Photo Predators

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I will just slide this in between India write-ups to make sure you don’t get bored.

There is a new group in Facebook which was created by some anonymous Indian guy. Their motive is to find and hunt down all the Malaysian Indian chicks who are abusing the social network by posting up very sexy images and so on. I was browsing through the page, and I have to say, seeing girls in skimpy dresses is like so norm nowadays, and it’s unfair to label a girl bitch just because of the way she dresses up.

It’s also morally wrong to actually be grabbing someone’s picture from their profile, and then posting it up online in certain groups or sharing it with another person. The thing is, once your picture is up and available on the net, you can’t stop anyone from abusing it. If you decide to pose up with a mini skirt then post it up in social networks expecting some attention, then you should also be prepared to face the co-sequences.

I’m not supporting anybody over here, neither the admin of the group or the girls.

The girls who got posted up on the group , started joining the page and giving some rather filthy comments. You see, I always stumble upon skimpy girls in FB, and I love them too, come on, all the guys loves to see more skins. I was not really shocked about some of the pictures posted too, because I’ve seen and written about this type of girls years back, although posting up their identities is not really my style.

This drama serves as a valuable lesson to everyone, especially the girls not to be overdoing your dramas in social networks, because anything that you post online(especially your pictures), might end up in the wrong hands, and it might bring you some rather sad endings.

Here are some of the dramas going on in the group with very interesting commentaries as well. The amount of vulgarities coming out from some Indian girls was extraordinary. Laugh it out loud yourself.

The profile picture of the group, I’ve blacked the eyes though. I would say, come on , I love girls kissing each other(it’s a good show) but don’t take the pictures and post it up in FB, that’s like freaking stupid.

I love this below one, check out the comment by Kumar. Hilarious indeed. And the main commentator is apparently one of the girls highlighted in the group.

Look at the consequences, even the mother/parents has to be dragged in.

This is one hell of a comment by a girl. Gotta respect the language though. Even I had never used those words in FB. Lol. Pundek thevidiya semua masuk wo….

This one apparently by another girl condemning the group.

And below goes one of the most unluckiest boyfriend in the world.

I’m sure you would be trying  to check out the group  for the next few hours. Before that, go back to  your pictures , and see if there is anything that can land you up in trouble.

What do you think, the girls fault or the guys (who created the group) fault?

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    Hahaha…Awesome!! Durai, give the link to the page lar….:P
    Honestly, don’t you think these girls deserve it??
    Maybe some other girl can open a facebook site that condemn boys…

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    Sorry to post the link here but you have to check this out kai: Link reupdated in the post.

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    commenting on your post:
    1. the girl should utilize the privacy settings.
    2. i dont fkin understand what the hell they are writing..

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    aiyak..wanna find the link easy ony maar..just go to abang durai’s facebook and it is just in front of ur eyes..hehe

  • Dhurga

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    I have to agree with Vanee, don’t you think they deserved it. I mean it’s called maintaining a tad bit of dignity especially in the cyber world when you don’t know who’s going to take your pictures without permission and create groups like that. Both are at fault here. And my god, the language, shame shame puppy shame :O

  • cadre@ltte

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    MOFOs are out of their mind!!!!Ask them to get a life apart from FB…..

  • malp

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    nobody deserves to be bullied like this online! it goes a long way and it’s wrong. everyone makes mistakes, it’s not for us to judge them. who are we to judge, when someday this could all happen to us. You never know when your very own daughter (God forbid) turns out this way. then what? sure, what the girls did (or ARE doing) is morally wrong, but it is entirely their business. if they want to use profanity, it is also their business. look at how people who joined the group insulted the ‘victims’ mothers etc. seriously, this is as low as a person can get! Nobody DESERVES anything bad in life. what do u mean when u say they DESERVE it? Put yourself in their shoes, [but since everyone else is just INCREDIBLY smart not to be in their position in the 1st place right? :)- use ur imagination!] and somehow got a hate group ‘dedicated’ to you (esp if u’re a girl) or ur daughters this way, I wonder how you’d feel. And to wish for bad things to happen to a person just because they’re screwed up somewhat (it’s not like they murdered people or anything) seriously questions your moral judgement. it’s nice to see everyone play God and dishing out judgement on others as freely as ever. as if everyone else is so perfect :)

  • kaka

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    is this the link ?

    @Kaka :If I wanted to , I would have post the link in the write up itself bro. Please do not share the link here. It associates this blog with that group which I do not want.

  • Erimalai

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    Seriously can’t imagine that these idiots (everyone involved) are our future generation.

  • slim-boy

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    haha !i like this !!! that girl digging her own grave ! its her fault to put private pic on social network ! stupid ! parents shud monitor what their kids doin ! if she really want to avoid all this she can delete her fb instead asking that mystery guy to delete !

  • BaNu

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    Funny, this is what happens when a bunch of amateurs use social networking sites. its scary in a way too, do they realize that, watever nonsense that they are posting is capable of being used against them? n when did kissing a girl became a cool thing??even if u have to kiss and take pic of it , why post it on FB?? GROW UP people..

  • kaka

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    ok bro got it !

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    quite suprised…coz neva come across profile like this in facebook…but very troublesome to read..guess its ‘normal’ to use the words….the usual, nice & informative post..

  • Budak Kampung Tak Tau English

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    Patti vade sutte kathaiya irukke :D Pati will make the vadai it seems, and she will leave it open on her frying pan. Suddenly, the kaka will come and take..The exact situation here :) The gals will post whatever they want, in the name of freedom, but if a guy comes and kutuk’s the pic’s or post’s it on another group or profile, the gals will come and fire them back. Ennathe ithe ?

    The fault is on both side, I would say :)

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    LOL, this whole drama is hilarious! Inneki adichikuvangge, naleki kudikevangge.

