining and delightful travel description.With Durai’s unique turn of words and humor!.Sooooo much I didn’t know about–who would have thought there was a Joan of Arc statue in India.:)

  • savundra

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    haaiizz.. u missed thiruchendur murugan temple la anne… next time dun frgt to visit tht temple.. awesome temple wit amazin beach..
    we frens was thinkin wanna go pondi or not n ya we goin on nex holiday :)
    banglore.. my place.. let me see wht u think of blore… :D

  • Muurali

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    hey bro , awesome journey so far . Thanks for posting it . Felt like i was visiting india myself . When i went to india last year i did pass that kali temple on the roadside . It was awesome just like you said . But somehow it looked so crowded with statues . haha . but nevertheless it was sweet to see her temple here in pixs . Awesome job bro . thankz again for posting

  • shubz

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    hey thr, ur posts on India…it really was helpful..nvr thought its gonna be a tough ride with t buses…izzit save for nite journey with bus for gals (travel bus?)…frm ur experience, i realise it’s gonna be hell of an experience n also a journey full of surprises…*fingers cross*…will be heading to india on 20th july …a little info frm u on how did u manage on timings of gov buses n hotels(place to stay) at madurai(cheap is good but safety to counts)…thank u for writting on India…photos n captions were awesome n hilarious

    @shubz : Hi, Please contact me through my email or fb for any info you may need:)

  • shubz

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    plz excuse t mistakes…it’s 4am n cracking my head on this journey…:)

  • Proud2bePariah

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    nice bro.
    1. Madulam palam is pomegranate. As said by someone earlier
    2. Kaliamman with lion face is also known as Narashimi (one of her avatars as a female counterpart of Narasimha). Narasimhi is also one of the Sapta matrus (the female counterparts of the Gods Brahmi (Brahma) Vaishnavi (Vishnu) Maheswari (Maheswara) Kaumari (Kumara – Muruga)Indrani (Indra) Narasimhi (Narasimha) Ayingiri (Ayingaran – Vinayagar. Together with Durga & Kali they are known as Navadevata. The reason for variation of 7, 9, 10, 18, 21, 99, 108 forms of durga differs from purana to purana – but all are She, and She is all. Pls correct me if I am wrong – I am ever the eager student


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