    Anyway, I am going to keep myself updated with this group just to see how it’s going to end. I’ve even noticed that lately there have been quite a number of issues involving Malaysian Indian girls (fighting videos and etc) and now this ‘anti-bitch’ group.

    Hmm… Yengge than poi mudithu nu parpomme.

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    banyak sangat bad words.. funny to read but i never like to read such words..

  • flaw

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    bahahahhahahaha….lol.. hilarious!!!.deserve them big time lar ofcoz. 1 word = idiots!!.
    aniways durai, this whole thing is hilarious…though im not that updated about malaysia but i do know very well about SOME of our malaysian indian gals like the above…pathetic!

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    Girls Power bro… Sommava sonnagggeh!!!

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    Odera onan eduthe vetike kulle utte kathai ethu…yennaaaa..ippa uttethe veti kulle ille ..but skirt kulle :)

    Tagerathanaaa…thiraananaaaa…naaa… hahahaha!

  • savundra

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  • mail

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    in my humble opinion,nobody has the right to condemn another’s way of life no matter how you may disagree with it.invading a person’s privacy is way out of line and resorting to such methods to disgrace a person is immature.Freedom of religion,right to life,freedom of speech,right to privacy is basic laws which must be respected and adhered to.

  • RoyalPain

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    This is really bad those kids in the photos look like small kids “teens”…its so embarassing to them…i really pity them…this thing shud stop…..ppl can make use of this profile to post any gals pics that they dislike….

  • Anjali

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    I think what people do is people’s business, no one has the right to judge others, further more posting it on a website and commenting on it openly. Just mind your own business la, your time can be spent doing so much better things la guys. Even if u want to comment, do like what Durai does, censor the person’s face, that’s what I respect Durai, but not the guys who made that site.
    Heads up to you, Durai.

  • Jakkama

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    Durai unggalekke mattum eppadi ippadi ellam link kadaikithu :D

  • nrml guy

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    so freaking lame..n i noe sum of the gals..haha..

  • rajkumar

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    bro..yenna kodumai sar othu…simple word for the asked for it…

  • RathI

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    Oh my god….y girls talkin like tis..come on lar its all for ur good…gosh….feel like slapping them or maybe all anniyan to really teach them a lesson…

  • Asamboi

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    Didn’t know that Tamil language was this versatile. Amazing!

  • Cool Gurl

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    awesome…… unbelievable too…. gals talking so worstly like tiz? my god…. pity of teir mum n papa…. of coz tey had taught good words & things but hmmm….. pathetic gals….. n i dono 4 wat dey include & spoil teir mum name ol inside deir stupid works….rily bad…. i nvr been read such comments b4 tiz…. aftr saw tiz, feel so sad 4 de gals…. juz becoz sum of de stupid gals out ter, ol de gals gt de same effect & bad name as them…. sob sob sob….

  • roob

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    dei macha! can u please translate what the kumar fella telling pahnuratha volamari thanam banthava pesuthe?

    thank you!

  • Nav_yakuza

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    haha.. i noe her… but bro.. when she’s on the phone r… pergh! she will be like the most so-called-good girl… she will say la she dun like this.. dun like to be like dat..bla..bla… if u talk to her then u noe la bro… hahaha

  • sumita

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    hahahahaha..fantastic!!! sumtg to thnk abt…but i agree..not all da gals in skimpy clothes are bitches..der are so many out der who are really fact better then those who are cheatg arnd by wearnng punjabi suit…Attire doesnt reflect aytg! its all dpnds on hw da indvdual takes care of them! IF a girl is firm..n she did the right thg..guess der wouldnt b a da way..these gals dun luk lk fm a gud family tho..kinda obvious fm their vulgar wrds..damn..scarryyyyyyyy!!! haha..nway gud job! it was so fun reading this !!! thx

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    I jus gotta say y is the gal wasting her energy on um stupid dumb ** .. ** will x understand la gal . U knw wht u shuld do. …. Keep away frm these ppl n n add security to ur profile …

  • van der stein

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    look here y dont u go to the mirror and say tht to urself cuz u jus told derogatory words man!…n i meant *** for the guy who messed with those gals…y lah u misunderstanding …

    @Van : Please avoid saying things that may spell trouble.

  • mindrunner

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    Whats wrong with messing with the girl. Posting those pictures for public view invites scrutiny. If she cant handle the heat then she should either delete those pictures from public view or restrict the profile to her known friends only.

    @mindrunner – Bro, no extreme vulgarities towards the other readers. It may discourage the rest from commenting. Thanks bro:)

  • van der stein

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    okay no prob abg durai jus a misundastandin i guess btw ***

    The next provocation brings ban to you.

  • sean

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    This is all called cari penyakit. 1st of the them gals go post controversial pictures but leave it public for what? then when people abuse it they become “victim” i know the whole concept of misusing other peoples photos is wrong but if ur a private profile and u allow people u trust u wont be “BURNT”. instead u put up these photos (for everyone to see because deep down inside all of us want to be notice and be popular) and expect good comment? the world is good and bad both at the same time. there is a Tamil saying ‘if the needle doesn’t give space can the thread go in?” id doesn’t have to mean vulgarity but if u are right in your own self no one can make bad about u.

    as for that stupid idiots who gatal wanna disturb peoples photo and make up stories, my respect goes out to u la. u have proven to be the best ever PARIAH fella i have come across la.remember karma has its way of coming back to bite u in the arse. and when that happens paybacks a biatch.

  • kuma - 1689

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    whatever the comment by people is normal.
    especially girl n girl kiss & there is image to view. remember bing-bing do not use bad words.handle it professionally. u r growing up.have some class.u can do better than that.

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    its call kudumba kuttu vilaku hehe


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